Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Shocking - Latest UN Broadcasts Outlines The Next Planned Crisis - Economic Collapse

The following video outlines the latest 3 broadcasts that describe how and why the United Nations and the Banking Leaders are bringing down the World's Economies.

You will not believe what is revealed on this video - yet it comes from the leaders of this planet and will effect every part of what you do, how you live, and how you think.


Pray your family is safe

The Next Planned Crisis - US/Europe Economic Collapse - YouTube

The Next Planned Crisis - US/Europe Economic Collapse - YouTube

Dr William B. Mount

Putin - Do You Realize What You Have Done?

President Vladimir Putin, do you know what you have done?

Do you have any idea why you have done to the Great Russian People and the economy of the Common Person you serve?

You were asked to do several things by the Living GOD and you have refused to do thesde things.

Since then HE has sent a Curse upon you and your Mighty Russsia that you are seeing played out only today, a curse that can be removed the moment you do as GOD has asked.

Your nation's Ruble has been brought low.

Your very banking system is under attack by You Now English Lords.

The pipelies heading into China, Europe and yes - now the planned one into India, are now under constant attack

Your South Western Region is also under attack.

You now have wars in a dozen nations like Ukraine and Syria and you soldiers come back in Body Bags by the thousands, although most are burned and buried on sight.

Many of your generals are ready to revolt - as we warned you several months ago.

The Fat Oligarch who shot you during a speech was indeed not happy with you, although he is 6 feet under but many more may be raised up.

The Asherons (Ascended Spirits)who you met with at the Valim Monastary lied - the Ascended Spirits will tell you they cannot 'Reverse The Will Of The Creator."

What you and your handlers allow you and Prime Minister Medvedev to do is on no concern to the Living GOD. Only that HE will direct your paths and if you yield YOU will be come very powerful and your nation will arise above other nations.

Putin - GOD has raised a Gay Cowardly Freak like Obama (Under Orders From his London Master) and his twisted handlers to torment the Great Russian People because YOU refuse to yield to the Living GOD.

It has been 8 years since I met with your staff - a time for either doing as GOD has directed of facing GOD's Wrath.

President Vladimir Putin - Chose this day death of life for mighty Russia and for your self. You will be remembered for a thousand years for your decision YOU will make today - Giver of Life or Giver of Death, Follow GOD or reject HIS requests.

For You Intel Geeks:

The next attempt on your life will be from your "Loyal" military in November - a sniper from afar who will Martyr himself for Lucifer and the Rothchilds.

Obama - keep your head down 17 October SS keep him contained 2 days before Thanksgiving and get the most pliable Obama Double out of the White House 22 Dec for 3 days - go ---- vacationing ...

Please tow that outdated Oppenheimer Death Machine out of the Gulf and back to Virginia and dismantle it. Your ground wires are clearly rusted clean through.

We pray that you do as GOD has directed.

Putin - This One's For You - YouTube

A man will do what he feels is best.

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Putin: Do you realize what you have done? - Yahoo Finance

Shocking: New Bank Scams Erupt In England?

There appears to be a Shocking New Trend in Banking Scams arising in England.

With North Africa emptying their jails into England there appears to be a be new type of Banking Scam erupting.

A man gets a telephone number almost identical to a Bank's number and sets up a Web Page as if we was a banking officer for that bank.

Barristers (Lawyers) are then "Created" to act as if they work with the bank - complete with web pages and telephone numbers from London.

Then comes the contact: in this case it was a call from a man claiming to work with Cooperative Bank wishing to send me $10 Million Pounds because I can "Cure Cancer." OK- it could happen.

These give you their address at the bank, a phone number, and request your ID and Bank Account Info to transfer the money - sounds pretty legitimate, right?

So you call the bank and indeed that man does, or does not, work there. You then cannot verify if this SCAM is real or fake. In this case I could not get a clear answer out of Cooperative Bank so I asked if they would contact their Fraud Department on behalf of this Ambassador - they refused, even to the point o giving me their number.

So apparently Cooperative Bank does care if these Immigrants are using their Bank as a Front to steal money across the world.

With the influx of Immigrants to all developed nations around the world this type of scam is coming to a bank near you.
What Happened:

The Cooperative Bank's 10 Million Pound Scam.

Initially I was contacted on Messenger that a man had cancer and wished to donate to me lots of cash - 10 Million Pounds of Cash.

OK - Plausable.

He showed his face and gave the name of their attorney in England names Kaihatu Marga. She has a presence on Face Book and her picture.

OK - two people, two faces - maybe - then it gets weird:

Two Emails demanding my checking account number and my ID so I called Cooperative Bank to see if this man who is Emailing me is really an employee.

After chatting with them trying to verify an employee actually works there on their chat line they hung up on me.

They refused to verify this information - Refused.

I also did as they requested and tried to have a Private Conversation on their Facebook site - they never chatted back - they just avoided the entire subject.

So the question remains - Does Michael Terry work for Cooperative Bank and does he work in their Money Transfer area and why can I not get a straight answer form Cooperative Bank?

A Nigerian Scam run by Cooperative Bank out of England?

Just arrogant Employees?

I was finally told that this name does not appear on their rosters - they think?

The number for this Fraudulant Man who claims to be the "Director For International Transfer for Cooperative Bank"  is Prof. Micheal Terry 44-741-846-6953 and his Email is

It should not be too hard to find him with a Cell Number in tiny Old England, a man who may single handedly bring down a hug bank like Cooperative Bank?

Dirty buggers.

We may never know.

Would you trust them with your money?

How many 10 Million "English Pound" scams are connected to Cooperative Bank through this Man Of Fraud Michael Terry and how many years has  he been defrauding people?

I will pull this story when I get an answer out of them and their Fraud Department has arrested this man living in England.

Cooperative Bank has my phone number.

I also called Verizon to inform them of the Fraud Number and they could care less. Again - they "Refused" to transfer me to their Fraud Department.

I will post this on other news agencies in a few days if the Cooperative Bank Fraud Department ignores this inquiry.

Apparently there is no more integrity or Honesty in the English Banking System.
Contact Numbers for Cooperative Bank, note how close the Criminal's Number is to theirs and note how easy it is to contact the bank yet no one seems to care about the fraud . Kind of odd, don't you think?

General Enquiries

For any general enquiries on your account or savings account, we're here to help.
Lines open 24/7

Credit Cards 

Speak to an adviser about our fixed rate, members', charity or other credit cards.
Lines open 24/7

Britannia Savings enquires

For Britannia related savings queries, ring
9am - 8pm, Mon - Fri
9am - 12 noon on Saturday
Some Emails from The Crooks:::::::

From:Michael terry <>
To:williammount <>
Date:Mon, Sep 28, 2015 11:51 am
Beneficiary: Wiliam Mount.

