Monday, September 29, 2014

Every Thing We Have Been Taught Is Wrong

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Message To The White Dragon Society

This is a message to the White Dragon Society and the "Ascended Masters."

((((Please pray for (Visualize)
1) Huge amounts of Gentle Rains in the American South West
2) Those who would hurt Planet Earth and Humanity are dissolved off this planet immediately
3) The White Dragon Society Acts appropriately before the Living GOD completely immobilizes them, and HE will if they do not now come)))

This Message is directed to the leaders of the White Dragon Society and Ascended Masters out of Shamballah. At 5:55 PM our time your world was shaken - I felt the power run through me and into your world and it flattened me. The energy lasted for about 6 minutes. This can easily be verified by going to the IRIS Earthquake Map and looking into the Kush region of Afghanistan and the Northern areas of Nepal - another entrance to your cities. Now we know exactly where you are located.

IRIS Earthquake Browser

We appear to be on the same side side but I need your help and your shaking will continue until you come and meet with me, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

I recently listened to a video form "Paradoxman316" where he interviewed Ron Van Dyke, an apparent Ambassador to the White Dragon Society. In this video they both talk about the Great Amounts of Money to help Humanity and ask for proposals to be funded by your group - yet there is no place to send these proposals.

You will send a representative top m or the Living GOD will shake your entire organization every so stronger each day until you come.

You were warned about the shaking you would receive this after noon and you took no action. This is your fault - you should have studied my track record. SInce I cannot go up the Harmonics and travel 8,000 miles you will need to come to me.

I am only a messenger but may I suggest that you listen.
Here are, for example,  some suggestions to help this planet that need to be funded:

1) I manufacture a product that would wash the soil and heal planet Earth. This is a hydroponic Formula that adds a surfactant and reduces fertilizers use by 90% and eliminates pesticides and herbicides.

2) We have published the Cures for every know disease. We need clinics world wide to sell these Cures or ad the least give them away. May I suggest we show people and give them what they need at first and then they can go to the open market to buy these after that.

3) We need to build automobiles using Plate Batterise that give the car a 3,500 range. We have been using these plate batteries in the Army for over 30 years and hte Assistant Director of Idaho Labs and I spoke about them.

4) Built 100 Million Tacheon Generators to power the world. They use a double set of Neodine Magnets (Not one set like normal generators)  and capture these particles traveling faster than light. They would null the existing Power lines and help stabilize the Earth by drawing in extra electrons into the ground.

5) We need 100 Million N-1 Generators.

6) We need to utilize Hydro Step Down Dams every where --- every where.

7) WInd Power needs to be built all over the windy areas of Planet Earth.

8) Massive Solar Building Projects using hte US Military Panels (110% Efficient Using UV/IR and Visible lights) and store the power in pairs of dams like Oroville Dam and Thermolita Bay.

9) Use of Sea Water Pipelines to recharge the Aqueducts worldwide and run off of solar. See: America's Third Party.

10) Use of Red Mercury to create fleets fo Anti Gravity Propulsion Air Craft for transporting people coast to coast Powered by Nuclear Packs - like what the Assistant Director of Idaho Labs built for FORD 50 years ago in the FORD NEUTRON.

11) Massive Tree Planting Project World Wide to stimulate Oxygen production and bring back the rains.

12) New UN in Astana where nations are nations, not corporations owned (And COntrolled) by the Rothchildsand run out of Frankfurt Germany.

13) Pay off World debt (Including Homes) by selling the $340 Trillion Dollars of US Corporate Stock and Bond holdings.

14) Eliminate bad frequencies created by TV, Radio, and Woodpecker Frequencies Generators.

15) Polyacrylic All Roofs rather than re-roofing houses all over the world. A roof sprayed with this material will last 3-5 years longer. Thus, for example,  15 year shingle would last indefinitely.

16) Finally, I need a better area to access information to stop these Assassination Attempts On Politicians, Major Nuclear Terrorist Attacks, and other such things through prior notifications.
Either you will send a representative to me and your Ambassador is not blowing smoke up our rears, or you are another worthless outfit that is about to get it's petutie kicked so hard it will take us a month of Sundays to find your pieces - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

Remember - I am only a messenger and seek help in removing the Evil from our planet.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Saturday, September 27, 2014

If You Tell a Lie Tell It Often

Adolf Hitler: If you tell a lie tell it often and people will believe it.

(((Continue to Pray For (Visualize)
1) Gentle Rains in California and the American South West
2) The Evil on this planet who force vaccinations, GMO Foods, Poison our water, Poison our food - that they become completely immobilized and unable to acct and then leave this planet forever)))

What we are about to see is another lie by a Main Stream Media Outlet - this time the Wall Street Journal.

On 25 September the Wall Street Journal published the story: "Obama Presses World To Act Against Islamic State"

Scroll down the article until you get to the picture of those marching and focus on the US Special Forces guy leading the Parade on the left middle of the picture. Please note that these are people living in the middle of the desert where you cannot make huge signs, flags, or embossed patches for a Base Ball Cap - -- it is a barren desert.

Please note:

1) He has a Base Ball Cap with an embroidered patch
2) He has on M577 Shoes - very expensive even for a worker there. Where does a guy making $10 a day get $150 to buy them?
3) He has Jewelry on - a huge hunking ring and a watch, a vest and no gun.
4) He looks surprised as heck someone took his picture.
5) Now look at the signs and flags again - they are not dirty. they live in a desert and thee signs and flags are brand new.

The Iraquis are all wearing sandles, hte American Plants have Base Ball Caps, Expensive shoes, Backpacks.

You cannot buy these items in Bagdad, or Damascus, or even Kiev. You need to go to Moscow, a US Military Base (AAFES) in Europe or the US.

Any US military Base or Russian Store wold raise holy heck if these signs and hats were made there - so - since all 60 ISIS leaders (All US Citizens) are now in New York guess where they got these items?

The News You Need

 Dr William B. Mount

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Pope's Rope A Dope

Before we begin I would like to say I have some very good friends who are Catholic and this is no reflection on either their honesty or their character or their love for GOD. Unfortunately, like all Governments and churches, the Vatican is also very corrupt.

((((Please continue to pray for (Visualize)
1) Gentle Rain in hthe US South West
2) Those who would harm thsi planet or humanity would vanish off the Earth Immediately.))))

The Financial Center for the Vatican has been located in Frankfurt, Germany for about 1,100 years now. The city was built to house the Vatican FInancial Centers.

Until WW2 the financial System continues pretty much as normal - the 6 main Roman Families running the Vatican and the Vatican running the Frankfurt establishment.

We know that in:

1) 1203 King James of England gave the entire British Empire to Rome.
2) 1606 The Virgonia Charter gave England all of Norht America, including Mexico.
3) In 1789 Benjamin Franklin, Special Plenitpotentiary Commissioner (Ambassador) to France signed the treaty with England illegally ending the American Revolutionary War that gave the Crown of England, and thus the Vatican, the Federal Budgets of England, Scotland, France, Ireland and the United States.
4) In 1871 the Organic Constitution was adopted and all the United States became a Corporation.
5) IOn 14 July 1944 the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed making the United States COrporation under redevelopment by the IMF - which is 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds (Bauers)

After WW2, under the Marshall Plan (Which is still in effect according to Dumb Dumb Kerry)  the US Tax Payer Rebuilt the Vatican's Banking System in Frankfurt. The name of the bank is the KfW Bank Group, or the Krendian Stalt Fur Wiederauflau meaning Reconstructive Credit Institute.

This is owned 80% by Germany and 20% by the German States.

Five members head up the board and headed by Uirich Schneider and he reports to a board made up of 37 members - one form each of it's 37 countries it controls.

The Supervisory Board of 37 Nations is headed by Wolfgang Schauble, hte current German Finance Minister.

Germany is now leaving the Euro Zone and joining the BRIC nations and is seriously considering leaving NATO and there is not allot the US can do about it since they are run by the Rothchilds in London, and they answer to the Bankers in Frankfurt.

Watch these Bankers Fall. I went to a presentation last night that sowed 3 more dead bakers I have never seen. They are dropping like mosquitoes out of a Bug Zapper hung up on a porch after dark.

(((((You missed your 12 June Deadline and you will die until you meet it.. Too bad, too sad, Touche.)))))

The US is - in a sense - being ex-communicated form the Vatican. Consider the consequences and the Roman Fascist Axes on the walls of the US Senate Chambers and the Roman Goddess Athena (Minerva) on the top of the Capitol Dome with apollo looking on.

Recently Germany came to the United States demanding it's gold back they took "In Trust" after WW2. Since the Vatican ordered the US to give the gold to their alien buddies - Tall Grays, Draconians, Etc - to have Germany now demand the Gold Back is a Great "Rope A Dope."

Sure - gold can be grown with a gold wire in Hydrogen Peroxide and a Surfactant like Immusist at 10 to the 14 Power vibrations it is not generally grown in large quantities.

So the entire German Demand for Gold was irrelevant and just plain stupid.

In other words - all that you read in the financial world today is a total lie, made up - a farce.

