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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Here Comes The Shemitah

Here comes the Year of the Sabbath.

((((Continue to Visualize (Pray For)
1) Peace in Syria and the Ukraine
2) Gentle rains in the US South West - Including California
3) Water is allowed to be diverted to Southern California
4) The World Leaders foistering GMOs and Vaccinations and Ebola leave this planet forever.
5) The WOrld Leaders meet the 12 June deadline)))))

On the 24th of September we begin a year of the Sabbath. The year actually begins in accordance with the Real Year, not as we set it here in America. So this period  it generally begins in September with the "2015 Shemite" lasts from 14 September 24th through September 23rd 2015.

(((As you might imagine - this is a very special time - 4 Blood Moons close together, 3 Super Moons (Jul, Aug, Sep and the First Virgo New Moon for the Age of Aquarius is on September 24th)))

Every 7 years GOD directed HIS people to rest for an entire year. They were supposed to set aside a certain portion of their harvest and then not work on this seventh year.

The Muslims are supposed to follow these Old Testament Laws as well according to Mohammed and not not work during this next year. This means NO killing, NO Jehad, NO murders and rapes - we shall see how that works out for them.

(((((By the way - 40 ISIS member came back to America and the "Feebies" (FBI) not only did not arrest them but made sure they all had an income. It is all over the net - ISIS is led by Americans paid for by your tax dollars. The next time you see a FBI Freak - tell him just how you feel. They are murders. Their agency needs to be terminated so pray that it is.)))))

Notable Sabbath Years the past are:

1) 2008 - Crash of the US Markets
2) 2001 - 9/11 - Recession, War
3) 1994 - Economic Crash
4) 1987 - Recession
5) 1980 - Reagan elected because of a Recession
6) 1973 - Recession whne Nixon pulled the Dollar off of the Gold Standard
7) 1966 - Recession
8) 1959 - Recession
9) 1952 - Korean War and Recession
10) 1945 - End of WW2, Recession
11)  1938 - Germany enters Austria...........beginning of WW2 and a really bad recession. Caused by over spending by the Roosevelt Administration in 1936/37.
12) 1931  - The " Great Currency Crash."

So what do you supposed the US Corporation and IMF have planned for us in 2015?

Since the American Public was dedicated to GOD by the First President in 1789, and since we bring in Murderers and Rapists, Homosexuals and witches into our house every day, (TV, Radio) what do you think GOD is going to do to this nation?

What we see today will accelerate in 2015:

1) Ebola - The Idiots in the pentagon are sending in 3,000 US Combat Troops into the EBOLA areas of africa so they can bring it back to the US. These idiots in the White House running this Corporation Demand Ebola in America. Their economic system is collapsing.

2) Ebola - There are now 10 cases of EBOLA in Venezuela - see Sorcha

3) Ebola - Sierra Leon is on a 3 day lock down because the outbreak is so bad.

4) Obama is sending large amounts of troops to Iraq. We never left. I met a soldier who was going BACK to Iraq - he was only about 25 years old. The Media LIES like a rug.

5) The US will now set aside another 3 Billion for war in the Ukraine despite the treaty signed by Ukrainian President Porohsenko. He is only a puppet and the US will either un-elect him or kill him very soon. GOD says if he calls he will live - but he is more than likely too arrogant to call a lowly guy like me. President Yushenka of the Ukraine did not - and he is dead. President Yanakovich ignored GOD and he was almost killed and ran like a coward to Russia.

6) The US just blew up a chemical factory in Donesk Ukraine - thousands will die quickly and tens of thousands will doe slowly see: "Donesks Deadly Cloud" These attacks by the US will continue world wide.

7) There are currently 39 volcanoes going off world wide. As man turns away from GODS this will increase.

8) we stated that the World Wide Earthquakes will sky rocket and the are. See
 a) Mexico Quake
 b) Indonesian Volcano Causing Refugee Problems
 c) Earthquake Swarm Over Mantle Plume - Just South of Spain
 d) Pakistan Quake
 e) The list will grow

This old planet is about to shake, rattle and roll.

Turn to GOD, throw away your TVs and be selective about what you listen to.


You Need Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat and Communications for 90 days.
One last note- Obama plans to go to the next G-20 meeting and sell America down the tubes. When this happens the Pope assassination is supposed to occur and he will try to build a coalition to kill arabs during this meeting.

Obama is Lucifer's "False Profit" - Everything is backwards, upside down, Cady Whompus. Peace is war, lies are the truth, arrest those who expose the Government Lies, black is white, Blue is Gray, All is an illusion.

Evil is as Evil Does.

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount + Sea Weed - GMO Foods = Good Health

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