As per our conversation on phone today dated 28th Sept. 2015 We have been instructed by barrister Kaihatu Marga under the supervision of AT bell insurance to transfer the amount of 10 million Great British Pounds  and we want to inform you officially that we checked the transaction code and identification code of the fund and we can confirm the availability of the fund to you and we are ready to make the transfer of the fund to you as all the legal document for the transfer of the fund has been submitted by your lawyer.Before we initiate transfer of your fund we request you furnish us below with your account details and also scan copy of your ID.
Finally, immediately we receive your account details we will proceed with the transfer.
Yours truly.
Director for international transfer.
Prof. Michael Terry.

The Cooperative bank plc/fund transfer process
From:Michael terry <>
To:williammount <>
Date:Mon, Sep 28, 2015 11:51 am
Beneficiary: Wiliam Mount.

As per our conversation on phone today dated 28th Sept. 2015 We have been instructed by barrister Kaihatu Marga under the supervision of AT bell insurance to transfer the amount of 10 million Great British Pounds  and we want to inform you officially that we checked the transaction code and identification code of the fund and we can confirm the availability of the fund to you and we are ready to make the transfer of the fund to you as all the legal document for the transfer of the fund has been submitted by your lawyer.Before we initiate transfer of your fund we request you furnish us below with your account details and also scan copy of your ID.
Finally, immediately we receive your account details we will proceed with the transfer.
Yours truly.
Director for international transfer.
Prof. Michael Terry.

The Cooperative bank plc/fund transfer process
From:Michael terry <>
To:williammount <>
Date:Thu, Oct 1, 2015 1:36 am
Beneficiary: Wiliam Mount.

If you want the fund to be sent to you via Courier service then we will issue you a cheque valuable to your fund and send it via courier service to you and that will cost 420 Pounds for first class delivery you will receive your cheque within the interval of 24hour.
Finally, confirm to us your readiness to pay fee for courier service delivery of your cheque.

Yours truly.
Director for international transfer.
Prof. Michael Terry.

The Cooperative bank plc/fund transfer process
From:Michael terry <>
To:Dr. William B. Mount <>
Date:Wed, Sep 30, 2015 12:51 am

We will be having a meeting with our board of directors regarding your choice method of fund transfer which is delivery of your fund to your home address. we will update you after 2 hours. 
Thank you.

-----Original Message-----
From: Michael terry <>
To: williammount <>
Sent: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 11:51 am
Subject: The Cooperative bank plc/fund transfer process

Beneficiary: Wiliam Mount.
As per our conversation on phone today dated 28th Sept. 2015 We have been instructed by barrister Kaihatu Marga under the supervision of AT bell insurance to transfer the amount of 10 million Great British Pounds  and we want to inform you officially that we checked the transaction code and identification code of the fund and we can confirm the availability of the fund to you and we are ready to make the transfer of the fund to you as all the legal document for the transfer of the fund has been submitted by your lawyer.Before we initiate transfer of your fund we request you furnish us below with your account details and also scan copy of your ID.
Finally, immediately we receive your account details we will proceed with the transfer.
Yours truly.
Director for international transfer.
Prof. Michael Terry.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Watch Putin Rip Obama A New Rear End At Latest UN Meetiing

Watch Vladimir Putin rip Barack Obama The Coward a new rear end at the United Nations.

Vladimir Putin steals Barack Obama's thunder on world stage -

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

How Can Obama Once Again Black Mail You?

Once again President Obama has used his executive powers to blackmail YOU the America People for higher taxes.

This is what Fascists do - they kill their enemies and blackmail their friends.

Watch the video and find out how.

The News You Need To Survive What Is Coming

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, September 28, 2015

Very Important UN Broadcasts Sep 27th 2015

Those who speak at the UN conferences are usually at the Top Of The Food Chain and they represent those people who actually run this planet.

If you listen to these broadcasts and fully comprehend exactly what they are saying then these broadcasts will explain exactly what is coming, where the planned disasters will hit, who is conducting these Planned disasters and how YOU can be prepared for these upcoming catastrophes.

Just assume you are a Fallen Angel living in a Human Body - going from Human to Human as these UN Leaders state they are. They were kicked out of a Heaven (Higher Harmonic) where thought created objects and are now forced to live here on a Material Plane.

This month is the Celebration for the Libra Full Moon, where the Earth crosses over the part of the Galaxy where the change begins - you are going through a crossroads of energy you walk between the line of Materialism and Spiritualism/

For millions of years they lived in a Spirit World and now must experience the Material World and they feel at some time in the furture, when they have inhabited so many bodies - they will cast off their need for material goods and move back into the spiritual world.

They feel that every step they make is oriented toward this goal. Thus they

1) Create Pain DO Others Can Learn Love
2) Create War so others can learn about peace
3) Kill to learn about life
4) Prevent diseases from being cured to learn about suffering and thus learn love

Every thing they do is backwards to what the Living GOD has said to do.

The broadcast began discussing the theory that the Earth is a Living Organism and that it reacts to create  and preserve life here on Earth. The plant is self regulating and will change according to the outside influences. Since life began on this planet incoming solar radiation has increased by 30% and the planet has reacted to allow life to thrive. It is in a Balance - walking between two lines.

Today hte planet is out of balance and we all  need to bring it back into balance by decreasing our standard of living and inviting millions of refuges to share what we have.

The economy is is also sort of a Living Organism. It works best with little government interference. The more government interference the worse the economy becomes.

When a person designs and produces a specialty product that every one wants the price he can charge is very high. As others get into the market and sell the product the cost of the product comes down until the point where the inefficient producers are driven out of business.

The only purpose for the Government is to prevent monopolies.If they grow too big everything comes falling down and we end up with a dictatorship and democracy ceases - much like what we see today around the world. We have stepped across the balance and it must all come down now and be rebuitl.

The East has experienced a great wayof living since needs are simple and the desire for material goods is very small.

The Western "Christian" "White" Economy has simply put short term profits at the forefront of every thing and has thus destroyed the environment and unless it reforms quickly we shall see environmental damage to the point where the planet's ecosystem will begin to collapse.

It is always the poor who suffer the most - the very people who make the goods the rich demand.

The Pope discussed this at the UN Meeting - (And The Pope Also Refuses To Take In Any Refugees into the Vatican)

As we enter the constellation of Libra it is the Energy that is at the center of the wheel which all other energies run around - it is the changing point. So in Virgo we were warned about coming events it is in Libra these events begin to happen and then in Scorpio when the Really Heavy changes occur.

So there must now be enacted a penalty for destroying the lower Animal and Plant kingdoms upon the western economies for their lack of Spirituality and caring for these lower kingdoms.

A Montra of the UN: Let Pain Bring Light And Love

So as your taxes sky rocket, your money is diverted to build massive underground bases, as your infra structure crumbles, your costs rise out of sight and your pay stays the same, as your nation feeds millions upon millions of refugees who have 6-8 children all living on Welfare  (All Muslims) realize that this Pain brings Light and Love.