Trow your TV away and your mind will begin to open.



This story was brought to you by the CIA sponsored terrorist around the world:

1) Al Kada - Doorway to Lucifers first temple on Earth, located in the Golan Heights - See: "Tel-Dan".
2) Taliban
3) Hezbolah
4) ISIS - Israeli Special Intelligence Service.
5) Boca "What Do I Know" In Nigeria
6) White Male Supremists with a bible in one hand and a pistol in the other
7) America Patriots
8) US Veterans
9) Christians
10) Those Americans who use cash and not a credit card
11) Non - Democrat Socialist Fascist Pigs, like Independents and Republicans.
12) Those who demand their Great Republic back and seek the truth - "Truthers"
13) FBI Agents bombing places like the Boston Marathon. By the way the latest FBI  report states no one died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
14) FBI Muslim Terrorist Cells trained at the FBI Headquarters.

For you Intel Geeks:

1) The DOD is now sending 13,000 US Groud Troops to Tekrit Iraq, and a Command Center meant for 25,000 troops. We never left Iraq. Look at the base in Tikrit ------ it is still occupied.

2) The Rothchilds and Rockefellars have announced their disgust with the Bretton Woods Agreement.

3) US Military - you have been sold out by your Joint Chiefs of Staff, cowards in Uniform. The fact that Eric Holder has resigned and is not in jail is pretty good evidence of this, is it not?

Folks - pray that (Visualize) these Traitors and Coward who run the DOD are run off Planet Earth immediately and forever. We do not need these people and they can take their Demons with them.
Unbelievable- those who seek the truth are now considered Terrorists by the English Prime Minister and have been nicknamed "Truthers."  He can kiss my Royal Rear, he is a Child Molester.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Lucifer You Have Been A Very Bad Boy

What you will get is a collection of Title 40 Intelligence - Raw Data - so read it and understand that it is raw data.

(((((Continue to Pray (Visualize) Rain
1) Gentle Rain in the America SOuth West
2) Those who are fracking and not allowing us free energy, creating GMO Foods, Spraying us, Putting Poisons in our waters, and vaccinating us vanish immediately and permanently off of the  Earth.
3) Please also pray that those who are perpetrating his insane war vanish permanently as well)))))

1) ISIS leaders were brought back in New York City a few days before hte bombing and now we have a Subway Bombing Plot in New York city by ISIS - DUH.

As you recall - Subway in New York City was used as a test place for a Chemical Weapons Drill a few months ago - and they also put Azodicarbomide (Yoga Mat Plastics) in their bread which kills your pancreas, liver and kidneys?

Despite huge amounts of publicity - they do not care. It is still in their bread. They do not care.

2) The ISIS Plot was used to cover up a Nuke being brought into Wall Street to detonate 17 September +- 3 days. I never updated the plot on this because I am tired - the Actual Nuke   was actually brought into New York City 22 September - just like the Nuke in DC last Year - see NCIS 21 September 2013. 

This time it was a smaller Nuke - but most of Wall Street and the United Nations would have been  destroyed. The FBI coordinated this attack and it was supposed to be detonated either in the location we talked about earlier or in from of hte UN building ----  but it was caught near a Subway.

Great - A Nuclear Armed FBI led by a Gay Boy wishing to Nuke Wall Street by orders of David Rothchild.

Thank GOD for armed American's who can stop these plots.

--- 2) The US Corporation (Traded on the NY Stock Exchange like every other nation) will now expand it's bombing to Outer Syria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. The Jordanian Bombings will be by "mistake." 

The actual buildings currently being bombed are empty - why kill those you sell weapons to.

3) The Rothchilds, and their bosses in Frankfurt, are loosing control of their banking system. These bankers do not wish to be tried and put to death --- they wish to save their own hides and the only way that will happen is if the defy Lucifer. Part of that is to meet the 12 June deadlines set by the living GOD. It is either death or defy Lucifer
4) The Ukraine - Follow the money. WHen the US put President Yushenka into power the Ukraine had $35 Billion in debt owed to the IMF. Thanks to the US they now have $165 Billion in debt. There yearly debt payments now mean half of their federal budget - $12 Billion a year.

During this US Led Revolution their infrastructure was destroyed in the Eastern Ukraine and only 80% of their fields were planted. The US destroyed roads, power plants, real lines, gas distribution centers for the farms, phone lines, water wells - every thing they could.

It appears that only about 50% of the Ukrainian Food Crops  can be harvested - and the US is spraying Ukrainian Wheat with GMO protein to destroy their crops and poison them.

When their current Ukrainian president came to the US this week he got a standing ovation in Congress but walked away with nothing. Even President Obama denied his application for the Ukraine to join the EU for obvious reasons we have discussed earlier on APFN.

So the Ukraine made special deals with Russia just to keep their homes heated this winter.

To President Poroshenko: MAN UP - Do not pay the IMF any more. Try the US Corporation and charge them for your disrupted economy.

The Hryvnyia used to be 4 to the Dollar in 2007, now it is 14 to the dollar. This means a $4 loaf of bread is now allot higher in price - much higher. Again - the Rich Prosper, the poor suffer.
5) There will be an internet Virus attack on the Western (IMF Banking Infrastructure coming from the CIA in Hungary and using US Air Force Computers. It will start messing worth the home Screens but begin randomly scrambling the ASCII. Either Kill the CIA members in Hungary or lock the USAF Computers from sending out the virus - pull their plug.

If you let this into the USAF computers it will disable the ICBM fleet and scramble the Submarine Nuclear Targets.
6) Eric Holder the Murderer is bailing out and expect hism to be made a Supreme Court Judge by Obama. He plans to order a White Male Supreme Court Judge killed so Holder the Murderer can take his spot.

If we say no they will both rant and rave about Race. Remember:

Obama is: 16% Black, 33% Arab, 50% White.
7) ISIS Plots will now sprout across America thanks to the FBI. The original Subway Plot was master minded by Mayor Bloomberg the Freak but was taken over by the FBI because it sounded good.
8) Is still see New York City flat as a pan cake very soon if the Banstas ignre GOD's Demands 12 June.
9) I see two large bombs going off thanks to the FBI  -- one in Ohio (?) and one under Alma Nebraska - the current HQ of the Underground US Corporation I believe. This completes the Pentagram of Disasters id across America by the Rothchilds and carried out by the Rockefellars and Brazinski.
10 ) I see US Corporate Bombings of Christian Churches world wide - just like they did in Kosovo and Serbia.
11) I also see the US Corporation edging into the NFl and buying controlling interest in it and running it into the ground - just like they did to the American Base Ball League and the NBA. They are Control freaks and will just make up money to do this and then destroy it - this is what Lucifer Does.
12) Japan will begin rolling left and then right and many rice fields will be flooded. They will need to build dikes to keep the ocean out.......also a volcano beginning to sprout lava just SE of Spain as the ground shakes.

Look up folks - my help comes form above.

This is what I was given by the I AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Please reread this list and please pray that these things do not happen.


The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

It is late here - thank you for reading.

It is 1 Am here and someone in US army Cyber Command is messing with this story

Please pray those who mess with APFN loose their computers permanently and immediately.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

EBOLA Outbreak Is Caused By Poisoned Wells- False Flag

The Entire Ebola Outbreak is a False Flag - Being caused by poisoned wells and poisoned local water sources. This is the biggest False Flag Yet.

(((((Continue to pray for gentle rain in the South west US, and that those who would lie and murder are permanently run off of Planet Earth.)))))

This is correct - a Huge False Flag to start World War 3.

1) If you read Sorcha you will have read an article where the US Corporation under Obama is allowing Monsanto to use a Lead /arsenic based pesticide all across this nation. This pesticide is causing what appears to b a "Polio Outbreak." This outbreak only occurs in hth areas sprayed with this pesticide.

2) On 4 August Unicef helped capture a man in Lofa County, Liberia that was injecting a poison into local wells and all who drank from these wells was poisoned. The man told local police there are 250 armer men traveling around with Syringes that will poison the wells. and mock Ebola through a special poison.

The Funding for this came from ---- are you ready ---- the IMF through US and Saudi Embassies.

See article: "Ebola Outbreak Madness! Armed Liberians Poison Wells Killing Villagers Under Pretext Of Epidemic", published 6 August 2014.

This is the biggest hoax perpetrated upon the world yet - and by tomorrow morning the BRIC nations will be furious - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is ad is to come.

Pray hard - visualize - that those who are perpetrating this false flag top start WW3 vanish opff this planet immediately.

The rotten  UN leaders know this and are perpetrating this lie on us to start this war.

We need a new UN in Astana Immediately.
The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Permanent War - A Fascist Panacea

Late last night the US Corporate President Mr "O - Bomb - A" announced the would conduct a long campaign against Syrian Terrorist. See todays Wall Street Journal Front Page Story.

(((((Please pray that Revelations 20: 1,2, and 3 are immediately carried out - that the Beast and all his Minions are thrown into the pit for 1,000 years - especially the Top 9 Lucifarian Leaders)))))

Not only did the leader of the US Corporation announce a long and Bombing Campaign in Syria he also announced a large IUS Corporate troop build up in the region.

