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Friday, May 23, 2014

The Cure For My Wife's Migraines

For years my wife has suffered from migraine Headaches, sound familiar?

(((((Please pray - visualize - that your eyes are opened.)))))

At first she though it was from over work and stress. She ran 2 gas stations in Tacoma, Washington.

When I met her she had several types of cancer and high Blood Pressure.

We began eating Sea Weed for her cancer and EDTA for her High Blood Pressure.

We ate the Sea Weed every day and only ate 1,000MG of EDTA once a week.

Her cancer went away and her blood pressure went form 195/175 to 150/130 - a great improvement.

We then discovered IMMUSIST - a surfactant very similar to that found in Kelp.

After 1 year of 15 drops of Immusist a day her Blood Pressure dropped to 120/80 after a large cup of coffee.

Her Headaches continued.

We eliminated Gluten, Dairy and Canola Oil and her headaches dropped off a bit but she still used 4-6 Advil per day.

I noticed her nerves were becoming a jumbled mess in her head and she was forgetting things ----------- Pre-Alzheimers. I am a Medical Intuit.

Realizing that 1/3rd of her calories per day were from sugar I began having her eat 400Mg of Gymnema every day - not the Extract but pure Gymnema.

The headaches were gone in 4 hours - permanently.

Apparently the High Intake of Sugars causes the nerve cells to degrade and fat to be added on to the body.

Our experience shows that if she keeps eating the Gymnema tablets, Sea Weed and Immusist her brain will be fully healed within one year.

She has also decided not to eat large amounts of Chocolate and Gummy Worms (Organic Gluten Free) and concentrate on things like meat, vegies, etc.

What you have read is very important. Here is why:

The VA Hospital is a prelude to what you will get with Obama Care. I am on the NO TRAEAT list because I refuse to take any LSD derivative and participate in their silly studies.

I have a patient record who received Breast Reduction Surgery at the Seattle VA for a treatment for Malaria - this i snot a joke.

You need to know ways to stay healthy so you do not need the VA Health Care or you will get VA type treatment that is more than likely going to kill you.

I watched an 86 year old man go into Tacoma General Hospital 2 years ago from a head injury. The Hospital gave him a flu shot and he died 5 days later.

The attending Physician told us that the hospital had chosen to let him die. If he was younger they would have treated him but he was too old to save.


The bill for the 86 year old man for the week he was in the hospital when they killed him was over $100,000. Thank GOD we had put all of his assets in an Irrevocable Living Trust (Cost $2,000) - they could not be touched.

So learn to stay healthy or you will pay with your pocket book and your life.
If I had the money I would buy Ed Skilling's Machine and boost my immune system even more.

For now IMMUSIST and an Ion Cleanse(Electronic Foot Bath)  machine form E-Bay will do.

If I could have just two items it would be Sea Weed and Immusist.

The News YOU are not supposed to get.

Dr William B. Mount

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