This current  refugee crisis was well planned and has been in the works now for 70 years - is is designed to take down boarders, destroy economies, and kill millions to bring us to the spiritual point of change where we give up what we have earned and learn love through sharing of our resources.

(((Personally - I love immigrants - Let us pray that the welfare systems are terminated and we can find all of those who need to work jobs they are comfortable with. Only with a good job can they feel self worth and be happy. GOD can provide. There is enough room if our leaders wold only change our economies)))

We stand at the crossroads.
The News You Absolutely Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready Folks:::::

BE READY - YouTube

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Wisdom Of The Wise Was Shown As Foolishness Tonight

An amazing thing happened tonight - we are all still alive despite thousands of predictions that we would all be dead by now. 

We passed through Y2K and we all lived. 

We passed through the Shimte and are all still alive

We passed through the Year 6,0000? and Jesus (Yeshua) did not return and Lucifer was not able to shoot down Jesus with Missiles and Laser Beams.

WE passed through the Purim - the day Yeshua was crucified and we are all still alive.

WE have now passed through the last Blood Moon, a Super Moon and a full eclipse in Israel and we are all still alive.

The Oppenheimer Nuke the US Navy towed to 100 miles SE of Houston failed to go off today - oops - fuse problems. My guess is they will now tow it home.

All those preachers, all those Imams, all those Gurus, all those Rabis, all those Illuminati members predicting the End Of The World are now made to look like fools.

Tomorrow the Sun will rise and the sun will set. 

Isiah 29: 13 :: Yhwh says because these people come near me with their lips, yet their hearts are far form me. Their worship of me is made up of only rules made up by men. Therefor once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom on the wise will parish and the intelligence of the intelligence will vanish."

GOD has made the "Wise Men" who made predictions using mathematics and signs to look like fools men - yet they have made millions upon millions off of their predictions. Now they all look like fools in the eyes of GOD and men.

Now GOD will stretch out HIS hands and watch HIS wonders - wonders not even Lucifer can stop.

Watch with your heart.

Dr William B. Mount

Supermoon lunar eclipse 2015: Amazing pictures of once in a generation event - live - Telegraph

Isaiah 29:14 Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish."

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Cure For Heart Disease

Following is a video explaining how to reverse Heart Disease.

A remarkable thing has also occurred - Stroke Damage has also been reversed.

The Video on You Tube: The Cure For Heart Disease:

The Cure For Heart Disease - YouTube

The News You Absolutely Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, September 24, 2015

USDA Blackmails Congress: Pay Us More Money Or We Will Create Food Riots

The US Department of Agriculture has threatened to terminate funding for EBT Cards -Food Stamps - is they do not get more money from Congress by 1 October 2015.

The United States Department of Agriculture corporation is a Tax Free Corporation owned by the English Crown.

The English Crown has over $100 Trillion Dollars in trust that they cannot distribute because Prince William Mount cannot take the crown after Queen Elizabeth Died because he is not of the Royal Blood Line. Apparently during the Edmonton Castle rebuild it was discovered a Knights Templar (James Erskine)  stole  the crown and proclaimed himself King after killing Jacob the 4th.

So with over 4100 trillion dollars in their account the USDA Corporation is conducting Black Mail to extract more money out of the America People or not pay on their financial obligations. IS: Food Riots of Pay Up with higher taxes.

Here is a copy of the letter - Unbelievable.

Pure and simple Black Mail - and the USDA Corporate Employees are not under arrest - why?

The Video showing the letter:

USDA Letter Cutting Off Food Stamps? - YouTube

Good reason to start buying food from the internet - Potential race Riots?

Ours comes to our front door via UPS, and it is cheap and tastes good.

Dr. William Mount - Thrive Life Consultant

Be Ready Folks

BE READY - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The Letter:

Steve Mitten And Radioactive Radio

Steve mitten is a Radio talk Show Host located in Burley, Idaho - about 100 miles due East of Boise.

Steve has been doing radio since 1979 and began his radio career in Ogden Utah.

In the 1980's Steve moved to Japan and hosted a program called: Pop On The Rock.

There, in Japan, he became fluent in Japanese.

Steve currently hosts a radio program on Am 1130  KBAR radio form 11AM -1PM Western Standard time.

Steve is a hard hitting talk show host. He  is polite and asks tough question and will call out a guest if they appear to be lying. He is not an easy interviewer - no "Soft Treatment" here.

This means Steve loves the truth and thrives on getting right on down to the Nitty Gritty of any story.

This makes his programs both fun and very informative.

His topics are all across the board - from the Cure To Cancer to Hopi Prophesy, from Jade Helm to the Obama Muslim Plan.

You will enjoy him immensely if you tune in during this time.

Steve's Blog:

Steve's Radioactive Blog | Radio Active

My two interviews with him:

Dr William Mount Hr 2 : Steve Mitton : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Dr William Mount Hr 2 : Steve Mitton : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

So if you want the truth and wish also to be entertained tune into Steve Mitten's, Radio Active Radio.

One last note - if you live in a large city the local news and commercials are a breath of Fresh Air and will restore your faith in America. You know - in the small cities they still arrest people for rape, burglary and murder?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Survival Cooking - With Thrive Life

There are so many questions we receive about emergency cooking that we have decided to create a cooking channel to show just how to cook this survival food so it tastes good and keeps you on your toes.

If the grid goes out for a few weeks you need to be able to prepare, and eat, this food and say healthy with it.

The idea that eating Rice and Beans every meal is a good idea - think again. It is boring and tasteless. Besides - how do keep a 50 pound bag of rice food for 5 - 10 years?

Survival Crackers are not really good either - they are made up mostly of Sugar and White GMO Flour - sure to make you slow and sick.

Have you ever tried to survive on Hard Tack/ it lasts forever but has no nutrition. Some US Soldiers in 1917 in France were issued Hard Tack made in 1863. Eck.

So we will try to show you how store, cook and eat food that can last for 20 years + and is healthy, easy to make, tastes good, and will not drive you up the wall.

Forgive my humor as I was not married for so many years.

We will try to incorporate meals for large families and how to keep your kids happy even though we are both retired.

We have chosen Thrive Life as a base for our cooking as they can handle the volume of new client in their business at this time.

If you are a Federal Agency - watch closely as we describe how to order large quantities of store-able foods.

So here is the New Channel: Thrive cooking for Fun

Thrive Cooking For Fun 1 - Introduction - YouTube

Where you need to go to order food:

Dr. William Mount - Thrive Life Consultant

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Where Is Your Asteroid Homeland Security?

Several months ago you leaked the information that the planet would get hit by an asteroid on 23 September just 100 miles South and East of Houston so we reported on your leak.

We prayed that it would fail and we are still praying that those who were planning this were immediately and completely immobilized for life.

A former Human Sacrificing Satanic Priest who turned to GOD through HIS SON taught me how to pray.