Keep in mind that under USC5, Sec 103 President Obama  no longer controls the US Defense Department - it belongs to the IMF- which is owned 54.5% by David Rothchilds.

This is country number 7 Obama has ordered bombed wince he received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Permanent War - the Fascist Panacea.

Exactly what the White Dragon Society, the Russians, Chinese, Indians and Brazilians  are going to do about it is still undetermined but as of today they hey have done nothing. As GOD stated earlier until they do as GOD directed them to do (12 June) they will be as toothless and Clawless Tigers - always mueyewing but never able to strike so says the I Am That I Am.

Look up right now and you will see how worthless their Lucifer really is.

What you need to do is focus on the positive - so you can prepare for this coming severe economic slow down and permanent war. Ignore what is going on around you and focus on you and your family. This is how you will survive this.
Another Sign Obama wants you crippled and dead:

A side note on Hanford: Just spoke with a couple of folks who work there. They are now trying to turn the Liquid  Nuclear Waste into glass and store it underground at Yucca Mountain. They are running into allot of flack from the Obama Administration.

Apparently these million gallon tanks are leaking into the Columbia River and into Ground Water and this is OK with Obama - but turning it into Glass and storing it underground in the desert so it hurts no one can ever be hurt by it is a bad thing.

Just another sign President Obama and his staff want you dead or crippled.

The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Afghan President's Farewell Speech

A few hours ago President Karzai gave his farewell speech as he leaves the presidency of Afghanistan.

(((((Please Visualize (Pray For) Peace in the Ukraine and Syria, Gentle rain in the American South West including California, and that the Sacramento River Water is again released to flow into southern California.)))))

In the speech the Retireing President made the following comments:

1) "America did not want peace for Afghanistan becauseit had it's own agendas and goals here."

2) "I want ot thank those countries that genuinely supported us.......Western countries had hteir personal interests.....the western countries and hte United States had hteir own personal goals."

3) The President refused to sign a Bilateral Defense Agreement allowing US Troops to remain in Afghanistan after the end of 2014. Legally these US Corporate troops must leave.

4) President Karzia blamed American for their inability to start meaningful peace talks with the Taliban.

5) "I believe the stability of Afghanistan is directly related to the United states and Pakistan.... This war is for the personal interest of the foreign policies of others and this is a fight of outsiders in which Afghans were sacrificed."
Keep in mind Opium Production went up 10 times (1000%) after the US invaded Afghanistan and Americans use 80% of the worlds Pain Killers AND Anti Depressants (LSD Derivatives) due to the GMO fed to us.
We Warned the World White Dragons:

1) We told the world about an Arms Dealer selling weapon to both sides in Iraq in January - no one listend or even came to talk to me. Now we have a war there - DUH.

As a final note: Syria did NOT approve the US air strikes inside Syria and in fact Israel shot down a Syrian Fighter Jet In Syria today.

2) We stated here on APFN that due to the stupidity and laziness of the CIA and FBI that the Nigerian Government would collapse due to their Internet Scams - and they are using Ukrainian Banks. Well - here we are geniuses.

White Dragons nothing will change until you force these players to pay back what they owe. If you do not understand come talk to me ---- or watch it all fly out of control. Can't you figure that out already?

The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, September 22, 2014

Its Official - US At War With Syria

While agents for the CIA, Pentagon, the Rothchilds, and White House were negotiating for the change of the economic system and peace with the BRIC Nations - these freaks who run the DOD ordered a US Carrier to strike Syria and US Marines to land and take Damascus after it is destroyed. The idea here is to utterly destroy this city and kill as many people as possible. Double Crossed Again India, Russia, China and Brazilo.

(((Please stop what you are doing and pray for (Visualize) Peace in Syria and the Ukraine and those who ordered the killing leave this planet immediately and forever With Prejudice. This includes those who are growing GMO foods, making pesticides, and those who are fracking using chemicals. Also pray for Gentle Rains in California nad the US South West.)))

Just in time for hte Sabbath year the US not only began bombing Syria it waited until all 60 ISIS US Leaders who are all US Citizens killing American overseas (Israeli Special Intelligence Service)  were back in New York and collecting a paycheck. Good job FBI Freaks.

China, Russia, India, Brazil: You were negotiating with Special Plenapotentiary Commissioners sent by various portions of corporations owned by the Rothchilds: Pentagon, Banking System, Federal Reserve Banks - how could you trust them?

How stupid are you?

Russian War of 1905, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam.... have you learned nothing?

I do not care how Exemplary Extrordinarily these Special  Plenipotentiary Ministers and Commisars are - they work for Lucifer and they lie like a rug.

Their bankers will continue to die at an ever increasing rate until they do as GOD directed 12 June - that's OK with me. Their Blood is on their own head.

For example: The King of Sweeden in currently in Intensive Care - a Banker - because of a "Suspicious" car accident. Emilio Biotin - head of the second largest bank in Europe (Sontander Ban Gorup) - was just killed (10 Sep).  So many more bankers are about to die.


In addition, the US is now sending about 3,000 Infantry Troops into:

1) Nigeria - to get them infected with the New Airborne EBOLA and then send them back to Europe and the US to spread it there.

Excuse me: 3,000 Infantry to help with EBOLA?



2) Iraq. We still have an Army and Air Force Base there. We never left. Ask any guy in the US Engineer and Infantry Units.


Of course he double crosses people. He sleeps with a Drag Queen - Hellooooo?

For those of you who think the technology here in America is great - tat we are such a great nation and we can start a war anywhere - a gal from Verizon just told me many companies are leaving America because we are 10 - 20 years behind in technology as compared to China, Japan, or most of the rest of the world.

A Note For Russian and Chinese Leadership: Putin (and Medvedev) and Xi - you have failed to listen to the Living GOD and instead listened to the Great White Spirits of Asheron - Lucifer's Children. Now GOD will show you both who is in charge --- your Lucifer or the Living GOD, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Look up and see the hand of GOD, look down and see the Volcanoes torch off.  Stop that Lucifer.

3) By the way - if the Rothchilds are successful in destroying Damascus the CIA will then go after World Leaders who opposed the war and terminate them one way of the other. Putin - with your blessings still in America you do not have a chance - it is only a matter of time, so says the BOSS upstairs.
For You Intel Geeks:

As for the Pope:

1) G-20 Meeting 15-16 November in Australia

2) Pope goes to Iraq 25 November to be "assassinated " (Rather than being arrested for Child Murders) during a UN General Assembly Meeting that begins 25 November as well.

3) During the  General Assemble meeting the evil  terrorists (CIA) will try to torch off a Bomb in the UN General Assembly. The time has not yet  been set. President Obama should be the honored guest so the bomb is likely to be near enough to the podium to kill (Or Injure) one of the Obama Doubles.

4) The Third Man in the Panetta Enterage is either knowingly, or unknowingly, transporting some of these Bomb Part.

(((((No wonder my security clearance is higher than Panetta's - I can smell out a rat.)))))

5) The New CIA (Cocaine Import Agency) Evil Bad Guys will be called - what sounds like - El Fatah.

Pray they fail miserable in this war and come home ASAP and do not send more troops to Iraq and Nigeria - notice I sand MORE troops.
The News You Need To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here Comes The Shemitah

Here comes the Year of the Sabbath.

((((Continue to Visualize (Pray For)
1) Peace in Syria and the Ukraine
2) Gentle rains in the US South West - Including California
3) Water is allowed to be diverted to Southern California
4) The World Leaders foistering GMOs and Vaccinations and Ebola leave this planet forever.
5) The WOrld Leaders meet the 12 June deadline)))))

On the 24th of September we begin a year of the Sabbath. The year actually begins in accordance with the Real Year, not as we set it here in America. So this period  it generally begins in September with the "2015 Shemite" lasts from 14 September 24th through September 23rd 2015.

(((As you might imagine - this is a very special time - 4 Blood Moons close together, 3 Super Moons (Jul, Aug, Sep and the First Virgo New Moon for the Age of Aquarius is on September 24th)))

Every 7 years GOD directed HIS people to rest for an entire year. They were supposed to set aside a certain portion of their harvest and then not work on this seventh year.

The Muslims are supposed to follow these Old Testament Laws as well according to Mohammed and not not work during this next year. This means NO killing, NO Jehad, NO murders and rapes - we shall see how that works out for them.

(((((By the way - 40 ISIS member came back to America and the "Feebies" (FBI) not only did not arrest them but made sure they all had an income. It is all over the net - ISIS is led by Americans paid for by your tax dollars. The next time you see a FBI Freak - tell him just how you feel. They are murders. Their agency needs to be terminated so pray that it is.)))))

