Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016

May God bless you financially, physically and spiritually.

Happy New Year 2016 - YouTube

Thank You And See You Next Year


Happy New Year 2016

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Strange Weather As Sun Goes Nuts

Soilent Green - Is Real

Soilent Green - Is Real


Soilent Green Is Real, and over 50% of you have eaten it already.

See The Video

Soilent Green - Is Real - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount


SPECIAL REPORT Human meat found at McDonalds Meat Factory | A Truth Soldier

OSI Group - OSI in Action

OSI Systems

Security Equipment, Threat Detection, & Metal Detectors | Rapiscan Systems

Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals - Telegraph

South Korea customs officials find thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh | Daily Mail Online

Japanese Scientists Learn How To Make Meat From Poop (EWWW!) - Tofugu

EMERGENCY ALERT - Los Angeles Earthquakes And Gas Leaks

EMERGENCY ALERT LOS ANGELES - Quakes & Huge Methane Leaks

What The Government Does Not Want You To See

EMERGENCY ALERT - Los Angeles Earthquakes And Gas Leaks - YouTube

You Must Watch This News

Dr William B. Mount

EMERGENCY ALERT - Los Angeles Earthquakes And Gas Leaks

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


In an Emergency this evening the  Prime Minister of Turkey just flew to Saudi Arabia to meet the king.

Find out why:

EMERGENCY MEETING! Ergdogen Flies To Saudi Arabia - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

EMERGENCY MEETING! Ergdogen Flies To Saudi Arabia

EMERGENCY MEETING! Ergdogen Flies To Saudi Arabia

Ashtar Command - Who Are They?

Ashtar Command is a group of Extra Terrestrials that - well - watch the video and find out:

Ashtar Command - What Is It? - YouTube

The News You Absolutely Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Ashtar Command - What Is It?

Islam - Religion Of War

Islam - Religion Of War

Islam - Re-Written To Be The Religion Of War

Islam was re-written to be the religion of War, Murder and Rape to control people around the world.

Lucifer (Satan on Earth) and his demons want you to kill each other while they steal your money, your health and eventually your life as they suck off of your pain.

See The Video: Islam - Religion Of War - YouTube

The Chief Jesuit Murder stated in a interview 4/15/2000 that:

1. Pope is the prostitute that rides on the

2. Beast - the Jesuits

3. US President - Puppet of Lucifer - his False Profit.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, December 27, 2015

EMERGENCY- Putin Flies To Israel

EMERGENCY! Putin Flies To Israel To Stop WW3

Several hours before the Capricorn Full Moon - the US eluded to the start of WW3 and the coming of the Peace Angel - Putin landed with the head of his SVR and FSB (Russian CIA/FBI) to try and avoid this coming nuclear War.

Find out more on the video:

EMERGENCY- Putin Flies To Israel To Stop WW3 - YouTube

Pray these evil doers are completely immobilized for life and their evil plans fail completely.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The Chief Rabbi tells Benjamin Netanyahu to strive for the coming of the King Messiah - YouTube

Top US Commander Under Arrest For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia

Telecommunications | Unified Communications | Network Services | Managed Network Services

Russian Envoy Secretly Visits Israel for Talks on Syria - Israel News - Haaretz


Russia Prepares To Authorize Spetsnaz Troop War Actions In US And Turkey

The Way It Was In 1915

Century In Review

How was it like to live in 1915 - only 100 years in the past.

What will the next 100 years bring


The Way It Was In 1915 - YouTube

The News You Love

Dr William B. Mount

Amazing! A Century In Reviw

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Christmas Story


The Video: 

Forget about the fact that the Ney Sayers are saying the world is going to end today,  or that the economy is falling apart. Only GOD know the when of these events.

We know Jesus (Yeshua) was born around 4 April 4 AD, while the snow was still on the mountains. The United Nations, however, believe that HE was born on the Capricorn Full Moon - and this year it is on Christmas Day.

Just focus on what the Living GOD did about 2,000 years go when HE sent HIS #1 SON to this planet to help Man Kind.

We know what the Bible Story Tells us.

