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Thursday, September 24, 2015

USDA Blackmails Congress: Pay Us More Money Or We Will Create Food Riots

The US Department of Agriculture has threatened to terminate funding for EBT Cards -Food Stamps - is they do not get more money from Congress by 1 October 2015.

The United States Department of Agriculture corporation is a Tax Free Corporation owned by the English Crown.

The English Crown has over $100 Trillion Dollars in trust that they cannot distribute because Prince William Mount cannot take the crown after Queen Elizabeth Died because he is not of the Royal Blood Line. Apparently during the Edmonton Castle rebuild it was discovered a Knights Templar (James Erskine)  stole  the crown and proclaimed himself King after killing Jacob the 4th.

So with over 4100 trillion dollars in their account the USDA Corporation is conducting Black Mail to extract more money out of the America People or not pay on their financial obligations. IS: Food Riots of Pay Up with higher taxes.

Here is a copy of the letter - Unbelievable.

Pure and simple Black Mail - and the USDA Corporate Employees are not under arrest - why?

The Video showing the letter:

USDA Letter Cutting Off Food Stamps? - YouTube

Good reason to start buying food from the internet - Potential race Riots?

Ours comes to our front door via UPS, and it is cheap and tastes good.

Dr. William Mount - Thrive Life Consultant

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Dr William B. Mount

The Letter:

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