Notable Sabbath Years the past are:

1) 2008 - Crash of the US Markets
2) 2001 - 9/11 - Recession, War
3) 1994 - Economic Crash
4) 1987 - Recession
5) 1980 - Reagan elected because of a Recession
6) 1973 - Recession whne Nixon pulled the Dollar off of the Gold Standard
7) 1966 - Recession
8) 1959 - Recession
9) 1952 - Korean War and Recession
10) 1945 - End of WW2, Recession
11)  1938 - Germany enters Austria...........beginning of WW2 and a really bad recession. Caused by over spending by the Roosevelt Administration in 1936/37.
12) 1931  - The " Great Currency Crash."

So what do you supposed the US Corporation and IMF have planned for us in 2015?

Since the American Public was dedicated to GOD by the First President in 1789, and since we bring in Murderers and Rapists, Homosexuals and witches into our house every day, (TV, Radio) what do you think GOD is going to do to this nation?

What we see today will accelerate in 2015:

1) Ebola - The Idiots in the pentagon are sending in 3,000 US Combat Troops into the EBOLA areas of africa so they can bring it back to the US. These idiots in the White House running this Corporation Demand Ebola in America. Their economic system is collapsing.

2) Ebola - There are now 10 cases of EBOLA in Venezuela - see Sorcha

3) Ebola - Sierra Leon is on a 3 day lock down because the outbreak is so bad.

4) Obama is sending large amounts of troops to Iraq. We never left. I met a soldier who was going BACK to Iraq - he was only about 25 years old. The Media LIES like a rug.

5) The US will now set aside another 3 Billion for war in the Ukraine despite the treaty signed by Ukrainian President Porohsenko. He is only a puppet and the US will either un-elect him or kill him very soon. GOD says if he calls he will live - but he is more than likely too arrogant to call a lowly guy like me. President Yushenka of the Ukraine did not - and he is dead. President Yanakovich ignored GOD and he was almost killed and ran like a coward to Russia.

6) The US just blew up a chemical factory in Donesk Ukraine - thousands will die quickly and tens of thousands will doe slowly see: "Donesks Deadly Cloud" These attacks by the US will continue world wide.

7) There are currently 39 volcanoes going off world wide. As man turns away from GODS this will increase.

8) we stated that the World Wide Earthquakes will sky rocket and the are. See
 a) Mexico Quake
 b) Indonesian Volcano Causing Refugee Problems
 c) Earthquake Swarm Over Mantle Plume - Just South of Spain
 d) Pakistan Quake
 e) The list will grow

This old planet is about to shake, rattle and roll.

Turn to GOD, throw away your TVs and be selective about what you listen to.


You Need Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat and Communications for 90 days.
One last note- Obama plans to go to the next G-20 meeting and sell America down the tubes. When this happens the Pope assassination is supposed to occur and he will try to build a coalition to kill arabs during this meeting.

Obama is Lucifer's "False Profit" - Everything is backwards, upside down, Cady Whompus. Peace is war, lies are the truth, arrest those who expose the Government Lies, black is white, Blue is Gray, All is an illusion.

Evil is as Evil Does.

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount + Sea Weed - GMO Foods = Good Health

Friday, September 19, 2014

Fraud Leaves A Trail - This Time, Scotland

There is always a trail when Fraud and murder are committed. This time the Fraud was committed in Scotland.

(Please continue to Visualize (Pray For):
1) Rain in the South western US, Including California
2) Those who will not meet the 12 June Deadline Set By GOD vanish from the Earth Immediately and continue to do so until they meet this goal. This is the fastest way to destroy those who are the Illuminati. Force them in Prayer to do as GOD directs or disappear permanently.
3) A Real Vote in Scotland - that the Scottisnh People rise up and demand a REAL vote immediately
4) Peace in Ukraine and Syria.

Back to Scotland. Just before the vote a poll was taken and the results among all voters ranged from 75% Yes to 63% yes days before th eelection.

Then before the polls opened (7AM Scotland Time) an article was published in the English Times (18 September) that stated the end results of the voting; 55% No, 45% Yes.

The article was titled: Scotland's Voting on Independence Has Ended...We Await The Results.

After we posted our article last night this article vanished - and now only exists on hte websites of those who grabbed it - but the message was clear - Fraud and a pre-set vote.

But it was saved in China:

 English Times: Scotland's Voting On Independence Has Ended...We Await results - Google 搜索

It was enough though - we broke the story early enough that the and the Russians sent in people with Video Cameras to tape the fraud.

There are dozens of other reports now surfacing about the Voting Fraud in Scotland favoring the NO Vote.

We all have a Cell Phones
Fraud and Murder always leaves a trail.

1) Pearl Harbor - The Honolulu Tribune 7 days before the bombing: "Pearl Harbor To Be Bombed by the Japanese In 7 Days"

2) Kennedy Assassination: I heard 3 shots, then suddenly there was only 1 shot and then the Chief Jesuit General cum outlined the murder by name of who killed Kennedy and why.

3) Waco Texas - we sent in an M-60 tank to blow up hte nursery. It was on TV. CLinton ordered them dead - Murder.

4) 9/11: Building 7, the planes with no windows - the list goes on and on.

5) Oklahoma City: The FBI and BATF arrived on scene 30 minutes after the explosion in Full riot Gear - their gear was stored upstairs in the building and it takes 30 minutes to put on the gear.

6) Sandy Hook ELementary School - the picture of the children being led out of the school - the sidewalk and Tar Repair Marks in it. The Aerial Photo showed no side walks, no tar repair and no bullet homes in the school.

7) Aurora Colorado -: No Bullet Holes

8) ISIS: Israel Secret Intelligence Service and the Great Muslim Calif is a Jewish Mossad Agent.

9) Ukraine: US State Department says they set aside $5 Billion of YOUR dollars to kkill hte last President and create a ring of war.

The list goes on and on. Murder, Molestation, Fraud, Theft, Destruction..............

Individually i you discuss any of those things above you are a conspiracy nut.

Combined it paints a Picture doesn't it?

The picture is that the US Corporation (USC2, Sec 286) is one evil, murdering entity run by the Rothchilds and the Roman Pope and we need to continue to Visualize (Pray That) they and theirs get off this planet immediately. We do not need them - Humanity HAS come to age.
Lucifer: Pay what you owe in accordance with the 12 June deadline set by GOD and you will live when you leave or bend over and prepare to be wiped off the face of the Universe, so says the I AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come. GOD Says: There is no other way. The longer you delay the more of you that will vanish - permanently. You have NO souls so when you die that is it. You go poof!
The News You Need To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

Go To: "" to the stories at the following times and you will reference the voting fraud:




Sorry - but I barely have internet and it s hard to referecee these.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Peace Breaks Out In Ukraine

While you were praying for Peace in the Ukraine last night President Poroshenko of the Ukraine was putting forth a Peace Proposal and then signed it. The Peace Plan gives Crimea and the Donesk region (SE Ukraine) of the Ukraine Special Status as they are integrated back into Russia.

(((((Please continue to pray for - Visualize:
1) Rain in California. as you read this it is raining in Norhtern California
2) California 9th Circuit Federal Courts goes away and the river water of hte Sacramento River is re-diverted to Southern California to Feed The World.
3) Rain in South West America - its raining.
4) Peace in the Ukraine. The US is still trying to get NATO to kill Ukrainians and no one is buying it. Yeah.
5) Finally - peace in Syria. as you read this the US is still trying to kill Syrians and now proposes sending in huge land forces into Iraq and going into Syria that way. Pray they fail miserably.)))))

What you are about to read is true and just happened at my mailbox and effects you directly.
My neighbor Joe was a mechanic all life and rose to Service Manager for a large car dealership and retired about 9 months ago.

Joe is neither stupid nor lazy. He and his wife have worked all their lives and lived in hte same house and neighborhood for over 35 years in a rather small 2 bedroom house.

These folks are the salt of the Earth.

Joe came out to the mailbox to get his mail and I Said Hi. We began some small talk.

I then told Joe we had a lot of readers and we were prying for Peace in the Ukraine and as we were doing it President Poroshenko signed a Peace Treaty with Russia.

He said: "Great, Peace in the Ukraine."

Then I told him we were praying for Peace in Syria and all the Neighboring Nations are denying US air space to bomb Syria - we will have peace there once again.

My neighbor then started screaming at me that we have to kill ISIS and we need to go into Syria and bomb ISIS and kill, kill, kill .....

His arms started waving and his face turned red - he began yelling about the beheadings and killing and ---- he became incoherrent.

Whatever  I said from this point forward was irrelevant because I did not want War.

It was Bizaar and like a scene out of Alice's Restaurant - the Group "W" Bench when nuts all started jumping up and down yelling "I Wannt Kill, Kill, Kill."

He left yelling about how we have to go into Syria and I was a fool to pray for peace.

The unfortunate part is this is how most American's feel. They parrot whatever they are told on TV.

Be careful out there. Between the water, air and food and TV America is getting dumber and Dumber - they are almost like Zombies now.

If we are ever going to change America we must first chance the media.
----------          ----------
For You Intel Geeks

1) The Iraqi Ambassador to the Ukraine told the media today the Assassination of the Pope is about t occur on his next overseas trip.

Let me explain: Pope Francis has been convicted, and Sentenced, for Child Torture,  Sex Trafficking and Murdering thousands of children There are arrest warrants for him in 180 nations.

