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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

US OPLAN 8010-12

As you read this please pray that Lucifer's Plans fail in starting this war.

We recently discussed the update of CONPLAN 8010-09 to 8010-09.

For every CONPLAN there mus the an OPLAN.

OPLAN 8010-12 discussed the Trigger Points to launch a Nuclear War, using Nukes, Compressed Titanium Rods, etc.

CONPLAN discusses who to nuke and when once the trigger is pushed.

The current Plan available to the public is Smoke and Mirrors - Lies from the Obama NAZI platform.

Following is the front page of OPLAN 8010-12:

The plan still call for the complete destruction f a FAMILY OF NATIONS - to include: China, Russia, Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

No matter how much babble Dumb Dumb Kerry speaks he can not talk his way out of this one.

By the way - the Trigger Points to launch a Nuclear Strike have been achieved when the US Forcefully took over the Ukraine and the Ukraine People in Crimea, in accordance with a Russian/Ukraine Treaty - voted to become a state of the Russian Federated Republic.

Fortunately for the FAMILY OF NATIONS President Obama wishes the "united states of America" wiped off the face of the map and the only purpose to start a war is to kill us here in this nation. See: Cloward-Pivens Model.

Fortunately for the rest of the world - GOD is making Pres Obama and his doubles sick.
For You Intel Geeks: If The US or Russian Intel Agencies had any brains they would put me in a pace where I can worl better. "IF":

1) The US will try and orchestrate a Huge False Flag in 3 days - rotten idiots. You must kill the Jesuits to stop it.

2) Avanti - a CIA funded (US Tax Payers) outfit is now killing Jews throughout the world and trashing Synagogues to destroy the Old Testament. Pres Obama has given the orders to kill Jews. IDF - you were warned now prepare for all HE.. Breaking loose.

3) The US has set up a new Terrorist Organization called the: "THE CHINESE MARTER BRIGADE." They will now claim to be treated poorly in China and destroy and kill in the name of freedom in China.

4) The initial pictures CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC showed of the Russian Army fighting in Crimea were filmed right here in Tacoma. A "Re-enactment" group was using fake guns and yelling bang, bang, bang and put the video is on You Tube and the Mainstream Media said this was happening in the Ukraine. I just ran into one the Moms who told me about it.

They were sort of re-enacting the Crimean War in 1858 but using pop guns and wearing a sort of Cammo pattern.

Unbelievable but true.

5) GOLD: China now has about 15,000 tons, Russia about 20,000 tons. Both the Rubble and Yuan are about to be backed by gold. The dollar should tank. Thank you Joint Chiefs of Cowards (Staff) for your assistance in htis matter.

6) The US sent Germany some gold a few days ago - Grown Gold. The US capacity to Grow Gold is about 2,0000 pounds per year. No body said the S folks were smart.

7) Alien Craft have thin wires run along a very thin frame like Aluminum Foil, a Tacheon Generator (Or Nuclear Power Pack) produces very high frequencies and the metal is grown over the ship. Layer after layer. his Grown Metal is 10-100 times stronger than normal metals.

Way back in 1977 I saw Iron Grown in a vacuum.

Senator Jack Metcalf grew gold just north of here in Anacortes way back in 1962-4 - ask Dr Will Wilson, Ch 77.

By matching vibrational frequencies in the range of 10 to the 13th KHz it can be grown --- drawn in form the 3rd Dimension, Second Harmonics.

Pretty cool, eh?

The hulls that are grown are distracted from Stainless Steel - that is why small pieces move when you try to cut them out. Try using Porcelain Knives and Tweezers.

7) An update on the attack over Alpena, Mi - the US DOD tried duplicating 3 old US army radars to knock down Orange Spears over Lake Huron using modern electronics - idiots. Those in the Orange Sphears were not impressed.

The Old US Army Radar uses Radio Tubes which cause a certain electronic interference in the higher harmonics that cannot be duplicated with modern electronic gear yet - a vibrating or pulsating harmonics.

When I way 3 old Army Radar System I mean exactly that DOD - do you understand?

DO NOT read into my words. GOD is very specific. Now you will loose a another Underground Base.

8) For You UFO Buffs:

a) Short Grays need some higher methane in their air.

b) Tall Whites need more Oxygen in space travel - up to 28%.

c) The Tall Grays need to live in areas of lower elevation to force the air into their body cells - like underground.

None of these species are smarter than humans - they just have higher technology.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount


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