We also know that in Spiritual Warfare the Name of Yeshua scares the Demons. Mohammed does not, Alla does not, Buddha does not - only Yeshua and Yeshu Raha Yeshu (I Am That I Am) scares these punk demons to the bone.
So here here again is the True Story of Christmas from the stand point of the Three Kings: Balthassar, Melchior and Gaspar:

For a thousand years the books of the Old Testament told of the coming of Yeshua.

In Isaiah 49.1 and many other places the "English" translation changed this name to hide the real fact. It was the coming of Yeshua, servant of the Living GOD, Yeshu Raha Yeshu, I AM that I AM. "A" meaning servant of.

So for 1,000 years people across the world waited and waited and waited.

Early around  the year 0 (Zero) each of the three Kings were contacted by a "Star." These kings were told that the time had come for the birth of Yeshua and they will lead the way.

The first was Casper (Gasper) the King of Egypt. He was told to bring Frankincense - for in many areas this was the money of his empire.

The Second was Melchoir - he was the King of the region of Tarshus - Modern day Turkey. He was rich beyond belief and he was told to bring Gold.

The Third was Bsathassar. He was the Mighty King of the Mighty Persian Empire Rival to Rome and the Chinese Empires - stretching form Eastern Turkey through most of India. This Great King was told by the STAR to bring Myhr - for that was very important in these times and very valuable in his empire.

The three left their homes with these gifts and followed the "Stars." Just out side of Jerusalem they met and decided to enter Jerusalem alone and leave their guards outside the gates and ask the King of Judea where is the great profit to be born?

The Guards, seeing the significance of 3 mighty Kings visiting Jerusalem, immediately escorted the three men to King Harrod. To his surprise, and delight, these three Kings bowed to King Harrod and asked: "Where is the Profit to be born."

Herrod Thought: "The Kings of Turkey, Egypt and Persia bowing to me"?

After much searching the Roman Religious Experts agreed that he was to be born 12 miles West in a tiny town called Bethlehem.

They gave King Harrod a few gifts and then went to Bethlehem.

There in Bethlehem, in a dirty old Animal Stall, the "Stars" bowed down to this tiny little baby boy. The Stars were Angels - sons of the Living GOD. The Three Mighty and Rich Kings gave the father of this Tiny Baby Boy larges amounts of gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Mhyr - they bestowed upon this Carpenter huge amounts of wealth as only Kings could do.

These three kings then went back to their kingdoms, sold all they had, and began preaching about this Yeshua, Number one Son Of GOD.

About 100 years later (Yes, 100 years) these three kings actually met in Jerusalem  by chance and one of them was buried in the Whaling Wall in Jerusalem - which is actually part of a Roman Castle, not the wall of Jerusalem.

As you recall - the Cousin of Yeshua was John the Baptist, son of the High Priest of all of Israel.

The folks tending their sheep nearby heard the heavens singing praise and joy in the heavens over this birth.

The Date was as predicted - in the Beginning of the new year - 6 April year about 4AD to 6AD. About 1,000 years after King David took the thrown of Israel.

Who this new Profit was is up to you. Some say he was a Profit, other say he was the Savior of this world. Even today in Bethlehem local residents call him: Yeshu Mesha. Mesha meaning Messiah.

His name was changed in your Bible to Jesus, meaning Light -- Lucifer thought that if he changed his name he would get the worship as the god of light or Zeus (Mars, Allah, etc), not Yeshua.

Lucifer could not be more incorrect as GOD reads the thoughts and minds of men.

Do not worry - Lucifer is a Putz and his kingdom is scattering into the four winds starting yesterday - so says the I Am That I Am. It's GOD's time now.

Just remember one thing - GOD is a whole lot more loving than most preachers say - and your relationship is between you and GOD.

So now you know the real story behind the 3 Kings.

The day Yeshhua was born the King of the Roman Empire declared Peace throughout the land.

The day Yeshua died Israel lost it's independence and became a state of Rome. Even today, Israel is still only a state of the United Nations, the UN owned by the IMF, controlled by David Rothchild's, who bows to the current Roman King - the Pope - Lucifer Incarnate. So you see - Israel is still not an independent nation even today.

The Cure For Depression

The Most Exciting Video Is About To Unfold A We Describe How To Cure Depression.

The Video:

The Cure For Deperssion - YouTube

Incredible News For You

Dr William Mount

According to the latest UN Private Broadcast Yeshua was born on the Full Moon of Capricorn - around the 25th of December (3AD)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Russian Nuclear Plant In Melt Down?