The Pope plans to go to Iraq Soon and will fake his own death to try and get a World Wide Ralley to kill more Iraqis and start another round of wars.

More Wars, Pope Francis goes back to Argentina (Hitler's Old Compound) and life is good as an Arms Dealer.

Pray - Visualize - there Lucifarian Leaders all simply fail at everything they do - from killing children to shooting a rifle. Everything - including wiping their rear ends.

2) As for the Assassination attempt on Obama in 2 days - forget it. This story is already published and around the world. GOD will now make these stories I write go Viral, so HE has said it, so it shall be. All of them since the beginning.

Further  - You Lucifrian Leaders (And Bankstas)  missed your 12 June Deadline and have no intention to honor it so and now yo will begin to Vanish - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

3) As for Scotland - over 75% of the Scottish folks want to break away from England but the Polls are set so that they referendum looses 49% to 51%. The people will revolt and GOD will pull the plug on the Rothchilds Banking System if it fails and many London Bankstas will simply vanish if they lie about this vote, so HE has said it and so it shall be.

4) Finally - Pray  - Visualize - for the destruction of those who make and grow GMO foods and kill children with vaccination. They are the same Evil people.

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, September 15, 2014

Nichole Kidman's Dad''s Satanic Activities

Unbelievable Luciafrian (Satanic) activity in the torture and murder of young children. as soon as Nichole Kidman's dad was charged with Pedophelia (Child Rape and Murder) so he ran like a coward  to Singapore and was promptly killed.

The White Dragons are now hunting these pigs down.

(((Pray (Visualize)
1) Rain in the American South West
2) The Sacramento River is again allowed to be used to water the agricultural fields of California.
3) These Luciafrian Pigs are exposed and everything they try to do from this day forward fails)))

What you are about to read is true - Men releasing naked children and shooting them and then letting dogs eat them alive - all of this is now being exposed.

Pray that these Pigs, these leaders all over the world like David Rothchilds, are completely neutralized.

Plato: There is a price for indifference towards our political leaders - we will be ruled by evil men.

This article will discussed you but it is real.

I will not now, nor ever, use a TV to bring these Evil Sick Freaks into my home. Read this and you will see:

Nicole Kidman's Father Dies Amid Pedophile, Child Murder ring allegations (video) | Celebrities

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Heavens Will Shake and the Earth Tremble

This was the message I was given 7 days ago - along with all sorts of other messages.

(Please pray - Visualize - that your family is safe this next week, that there is Gentle Rain in the american South West and that those who would do harm to America and Freedom are forced of Planet Earth immediately. As for the 12 June Deadline - the Bankstas are in GODs hands now.)

Several X Class Flares and several Magnetic Storms and Proton Bursts have now it this planet since last Monday.  GOD is accelerating this process because few people are turning to him.

These anomalies may be seen at N3KL.ORG  and will continue to increase  until we turn to HIM.

The bankers involved include tens of thousands of folks all across the globe. Following is the Flow Chart for the Rothchilds Banking System:

See: Charts of Who Owns The Federal Reserve System)

As you can see the Rothchilds own congtrolling shares in the Federal Reserve SYstem through the Bank of England. Other prominent names include: Lord Montegue (Openly Gay),  Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, The Warburgs (Dying very rapidly), etc.

Remember: Unless these Bankstas meet GOD's deadline as set on 12 June 1,000+ of them will be dead by 1 January 2015. It is their choice.

We also see millions rallying for independence as the Bankstas try to continue their Death Holds of Debt against their own people, Here we see almost 2,000,000 people rallying for the Independence of North Western Spain - Catalonia.

We also see Scotland trying to become independent of the English in a coming vote on 18 September. The average Scotsman definitely demands independence and the NWO has toe news media set for a "Tight Vote." In other worlds the  English Media lies like a rug.

REmember though - the King of England gave all of ENgland, Scotland and Wales to the Roman Pope in 1203 so the vote will only be a "Pretend" vote and give the Scottish People a "Fake" kind of freedom an Illusion of freedom.

We need to pray Visualize) that when Scotland votes for Freedom they disconnect form Rome as well.

Please note the Scottish Flag is almost identical to the Russian Naval Flag. Think there is a connection - for another day maybe.,_2014

As a Final Note: What "Is Is?"

ISIS - Israeli Special Intelligence Service

Their Caliph is an ISIS agent, a Jew.
FOr You Intel Geeks:

We know about the trillions of $ dollars you plan to move tomorrow, the hit on an Obama Double in 3 days, and your failed attempt at crashing 13 planes into 13 buildings world wide.

Pray - visualize - that the NWO fails tomorrow to pad themselves against the dollar collapse they have planned.

Look up folks - GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED.

The Heavens will shake and the Earth will tremble, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

As I prepare to post this the words are changing above - spelling errors are being added.

One last note - Pray - Visualize - that the people who keep kicking me off the net, those who shut down my access to my You Tube Account, simply vanish from Planet Earth.

As a personal note: The FBI leaders are made up of evil Gay Boys and Girls. I will believe these Queers will do right when they pay me back every dime they stole form me 7 times pressed down and over flowing.

The FBI is made up of  liars, murders, drug traffickers and child rapists and they are incapable of change. I need to see it with my own eyes. They are Evil Freaks and need to be stomped out like a bad ant hill.

Prove me wrong Williard Scott.

Murderers and Rapist, Drug Dealers and Freaks who work for a Private Corporation called Homeland Security, which is owned by the IMF.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

You Have Failed New World Order

You have failed New World Order to start your war.

(((Please continue to pray for - Visualize For:
1) Gentle Rainse agroww the American South West
2) The War Mongers are neutralized immediately
3) Those who are harming Mother Earth are completely Neutralized Immediately, including those using the Lead/Arsenic Pesticides now killing children - See Sorcha's Latest.
4) These NWO Bankstas are forced to meet the 12 June deadline set by GOD or leave planet Earth permanently and immediately.)))

Your NWO has failed to throw 13 Jets containing Nuclear Dirty Bombs and Plagues into 13 Buildings around the world today.

Turkey is now refusing to allow the US airbase access to bomb Syria.

Germany and the UK refuse to join Obama in bombing Syria and the Ukraine. President Obama's Coalition to follow the US Corporation  to start WW3 has vanished despite his promises in his latest worthless speech. No one is listening and no one cares what he says.

Not one nation will follow the US Corporation into this Damnable World War 3.

Both President Bush's garnered a coalition of nations to invade Iraq twice.

Obama's Gay Boys and Drag Queens at the top have failed to inspire even one nation - go figure. His allies are abandoning him in droves. Many of his allies on Earth are under investigation for Corruption, Child Sex Trafficking, Child Murder, etc.

The Mighty Bear of Russia is now striking back against the US Corporate Sanctions by re-initiating natural Gas Contracts with most of Europe.

The New BRIC Nations (180 of them) are already sanctioning the United States Corporation for things such as Electronics for their Military, Walmart Goods, and all sorts of manufacturing products. Soon they will boycott the US for minerals and the real kicker is that without Chrome our industry here shut down in a few days. The only available Chrome in this nation is......I seen the maps of the deposits.

It is over New World Order - you cannot have your way. Your vision of 4 National Groups here on Planet Earth (Europa, North American Union, Asia, And south America and Africa) is over.

Your idea of permanent war is over.

You also failed in your communication black outs today - you failed miserably. Too many of us are now united in prayer - visualization.

Planet Earth has reached the point where we no longer need you Lucifer so take your allies and get off our planet.

Your bankers are so worthless as Lucifarian Slaves that they cannot even pay me back in accordance with what GOD has directed - they are not smart enough to choose life over death. They are confused, belittled, and unable to even act to save their own skins - perfect stupid slaves.

We all are unified in Praying (Visualizing)  that you take your slaves and get off our planet.

Watch the Sun as a sign that GOD is still in charge - not you Loozifer.

Watch your financial system - your New World Order - fall apart as your slaves either leave, are killed, or become neutralized by the Living GOD;  Unable to follow even the most basic order you give. You should have paid back GOD's Messenger, but you and your minions are too stupid to do that.

You and your minions may be powerful but you are not that smart.

You will fail at killing an Obama Double in 6 days at Martha Vineyards and you will fail two days later to Nuke New York City with a Missile form one of your Submarines just south of Manhattan. Your days here are over, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

It is our time now.

You lost it over 30 pieces of silver Loozifer. You failed to do as GOD directed with HIS Silver.

Please also Pray (VIsualize) that the US Corporation, now siphoning off Natural Gas to deprive Portugal of their contracted allotment from Russia, cease and desist with the theft.

I will tell you a funny - all of Loozifer's Minnions that get close to me run - Bill Gates, Head of Ford Motor Company, Congressman Adam Smith, most other Ambassadors, and almost all 2 star generals and above - they all run like little children and sissies. Cowards all of them.

The stronger GOD gets in me the more they run. You should see me in the US Army and Air Force AAFES Stores. It is very funny to watch as these people run. I rarely go to those stores  because of this, but it is funny to watch.