You even had a video showing the asteroid Kill Zone on it, then pulled it and stated you were going after the one who leaked the information?

Pretty slick False Flag - just like Columbine, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon Bombing, Furgeson Missouri, Klakamath Mall Shooting, and 100 more you at Homeland Security have created.

Then you rebuilt the Oppenheimer Earth Cracking Bomb and began towing it towards Houston from Norfolk Virginia.

So what happened?

Did a call from Russia explaining that they had the Self Destruct Codes for many of your underground bases scare you - considering what they did to Mineral and Trinidad 23 August 2011?

Did some of the 35 President's you planned to kill today call the Russians and Chinese leadership for help?

Was Pope Francis delayed form giving his speech at the United Nations (From one metro Train that lost power) because the blast did not occur and the speech had to be re-written?

So - what did you do with Oppenheimer's Earth Killing Nuke and the submarine towing it's Target Zone?

Now that the Russians and Chinese know it's location did they threaten it with an EMP from a satellite and then steal the weapon - you have 134 you know.

And - who in their right mind - US Leaders - would build 134 nukes each one capable of destroying planet Earth?

Your back up plan of harming president Xi Jinping has failed to materialize this morning because he was warned?

Riddle me these US Homeland Security - US "SS?"

GOD will now raise up an army through  "Repentance and Prayer" to deal with your twisted Satanic forces, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Satan on Earth - Lucifer in Heaven and a Dirt Bag soon to be in he..ll.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russian Report States Total Defeat Of US Military Would Take 3 Weeks

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

President Xi Jinping Welcome And Be Careful

President Xi Jinping - welcome and be careful

Since 1727 the English, (And US Corporation) have pushed your nation around like you are slaves.

A few minutes ago I drove the route you will take into Lincoln High School and I was appalled and embarrassed.

The streets were dirty.

The curbs were not painted.

The back of the school was a mess.

Street signs were not straight.

The worst part is - there was no security. Not even so much as a Boy Scout on the streets.

Twelve hours before you are supposed to arrive here at Lincoln High School there was no Homeland Security, not State Police, no County Police, no City Police, no security guards..... nothing. No one was securing the sight for the president of the 1.3 billion people!

Do you not find it odd that there is no security at the sight you are supposed to speak at 12 hours prior to your engagement?

Just be very, very careful. Yes - your meeting about moving Microsoft and the rest of Boeing to China went well today - but still be careful here.

We have a saying in Tacoma: I Smell A Rat.


We will pray that your visit is "Uneventful" and that you have a great time whole touring our city Tacoma.
Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

See How The Economic Reset Effects You

A if the month of September was not scary enough here comes an economic reset.

See how it will effect you...

Economic Reset 20 Oct 2015 - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Asteroid Kill Zone Update 1

Asteroid Impact Zone Update 1 Video

We have read hundreds of your comments and tried to answer as many questions as possible.

As for the Department of Defense Intel Geeks who make really stupid comments here is what we have to say:

You have made an oath to protect America under USC 5.

You are bound by that oath.

Your Intel General is a Coward as I have called him out, a Wimp.

Wake Up

Grow Up

Act like mature Men and Women

Start protecting America and disobey your cowardly Satanic Priest general

"Grow some stones beneath your belt."

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Verizon's New Way To Steal Data And How To Stop Them

The following video shows you the newest technique Verizon is using to steal your data and how to stop them.

The idea that Verizon purposely steals your data was first brought to my attention when my wife and I went to Canada several years ago and huge amounts of data were used here in the states off our account. Amazingly enough it ended when we reentered the US. When I called 6 or 7 times they told me this was impossible I must be crazy and they will not return my data.

Now using Background Data Theft they suck your data if you are in a really good plan to force you to walk away. After 6 or 7 calls it came to my attention that they had no intention of returning the data they stole - they are a monopoly, the FCC will do nothing to stop it, and Verizon Employees are told not to return hte data they stole as one employee told me.

Since this DOD sponsored monopoly has us by the Gonads so we had to figure out how to stop a US Based Company form stealing our data.

So here it is:

Verizon's New Method Of Stealing Data And How To Stop It - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The last time this happened Verizon lost 6 countries.

My guess is that Verizon is about to be thrown out of 12 large nations because they steal data and monitor ALL calls even if your phone is turned off.

Let Forth The Dogs Of War

A message from GOD last night to Planet Earth: Let Forth The Dogs Of War.

Release The Dogs Of War - YouTube

O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,
That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!
Thou art the ruins of the noblest man
That ever lived in the tide of times.
Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
Over thy wounds now do I prophesy,--
Which, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips,
To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue--

A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;
Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy;
Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quarter'd with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:

And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

You Have Made A Difference

You have made a difference.

In your prayers, in your encouragement, in your watching the videos and sending out.

Yes - YOU HAVE made a difference

You Have Made A Difference - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Benjamin Fulford 14 September

With Benjamin's permission we now reprint his blog. I encourage you to subscribe to his stories. Benjamin  is on the right side and is in contact with people most of us only dream about meeting. Please pray we defeat these NAZI Satanists immediately and they get the heck off of our planet and leave us alone.

His Blog:::

The 14th anniversary of 911 may be the last one to pass without the perpetrators of this crime finally seeing justice. There were some very unusual “heavenly” events associated with this anniversary. One was a double rainbow seen in New York

which appeared at roughly the same time as one (witnessed by this writer) appeared in Tokyo. Even more otherworldly was the fact that a bolt of lightning knocked over a crane in Mecca owned by the BinLaden construction group on 911, killing 107 people. 

US spokesperson “acting” president Barack Obama was instructed not to show up at any 911 ceremony but was instead told to go talk to US soldiers. Meanwhile, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter spoke at a Pentagon 911 ceremony where he promised that “no matter how long it takes [the perpetrators of this crime] will not escape the long arm and hard fist of justice…we will find you,” and “we will never forget.” 

If the US military are sincere, then George Bush Jr., Donald Rumsfeld and most of the other neo-cons who signed the “Project for a New American Century” document in 2000 will be arrested. That document called for “a New Pearl Harbor” to justify a big invasion of the Middle East. 

In any case, it is looking like an end game for the Zionist Nazi Netanyahu regime in Israel as Russian and Iranian troops move in while the Pentagon helps or turns a blind eye. We now have sources that are usually diametrically opposed to each other, the Mossad linked Debka and the Pentagon linked site Veteran’s today, both agreeing that Russian troops are on Israel’s doorstep. 

The Debka article is revealing when it notes “Israel’s military strength is substantial but no one is looking for a military clash with the Russians,” before concluding Israel should ask for Russian protection. Russian White Dragon Society sources make it clear any Russian protection of Israel will not mean business as usual for that rogue state. Meanwhile, here is what a Pentagon source had to say about Israel: “Israel has been doing cyber-attacks from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Bulgaria to hide their tracks. The Sandstorm on September 8th 

was targeted at Israel, their submarines are now fair game, and they may get nuked.” 

