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Friday, January 17, 2014

New Missouri Gun Law


William Mount does not stand under or understand the law, but I do comprehend it.

New Pro-Gun Missouri Law Will Send Federal Agents To PrisonWritten by: Tara Dodrill Guns & Ammo January 16, 2014 0

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Republican lawmakers in a series of states are taking a new approach to
thwarting federal gun laws which they feel infringe upon the Second
Amendment – sticking together.

Missouri lawmakers are pondering a piece of legislation which would attempt
to nullify specific federal gun control regulations from being enforced in
the state. But there’s a catch: The bill, if signed, would not take effect
for several years, with the hope that other states would pass similar laws.

Under the Missouri bill, any law enforcement officer who attempts to enforce
such federal policies would be subject to both civil and criminal penalties.
As Off The Grid News reported, last year the Republican-controlled state
legislature came just one vote short of overriding the governor’s veto of a
similar measure. The latest version of the bill, according to the Associated
Press, includes the built-in delay.

Said Missouri Republican Senator Brian Nieves, who sponsored the

We continue to see the federal government overreach their rightful bounds,
and if we can create a situation where we have some unity among states, then
I think it puts us in a better position to make that argument.

Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey agreed.

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“This can’t be just a Missouri effort,” he told AP. “There has to be a
groundswell of support by the people — by other states as well — in order
for us ultimately to be successful.”

The bill mentions no federal laws but says any federal law that
“infringements on the right to keep and bear arms” cannot be enforced in the
state. It would go into effect no later than January 2017. If four other
states pass similar bills, it would go into effect sooner, AP said. If
federal officials tried to enforce federal laws, they could face up to a
year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Gun rights supportive lawmakers reportedly feel that if they band together,
it is far more likely that the federal government will no longer be able to
shrug off their Second Amendment infringement arguments.

Republican Arkansas Representative Bob Ballinger said, “The idea is that if
you’re standing alone against a federal law, then you’re not as likely to
have success than if you’re standing with other states.”

Democratic Missouri Senator Jamilah Nasheed opposes the pending legislation
in her state. She said, “The state will never trump federal laws. It is
again another right-wing Republican attempt to go Second Amendment crazy.”

Although Nasheed and others have stated that ignoring and circumventing
federal gun laws is impossible, Colorado recently showed it could be done by
legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Medical marijuana had been
legalized in a host of states, yet federal law still prohibits the
cultivation or possession of cannabis for any reason.

The effort in Missouri isn’t the only attempt by a state to stand up against
the federal government on gun laws.

As previously reported by Off The Grid News, Montana in 2009 passed the
Montana Firearms Freedom Act, which says the federal government does not
have authority over firearms that are made and sold within the state of
Montana. For firearms to not be subject to federal laws, each gun must be
labeled “Made In Montana.”

A lower court and appeals court overturned the Montana law, but the Montana
Shooting Sports Association has appealed and is asking the US Supreme Court
to uphold the law.

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