The Russian Bear Strikes Back: Retaliates against Sanction threats! | InvestmentWatch

The News You Must Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount


European Nations Natural Gas Imports Form Russia as a %

Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republlic, Slovakia - 100%
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - 100%
Ukraine, Moldov, Bellarus - 100%
Bulgaria - 86%
Poland - 80%
Austria - 71%
Greece - 60%
Slovania - 45%
Italy - 28%
France - 16%
Netherlands - 11%

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

You Can't Have Another 9/11 CIA

Tomorrow is the 13th Anniversary of the NW) 9/11 kick off to "Permanent War."

Your planned communications Black Out form 2AM through 6PM  tomorrow will also fail --- too many people praying against this.

(Please continue to pray - visualize -
1) GENTLE rains in the American South West
2) Those trying to kill us and destroy Mother Earth are neutralized immediately
3) Peace in Syria and Ukraine)))

Thirteen years ago your CIA orchestrated a disasterous attack on America. An attack that was outlined by a man three months earlier in a letter we showed on Channels 77 and 23. You:

1) Threw a 2 remote controlled jets at the New Yorn Cities World Trade Centers and then blew them down in controlled demolitions.
2) Threw a missile at the Pentagon and climed it was a jet htat went through a 12 foot hole.
3) Crashed a Drone in Pennsylvania and claimed it was a commercial airliner even though there were no wings at the crash site.
40 Took down Building 7 with a controlled demolition.
5) Arrested Victor Bout for selling tons of High Explosives to Marvin Bush that were then used to take down the World Trade Centers. You turned on your suppliers like rats showing your true colors - Black and Evil.

The next day we found 19 of the 20 "Hijackers" in a Mosque in Germany and you freaks in hte FBI and CIA refused to arrest them. It is on Video.

Funny thing is - we all have video cameras today - everyone.

The next day we also found 3 of the 4 Tail Numbers of the Jets involved were still flying commercially.

The entire project was funded by the head of the Luxemburg Banks - a member of the Royal Order of the Garter.

This time too many people know ---- too many people have cell phones ----- too many people will speak up after you do this.

We are all praying that all the evil you now try fails forever more.

We pray that:

1) Those sending out the bombs fail
2) Those sending out the 13 planes at the 13th hour ( 1AM London time) on this 13th anniversary fail at this plot miserably.
3) Those funding this project have their access to these accounts pulled forever.
4) Those planning for WW3 through these planned disasters instead find them selves on the next ship off of Planet Earth.

We do not need these disasters to unify as a Human Race any more - we ARE unified and we want your 9 Evil Ones off this planet immediately and we visualize this - pray that this happens immediately.

We are visualizing that these Evil Ones, and all their minions, fail at everything they do here on Planet Earth from this time forward through all eternity. Get off our planet.

As the earth moves through this Galactic Plane so does the entire solar system. As the Earth expands so does the Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn. We have enough going on without your interference.

As proof the Sun sent off two X-Class flares directly at Planet Earth in the last 2 days and there are more to come.  Further - the Earth is beginning to shake all over as Proton Blasts now begin to reach the Earth, just as GOD said there would be yesterday as proof HE is still in charge.

As for your planned killing of an Obama Double 17 Sep (+-3 Days) by some White Male Extremist who believes in Liberty and Freedom - forget it. We are all aware that it is a planned event and a Set Up.

If any of these occur than we will automatically know it s the CIA and FBI behind it - no matter what you call it: Al Kada, ISIS, ISIL, IS (What is is) Hezbolah, or the Boogie Man.

We know it all leads to the CIA/FBI.

It was, after all, the CIA (Owned by the Queen of England) that re-established the Masonic P-2 Lodge of Rome than now controls the Vatican Bank that make these crimes possible - but we all know about this now ans we are all praying that these crimes cease and those committing them are brought to justice - millions of us are now joining him these prayers nightly.

(Funny - you were told by GOD a dozen times that if you did not meet GODs deadline on 12 June this would continue to accelerate until you did meet his Deadline, so hold on - Stupid CIA/FBI)

And yes - we know about the purge of the Catholic Arch Bishops now occurring across the board. Each Arch Bishop being the Head Banker for the separate Catholic Regions - A Diocese. There are hundreds that will now be brought to justice for their crimes, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Here are just two examples of what is now going on around the Catholic world:

Example 1: The Arch Bishop of Ireland (Recently Fired)  was conducting Human Sacrifices of Human Babies - In Tuam Ireland at a Catholic Orphanage the remains of 800 babies that had been beheaded and hacked up in sacrifices to Lucifer were found in a Cistern a few months ago. They were all sacrificed to Lucifer by the Catholics in a cult called the "Catholic Nine Circle" cult that extends throughout Ireland and into Holland and Belgium.

Too many Video Cameras. You spy - we spy - the truth surfaces.

Example 2: The Roman Pope was recently found guilty of the same crimes in the International Courts in Hague. In addition, he and his primary staff were found guilty of Chind Sex Traficing in a ruling that extends as far away as Argentina and deep into the Catholic Church in Rome.

We all know now and we have unified in Prayer to get rid of this Evil - and we are getting assistance form above.

You can't have your World War 3 CIA/FBI Freaks.

You can't have another 9/11 either now or ever.

Your agents smuggled across the Mexican/Texas Boarder -- we pray they fail at their next attack.

It's over.

China pulls the plug on financing the US in 21 days - you failed to meet the 12 June deadline and are still to arrogant and ignorant to do this so GOD is turning up the heat Bankstas, CIA/FBI. You are really that stupid to ignore this?

Stupid is as stupid does - but one thing is for sure:


Get off our planet with your evil - we are all unified in prayer in this prayer and visualization.
The News You Need To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

One last note you US Cyber Command Bullies trying to destroy these stories: you cowards are too afraid to face me like a Man, and so is the DOD director and your President. You work for Cowards and Sissies,  Gay Boys and Drag Queens. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

Michelle still has an Adams Apple.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

UN Broadcasts 8 September 2014

Coming to you form the very heart of the United Nations we are giving a summary of two important discussions held both in London and in New York.
Please continue to pray for - Visualize:
1) Gentle Rain in the America South West - it is raining there - you DO make a difference
2) Those who would do us harm to us or Mother Earth either stop these activities or are forced to leave Planet Earth by any means.
3) Before all the US and London Bankers die they do a sGOD has directed them to do 12 June 2014. My guess is they will chose death - that is OK with me. Death or do as GOD has directed
The broadcasts centered on the Virgo Full Moon - the first one since the Planet entered the New Age of Aquarious and began expanding (Through Sonoluminescence).

(((As a side note - the Earth will now shake all over for the next 4-5 days so you know GOD is real and what HE says is real)))

Before we continue is it again good to review the following: There are 12 Dimensions in the Universe. Between each Dimension there are 12 Harmonics.

Each Harmonics vibrates about 10,000 faster than the other harmonics, and so on and so forth up the line. We can only go up to the 8th Harmonics and beyond this matter and energy merge. SO here is a rough idea of what these Harmonics are and what they mean to you.

When the Hindoes (Buhdists) talk about where their Gods are form each one inhabits a higher plane. Gneshu, for existence, hangs out in the 5th Harmonics.

3rd Dimension:

1st Harmonics -Physical Plane - where we are. We vibrate at about 80,000 Khtz. (10/6th Pwr)

2nd Harmonics - Astral Plane. Here is where you go to hang out when doing out of body experiences, where the "Demons" hang out, and where the Cloaked Space Ships hang out. (10/8th Power)

3rd Harmonics: Causal Plane. Here is where out thoughts are and where the Archons and Draconians (demons) actually live. When you think yoru thoughts go here to create things on Planet Earth. So when we pray for rain your thoughts go here and effect the rain patterns in this harmonics. (10/10th Pwr).

Here also is the city of Shamballa and underground cities in the Earth  - Agartha.

4th Harmonics: Akashic Plane - where all Human Thought is stored. Your thoughts also go up into this Harmonics. (10/12th Prw)

5th Harmonics: Mental Plane. Here all thought merges and everything thinks the same way. This is also the frequency where material is grown - Gold, Silver, etc. So you can vibrate a Gold Wire in Hydrogen Peroxide at this frequency (For Example) and literally grow gold. (10/14th Khtz)

6th Harmonics: Messianic Plane. (10/16th Htz)

7th Harmonics: Buddhiac Plane. Here is where Lucifer, Buhda, and the "Higher Gods" hang out --(10/16th Htz)

Beyond this no one seems to reflect on.

We do know that the Angelic Realm is the 5th Dimension (10/54th Htz?)  and Lucifer was thrown out of the 5th Dimensions and now is here vibrating at 10/16 Htz).

When we gather together at the time of the Full Moon the energy on the Earth is very high and we merge jointly to bring down the Higher Energies that will help us all focus on good things happening to us here on Planet Earth.

We draw energy down each full moon we draw it down from the Constallation we are in - today it is the energy from the Constallation of Virgo.

So as a group of about 441 people we merge our thoughts in a sort of "Mass Conciousness" to help this planet.