It is also worth noting that both the Russians and the Americans have been offering protection to the countries of the Middle East and North Africa against Israeli missiles. 

British MI6 intelligence, for its part, says the so-called Syrian refugee crisis only involves Shia and not Sunni Muslims. The Shia are being given Turkish passports to allow them to vote in Turkish elections in order to help President Erdogan regain his majority in the Parliament, the sources say. 

Meanwhile, in the financial world there are more and more signs of a collapse of the current paradigm. Claudio Borio, Head of the Monetary & Economic Department of the BIS, the central bank for central banks, described the current state of world financial markets as “reminiscent of the old joke about the stranded tourist who, having asked for directions, was told: ‘If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here.’” He went on to say “We are not seeing isolated tremors, but the release of pressure that has gradually accumulated over the years along major fault lines.” 

Borio was referring to the massive output of liquidity by central banks in recent years as the source of the upcoming mega-quake he alludes to. 

Meanwhile the IMF has, as MI5 intelligence put it, “gone rogue and pulled out of negotiations with the EU on Greece.” The MI5 source is also predicting “60-70% falls” in world stock markets “very soon.” 

China and Russia, for their part, are pushing hard to end the use of US dollars for the trading of oil, thus finishing off the petro-dollar. 

US agency sources are saying the recent devaluation of the Chinese Yuan hit Goldman Sachs particularly hard. “Goldman Sachs criminals, used to trading on inside information, took a bath on the Yuan,” one source said. “Unlike the US, where they are always tipped off in advance, they were blindsided and their mythical financial wizardry was revealed to be nothing more than good old fashioned insider trading; banal criminality disguised as cleverness.” 

The Pentagon, the CIA and other US agencies are now pushing the US Justice Department to take serious action against the criminals in Wall Street, Washington and elsewhere. The rigging of financial markets, the bribing of politicians, the murders and lies of the Khazarian mafia are all now coming home to roost. 

The US military has also now shut down all the bio-labs manufacturing and spreading disease agents like Bird Flu, SARS, Ebola etc. You can be sure the mass murderers behind the setting up of these labs will see the inside of a jail cell if not the inside of an execution chamber sooner rather than later.
A Washington based source is also telling this writer the US government, minus the Pentagon and agencies, is headed for a total shut down at the end of September. As many have noticed, the official US government debt numbers have not changed since March 15th, meaning they have been cooking their books, a sure sign of bankruptcy. 

Meanwhile, it appears this writer has hit some nerves recently. Somebody has been calling from a payphone, saying “Skull and Bones,” and then hanging up. Recently, when a call from a payphone came I said “coward,” before the person could say “Skull and Bones.” He hung up and called back immediately to say that there was a lot of talk in the Tokyo Freemason lodge these days about getting this writer killed. A New York based Freemason also sent an e-mail threating this writer’s daughter. A senior Freemason in London commented that “all this communicating between masons on your case is extremely unprofessional and will have been noticed.” 

There has also been a flurry of communications and contacts directed at this writer concerning the recent article about heirs to the $30 trillion Manchu historical gold fortune. In the May 4th 2015 issue of this newsletter we wrote “The current heirs to the Manchu gold are Kim Young Hee (金英姫) and Zhang Seung Shik (張勝植).” 

Well, now all the people involved in this case have been pointing fingers at each other in a confusing cascade of claims and counter-claims. Zhang Seung Shik claims that Kim Young Hee is not a Manchu heir but is actually Song Seul Hee, an agent who reports to a North Korean general. Kim Young Hee or Song Seul Hee (whoever she may be) claims that Zhang is a petty con artist and says she has reported him to the police. 

Meanwhile Mr. K, the senior Chinese agent who made the original introduction claims they are both con artists and apologizes for vouching for them originally. Mr. K also claims that Kim/Song Young/Seul Hee and Zhang are on the run from the police after their boss was arrested recently in South Korea.
However, he says their boss who was arrested was Pu Chao-chi, former top representative of Taiwan in South Korea. Furthermore, Mr. K also introduced yet a third person who claimed to have the genuine documents (a pile 12 centimeters thick) claiming the rights to the $30 trillion worth of Manchu gold. It seems claiming the rights to $30 trillion has triggered lots of intrigue and counter-intrigue. 

Of course, to put things into perspective, the Bank of Japan, the South Korean Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Board and the European Central Bank are themselves all ultimately based on fraud and stolen historical fortunes. Until recently, they have simply been in positions of enough power to arrest anybody else trying to do the same thing they are doing. 

In any case, even if any of these individuals is, in a legalistic sense, the heir to a $30 trillion fortune, clearly such a big sum really should belong to the people of the planet and not some individual, no matter how prestigious their lineage may be. So, this writer has proposed that the claimants put the $30 trillion into the White Dragon Foundation he has set up. 

If the funds are put there, the WDF will immediately hold a press conference to ask for help in setting up a system whereby the people of the planet can decide how to spend the money on the basis of one person, one vote. It would certainly be a better system than the gangster controlled one operating now. 

We would also like to point out here that we have been contacted by a man who claims he cuts people’s fingers off one joint at a time in order to extract information before wrapping their bodies in lead and dumping them in the ocean. He says he has worked for the Chairman of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank. 

We asked the bank at their headquarters to respond to these claims but they refused to. We have his phone number and name card for reference. The point being made here is what does it tell you about the current state of the world’s banking system if that is the sort of person you need to go through in order to be introduced to a senior banker?
Benjamin is part of the solution

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The World 14 Sep 2015 - We're In Big Trouble

If you watch the video you will begin to realize we are in big trouble here in America.

President Obama is here to destroy as Lucifer's False Profit.

The World 14 September 2015 - YouTube

So - be ready folks.

BE READY - YouTube

The News You Need

D William B. Mount

Picture Of The Century, Thank You Sorcha:

Monday, September 14, 2015

An Amazing This Did Not Happen Today

An amazing thing did not happen today, or even yesterday, despite thousands of Jewish, Muslim and Christian Predictions.

Despite the Last Year of Jubilee yesterday and the New Year today the world did not end.

Further - despite the New World Order deploying over 100,000 Nukes, millions of men and thousands of ships they did not shoot Jesus out of the sky.

((About two weeks ago they failed to open up a worm hole through the sun to Syrius B using the Hadron Colider in Switzerland.))

This sounds quite silly but this was the purpose of Jade Helm - to shoot down Jesus - at least according to a few top generals and the leaders of the United Nations.

In addition, Putin sort of shuffled some Generals and there was no Coup and Nuclear Launch over the weekend. Koodoes to Putin.

So now they will have to send millions of Soldier's Home because of lack of supplies and money.

They did, however, send several hundred Elites and several planes of food to the Australian Area 51 next to the Opal Mine in Central Australia today.

