Monday, June 30, 2014

The Reason For The Magnetic Flux

We have discussed the basic precepts that have now lead to the Earth experiencing some real wild and varied Magnetic Fluxes and their relationship to Sonolumunesence.

Remember - there are 12 Dimensions, 12 Harmoncs between each Dimension - we are in the 3r Dimension, 1st Harmonics -- 10 to the 5th and 6th Htz.

(Please pray your mind is opened)

As the Earth passes above the plain of the Milky Way the 7 "Sacred Sounds" - frequencies - are bieng disrupted and we are seeing the results.

As you recall some years ago - 11 Nov 2009 (I believe) - Then newly elected President Obama threw a Cruise Missile Nuke at Omaha Nebraska and it was intercepted - since that date the sun has gone nuts with Magnetic Flux.

We warned Omaha and they were ready - one of the missing 8 Cruise Missiles was shot down and I raised my hands on Live TV and stated that GOD would make the sun break out in Sun Spots. A Few minutes later it occurred.

What happened was a large Cigar Shaped Machine built to stabilize the sun was inadvertently destroyed by the President Obama because no one would close the Omaha military base so he tried to destroy it.
President Obama is utterly Mad and insane with killing.

Five mor times I raised my hands on TV and 5 more times the sun got worse.


Today we see the sun getting even worse and the United Nations headquarters has discussed the 2nd Harmonics crashing into the 1st Harmonics next year - things will go sideways. Without that machine we must face what is coming - this is why the Illuminati wants the war so badly - this planet must be destroyed before the Harmonics crash together or they will be destroyed.

Withing 11 years the United Nations says the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Harmonics should crash into our Harmonics and Planet Earth expands.

So starting tomorrow and lasting for 7 days Homeland Security (Zeig Heil) has planned a series of Grid Take Downs, Presidential Assassination (4 July) and Dirty Nukes going off all across America to be blamed on ---- DUH---- Al Kada.

London - protect under a bridge - nuke, looks like London Bridge - could be one coming in near the Queens Palace as well. Both produce a radioactive signature. Set for just before the 4th.

Obama - same as Bush in 2008, change your 4th speech place, modify your schedule at the last minute. Send in a replacement - get sick, go on vacation but not to Martha Vineyards.

Just remember - the last Head of Homeland Security, the one who planned all of this, is the Chancellor of US Berkeley and is easily reachable by mere students. Her house, as I recall, is over near the Forestry Building.

So go to N3KL.ORG and SOHOWWW and look at the sun tonight and notice the Magnetic Flux.

What we are now facing, Notice the flux in the .5-4.0 Angstroms, below the visible range I believe:


 Current Magnetic Flux?


What we are facing on the 4th, the sun turns to the right and circles every 24 days:


 Pretty Cool:

 So --- wear a magnetic Bracelet and stay indoors as much as possible. If not - wear a hat for sure and put a magnet in your pocket. An old speaker magnet should do or a piece of Magnet off of your Yellow Pages - the adds that stick to your refrigerator are magnetic.

Dr William B. Mount

Only 5 Spell Checks Tonight. Do your best Transvestites of US Army Cyber Command

The IMF is going down.


Each day they ignore GOD it will get worse and worse for them personally.

Play it loud and often:

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Cry Havoc And Release The Dogs Of War Against the IMF

We all know what is going on. The leaders around the world are trying to kill us.

So tonight play the following song all the way through and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will protect your family and release the Dogs of War upon the IMF and all of their subsidiaries.

Even the United Nations Directors state that there is something they do not understand in this song but that it is very powerful. It is so powerful they dare not play it.

Tonight all across the world - play this song.

GOD will no longer tolerate them ignoring HIM. It is Finished - Cry Havoc and Let Loose the Dogs of War.

There is nothing Lucifer and his Demons can do to stop GOD - nothing.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir: Battle Hymn of the Republic:

Dr William B. Mount

I am not a Mormon but have been through their books extensively.

