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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Where Has All The Gold Gone

Where has all the gold gone?

Please pray that your mind is opened to the truth.

APFN your recent film by Phil Schneider was more than eye opening. It also stole my thunder.;article=150232;

After 9/11 about 60% of the world's gold and silver reserves were moved under Trinidad, NM.

I asked my GOD, whoever that may be, to rock the US Intel Community (With a minimum loss of life) and posted it here on APFN (And Pravda)  and a few days later we had a rather large Earthquake that rocked DC way back in on August 23, 2011 I believe. It was about a 6.0.

The results were radio-active dust came up out of the Intel Underground Air Intakes at Fort Belvoir and out of the Air Ventilation System in a major stadium connected to them by way of Underground Tram.

A few days later large land masses in Mineral Virginia, and Trinidad NM, collapsed.

The number of dead from those Nuclear Explosions was minimal - only a few guards in the Trinidad Location dissolved and a few at Mineral --- unfortunately the US Intel Community failed to react in an intelligent manner.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Many years ago there was great cooperation in the underground cities between the East and the West - the US and Russia.

Unfortunately there exists a real rift now between these two factions - something Lucifer thrives on. He and his demons literally such energy out of hate, pain and death --- it is like a high for them.

The Real (Underground Base) Russian Technology has now reached that of the US/UK/Fr/Ir/NZ/Au technology.

OK - Russia does not produce 2 Submarines per month at a cost of $5 Billion a piece, now do they have Submarine Bases as big as the one just north of Katchikan, Alaska where over 100 Subs are based.

The Russians do, however, possess the technology to stop UES agression, if necessary, make these nation go away as if they never existed.

Whatever GOD I answer to has the ability to change the sun or take out 2 of their underground cities without batting an eyelash and if they do not do as GOD has asked either one of them to do then HE will destroy both the East and the West economies and kill most of the world leaders.

When I got involved in this 7 years ago no one batted an eyelash if the Real George Bush Jr was assassinated and if few US cities Nuked out of existence.

When the Rothchilds began putting Nukes under Moscow and trying to kill the real Putin (and his 1 double now in lots of pain) the Russians perked up, and when they found the 2 Nukes under Sorchi during the Olympics where I said they would be Putin really perked up - he got genuinely angry.

Unfortunately neither side has very good ears - they seem to like the pain inflicted on them by GOD.


So where did all the gold go - why did Germany, China, Spain, etc get ignored?

The Gold went to two places - at least what is left of the gold.

(((((Now remember - the US can grow a certain amount of metal - and does - each year but it does not meet demands for the underground industries.)))))

1) To an underground base just North of the Great Lakes to build - you got it - space ships. Things like the X-33 Aurora and the new SR-72. The base is rather large and deep.

2) The rest of it has been scattered all over the globe to smaller bases (Like Indian SPrings Nevada) to help repair ship damage cause by normal wear and tear.

So basically - most precious metals are gone - used up for aline Space Craft.

The guy in your video talked about Malanite being used for fighter jet and csubmarine huls.

Malanitie, for example, I believe (If my memory holds out) , about:

11% Copper
17% Iridium
50% Platinum
22% Sulfur

So much for a Platinum Supplies.

Your job on this planet as a working adult is to serve these underground bases like little slaves and to keep your mouth shut. Accept the drugs you are given and die by 65.

Years ago I was told there would be the "Masters" and the "Slaves" and those pulled out to watch. I am a "Watcher" here to stop this planet from being blown apart like Adama and Marduk and Mars.

If the IMF and the Russians do not do as they have been asked by whatever GOD I serve - they will have their male parts put in a press from this day forward - and so will the leaders of the Intel Groups who read this and do not act on this in accordance with what GOD has already stated - so says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords - the GOD I serve.

My guess is - and it is only a guess - that since the War has officially started (WW3) these World Leaders (Both Above and Below Ground) will get squeezed pretty hard - until they squeal like a stuck pig.

It should be fun to watch.

Watch the confusion around the world grow as these leaders get squeezed ever so hard.

Again APFN - thank you for revealing Phil Schneider's Video about the 5 Million folks living under our feet using us as their little slaves.

I will say one last thing - we tried through the creation of an independent nation to help stabilize the world's economies but failed due to FBI interference.

The Ukraine, and 14 other nations, recognized me as an Ambassador and no matter how small of an Ambassador I am I am still am an Ambassador. When you get to this level things get really different.

When I told the head of the Russian Orthodox Church what his prayer was to GOD for 10 years and what GOD's answer was he cried in my arms and organically transferred something to me that without the European Economies will collapse.

By the way - he had asked GOD if HE even knew hie existed and GOD replied: "Antonio, Your heart and MY heart are as one."

Antonio died a year later and I morn for him, He as a great leader that loved the Living GOD, and he was also the Real Vladimir Putin's Personal Priest.

We can only pray - Visualize hard - that President Putin listens to what Antonio said while he was alive and does what Antonio told him to do.

Again - thank you APFN for a great video.

Your heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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