This area is called Pine Gap and is the location of many of the Elite Living Spaces. Gather all these Bankstas into one place and POOF - they all go together. It is so far out in the boonies no one will know, or even care.

So their next attempt will be the Purim, then 23 September "Asteroid" then the 28th of September, then .....Bla Bla Bla.

We have over a million people praying world wide to shut these folks down who like killing and murdering and GOD will allow them to do what GOD allows them to do.

So pray - visualize - that those who wish to start this war are immediately and completely immobilized for life.

One very interesting fact did appear during the Internal Triangle's Meeting in New York on this New Moon: The United Nations showed a picture we have never seen before of the North Pole and the Hole in the Earth. I tried to copy it but there was no way.

If you get a chance to listen to the United Nations Broadcasts they are more than interesting - especially when you get to know them. They tell you what they are about to do. You gotta love it.

We fight not against Flesh and Blood but powers and principalities.

We are not at war with Lucifer and his angels - GOD is. We are just caught in the cross fire.

One last fact - GOD will send Jesus (Yeshua) back when HE wants to and Lucifer and his Angels will not even see it coming. They are so backwards they are still trying to figure out where Cosmic Rays come from.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Where Have All The Holistic Doctors Gone?

Where have all the Holistic doctors gone?

Last week I received a call form someone who was going to a Holistic Doctor in Florida and he ended up dead so she began to research it. She said that there were over 18 dead Holistic Doctors in Florida alone in the last few months that were murdered.

Multiplying this by 50 we can see that there are a whole lot of Holistic Doctors dying all over the country.

These doctors are dying of Mysterious Circumstances, such as being run over by a Semi Truck, having a mysterious heart Attack when they had NO Heart Disease, etc.

They are not just being murdered here in america. The long arm of the FBI/CIA Murdering Jesuit Scum runs across the globe.

Just a few days ago 30 people at a Holistic Seminar in Germany were poisoned by a US Army LSD-Type Drug called "2CE." This drug acts like a combination of LSD and Speed, which is exactly what the CIA Handed out at Evans Hall at University of California  Berkeley back in the early 1970's with the permission of the head of Regents for all California Colleges.

(((2CE, Ecstasy, and a whole host of Pshychodelic Drugs were developed at UC Berkeley and San Francisco by Dr Alexander Shulgin and Timothy Leary and passed out at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara in the late 60's and early 70's and placed in certain water supplies around Berkeley at the time. The Police, FBI, CIA never even tried to arrest two people. I lived there and watched the results. )))

So this poisoning sounds pretty suspicious to, does it not - CIA ish?

This poisoning was actually not only a Jesuit warning to Holistic Doctors in Europe but to the Cowards who run the Germany Government that they can kill whoever they want whenever they want and no one is Man enough to stop them: Not Merkel, not "Wimpy Gimpy Putin" (What the Head of the Jesuits call Putin) not the head of China. They are all cowards.

So now we know who killed them and we can pretty much figure out why - they cut into the Vatican's Profits in Big Pharma - but what can you do about it?

We could kill every Jesuit on the planet and take our countries back - but the powers that be are all cowards and would never allow it. Even the FBI and CIA are little coward punks who would never do what is right in the eyes of GOD.

Do not expect any kind of investigation on these holistic doctors being killed and do expect these murders to skyrocket.

That is what Jesuits do - they murder.

That is what the FBI and CIA do - they mass on old men and children with SWAT teams and usually hide in their cubicles at work behind locked doors and bullet proof glass you the tax payer paid for like little children.

They kill Veterans at the VA Hospital, they order strange repairs on roads to kill people, many practice Human Sacrifices at Satanic Rituals, and now they are killing Holistic Doctors to kill more people by forcing them to go to "Regular Doctors."

Please keep in mind that the average doctor dies at 56 years old.

Yup - Doctor's die very young after prescribing drugs that kill the people.

So we pray - we visualize - that all Jesuit Scum are completely and totally and  permanently immobilized for life.

We challenge these Demon Possessed Murdering FBI Agents, CIA Agents, NOAH Hit Men, and Jesuit Scum (Etc) and bind them in the name of the Living GOD through HIS Number One Son Yeshua that they stop all murders and theft. When GOD is ready to kill them HE will but we need to pray.

If you want to get these Jesuit Murdering Scum angry  then post my videos on Face Book - like THE CURE FOR CANCER, BE READY, etc.

Like Hanz Kovlenback (Chief Murdering General of the Jesuit Scum) said in an interview 4/15/2000: "If any man challenges the Jesuits in the name of Jesus (Yeshua) our order will collapse and any man who touches this man will be killed on my orders."

I am that man who challenges them in the name of Yeshua, Number One Son Of The Living GOD.

Once dead a Jesuit Scum will spend an eternity in Hell, end of story according to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

30 Holistic Doctors Poisoned With Powerful Psychedelic at Health Conference | The Free Thought Project

8 Doctors Now Dead (Holistic & Alternative) Authorities Point To Murder & Suicide, But Why? | Collective-Evolution

The Bizarre Anti-Vaxxer Holistic Doctor Murder Conspiracy, Explained

5 Holistic Health Doctors Found Dead In 4 Weeks, 5 More Go Missing – After Run-Ins with Feds | The Free Thought Project

Explosive: The real Reason Holistic Doctors Are Being Killed and Vanishing! | Health

Alexander Shulgin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Timothy Leary - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friday, September 11, 2015

It's Really Hitting The Fan Now

Here we are on 11 September and it is fixing to be a very exciting month.

Not only has Russia deployed most of their nukes so has the United States Corporation

According to Phillip Tilton, a writer on NESARA (A Really Good News Source) the United States Corporation lost it's charter a year ago and President Obama has given the leadership of the United States Corporation over to the United States State Department Corporation.

The interesting part of this is that the Original John Kerry is still in a Coma and the Duplicate (Double) is running the country.

The question is: Who is running the Clone of John Kerry?

Who is pushing the Duplicate's Buttons?

Another thing to keep in mind is that it appear this month the Banking Computers begin to become Sentient as can be evidenced by the Rothchilds's loss of control of the New York Stock Exchange a few weeks ago. This means those who wish to destroy them and this planet might be dealt with, and those who wish this planet saved may be helped.

It is an interesting thought?

So here are some dates to keep in mind as you continue to pray that those wishing to destroy America are themselves utterly flattened forever:

1) September 11: The Us Corporation still has time to conduct a False Flag and blame it on ISIL, ISIS, Al Kada, Taliban, White Supremist, the Evil Iranians, the Evil Russians, the Evil Chinese, or whatever the CIA cooks up.

2) Sep 12: The last Year of Jubilee celebration is tomorrow and if the United States Corporation does not eliminate all debt GOD will eliminate their leaders, so he has said it, so it shall be.