Russian Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown

A Russian Nuclear Power Plant has just begun leaking radioactive steam and the cloud now covers an area from Stockholm Sweden to St Petersburg Russia. Reports from a TV Station initially indicated that this reactor (#2 I Believe)  may be in a "Melt Down Mode" - we do not know.


Russian Nuclear Plant In Melt Down? - YouTube

Please pray Visualize) that the Russian Leadership calling me and using this technology to not only protect the peoples of Russia, Finland, Sweden and Lithuania we can also neutralize the radio-active cloud.

Folks - this is a time to pray hard for this. It was actually Sabotage that created this Steam Cloud - the intent is to destroy St Petersburg and thereby neutralize the Russian Federation. So far so good because my phone is not ringing off the hook and there are no current orders in this area to either neutralize the cloud or help the people.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Accident occurred at Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant (PHOTO) | Crimean News Agency


Over 33,000 US Workers Have Died As A Result Of Radiation Exposure In The Last 70 Years Working In The United States And Over 107,000 Diagnosed With Cancer And The Feds Are Cutting Their Health Plans.

More US fatalities from radiation exposure than in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, McClatchy report reveals

Monday, December 21, 2015

Jim Willie - Currency Wars

This video discusses the Currency Wars that are going on right now.

All currency wars have led to War.

Pray the evil fails to start their Nuclear War.

The Video:

Jim Willie - The Currency Wars - YouTube

The News You need

Dr William B. Mount

Jim Willie - The Currency Wars

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Obama Surrenders Isis On The Run

Now that President Obama has surrendered in Syria the forces loyal to the Russian Federated Republic And the legitimate government of Syria have these ISIS forces on the run.

See what is happening in Syria today:

Obama Surrenders ISIS On The Run - YouTube

Keep praying (Visualize)  that the Evil on this planet is completely and totally immobilized for the rest of their lives.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS: We the people of the united states of America are very sorry for the destruction these Demon Possessed leaders of the United States Corporation are doing around hte world.

We the people of the united states of America are just as much slaves to these demons as you are and pray that these Demon Possessed people who lead this Evil Corporation are completely, immediately immobilized for the rest of eternity and that nothing they do prospers.

Obama Surrenders ISIS On The Run

Obama Surrenders ISIS On The Run

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Arrest Warrants Issued For Obama

Obama Arrest Warrants Issued, Investiations for Treason Ongoing

Arrest warrants have been issued to arrest Obama and there are at least three investigations being conducted against the President for treason.

Based on how the new speaker of the house bows to President Obama, - it is not likely htat hte Secret Service, US Marshals, Congress or the FBI will have the guts to arrest this standing president.

Put the pieces together and join with me in prayer that these Evil Ones are completely and immediately immobilized for the rest of their lives.

Arrest Warrants Issued For Obama - YouTube

Time will tell.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

House charges Obama broke law in Bowe Bergdahl swap -

Spain ‘issues arrest warrant’ for Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu over 2010 Gaza flotilla attack | Europe | News | The Independent

Breaking -> Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Tons More Shocking Obama Ineligibility Info Released. Corporate Media Blackout On Ron Paul And Now Obama Vetting. | Political Vel Craft

ALERT: Congress LaDid John Roberts issue an arrest warrant for Barack Obama over charges of treason? | PolitiFactunches 3 Separate Investigations Of Obama For Helping ISIS ⋆ US Herald
ALERT: Congress Launches 3 Separate Investigations Of Obama For Helping ISIS ⋆ US Herald

Arrest Warrants Issued For Obama

Obama Surrenders To Putin?

Obama Surrenders To Putin's Allies?

Did President Obama really surrender to President Putin and his Allies?

Are the US Made wars in Syria, Lybia, Serbia and Africa finally coming to an end?

Find out in this video:

Obama Surrenders To Putin And His Allies? - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

Obama “Surrender” To Putin Throws US Media Into “Complete Meltdown”

Paris Climate Change Conference - November 2015

US Begs For Russian Help As ISIS Sarin Attack On Europe Warned Is “Just Days Away”

Thrive: How To Sign Up

Thrive: How To Buy Food And Join This Company

This video explains how to have food that is highly nutritious, Great Tasting, lasts up to 25 years, and is less expensive that Safeway brought to your front door by UPS.

