Wednesday, January 29, 2014

All Newborns in the Euro Nations to be Chipped by 1 May 2014

What you are about to read will shock you and all websites reporting on this are going down - except APFN.

As of 1 May 2014 all Newborn Babies are to be chipped in the Euro Nations.

Be grateful Ukraine your leaders did not force you into the Euro Nations.

This chip will be tracked by satellite.

The chip is capable to detecting your mood changers, body temperature, blood sugar levels, nutrient levels and also to pulse you with certain frequencies that can cause headaches and even death.

The current chip to be used will need to be "Recharged" (Checked fro accuracy) every 2 years.

Within a year - if you collect money from any "Government Agency" you will also need to be chipped.

Within two years ALL citizens will be chipped.

"You Will not be able to buy nor sell without the chip."

The Mark Of The Beast.
China - your economy is in a free fall. This was specifically done by the Rothchilds (Beuery Boys) to kill your people.

What are you going to do about it - and their Great White Brotherhood in Bohemia?
Please Pray (Visualize) that these Rothchilds and Chief Mason are defeated in their goal of destroying this planet and chipping us.

You heard this first - here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All New European Newborns to be Microchipped

 This Story was very hard to transfer - something YOU are not supposed to know.


All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped

truther January 22, 2014 8

On May 2014, through Europe newborn children will be compelled to take in a subcutaneous RFID chip.
Public clinics in the European Union are to be alerted. The chip in inquiry will be contributed with the report sheet on the newborn.
All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped
This chip will also be an impressive GPS sensor that will task with a micro- disposable battery every 2 years in state clinics. GPS chip grants an edge of error of 5 meters, as a statement that it is excellent.
It will be linked straight to a satellite, which will guide the networks. As forecasted, this chip will be essential for all kids born after May 2014 , but with a present confirmation date until December 2016.
All European newborn Babies will be Microchipped

NationsLargest Cocain Smuggler: DEA

Nations Largest Cocaine Smuggler Revealed: The DEA


Newly released documents, and testimony from Justice Department and DEA officials now show the stories of government running cocaine are true.

An investigation conducted in Mexico found the American government allowed that country's largest drug cartel, Sinaloa, to operate without fear of persecution. That groups is estimated to be responsible for 80 percent of the cocaine coming into the country through Chicago. In exchange, the leaders of Sinaloa provided the DEA information on rival gangs.

January 25, 2015

The drug cartel working with the federal government is run by . He is considered to be the world's most powerful drug trafficker. In addition to Chicago, his group also maintains cocaine operations in several major cities around the country.

Written statements were provided to a U.S. District Court in Chicago, confirming the alliance between the DEA and Mexico's largest cocaine cartel. The written testimony, combined with other evidence, shows DEA officials met with leaders of the Sinaloa cartel more than 50 times between 2000 and 2012. This would mean DEA-authorized drug smuggling goes back to at least the beginning of the George W. Bush administration, and continued for year under Barack Obama.

One of the groups leaders, Vincente Zambada-Niebla, claims the American government also sent military-grade weapons to Sinoloa. According to the latest revelations, it was these weapons which were part of the Fast-and-Furious scandal. Automatic firearms which disappeared during that operation, led by Eric Holder, were used to kill U.S. Border agents.

This latest evidence and testimony points toward a massive scandal, involving both Republican and Democratic administrations. At the very least, this provides the best evidence so far that the Federal government was sponsoring the smuggling of billions of dollars of cocaine into the United States. Worse still, weapons purchased for the U.S. military may have been sent to the cartel, and used to kill American agents

Remember - FAST AND FURIOUS -  the Sinialoa gangs are the ones Obama and Eric Holder sent over 10,000 AK47s to.

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