This ability to link into a group like APFN or the United Nations allows us to make great changes down here in the Material World.

So when you began praying for gentle rain in the American South West - it went up to the 3rd Harmonics and those who will assist us (Angels) heard our Mass Conciousness and are assisting us at this time - and will continue to do so.

When we prayed for Peace in the Ukraine those Angels hear our cries and helped the Ukrainain Soldiers throw their weapons  in mass and surrendered to the Russians - they do not wish to kill their brothers.

The purpose of having the Bankstas pay me all that they owe me is to do exactly what the UN talked about yesterday - create a huge network of people that can focus on helping Planet Earth and thereby throwing out the other species that are causing harm to us and tis planet.

So they will pay me immediately what they owe me (according to their own laws as set forth by GOD)  because the Bankstas will choose to live and if they do Lucifer will not be allowed to touch them, so says the I Am That I Am. Somebody way high up the food chain (Leader of hthe Angelic Realm) is in charge of this one.

Since we all have the ability to Choose - Free Will - I am only allowed to "recommend" they pay - if they do not GOD will kill them - Including the Rockefellars, Rothchids, Windsors, The Pope....... they will do as directed or be destroyed. That us HIS job - the Destruction. I am a mere Messenger.

Once this occurs we can use this medium to act as a center point to heal Planet Earth.

In an odd kind of way the UN Virgo Full Moon states we are our own Gods - meaning that as a group we can focus together.

For Example: Let us now focus on destroying Lucifer's Toys that hold this planet back from moving forward into the next higher plane. these toys need to Blow Up, go away and all Humanity to advance.

DEspite all of the disasters the New World Order is throwing at us - the Ukraine, Ebola, Poisoned GMO Food, Poisoned Water and Air - we need to refocus our minds on what is really important.

Push aside all of these distractions and refocus. Your thoughts control your Aura, and your Aura either attracts or distracts good things.

Abraham Lincoln said: We are about as happy as we make ourselves.

So realize we are here only temporarily and push aside the negative and focus on the positive --- and as a Group coming together almost every evening we can push aside these Negative Thoughts and Beings and come together as a Humans and take control of our own planet.

You ARE part of this. Sitting in your own house YOU are powerful as we focus on these goals that will help Humanity progress.

APFN - Thank You
The News You Want To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Empire Is Falling

The Empire Is Falling and it is likely to change into something we do not like.

(((Please continue to Pray For Visualize
a) Gentle Rains in the US SouthWest, It is still raining there.
b) Those etheric beings that would do Freedom and Planet Earth, to leave forever.
c) Those physical beings here on Earth stop destroying Freedom and Planet Earth.
d) The US/English Bankers meet the 12 June deadline before they are all killed)))

About 1,000 years ago the Holy German Empire was formed and became the protectors of the Holy Roman Empire. In 963 the Germans took over the reins Rome and for the next 850 years the leaders of the Roman Empire were all  from Germany with the primary Wealth and Banking System being held in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the early 1700s the Bauers (Rothchilds) moved much of their banking system to Germany as the German Kings then began to rule mighty old England.

In the treaty Of 1783 the united states of America gave their treasury to the English Crown (who in 1203 had signed all they owned over to the Roman Pope). The Newly Fred Americans became slaves of the Roman Pope.

In 1815, days after the Defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo,  the n"Rothchilds" consolidated their wealth in the Bank of England and became the "Treasurers" of the English Empire - they owned it Lock, Stock and Barrel.

With the Organic Constitution 1871 the "united states of America" was killed and replaced by the Corporation of the United States  - owned primarily (54.5%) by the Rothchilds. Literally - the leaders that did not comply were killed by these filthy beasts named the Rothchilds.

In 1944 (July 14th)  under the Bretton Woods Agreement the English Bank created the IMF and the United States became under the laws of "Redevelopment" solely owned by the IMF - which os again 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds - USC 2, Sec 283, US Senate Report 93-549.

For about 300 years these Evil Creeps have used English and American Blood to build their empire and now that the wealth has been fully stripped they are leaving America and England and returning back to Frankfurt - leaving America and England to fall. Evidence of this is found:

1) The SEC (English Owned Corporation) is now surveying different Mutual Funds to see what would happen is Interest Rates rose dramatically and several major banks failed. Of course - the America and English Bankers would then be killed. See the Wall Street Journal today.

 Dead men tell no tales.

2) The European banks, in a desperate attempt to save themselves, are again moving to inject the worthless Euro into banks - allowing these bonds to be turned into cash and disrtibuted among the very wealthy --- the  Trickle Down" theory. See the Wall Street Journal today.

3) The Federal Reserve is now forcing Major Banks, States, Counties and Cities to convert their savings into Federal Reserve Bonds and seize their Stocks and Bonds. again - Wall Street Journal Today.

4) The plan here is to default on their Bonds and then as interest rates sky rocket negotiate to pay their lein holders 0 - 1% return while real rates go above 12%+ and inflation hits 30% and Federal Gas Taxes rise $1.00 per gallon.

5) The White Dragon Society - a very powerful Alien Race - has asked China to stop funding the US Corporation as of 1 October. When this happens there are only 5 contractual obligations the US Corporation must honor or it's leaders must be killed - see Contractual Law. These are:

a) Provide for an Army and Navy - the Air Force is part of the Army.
b) Pay for retired soldiers and sailors and for physically injured soldiers (Vets).
c) Veterans Pension.
d) Social Security for Retired Americans who paid into the system
e) Social Security Payers who were Physically Injured on the job
f) There must be placed a heavy burden on the Army to completely destroy those who create monopolies, those who Frak, Heavily Pollute, Make and distribute Poisonous Foods (GMOs) and hold back alternate energy source like the Tacheon Generators, Water Powered Motors, The N-1 Generators, Wood Powered Generators.... Already 22% of the worlds energy comes from renewable resources not including Dams.

 6) The States must pay for an Army to defend it's state - it's National Guard.

7) The counties must pay for roads and a local Police Department and Fire Departments

8) The cities must pay for roads and sewers and a local fire and Police Department.

State and Federal Forests, National Parks, National Monuments and other such entities  must pay for themselves like they did in the 1970s before Affirmative Action destroyed this abilities to be self sustaining. In other word s- Affirmative Action Hirees must be terminated immediately and Real Foresters with Real 4 year degrees put in their place.

Property taxes must become illegal and any other local services must be provided by municipalities - private corporations.

All else would violate both the Constitution and Contractual Law and again, out of the necessity of the laws, lead to the deaths of those who would counter these contractual obligations. Work camps would be preferable to death - it is a choice but they must be removed.

When this Empire does begin to fall, when we see the devaluing of the dollar world wide,  to do anything else would mean Marshal Law and World War 3 ------- Adama, Marduk, Mars, Earth.

Let us continue to pray, visualize, that these goals are met as the dollar unwinds and we regain our footing in the world as a Nation - the united states of America -  not a corporation.

1) CIA: You Cannot kill the Gay Boy in the White House on the 17th - sorry. You can arrest this president and his Drag Queen  for treason but you cannot kill either of them. Those in his cabinet setting up this next assassination attempt will be stopped.

2) CIA/Naval Intel Out Of Norfolk: You cannot Nuke any more cites - like Chicago or Jersey City on 17 September - this is being stopped as we speak.

3) CIA: You cannot throw planes into Paris, New York, San Francisco, Salt Lake, Altanta, Rome, Madrid, Hanover, and 6 other cities in 3 days - containing Nuke Dirty Bombs and several diseases - you have been found out by someone way high up on the Galactic Food Chain.

Intel Geeks: Let me ask you this. I have a dozen titles - mostly  diplomatic and much higher than Congressman or Senators - and yet I expose allot of stuff. I am only Flesh and Blood yet someone way high up in this Galactic Food Chain obviously wants me around - allot more powerful than your boss Loozifer or this story would not have been printed.


Do you not think it Prudent - Wise - to listen to HIM?

You will meet the 12 June 2014 goals or you will see lots of death in YOUR ranks starting now.

Does GOD make HIMSELF perfectly clear?
The News You Are Not Supposed To See

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The BRIC Nations Are Going On High Alert

Two hours after I posted the story of the 14 Airplanse seized by the CIA in tripoli as President Obama ordered the US Military not to stop the CIA from their dirty plot set for 11 Sep 2014 President Putin, along with much of the leadership of the BRIC Nations, also went underground.

(((Please Pray (Visualize) that the CIA is stopped dead in it's tracks and the leaders of the Fascist US Corporation (And Their Masters) gets so sick they cannot function forever.)))

As the leaders of many of the BRIC nations entered their Underground Bunkers they ordered their Militaries, and Nuclear Forces, on Full Alert.

We are at the Brink of WW3 - Exactly what Lucifer wants.

Two incidences from China in hte last 24 hours indicate that this is a real threat.

1) The USS Kitty Hark was headed for Hong Kong and China ordered out of the ir waters in violation of the China/UK treaty allowong free access to all US military. That was cancelled a few hours ago.