What more could a guy ask for?

Thrive: How To Sign Up - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, December 18, 2015

Obama: Inflation Does Not Exist?

OK - So If Inflation Does Not Exist - Why Do We See A $296 Roast?

So after the Christmas Sale this roast will sell for $450.00...

No Inflation Mr President - Are You Insane?

Obama: Inflation Does Not Exist? - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Obama: Inflation Does Not Exist?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Alaska State Judge Orders Obama's Arrest 11 Dec 2015

A Courageous Female Alaska State Judge Ordered the arrest of President Obama And Congress and the return of our Republic 11 Dec 2015. In fact - there are 4 Judges now calling for this to be done.

This video shows  the letter.

EXPOSED! Courageous Judge Nails US Treasury For $279 Trillion - YouTube

he News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

P.S. - I could not do these stories without the help of my wife. She now manages the Bank Account where the profit from the videos and Thrive Life are going - a Nonprofit account set up to give products way to CURE Cancer and help walk kids out of Autism and some goes to Patch Adam's (Medical Dr. Hunter Adams) Free Hospitals.

If you are not monetizing your videos call Bri at 1-213-973-3401, set up a PAYPAL Credit Card Account to recieve your profits, and send the profits to Patch Adams at the Geseuntheit Institute or keep it yourself. They advertise on your video - - why give it ALL to You Tube, direct some of it to do some good.

Tell Bri I sent you and about 1/10th of a Penney for each hit YOUR video receives my wife will direct to CURE Cancer in children while you get anywhere form .6 cents per hit to 1.2 cents per hit for yourself.

This means if you get 10,000 hits your may get $60 to $120 and we will get around $5-$10 to give to kids to CURE their cancer, help walk them out of Autism, etc. The amount we actually get per hit varies allot.

Judge Calls For The FBI To Arrest Congress and The President | Spirit Science

EXPOSED! Alaska Judge Nails US Treasury $279 Trillion Lien

Obama To be Arrested By Order Of The Supreme Court?

Obama To be Arrested By Order Of The Supreme Court?

NESARA Reports Obama To Be Arrested For Treason

NESARA has reported that Fourwinds10 has reported that there are strong rumors in DC that Chief Justice Roberts of the United States Supreme Court has signed the orders to arrest President Obama for treason.

Obama To be Arrested By Order Of The Supreme Court? - YouTube

Further - that China has knocked out a US Carrie in the South Chinese Sea for threatening China over and over again and they further state that this rumor has been confirmed.

Further - that the Aliens are now intervening to stabilize Planet Earth and contain the "Cabal".

These would line up with my source who channels ASHTAR Command.

What bother me is that NESARA has pulled the story.

We shall see what what happens in the morning.

For further info please see the video:

Obama To be Arrested By Order Of The Supreme Court? - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


Breaking! Intel Report! Check This Out ........ | Alternative


POLICE 911 THOUSANDs OF Calls! FLORIDA MASS UFO EXPLOSION!? [WTF] UFO Sightings 12/12/2015 - YouTube

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Cure For Osteoporosis

The Cure For Osteoporosis Video

This News Story is designed to lead you to watch a video which clearly shows how we "Cured" Osteoporosis.

My personal bone mass went from 65% to 105% by using the products you can find at most Safeway grocery stores. Obviously we have improved the method in 10 years since it was developed - and this is discussed in the video.

We believe a Bone Mass going from 65% to 105% in 90 days pretty much means your body "Cured" itself of Osteoporosis.

Watch the video and be amazed:

The Cure For Osteoporosis - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Vets: we do not leave you behind. Here is the cure for Osteoporosis you got from serving.

The Cure For Osteoporosis

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Russia China Deploy For War

As you slept events have now led to both China and Russia deploying to not only utterly destroy Israel but the United States As Well.

Watch the video to understand and Pray

Russia And China Deploy For War - YouTube

The News We All Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russia And China Deploy For War

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Illuminati Power Structure

Illuminati Power Structure

Illuminati Chain Of Command

The Illuminati is very well organized and funded using YOUR money and the video shows exactly hos this organization is organized.

