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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Asteroid Kill Zone Update 1

Asteroid Impact Zone Update 1 Video

We have read hundreds of your comments and tried to answer as many questions as possible.

As for the Department of Defense Intel Geeks who make really stupid comments here is what we have to say:

You have made an oath to protect America under USC 5.

You are bound by that oath.

Your Intel General is a Coward as I have called him out, a Wimp.

Wake Up

Grow Up

Act like mature Men and Women

Start protecting America and disobey your cowardly Satanic Priest general

"Grow some stones beneath your belt."

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


  1. Black Rook takes White Knight. Kill zones are a bitch. Sorry Mr. Mount. Your title/patents are forfeit. Run.

  2. That hamburger helper joke just kills me. LOL! My goodness we are dissolving demons fast today. Poof, there's another one. And another one, another one bites the dust. Reminds me of SONg. Weird Al had a version... Another one rides the bus.

  3. Now y'all know why... Well I never...
    omg. I used that "n" word again!

  4. W.C. Fields is Prince William.