He Has Sounded Forth The Trumpet That Has Never Called Retreat
He has Sifted Forth The Hearts Of Men Before His Judgement Seat
Oh Be Swift My Soul To Answer Him Be Jubilant My Feet
For GOD is Marching On.

Now watch the Hand of GOD.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

How Does One Man Stand Up To Fascism in America?

How does just one man stand up to Fascism in America?

(((Please pray - visualize - that you have a clear understanding of what your true roll is in life)))

How does on man even stand up to a Fascist Government and try and stop in in this age of Instant Media?

I get calls almost daily now from folks who are either regaining their health or worried about where they are going to get their next meal. The Inflation on food is now hitting everyone.

So how exactly does one man stand up to 60 years of Liberalism and Fascism ingrained all across this once free land?

Seven years ago I was just an overweight disabled vet - no one even knew my name. Then 2 senior Special Forces came forward and asked me to stop the Assassination of President George Bush and the nuking of Salt Lake 4 and 6 April 2007.

I got on my knees and really sought GOD. HE gave me a choice: Let the war come and I will make you very wealthy or stop the planned Nuclear War and be harassed at every turn but stay the course.

I chose hte second option.

Seven years later I have endevoured to follow as GOD has led. I have stayed the course.

Thanks to a lot of very incredible folks like Kieth Ljunghammer and Dr Will P Wilson (All Day Live TV Show) Pat and Mike Schupe (Call 4 Investigation TV Show) and Don Grahams and his TV program and the Incredible Folks here on APFN and on Pravda we have done just that.

Before Alex Jones, before the alternate media - we were fighting this Awful Beast we call the Fascist United States Corporation (USC2, Sec 286, US Senate Report 93-549).

National Socialism (NAZI, or Fascist)must be fought at all levels and at all costs, there is no Peace that can be made with these pigs. They are after world conquest and will do whatever it takes, and kill whoever they please, to get there. Hitler proved that one.

The warnings I gave 7 years ago are now Front Page on the Wall Street Journal.

Look at today's headlines:

1) US Roll Deepens in Syria and Iraq - this week alone Dumb Dumb Coward John Kerry is sending Syrian Terrorists and Sunni Terrorists $500 Million in weapons that means YOU just spent $1.50 this week to kill Syrians and Iraqies. Did you approve this expense?

2) Broad Gains Power Historic Rally. The value of the 30 stocks on the DOW Jones Industrial Average are all up yesterday - yet most companies experience a huge down turn in profits?

3) US Envoy Resigns after trying to broker peace between Israel and Palestine.

Again, what we said the US Corporation would do years ago is now Front Page Wall Street Journal Stories.

Hard to argue that point isn't it?

When I first began down this long and lonely road I had no idea the US Corporations like the FBI, US Marshals, US Secret Service, CIA, Etc would come against me in such a strong way - yelling at me, screaming at me in public, attempts on my life, stealing bank accounts, stealing everything I owned, forcing em to be homeless for months on end ---- I have 3 belly buttons now, two from Knife Wounds

I Suppose this is how a Snake or Scorpion says thank you for saving their lives.

Even now as you read this article  those who run the Federal Reserve System are being targeted for death if they try and stop the elimination of their Federal Reserve Dollar - and targeted by nations that number 5.5 Billion people.

We may beat this Fascist Pig yet?

Nations like Greece and Argentina, now struggling under this Fascist Regime led by David Rothchilds,  would do well to stop paying on their debt and issuing their own currencies and if threatened kill those who threaten them - the Jesuit Scum and their leaders. It is a two way street and the Living GOD will honor their attempts to stop these Fascist Pigs in London and DC if threatened.

So how does one man stand up against a NAZI regime and expose these Fascist Pigs who lead the United States Corporation?

Do as GOD directs and stay the course.

Do not worry about the Transvestite Leaders like Michelle Obama and his male lover's cabinet.

Do not worry about those in Cyber Command all over the nation who take up false names out of fear and criticize you. Maybe if they actually used their real names someone would take them seriously. The Majors and Colonels order these enlisted to do the criticisms because they are Satanic Officer Cowards prefer the "Lower Class People" to take all the risk.