3) Sep 13. Queen Elizabeth becomes the longest reigning Monarch in English History even though she is dead. I believe CNN was wrong on their date on 9 September but maybe not.

Again, Prince William Mount cannot be made King by Lord Lyons of Scotland because it was discovered in 1987 in the Edmond's Castle remodel that James Erskin, a Knight Templar, Killed Jacob and stole the kingdom.

This means that legally the $100 Trillion Dollars in the Stuart Trust must be redistributed to the English People who were actually born in England and who's family line has been there for the last 400 years.

4) Sep 14: The beginning of the New Jewish Year 5776, except that is not quite right. There are 20132 years missing considering the difference in the Jewish Year (353 days) and the Julian Calendar.

So - it might be year 5776 or, like a book on Biblical Time Lies estimate, year 6,334 since the birth of Adam.

If this is year 6000 since Adam and Eve were created in the Garden of Eden then the prediction is Jesus (Yeshua) returns on the 14th and perhaps this is why the world currently has around 100,000 deployed nukes - "To shoot Jesus Out Of The Sky."

Not kidding, These leaders really think they can shoot Jesus down with Lasers and Missiles.

5) Sep 15th - Jade Helm 15 is over - all 100,000 Nukes must stand down and hte troop go home - except those doing maneuvers with Indian and Japanese Troops in the US. WE are training them to kill the "Evil Chinese Hordes."

6) 22 September: Yom Kippur. This is the day Yeshua was murdered by the Jewish Priests and this is the "High Day Of Atonement" for all Jewish People.

Here is the day most High Priests are saying the World War will begin.

7) Sep 23. This is the day the US Corporation plans on the Asteroid (US Nuke) to destroy all of the Gulf of Mexico - the entire Caribbean. We shall see. If the "Asteroid" does blow then every nation will know it was ordered by the Rothchilds in London, who take their marching order ofrm the Frankfurt Banks, who take their marching order form the Vatican.

8) Sep 28. Full Blood Moon, last Super Moon for a while and an Eclipse in Israel. The Moon will be red, the sky darkened.

Many scholars feel the Jewish Messiah will come on that date. If nothing happens then every pastor and Imam and Rabi who has been predicting this will be made a fool.

As I recall - isn't there a scripture that says no one knows the time when the Christ will return, only the Father in Heaven?

Let us pray that when he comes we all all ready.

Either way - BE READY

BE READY - YouTube

A Conversation I just had with Phillip Tilton in Puerto Rico concerning the time we are living in - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

An Extremely Important Diplomatic Message To The Chinese Leaders

Chinese  Leadership,since you have refused to communicate with me then I am forced to use other means to communicate with you. Apparently you are too high and mighty to send your Consulate 30 miles south to discuss issues effecting your Great Nation.

For several hundred years your nation suffered the complete and total humiliation through war after war and finally complete conquest by most of the Western Powers working for the English, who work for the Germans, who work for the Roman Banking Families.

Shortly after the 1900 your nation was allowed to vote for a leader and although he was an English Appointee he served your people well .... until the US/UK built the Imperial Japanese Military up to the point where Manchuria was taken by the Japanese.

In 1937 Japan declared war on your nation and pushed hard. Your individual soldiers fought well but your generals were very, very bad. Only through UK/US manipulation was your nation saved form becoming part of Imperial Japan. It would not serve your MASTERS well if the war ended too soon.

In late 1945 the Japanese surrendered and slowly left China, leaving 100,000 US/UK troops in China. As the war ended the US/UK bankers supported Mao with weapons and money to over run the Duely Elected Leader of China and Taiwan was formed. This allowed the Rothchilds to sell huge amounts of weapons to China and Taiwan long after the war ended.

After the war ended the US/UK economies used Japan, Taiwan, Mexico to send off US Federal Reserve Notes and US Treasury Notes in exchange for goods they left each and every nation in both ecological and economic ruin, destroying their nations.

Now the US/UK forces are doing this to China, moving their factories to Vietnam and India and into other smaller nations leaving the Chinese Economy in ruins.

Recently your "Red Dragon Family" (Banking Reps) claimed they had access to unlimited funds through the Marco Polo and St Germain Funds and they would fund Humanitarian Projects. We "Called Them Out" and  found them to be lying in the name of China, and they have since then shut up.

Recently your Chinese Representatives pulled out of the IMF. You were asked by GOD to do certain things while you were there and you did not do them Running away like cowards in no way eliminates your responsibility to do as GOD has asked, nor suffer the consequences for your rebellion to GOD.

Recently we warned you of a Message from GOD: Do as you have been asked or you will loose Trillions. You refused to listen - you have lost $Trillions as your markets have crashed. They will continue to crash until you do as GOD has asked.

We warned you before the Tanjin Ammo Ship exploded in the harbor and you thought GOD was a Myth so you ignored the warning.

We warned you before the US sent in Terrorist to take over the Oil flowing in from Central Asia and force you to pay for it in Dollars - you did not listen.

Shall we go on?

Now I tell you that the Living GOD states as surely as 400,000,0000 Chinese have cancer we will be sending in certain products listed in THE CURE FOR CANCER video and if any one interferes with the distribution of these products they will dealt with by the Living GOD.

President Xi Jinping of China - these products will make your nation strong again. If you honor these producers and perhaps move some of the production facilities to China into an area free of pollution you will gain much in riches and have a strong people again. Hurt the distribution and you will be dealt with by the Living GOD in a harsh manner.

These riches you gain will be far greater than gold - as I have seen Iron Grown at USC Berkeley in 1977 in a basic metalergy class meant for Freshman Students so to I have met those who are now Growing Gold. This is not real wealth - a healthy nation is real wealth.

President Xi Jinping - grow some stones below your belt and tell your handlers to do as YOU say, make China healthy again and GOD will bless you beyond what you could imagine.

Head of all of China, Li Keqiang, stand up for the people of China and allow these products into your great nation and show your handlers this is good for all of China and thus for them as well. If you do this GOD will stand for you and your handlers will melt like butter in the oven as they stand before you, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

China - you stand on the thresh hold of Great Wealth and a Great Nation or you can shrivel up like Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and other nations the US/UK Frankfurt and Roman leaders have destroyed.

GOD will teach you how to keep the Lucifarians (Satanists) away form China if you listen.

GOD awaits your decision but I urge you to act quickly as the US/UK have currently deployed over 80,000 nuclear Weapons. Only GOD can stop this madness now.

Chinese Leaders - what say you: GOD and wealth or bow to Lucifer and destroy your nation?
The News You Need

Ambassador Mount


Message To The Leaders Of China

This is a diplomatic Message for the Handlers for the leaders of the Great Nation of China.

In the early 1930's your Manchuria province was conquered by Japan and you remained at with Imperial Japan until late 1945. The performance of your individual troops was exemplary but without hte intervention of hte British and America Forces your nation would be part of Japan.

At the end of the war over 100,000 US Troops were stationed in China.