2) China is withdrawing about $1 Trillion Dollars of Products form the US Markets ---- including US Military Electronics. No spare parts the military stops functioning and some man named Erectile Disfunction General  Dempsey (Chief of Staff) ordered Top Secret Electronics Parts to be made in China.

It is called Treason At The Top.


Russia Orders Nuclear Weapons To High Alert, China Blocks US Warship >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds

This could not be more serious. These nations are beyond upset and have taken measures into their own hands. as the Arrogant CIA sits there underground let me explain a few techniques they may use just to take out Langley:

1) A New COmpressed Titanium/Zinc Allow with an air bubble is takes up 32 harmonics, and then sent back down into the these harmonics at the 35th floor and 5 seconds later 152 MHz is pumped into the rod (Shape Charge Facing Up) and where Langley used to be a perfectly round Sink Hope now exists.

2) Russia has 25 Nukes Pre-Placed around the nation. They do not even  have to launch to destroy us. If they take out our COmmand And COntrol Centers - nothing launches does it US Air Force, does it?

3) When the CIA mailed a Nuke to the Swedish Embassy 16 December last year and then came and picked it up another nation with an Embassy Nearby imported in a Diplomatic Bag a weapon that does not become Nuclear until pressure is applied to it. These folks in this Embassy are beyond angry - and it is not Iran.

If the US Corporate Leaders think it is one happy family at the top - think again. Your allies are not their allies any more.

If you do not back out of Kosovo, Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, North Korea, and a dozen other places very soon we may see Operation Devolution in full swing --- except - all of the 10 Underground Bases will be completely Empty - Sink Holes that go down 5,000+ feet.

As for the Western Bankers - you missed your 12 June Deadline --- You are dead men and Women.  The longer you wait to meet this goal the more of your that will be dead: So says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Please continue to pray that:

1) Lucifers Toys Break
2) Gentle Rain in the South Western US
3) US Forces stop all their destruction
4) Intervention that neutralizes the Evil here on Earth
The News No One Wants You To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

CIA Stages 14 Missing Planes at Tripoli Airport

After a CIA funded Islamic Takeover of the Tripoli Airport there appear to be some missing airliners.

((Please pray that this plot to crash these planes is foiled immediately)

These include:

1) 7 Airbus 320s
2) 1 Air Bus 330
3) 2 French ATR 42s
4) 4 Bombadier CJ4 900s

Lets see: 7+1+2+4 = 14, not 11 as the original story reads.

So - since each plane has a Black Box do you not think the US DOD knows where each and every plane is at all times?

Since 12 of these are Commercial Airliners do you not think that their where abouts are not known 24/7 and that the CIA and now US State Department have the ability to shut these planes down 24/7?

Look what they did to the Commercial Airliner over Ukraine - were not the Engines in the main fuselage, was the tall dry grass not burning, and were the bodies still in tack and not blown apart - indicating it fell out of the sky?

Do you not think all of these aircraft could not be destroyed using Air To Surface Missiles in what - 5 minutes - if launched form our huge military base in Southern Italy?

Do you not think a US Carrier Group in the Mediterranian Sea carrying 100 Aircraft and 2,500 Marines could not secure this airport in - oh - about 3 minutes?

Do you not think the Huge US Military Base that tried to respond to Ambassador Steven's Death could not have the airpot secured in - what - 5 minutes?

Do you not think an AWAC plane out of Italy could shut down every electronic piece of equipment in - oh - 60 seconds?

Do you not think the HUGE US base in Italy could take out the Power Station supplying the airport with power in - oh - about 5 minutes and thus prevent the planes form taking off because they had no Control Tower?

Could not the X-37ZB or an X33 drop a Compressed Titanium Rod on the airport in - oh - 5 minutes completely destroying the airport in about - oh 17 minutes?

What about the Compressed Titanium Rod in London at the US Airbase that could reach Moscow in 7 Seconds - could they not be targeted to the Tripoli airport and destroy it in - oh - 60 seconds?

Does: "From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores of Tripoli" mean anything to the Fascist Pigs in the White House at this moment?

Did tonight's Wall Street Journal not have this story already written and printed before these planes were seized by the CIA operating in Tripoli?

Do these Fascist Pigs in London not know that we as Americans can figure this out?

(((Please focus with me - pray hard - that these Fascist Pigs who set this up become violently sick for the rest of their lives and that all involved in this scam also get violently sick forever.)))

They simply plan to fly these into 7 European Cities, Jerusalem, and 6 US Cities on 9/11 using US made Nuclear Dirty Bombs to spread their new airborne modified Ebola.

We simply need to pray that all the Demons (ETs) involved in this scam get violently sick when near, or on, planet Earth.

If we pray - Visualize Hard - we will beat these Fascist Pigs back into the hole they crawled out of: so says the King of Kings ad Lord of Lords, who was and is and is to come.

APFN - Sorry about the two stories in one day but this is kind of important.

These Fascist Pigs want this World War.

These Pigs in Rome have ordered the Bauers in Frankfurt, who ordered the Rothchilds in London who then ordered the Jesuit Scum in the CIA ((Owned by the Queen of England)) to take these planes and use them to create WW3. They are Sadistical Lucifarians who need to get sick when on, or near, Planet Earth --- both them and their demons.

In fact we need to visualize  ((Pray for)) them to simply dissolve into thin air.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

11 Commercial Airliners Missing after Islamists takeover Libyan Airport: Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11

Why We Pray For Rain In California

Let us look at the Before and After pictures of a Key Dam, Oroville Dam, in California.

Before: Historic droughts have devastated waterways up and down parched California. Here, the Enterprise Bridge spans the Lake Oroville in Butte County, California in July 2011.

After: Here, the Enterprise Bridge spans the same reservoir, which has dwindled to a mere trickle in 2014 as California is forced to draw alarming amounts of water from its vanishing reservoirs

Nothing to hold back: Nearly 82 percent of California is experiencing 'extreme' drought while 58 percent is experiencing 'exceptional' drought--the most severe there is. Reservoirs like Folsom Lake in Folsom, California are now feeling the extreme squeeze of thirsty households and farms. At left, Folsom Dam holds back a reservoir brimming with water in July 2011, while the same dam holds little but air at right in 2014

Nothing to hold back: Nearly 82 percent of California is experiencing 'extreme' drought while 58 percent is experiencing 'exceptional' drought--the most severe there is. Reservoirs like Folsom Lake in Folsom, California are now feeling the extreme squeeze of thirsty households and farms. At left, Folsom Dam holds back a reservoir brimming with water in July 2011, while the same dam holds little but air at right in 2014

Long drought: Like Folsom Dam, Oroville Dam has very little water to hold back these days. Low water levels are visible behind the dam at Lake Oroville on August 19, 2014 in Oroville, California (right) as the severe drought in California continues for a third straight year

Long drought: Like Folsom Dam, Oroville Dam has very little water to hold back these days. Low water levels are visible behind the dam at Lake Oroville on August 19, 2014 in Oroville, California (right) as the severe drought in California continues for a third straight year

It will take decades to refill the Aquefers - but you have to start somewhere,

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, September 1, 2014

Snowdens Report: NSA Computer Spys On Foreign Computers

Following is an Edward Snowden's Report on how the NSA Computer collects data from all foreign computers - thus spying on every nation on Planet Earth.

Yes Angela Merkel - your new Bedroom is now bugged and it is not so noisy because you do not spend allot of time there.

The real fun is found in the camera's in the English Queens Chambers under her 10 Downing Street Address. Her staff is pretty wild.
Please pray:

1) Rain in California - it is raining, great job APFN

2) Rain in American South West - its raining - Great Job APFN

3) Those Extra Terrestrials that would do us harm get sick when near, or on, Planet Earth
 ---- they will get sick, great job APFN

4) Those who lead the Worlds Banking System meet GOD's 12 June deadline immediately or become Violently Sick until they do  meet it.

5) Lucifer's Toys cease to function when near, or on, Planet Earth.

By the way Edward (Tony) Snowden is a person who is a Scape Goat for the release of Sensitive Documents by the .....Wouldn't you like to know NSA. I do.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount
A a side note: The Rothchilds real name is Bauer and they are form Frankfurt Germany. As you recall - these used to be the Holy Roman Empire centered in Rome and their financial Sector was centered in Frankfurt.

Today we see the Nation of Germany pulling away fro the IMF and recentering the World's FInancial Center back into Frankfurt. The Rothchilds (Bauers)  have sucked England, Canada, America and Australia of all their wealth and now they are pulling back to Frankfurt and joining forces with Russia to burry the Western Banking System.

The US Corporation and the IMF have been out flanked in their Arrogant Ignorance.

What this means in Rome (Lucifer) is that  these American and English Bankers are no longer needed and their secrets need to go away:  Dead Men Tell No Tales.

In GODs eyes - these English and American Bankstas missed their  12 June deadline and now GOD will deal with these Western Bankstas ever so harshly. Most of them need to bend over and kiss their hinies good by, so says the I AM That I Am, who was and is and is to come.


As for us on the bottom who follow GOD - HE will take care of us.