Lower class people - the Enlisted. 

Do not worry about the screaming insane US Corporate Thugs (SS) - they are who they are and too stupid to change. Every one who has touched me in a negative way,  that I went back to see,  is now dead.

Those who handcuffed me seven years ago - all dead.

Let GOD handle the criticism.

If GOD has a roll for YOU - then do it with all your might.

So your roll right now is a Dishwasher - so what. This is where GOD may want you right now. Do it to the best of your ability. I lasted 3 days - it was not where GOD wanted me.

Still when it gets dark and I am alone because my wife is off on some trip - it gets very lonely. I still ask "Why GOD,  why did you not choose somebody with more elegance or money, with more pizzaz or strength - why did you choose an anti-social kind of a guy who started life as a Forester to do this?"

The answer is always the same: No one else would come.

So the way to try and stop this Fascist Pig US Regime is by following the Living GOD and let him handle the rest.

So to the person who called me a few hours ago and asked me how to stop 100,000 children a month  from being shipped into the US from South America on YOUR nickle and then being put on welfare forever I say:

"I do as GOD directs me. If GOD wanted me to do more HE would give me the ability to do more - like throw these Fascist Pigs out on their heels - but for now this is all HE has given me and I suppose that is enough for now."

Thank you For Being There APFN
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read.

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, June 27, 2014

Lee Harvey Oswald Was Added To The CIA Memorial Wall

Eight months ago Lee Harvey Oswald was added to the CI Memorial Wall at their Langley Headquarters.

(Please Pray that the CIA is shut down)

In order to be added to this Memorial Wall you must be on a mission for the CIA and die in Full Honor serving this corporation owned by the Queen of England.

In other words - Lee Harvey Oswald did officially participate in the assassination of Presidnet Kennedy just like the Chief Jesuit General Hanz Kovlenback said 4/15/2000, as we reporterd here on APFN and in Pravda.

The Jesuits will kill, kill, kill anyone who gets in hte way of the Jesuits and their MASTER Lucifer.

Hanz also said; Kill the Jesuits and you get your money back, you get your country back.

So why are we only learning about this Act done in November in late June?

Why did we not hear about the Full Black Out of hte entire nation of  Yemen 11 June 2014?

Why did we not know ISIS is the name of a US Intel Agency that kills people in the Middle East?

Information Black Outs thanks to orders from the White House and those working diligently ay Fort Belvoir, and Fort Wachuka, and Allied Signal Group - all there to make YOU, the Tax Payer - Stupid and uninformed.

Some Other Tit Bits like his CIA Badge Picture and the CIA admission they helped kill Kennedy.!4TO7a
I am unable to import the pictures from the website - too many viruses.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Here We Go Again - This Time China

Here we go again. Another created war by the great United States Corporation, as ordered by David Rothchilds.

(Please pray that they fail at formenting this war in China)

As you recall last fall and winter we discussed the US funding of a war in a region that has historically been very peaceful - the area between Mongolia and Kazakhstan - the Chinese state of Xinjiang.

Here in Northern Xinjing the region is poor and  primarily agricultural and very stable. People tend to live in large family groups and are inclined to know everyone in the area so when a new person shows up in a tiny town every one know them.

For the last year (Actually three years) the United States has not only been transporting weapons and explosives up from Afghanistan from US Bases (By Direct Order Form The White House) - which openly sell US Tax Payers weapons to anyone with cash - they are also transporting them into a base high in the mountains just north and a little East of the region between Mongolia and Kazakhstan using US Air.

Trace the Phone Calls Russia/China from the Afghan Embassy to the US State Department, US Major Military Bases to the White House and from the Afghan President to the US Ambassador there ---- trace the Satellite Feed.

Many readers criticized me horribly - but most are paid by the DOD and are too afraid to use their real names.

This is now our DOD - run by Cowards and manned by Cowards - except the Combat arms.

So now this little bit of speculation has reached the FRONT PAGE of the Wall Street Journal.

The US is trying to create another state in North Western China/Russia to run their military out of to help destabilize Russia and China and cut China's Oil Supplies from Russia and the regions just south of Central Russia.

