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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Verizon's New Way To Steal Data And How To Stop Them

The following video shows you the newest technique Verizon is using to steal your data and how to stop them.

The idea that Verizon purposely steals your data was first brought to my attention when my wife and I went to Canada several years ago and huge amounts of data were used here in the states off our account. Amazingly enough it ended when we reentered the US. When I called 6 or 7 times they told me this was impossible I must be crazy and they will not return my data.

Now using Background Data Theft they suck your data if you are in a really good plan to force you to walk away. After 6 or 7 calls it came to my attention that they had no intention of returning the data they stole - they are a monopoly, the FCC will do nothing to stop it, and Verizon Employees are told not to return hte data they stole as one employee told me.

Since this DOD sponsored monopoly has us by the Gonads so we had to figure out how to stop a US Based Company form stealing our data.

So here it is:

Verizon's New Method Of Stealing Data And How To Stop It - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The last time this happened Verizon lost 6 countries.

My guess is that Verizon is about to be thrown out of 12 large nations because they steal data and monitor ALL calls even if your phone is turned off.

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