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Friday, May 30, 2014

Obama Admin Goes After Yet Another Foreign Bank

Eric Holder, Attorney General for the US Corporation, has gone after yet another Foreign Based  Bank - this time BNP Parabis SA.

(((((Please pray - focus - that Eric Holder fails in everything he dose form this point forward))))

In an obvious attempt to drive foreign banks out of America The Obama Administration is attempting to fine this bank about $10 Billion Dollars for violating US Corporate Sanctions.

The US Corporation has stated that if the ban pays the US Corporation this $10 Billion in Bribes then the US Corporation will stop investigating this bank.

The bank is not being fined, nor are any bank employees being charged with any wrong doings. They just need to pay Eric Holder $10 Billion and the US Corporation will cease any current investigations on htis bank- for now.

This seems to be common place recently as the US Corporate Attorney General threatens more and more banks with paying "Hush Money."

Of course - the Justice Department has no accounting of exactly where this HUSH MONEY goes.

The purpose here is to shut down the European and American Banking Systems and lead us into World War Three.

In addition, the US Corporation is currently investigating over 10 large International Banks to determine if these banks payed folks to conduct "Fraudulant Activities." There is no apparent definition of "Fraudulent" in the investigation - it is whatever Eric Holder decides. Two banks who are willing to admit they are being investigated include: Zions Bank Corp, Salt Lake City and PNC Bank - part of Fortress Financial.

Both of these stories may be found in the Wall Street Journal today.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) I saw a very interesting film today laying out the next few False Flags.

The film is called: "Pope Francis and the MH 370 Ritual Pentagram of Protection."

The Narrater believes the Illuminati will torch off Yellow Stone around 31 August and create a Nuclear False Flag in Rome around 26 January while the Pope is away in the Philippines. I concur. Unless London goes up in smoke this is one of their many evil plans.

2) Please be aware that since I live in an area not conducive to receiving information thanks to the FBI stealing my investments London may indeed be at risk - and in such a way as to make the IMF a Dusty Pancake blowing in the Radioactive Wind.

Not kidding IMF Director.

3) Did anyone notice that the former CEO of Microsoft bid $2 Billion to buy an LA basketball team worth $600 million?

When you are dealing in Realms Above Reality all that you read and see may be false - the entire Sterling Affair" was set up to get these Microsoft folks a team.

Remember - the DOD and CIA are the primary purchasers for Microsoft products - so for some reason the CIA is using this Microsoft CEO as a front to buy a Basketball Team in Lo Angeles. The question is why?
GOD told You So:

Two of Obama's Top Aids resigned today - Eric Shenseki and J Carney = Press Secretary. It has only just begun.

Pope Francis and the MH370 Ritual Pentagram of Protection - YouTube
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

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