The war the US Corporation has been ordered to start involves -- YES - Muslims vs every one else. All of a sudden lots of folks who speak Arabic and English are showing up in this area to explain to these Chinese the Benefits of killing your neighbors their brothers and sisters they grew up with.

Now suddenly some "Muslims"  are going crazy and killing people.  It has nothing to do with hte drugs they were fed by these Agents -- I mean Clerics.

Within the last year the Chinese Government has arrested 380 people trying to kill people for "Allah", 315 people hauling explosives and seized 3.15 tones of explosives --- that's about 6,300 pounds of explosives - enough to make about 13,000 Pipe Bombs.

Somebody to the south in Afghanistan, and to the North, is running these explosives into China to destabilize the region an we know exactly who that one is don't we Russian, Chinese and US Intelligence?

What is more amazing is the openness of the US selling these Guns, ammo and explosives in the US bases in Afghanistan is.

OK - so a bunch of Yak Herders are killing each other with US made Guns and Explosives half way around the globe, right?

Well guess what - it really does matter. Today 133 nations have declared the UK/US led Economic System and enemy and signed a document to destroy us - that's about 5.5 Billion people.

The only reason Japan did not sign on this document is that the US has been the primary supplier of Oil and Weapons to Japan since 10 years before the Russian/Japanese war in 1905. Yup - these were US made, and designed, ships that sunk the Russian fleet in 1905, US made and designed ships that bombed pearl Harbor using US Crude Oil, and is now US made and designed ships opposing China.

China and Russia - provide Japan with an alternate energy source and weapons and they will dump the US like a Hot Potato.

By the way - we have already given the next nations the US Corporation has been ordered to kill their leaders and destroy their countries. GOD is never wrong.

A Note To Pope Francis:

1) I personally informed you staff of those ripping both the IMF and Vatican Bank (And Thus You) of billions of dollars. This was given to me from the Living GOD.  If you wish to try and kill the Living GOD for being a Snitch - be my guest.

2) For the Vatican - and Pope Francis - this was a test. You were required to take certain actions directly after these complaints were filed and you and your organizations did not.

3) The King of Kings and Lord of Lords has stated that you have failed you test - you refused to obey your own regulations and laws YOU set in place. Now he will tear you, and your organization, a new rear end. This includes the 5 families in Italy that run the Vatican.

4) GOD has actually show me part of what HE will now do - but that is for you to worry about. The longer you wait to follow your own rules and regulations the worse it will get, for all for you - so HE has said it and so it shall be.

Just remember one thing Vatican:


Do as HE has asked or HE will destroy you: so HE has said it, so it shall be.
For The Intel Geeks:

1) The US/UK funded Sunni Murderers in Iraq have now threatened to bring their murderers to London and the UK/US tighten their grip on Gun Control. This means that the Politicians (Primarily the House of Lords) are the primary targets and no one can protect them.

2) In fact it was reported by one source that they may indeed bring in a Nuke and torch the entire city.

3) If London goes away then New York becomes the primary world Financial House - think about it David Rothchilds and Queen of England really hard.

4) When is YOUR next major holiday - do I make myself perfectly clear?

5) You have disarmed your own people - there is no body left to stop a terrorist in your nations since all the Patriots are without pistols?

6) A nuke blasts up into the 4th Harmonics, does it not?

7) Can we say - sonoluminescence and a compressed titanium rod with air bubbles that is already under the city ready to be used that all your horses and all your men cannot find at the present time?

8) Is there anything left between your ears my dear 15th Cousin (God Help Me) Queenie Elizabeth and your Grandson William Mount?

9) May I highly suggest you and your won make those who can help you very, very happy since time is not on your side?
As For My Criticism on The Net: The only thing worse then people talking bad about you is them not talking about you at all.

By the way - I applaud folks who are Man enough to stick to their guns and use their real names like Dr Will P Wilson, Patrick Sullivan and I am happy to stand by them  because they are men.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

IMF Ignored Warning now 133 Nations Vow To Burry Dollar

Right here on APFN and Pravda the IMF was warned that they must finally meet a deadline set by the Living GOD - the failed. Two days later 133 nations met to bury the Federal Reserve Dollar.