The Video:

Illuminati Power Structure - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

White House - The last nuke you found was on 25 May next to Madison and 5th.

Last year on 21 Sep your NCIS found one near 4th and Capitol 12 hours from detonation.

You found one way back on 21 April 2008 at the Lincoln Memorial - the First I found in DC

So  far that makes about 12 next to the White House and One as found under the House of Congress - on the Democratic Side of course. Remember that one?

Still - you gave no thanks.

So - the next one (#13) should be delivered in about 10 days for detonation., I am feeling it will be parked near either Louisiana and D or 4th and Capitol. If they change locations in the next 10 days - Oh Well. Your loss, not mine.

I grow weary of dealing with Ungrateful people who stole everything I owned and laugh about it.

I will only go so far for the Living God.

I have had enough of this game.

The Living GOD will now deal with you and your staff. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount

Monday, December 7, 2015

Breaking News - Schools Shooting In Florida Minutes Ago

Breaking News - Schools Shooting In Florida

Breaking News - School Shooting In Florida Minutes Ago

Breaking News - School Shooting In Florida - 2 shooters captured, 1 on the run.

This came to me from a teacher at the school - it was not "Suspicious Activity" like the police and school stated "Officially."

See the video for more details:

Breaking News - Schools Shooting In Florida Minutes Ago - YouTube

Since there was no official News Release by the Wall Street Journal "BEFORE"he shooing (Like the last 5) then it is likely not one of Obama's 12 planned shootings before he eliminates the Bill of Rights.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Please Pray (Visualize) that those who are destroying America are completely and immediately immobilized for life and that all of their plans fail.

Pray also that America wakes up and begins to arm itself and take classes on Proper Use of Guns - that they train themselves for what Obama has planned.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thrive #9 How To Sign Up And Nancy's Chicken Noodle Soup

Thrive #9, Incredibly Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Here you see how easy it is to prepare Chicken Noodle Soup using Thrive Life Food.

We use this food because it is incredibly tasty, Cheaper than Safeway by about 35%, It comes to our door, and it is extremely nutritious AND has almost no fat.

Thrive #9 How To Sign Up And Nancy's Chicken Noodle Soup - YouTube

Let see - Very Little Fat mean you can eat a bunch and not gain weight and not get heart burn?

Where is the bad part in that?

Plus; How to buy the food.

All the profits now go to a Nonprofit Account to help Autistic and Cancer kids buy stuff to help them.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Powerful Video Showing You What Comes Next

Once you can see the overall picture then you can put the pieces together and see what is coming next.

Following is a Powerful video showing YOU how to do this:

Overall Picture - What Comes Next? - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Shocking Dinar, Dollar, Dong Re-Evaluation

Following is an updated video on what we have been told about the upcoming re-evaluation of the Iraqi Dinar, US Dollar, and the Vietnamese Dong.

Learn also about the latest attempt on Putin's Life and by whom.

Watch the video and learn:

Shocking Dinar, Dong, Dollar Revaluation Revelations - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Fun Videro - How To Make A Donut

Fun Videro - How To Make A Donut

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thrive And Autism - An Ah Ha Moment (#8)

Thrive And Autism - An Ah Ha Moment (#8)

Mind Control On The Highways

At Fort Lewis a stretch of I-5 Freeway where we are all effected while driving in a very negative way.

Mind Control On The Highway - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thrive And Autism - An Ah Ha Moment

Following is an Ah Ha Moment by a couple of us old folks on how to help walk your child out of Autism faster - Eat Food That Is Not toxic.

Ah Ah!!!!!!!!

Your little child is toxic enough so do not add more toxins to the mix.

Watch the video and learn how:

Thrive And Autism - An Ah Ha Moment (#8) - YouTube

The News You Need Moms And Dads and remember - YOU DID NOT make your child Autistic but YOU CAN walk them out of Autism slowly and with great love.

Dr William B. Mount

Mind Control On The Highway

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ashtar Command, WW3, And The New Middle East

Ashtar Command, WW3, And The New Middle East

The following video shows you the NEW MIDDLE EAST as redrawn by the Pentagon over 45 years ago, how it fits in to the Planned World War 3 Schedule, and what Ashtar Command has to say about all of this.

The Video:

Ashtar Command, WW3, And The New Middle East - YouTube

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount