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Friday, May 30, 2014

VA Cuts D-Day Veteran's Payments To $6 A Month

The Veteran's Affairs Corporation (Owned by the IMF) has cut a US Soldier's Pension (Who was in D-Day) form $300 a month to $6 a month - just in time for the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

((((Please pray that this decision is immediately reversed))))

An 86 year old veteran, (survivor of D-Day) Joseph Teson of Watervielett NY, was receiving about $300 a month when the VA retroactively changed his benefit amount and claimed that he must now pay back $3,000 in over payments.

This leaves this veteran with about $6 a month.

The Obama Administration has reached a new low and it is time to go, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

This is not the only thing the VA has done in recent times to stir your blood.

Remember all the Waste, Fraud and Abuse cases I filed with the VA and IIRs using Treasury Form 211?

The VA stealing money from not only the IMF (Owned by the Rothchilds, money managers for the Roman Pope)  but from the Rothchilds and the Roman Pope.

These concerns were sent through Diplomatic Channels directly to the IMF, the Vatican Bank, and the and the Roman Pope.

The Mills Of The Gods Grind Slow But Exceeding Fine.

When these folks are done with the Directors of the VA they will grind them up into cat food. The next time you feed your cat form a can say hello to those who stole form the Pope. The whole affair will begin with Shensenski (VA Director) resigning and end when most f the Directors are "Dealt With."

(They can't burry them in a cornerstones because nothing is being built right now.)

Maybe the VA director did not get the Memo - Thou Shalt Not Steal From The Pope.

So 6 Zeroes will strike again, and hard.

The "Double List" was a cover story - but it is a true story as well.

Now that this theft has been formally recognized by these folks they must complete the task the CIA (Owned by hte Queen of England) set out for them through the British Royalty ---- or face the same fate as General Shenseki.

For You Intel Geeks- It Aint's Over:

1) You have failed to follow FGOD's Instructions so 6 Zeros will now take the economy down. so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

2) The White House will now start sending out Homeland Security Agents to blow US oil Pipe Lines. The US cannot stop being a Debtor Nation or there can be no more World War 3. Area to be hit will include outlying areas - like Montana and North Dakota.

Vehicles to be driven by Homeland Security to blow these limes will be SUVs - primarily White and Black. If you see this occurring document this and call your local police - State Highway Departments.

3) on 15 June A  President Obama  Double will be in Martha Vineyards. At approximately 6:03 PM zulu Time a lone shooter (Actually 3) will shoot for a head shot. He will be using a Russian made rifle similar to a Nagantz Rifle and the press will claim it is a "Lone Shooter" and blame the Russians from Eastern Ukraine to start this coming war.

4) If the Presidential Assassination fails then on 26 June a tiny briefcase nuke (Dirty Bomb) will be detonated in the center of Atlanta - Forming a red Gas?

The victims are currently being trained but they desire lots of Black Women to be the "Victims." This is a Two-Fer.

     a) They can claim the Blacks were targeted by the Evil Black hating Russians.
     b) Talk about how the Black Women are forced in to Prostitution and then get more welfare moneys      for them - but none will actually reach the streets.

5) Has anyone noticed the Name Similarities: Boro-Shenko, Yana-Shenko, Tama-Shenko? Yanakovich was evicted by the US?

6) The Financial Arnmageddon begins in a few days, so says the I AM That I Am. Did you notice that the CEO of the New York Stochk Exchange - Duncan Neiderauer - has cleared out his office and left town?

7) Gigs Up US Intel Folks: Yet another nation demands it's gold back - this time Austria.

8) For your Eyes Only: Ann Coulter and Michelle Obama both have Adams Apples. Look it up on the net --- these girls are really boys.

Sean Hannity - how did you miss the Adam's Apple on Ann Coulter?

9) We have recently read allot about the Draconinas (Demons) inhabiting folks all over the world. When you see a face change on TV it is a "Manifestation" of this Demon. The Draconians are only one form.P

Apparently the frequency variation in the TV camera's causes a change in their ability to hide themselves inside their hosts.

Remember the quote of the Roman Pope a few years ago: "Our Role is to act as hosts."

The Planet Aldeboron, in the Taurus Constellation, is their home planet and they are evil to the core.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

▶ Pope Francis and the MH370 Ritual Pentagram of Protection - YouTube

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