((Please Pray that this US Corporate Take over of America ends))

A few weeks ago we contacted the IMF that there was a 12 June deadline set by the Living GOD and they should meet it or 132 nation will reject the dollar.

Well - as it turns out there were 133 nations (132 Plus China) that met to terminate the Federal Reserve DOllar from being the World Reserve Currency.

GOD is never wrong.

Here are some other startling developments that can be found either in the Wall Street Journal or

1)  China has agreed to trade with the British Empire using British Pounds, not the Federal reserve Note or the Euro. The Queen is part of the Dragon Society.

2)  Deutch Bank has pulled away from the English Banks and will now begon to set iit's own price for Gold and silver.

3)  Eric Holder is now going after PNC Bank and the US Bank for International Trade and fine them an amount equal to their Net Worth AND arrest their leaders if they do not pay.

Apparently killing thousands of Mexicans and Americans is not enough for this Fascist Pig. Now he wants ALL the money from every bank he can get his grubby little hands on.

4)  Eric Holder hinted at seizing YOUR large bank accounts like they did in Europe (Hungary, France, Greece...), and offering instead their option to have their accounts back or collect Social Security at 62. No more IRA's, no more savings - all gone.

The Empire is falling simply because the leaders of the IMF did not listen - they were Arrogantly Ignorant.

What surprises me is that the United Nation is leading the way. The Group of 77 Plus China are now recognized as a Huge Economic Force.

Hold on to your dollars America - it is going to get rough, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. Our laziness is about to bite us in the rear.

A note on the quote form President Obama at the conference he spoke at: A Democracy ends up with a Sovereign Leader, a King more or less, and only a Republic maintains it's individual rights. President Obama knew exactly what he was saying whn he spoke those words.

Just keep in mind - Michelle has an Adams Apple - she is a Transvestite.
A Note To The Roman Pope:

Your IMF did not do as GOD asked - now you will loose Trillions of Dollars.

The longer they wait to act the worse it will get for your Vatican Bank, which is supposed to control the IMF.

It is your world, not mine - but your allies (Reptilians, Greys, etc) are about to get their rear ends kicked out the door.

Just a suggestion - do as GOD even though it is too late.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know.

Dr William B. Mount

Triple Spell Checked.

Do your best US Army Cyber Command Freaks.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Here Comes The UN Gun Grab

Here it comes - the UN Gun Grab as supported by the White House Rats.

 Like it or not, you need to know who and why the UN leaders think the way they do.

(Please pray that the system fails to take your guns)

The new video clearly shows that the UN s advertising for Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officers -DDRs.

The role of these DDRs will be to take your guns and reintegrate you into society if you believe in individual freedoms. You are a threat to these Idiots in the White House.

In the second video President Obama Double #3 clearly states that you are too small minded to run your own affairs.

You can o longer hide - it is here - the Chipping of babies, confiscation of guns, FEMA Camps the VA is now switching from taking care of vets to taking care of FEMA (DOC) Guards. Go - see for yourself.

The liberals believe YOU are stupid and ignorant and have no rights. Watch and weep.

About two weeks ago Preisdent Putin went to the Monistary norht of Saint Petersbugr Russia. There he was given a vision where Russia destroyed America.

Let us expound on this vision he had. In the vision he was taken above the Earth and shown the entire world. He was given a series of events that would occur and then shown Russia destroying America. It involved a series of events: Many Former Russian Nations will rejoin Mother Russia in an economic zone (Free Trade Zone), the US would be led into turmoil by the Illegal Alien in the White House, and Putin would then be forced to take out the US Corporate Command and Control Systems. America will suffer greatly, as will most of the world. Russia, however, who has maintained the morals and dogmas of the Old Testament, will then lead the world.