Over the next decade the Rothchild's Sponsored Mao took control of China, killing millions of Chinese in an internal war. The Rothchilds made millions and your currency was given to the Rothchilds when your great nation signed onto the United Nations and accepted a Central Banking System.

In recent years your nation was used by the Rothchilds to supply the United States and England with goods in exchange for US Treasury Notes and US Federal Reserve Dollars. Both the Corporation of the US Treasury and US Federal Reserve System are owned by the Rothchild's Banking System. You have prostrated your nation to your MASTERS in London, Frankfurt and finally Rome.

almost all of hte US Tresury Notes you purchased were fake - the main banks selling the same US Treasury Bond Twice, 3 times, and even up to 4 times - they counterfeited and your Bankeres now hold worthless notes.

In recent years your accumulation of these English Notes you have used hte Red Dragon Family to promise the funding of many different projects and he was called out and it was found he was lying. This entier St Germain and marco Polo Wealth was a lie - and it was a mere Banking Stunt

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What In The World Is The US Doing Killing Civilians In Central Asia?

What in the world is the US doing killing people in Central Asia?

Why are US troops stationed half way around the world in Central Asia  giving weapons, dollars and ammunition to terrorist in this remote region of the world?

What possible motives could the Obama Regime have in killing these peaceful people?

Let us start from the beginning.

(((First - please pray for the repentance of America.)))

The US Corporation is tasked with the awesome responsibility of destroying Governments that do not meet their population goals as set by the Rothchilds in London in accordance with the Bretton Woods Agreement. As such all currencies are owned by the English Bankers and this allows the US Dollars to be used world wide to kill, main and otherwise destroy both foreign governments and foreign economies.

This Bretton Woods agreement was initially signed by 50 nations, including China and Russia, on  14 July 1944 and ended 13 July 2013 - a 70 year corporate agreement later accepted by every nation that signed onto the United Nations Charter.

(((By the way - the United Nations officially began in San Francisco in 1944 with a grant from the Rockefellars so how can the Obama Regime be celebrating it's 70th anniversary of the United Nations this month?)))

With the recent attempted destruction of the World Markets by the Obama Regime(Russia's Stock Market is Down) in an attempt to start a Nuclear World War 3 the United States has sent  it's troops across the globe to kill people in almost every nation in accordance with the will of the Rothchilds, the leaders of the United Nations, and the Roman Pope as Lucifer Incarnate as the Pope declared himself in 1869.

Central Asia has been relatively peaceful for a very long time until the United States broke apart the Soviet Union. Even still - it has remained fairly peaceful due to it's rural atmosphere until rather recently. This "Underbelly of Russia" has remained fairly loyal to the Russian Motherland and has been largely supported by Russia even today.

When the US invaded Afghanistan because it wanted the Opium Trade the US Army began setting up bases in the northern Mountains and selling weapons for cash.

So the US moved into these Central Asian Nations and began handing out US Money and local currency for locals to go to Northern Afghanistan and purchase huge quantities of weapons - M16s., US made AK-47s, Stinger Missiles and the US Generals pocket the cash.

So basically - you and I pay for the purchasing of these weapons and when they are sold the Generals poclet the cash - of course they do not want to get out of Afghanistan. They also take a cut of the Opium Markets while the privates come home injured to deal with a VA that hates them.

Now these weapons are showing up in mass quantities in nations such as Tajikistan, Khazikstan, Northern Pakistan and many of these Newly Armed People are being paid by US Corporations supported by the US Department of Defense Corporation like ISIS and ISIL to kill.

We warned the President's and Prime Ministers of these coming terrorist strikes right here and in other media outlets - including on You Tube. Now they are hear and soon to also be in Japan and China, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Take Takjikistan for example. Here in this nation when they broke away from the Former Soviet Union all of their mineral rights belonged to English Companies. Through a series of maneuvers all of the  resources were transferred back into the hands of the Russians. There is a  Huge Oil Pipeline being built from Tajikistan into China is owned by Gazprom, a Huge Russian Oil Company and one of the few companies in the world that can produce these huge pipes.

If the United Sates can destabilize this nation and kill it's president and Prime Minister then they can seize control of the Oil Pipeline and force China into buying this oil with US Dollars - the US Corporation Lives On. To this end generals and politicians of all sorts are being paid huge amounts of US Dollars in exchange for their loyalty in the elimination of all opposition to the US Corporate Goals - to own the Oil Pipe Line and keep their Empire alive.

Thus, in this little nation of about 7 Million People we see their own generals killing their own police. This murdering General in Tajikistan, of course, hopes to soon be the National President - General Abduhalim Nazardoza. If he is arrested by the Tajikistan President the US Jesuits will try and murder the Tajikistan President Emmomalii Rhamon.

So Emmomalii is asking himself: Do I do what is right: Throw the US Embassy out of Tajikistan and kill all Jesuits Scum there and stabilize my nation and help my people out of our poverty and be a National Leader with Courage, or do I bow to my Lucifarian Masters in the US Embassy and screw my people.

Further complicating matters is that the US is spraying small amounts of Uranium Oxide Powder all over Tajikistan and introducing GMO Killer Wheat to reduce birth rates and kill older people.

So far the population has only increased by 1 Million People in 45 years  and until money began flowing into Tajikistan several years ago for the Oil Pipelines the Birth Rate was dropping tremendously.

Do not feel alone - the US is at risk form these White House Nut Cases as well. In 9 days the Oppenheimer Weapon should be complete and the US Naval Forces will begin towing this weapon from just south of DC to it's target 100 miles South and East of Houston and the AMEC Corporation is readying their 850 KT Nuke under Yellow Stone for detonation on, or near, 23 September 2015.

In a recent call to Wyoming Government offices the Wyoming Governor (Matt Mead) is not to keen about watching his state, and himself, be vaporized.

This is international politics at it's finest.

Multiply this by 192 other nations and 49 other states and you can see that the Obama Regime and the US State Department Corporation are very, very busy devising new ways to sterilize land and kill people all over the globe.

We shall see if the BRICS have the guts to counter this madness.

If they do as GOD has asked them to do then we know they grew some stones below the belt. Otherwise GOD will destroy whatever they do and those who are doing it.

Birth rate - crude (per 1;000 people) in Tajikistan

Toward a New Framework for Peaceful Settlement of China's Territorial and ... - Junwu Pan - Google Books

ystery Surrounds Wealthy Tajik General Accused Of Attacks

Obama Trains and Supports ISIL:

Obama Slips Up: "We're Training ISIL" - YouTube

Obama's Wife Is A Transvestite:

Obama Refers to His Wife as "Michael" - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - Pete Santilly Radio Talk show Host is still marching on John McCain's Office in Phoenix.

Operation Detain McCain | The Pete Santilli Show

Thank You US Army Cyber Command - only 12 spelling errors between saves - you are getting lazy, or you do not wish to die soon.