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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Pope's Rope A Dope

Before we begin I would like to say I have some very good friends who are Catholic and this is no reflection on either their honesty or their character or their love for GOD. Unfortunately, like all Governments and churches, the Vatican is also very corrupt.

((((Please continue to pray for (Visualize)
1) Gentle Rain in hthe US South West
2) Those who would harm thsi planet or humanity would vanish off the Earth Immediately.))))

The Financial Center for the Vatican has been located in Frankfurt, Germany for about 1,100 years now. The city was built to house the Vatican FInancial Centers.

Until WW2 the financial System continues pretty much as normal - the 6 main Roman Families running the Vatican and the Vatican running the Frankfurt establishment.

We know that in:

1) 1203 King James of England gave the entire British Empire to Rome.
2) 1606 The Virgonia Charter gave England all of Norht America, including Mexico.
3) In 1789 Benjamin Franklin, Special Plenitpotentiary Commissioner (Ambassador) to France signed the treaty with England illegally ending the American Revolutionary War that gave the Crown of England, and thus the Vatican, the Federal Budgets of England, Scotland, France, Ireland and the United States.
4) In 1871 the Organic Constitution was adopted and all the United States became a Corporation.
5) IOn 14 July 1944 the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed making the United States COrporation under redevelopment by the IMF - which is 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds (Bauers)

After WW2, under the Marshall Plan (Which is still in effect according to Dumb Dumb Kerry)  the US Tax Payer Rebuilt the Vatican's Banking System in Frankfurt. The name of the bank is the KfW Bank Group, or the Krendian Stalt Fur Wiederauflau meaning Reconstructive Credit Institute.

This is owned 80% by Germany and 20% by the German States.

Five members head up the board and headed by Uirich Schneider and he reports to a board made up of 37 members - one form each of it's 37 countries it controls.

The Supervisory Board of 37 Nations is headed by Wolfgang Schauble, hte current German Finance Minister.

Germany is now leaving the Euro Zone and joining the BRIC nations and is seriously considering leaving NATO and there is not allot the US can do about it since they are run by the Rothchilds in London, and they answer to the Bankers in Frankfurt.

Watch these Bankers Fall. I went to a presentation last night that sowed 3 more dead bakers I have never seen. They are dropping like mosquitoes out of a Bug Zapper hung up on a porch after dark.

(((((You missed your 12 June Deadline and you will die until you meet it.. Too bad, too sad, Touche.)))))

The US is - in a sense - being ex-communicated form the Vatican. Consider the consequences and the Roman Fascist Axes on the walls of the US Senate Chambers and the Roman Goddess Athena (Minerva) on the top of the Capitol Dome with apollo looking on.

Recently Germany came to the United States demanding it's gold back they took "In Trust" after WW2. Since the Vatican ordered the US to give the gold to their alien buddies - Tall Grays, Draconians, Etc - to have Germany now demand the Gold Back is a Great "Rope A Dope."

Sure - gold can be grown with a gold wire in Hydrogen Peroxide and a Surfactant like Immusist at 10 to the 14 Power vibrations it is not generally grown in large quantities.

So the entire German Demand for Gold was irrelevant and just plain stupid.

In other words - all that you read in the financial world today is a total lie, made up - a farce.

Trow your TV away and your mind will begin to open.



This story was brought to you by the CIA sponsored terrorist around the world:

1) Al Kada - Doorway to Lucifers first temple on Earth, located in the Golan Heights - See: "Tel-Dan".
2) Taliban
3) Hezbolah
4) ISIS - Israeli Special Intelligence Service.
5) Boca "What Do I Know" In Nigeria
6) White Male Supremists with a bible in one hand and a pistol in the other
7) America Patriots
8) US Veterans
9) Christians
10) Those Americans who use cash and not a credit card
11) Non - Democrat Socialist Fascist Pigs, like Independents and Republicans.
12) Those who demand their Great Republic back and seek the truth - "Truthers"
13) FBI Agents bombing places like the Boston Marathon. By the way the latest FBI  report states no one died at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
14) FBI Muslim Terrorist Cells trained at the FBI Headquarters.

For you Intel Geeks:

1) The DOD is now sending 13,000 US Groud Troops to Tekrit Iraq, and a Command Center meant for 25,000 troops. We never left Iraq. Look at the base in Tikrit ------ it is still occupied.

2) The Rothchilds and Rockefellars have announced their disgust with the Bretton Woods Agreement.

3) US Military - you have been sold out by your Joint Chiefs of Staff, cowards in Uniform. The fact that Eric Holder has resigned and is not in jail is pretty good evidence of this, is it not?

Folks - pray that (Visualize) these Traitors and Coward who run the DOD are run off Planet Earth immediately and forever. We do not need these people and they can take their Demons with them.
Unbelievable- those who seek the truth are now considered Terrorists by the English Prime Minister and have been nicknamed "Truthers."  He can kiss my Royal Rear, he is a Child Molester.
The News You Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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