Already his visions are becoming reality as 2 more former Soviet Provinces have asked to rejoin the great "Soviet" economic System." and the New US Speaker of the house is rejecting the US International Trade Bank in favor of nothing. (Wall Street Journal This Morning) This means US trade is in turmoil as you read this. In other words - those in DC are ready to take America down.

I would give more information but the rest is pretty personal and gives names in succession for the Mighty Bear - who should rule after Putin, Who he can trust, etc.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Putin Orders Troops on Full Alert

We need some emergency prayer.

Please pray that whatever the Rothchilds (US/UK Troops) are planning fails miserably.

President Putin is ready to chew nails - President Obama has a hit out on him not such a happy family at the top?

President Putin does nothing on a Whim so for him to call for this war means that what we have printed here on APFN has been confirmed.

Further - the Hits on the Current  Presidents  of: Thailand, Argentina, Ukraine (If He does Not Start a War), and a dozen other nations has also been confirmed.

In a war it is estimated that NATO will take most of Eastern Russia and then be stopped near Moscow due to over stretched supply lines - just like in WW1, WW2 and now WW3. This means that by placing troops in Central Russia on Full alert he is expecting an attack and these forces in Central Russia will then be used to repel NATO.

The DOD real;ly wants this war and has been advertising for Houston Actors to be hired to put a hit on a Houston Oil Refinery 4-6 July 2014 - the same time frame that is planned to hit the rest of the nation with False Flags a False Flag.

Here is the kicker - they plan on doing this 3 days early - 1 July for Maximum Kill rate. It is a High Satanic Holy Day.

Now let's talk about what is really planned:

Imagine if you will a Guy (Jesuit) walking into a restaurant at 10AM on 1 July with a 50 pound present ready to mail to his "Grand Mother on Water and Wall Street - New York City. He is all happy about his Grand Mothers Birthday. He Puts on a headset and broadcasts on a certain frequency 152Mhx into this box containing a Compressed Titanium Rod that is not nuclear and - Voila - no air drops, no remote controlled planes - an explosion that takes out the entire financial district in New York City.

The Idiot New York Governor removed the public's rights to carry pistols so there is no one left to stop this Jesuit.

The already prepared stories  will be sent to the BBC and CNN ahead of time show a:" White Male NAZI Russian Separatist Extremist Racist Gun Toting America yelling some anti-gay slur" and thenBoom! No New York City Financial District.

A Few days later Nukes -- both Dirty Nukes and Dirty Bombs - go off all across America - the July 4th Surprise.

The Houston and Anacortes Refineries will be hit hard to raise Gas prices.

The dollar falls, the US is at war with Russia, all Federal Reserve Debt is cancelled, all Social Security, VA Disability and Welfare is cancelled, and we have a full scale Nuclear War only the Terrorism is done using Sonoluminescence "Bombs."

The Social Security Offices around the nation are closing - no one to complain to when your income is terminated - yet you will be told: Do not worry, everything will be back on line soon."

Nothing will come back on line - not the banks, not the Social security - nothing.

The Rothchilds could also use these new Bombs to blackmail the world - undetectable little bombs that could eliminate a city in a single blast - or an underground bunker.

Never Forget: Adama, Marduk, Mars, and now Earth.

These people who work for the Rothchilds are sick, perverted, weird - whatever you call them - they are War Mongering Freaks bent on total control.

That is pretty intense but remember - Michelle Obama has an Adams apple, as does the Next Queen of England Kate Middleton. These people are sick.

So now you know the rest of the story.

One last Note: Yet another Banker Died we did not hear about - 6 Zeroes Strikes Again.

None of the deadlines were met by the IMF so now their bankers will die in droves, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Die well Bankstas - your next life will not be a happy one - so says the King of Your Universe.

OK - Enough, TMI

If you cannot find these references look on whatreallyhappened TODAY.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

UN Conference 14-15 June 2014

UN Conference 14 - 15 June 2014

Please pray you get what you are supposed to get out of this. Whether you agree with these ideas  or not - this is what the World Leaders believe so it is very important that you understand this.

The Conference was held UN London in celebration of the last Major Holy Day for the UN - the Great Day of Invokation and the Day of Goodwill for the First Year in Aquarious.

