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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Syrian Chemical Weapons Pact is Collapsing

Two day ago the US Secretary of State Dumb Dumb John Kerry spoke in Europe (I Believe) stating that the US has already collected 95% of all gas weapons from Syria and things were going well.

Please pray - visualize - that all that Lucifer and his Minions (US Corporate Leaders)  do to start World War 3 fails.

The very  next day John Kerry announces that Peace Negotiations had broken down and that the US is planning to go to war with Syria.

These are the same Chemical Weapons that Hillary Clinton sold to Iraq (US Senator Riegel's Reports) that General Colin Powell announced were taken by Semi Trucks to Syria - over 2,000 semi trucks worth of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons.

That afternoon the head of the UN had a press conference whereby the Syrian Peace Negotiator form the UN resigned and the UN was not going to assign another one.

Now John Kerry, after assembling an Air Base just south of Damascus and now has 30,000 Saudi Troops and 5,000 US troops and over 5,000 contract Employees + 2,500 US troops in Syria, wants war.


So where do you begin?

1) US/UK Funded war in the Ukraine
2) US/UK Funded War in Northern Thailand
3) UK/UK Funded War in the Philippines
4) US/UK Funded War in Pakistan
5) US/UK Funded War in Libya
6) US/UK Funded War in Indonesia
7) US/UK Funded War in Nevada - Bundy Ranch, over oil
8) US/UK Funded War in DC - DC Spring, the FBI has 50 armed Agent Sabatoeurs ready to start Martial Law by firing weapons at US troops guarding the White House. If they pull out a gun in the crowd - kill them and nail their bodies to the front door of the nearest FBI Freaks Office.

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