The conference focus was really on coming together as a group and using the Group Conciousness to draw in energies from above - the Higher Harmonics.

Now that you understand Sonoluminescence one can comprehend, at some level,  that as the Earth passes through this Magnetic Influence the Harmonics will begin to come together. By 2015 the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Harmonics will join with the First harmonics and we will see incredible things.

Many who are associated with the Lucis Trust have had Out of Body Experience (OBE) and thus describe the higher harmonics in various ways. I have never done this so all I can do is learn.

One way is to say that as one climbs the Harmonics and Fire begins to enter these Harmonics. Since we are increasing in Vibrational Frequency as we climb the Fire will feel cool to the touch.

I believe they are trying to prepare us for what is coming in terms if the Harmonics crashing down on us. If we have no fear as we see this then their will be no hate shown to us. If we fear and hate uit will be heaped on our heads like Hot Coals.

Jesus said: I do not insult for criticize Lucifer, only GOD does this. To criticize and fill your hearts with hate is not a good idea.

(((((Yes - there are times when those who transgress from GOD's Word need to be killed or banished - but the killing must be done without hate --- they broke the law, they must be banished or killed. Period. This is why the Old Testament is in Black and White - no Wiggle Room no room for useless emotions and the killing was to be done swiftly.)))))

The most remarkable speaker talked about the Firey Paintings of  Nicholas Roerick's paintings. These depict this planet form a higher harmonics - fiery, yellow in color, details merging into one another.

Apparently much of the art work in the world is painted by those who are revealing what it looks like at the higher Harmonics.

What is most remarkable here is the amount of detail we find in every aspect of life - from the details of a leaf to the details of metal grains. Here ion htis plain matter is completely separate form energy. The two do not merge.

Finally - as the Harmonics Converge we shall see the coming of the New World Christ and Teacher emerge through our Heart Centers and enter this world in Love to teach us hos to climb the Spiritual Ladder up into the 4th Dimension.

That us a brief summary of the 2 day UN Conference in London.

It was primarily a time to come together and meditate during the Full Moon - which was 90 Minutes Late.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

How To Liberate More 3 Times The Oil Saudi Arabia Has in the US

Forget about the Gull Island Oil Reserves in Alaska capable of running America for 200 years, or the Crude Oil Bubbling up out of the ground in North Dakota, Redando Beach, Southern California Open Oil Tar Pits, the Natural Gas Supply under the Dalles Oregon Each capable of powering the US for over 200 years - or the sweet Crude Oil bubbling out of the ground at the Bundy Ranch In Nevada.

Here is yet another Oil deposit capable of running America for 200 years:

..the Uinta Basin is the site of the massive Eocene Green River Shale formation – potentially the largest reservoir of unconventional petroleum in the world. With total reserves estimated at up to 1.3 trillion barrels, and ultimately recoverable reserves of 800 billion barrels or more , this formation holds three times or more the amount of Saudi Arabia’s proven reserves. Unlocking this formation would change the energy outlook of the nation – and of the world – for a century or more.

Today, TomCo has announced that it has awarded contacts toward the development of this resource. _Source

World Oil

Reserves of oil shale kerogens in the western US states is massive -- far larger than the huge proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. Now a technology exists which can liberate these vast trapped energy reserves without using water or contaminating groundwater. Using this waterless in situ approach, the scenic appearance of these majestic western drylands will be unaffected, and the environmental quality of the region will be preserved.
Eco-Shale Technology

The EcoShale™ In-Capsule Technology involves heating mined shale in a closed surface impoundment, or capsule. The process relies on conventional mining and construction methods and produces a bottomless oil product that requires no coking. The process produces a shale oil with a much higher concentration of middle distillate than West Texas intermediate crude. Two synthetic shale oil products are produced: (1) prompt oil of approximately 29 API gravity; (2) condensate oil of approximately 39 API gravity. The oil and condensate produced with this process have no fines and have very low acid numbers.

The technology requires no process water, protects groundwater and vegetation, uses low temperatures for heating and allows for rapid site reclamation.

The resultant product is a high quality feedstock with an average 34 API and no fines. The process also results in synthetic natural gas production allowing for energy self-sufficiency. _EcoShale
It is almost impossible for most persons to envision the economic impact of the introduction of these vast energy resources into world energy markets. Far more resources are devoted by the Obama administration to shutting down the liberation of North America's vast energy stores, than to making the production of energy cleaner and more economical.

Mr. Obama's approach has always been one of energy starvation, rather than energy facilitation. That is just one of the several nearly insurmountable obstacles to prosperity which the US economy currently faces, and for which Mr. Obama can take direct credit -- if only he would.

Thanks to Al Fin Blogspot for this stroy

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have:

Dr William B. Mount

The White House Is Very Busy Today


The staff at the White House is very, very busy today.

(((Please Pray - visualize - that the Evil of those in the White House comes back on their heads 1,000 times immediately)))

The Staff at the White House is busy indeed determining who to kill and where to create war. Here is a partial list of what they wish to do:

1) Recently they have tried to kill President Putin. Apparently they are not one big happy family at the top but are filled with hate and fear - a sign Lucifer rules the roost.

2) If you read Sorcha you will see a story where President Obama just met with the leaders of Saudi Arabia and in order to sell them $60 Billion in Jets the US President agreed to kill 175 Saudi Homosexuals.

Apparently President Obama gets the Commission for selling these weapons.

3) Syria - kill Assad. If really wanted Assad dead he would have killed him. What he wants is War.

I spoke with a veteran sniper who had Sadam Hussein in his sights 5 times at the Badgad Palace and was ordered 5 times not to pull the trigger. The Idea is War, not killing the leaders. HE obeyed because he had 2 years left to retire and did not wish to stop the war but to retire.

4)  Iraq - Oil -  the Leader of Iraq apparently is now allowing these US/UK and French  Citizens to lead attacks on Iraqi Oil Refineries - time for PM Maleki to go away with prejudice.

President Obama Quotes:

12 June 2014: I Will Not Send Troops To Iraq
15 June 2014: I will send  100 US Troops to Iraq to guard the Embassy
18 June: I will send 250 US Special Forces to Iraq
20 June: I Will Send US "Advisors" to Iraq

Without any Forces of Arms Agreements there is no knowing what this idiot in the White House will do - and how far he will go. He was not smart enough to create one.

Preisdent Bush left the White House with 40 "Forces of Arms Agreements".

President Obama has none - Zero. His advisors do not even know what one is. This means that anything goes depending on how he feels at the time. No guidance - just pure emotions. No stability - pure chaos. A key to Fascist Leadership.

Just a note about Weapons of Mass Destruction - Iraq had plenty. What do you think killed out Gulf War Vets - Duh?

I have film after film of Nuclear, Biological, and chemical weapons (As do hundreds of thousands of people) sold to Sadam and Senator Reigel put out THREE US Senate Reports on these weapons.

Many of these weapons went to Syria but Russia has destroyed most of them by now.

5) Venezuela - Cocaine -  Apparently the head of this nation is allowing Rebel Forces to burn CIA Cocaine Fields - so he must die as well.

6) Egypt -Guns -  apparently the Egyptian Government is buying weapons form Russia and htis must be changed - so quietly either bribe him or kill him.

7) Libya - Oil -  The oil from Libya is now being sold using the Russian Rubble and Chinese Yuan. Although the US Carrier Groups are sending ships back into port to redo the trade in US Dollars they cannot stop every oil tanker. Thus the leadership in Libya must again die to re-instate the US Dollar.

8)  Iran - Oil - - they are selling oil not on the US Dollar and the Rothchilds get no 5% Commission based on the Swift Account Trade of foreign currencies - so again, the US/UK is interfering with Oil Shipments from Iran by orders of the Rothchilds.

9) Argentina - Oil - This nation was put into Bankruptcy once 13 years ago and filed bankruptcy. When the World Bank re-established their Government Accounts they again established useless Departments and Agencies that have once again destroyed the economy of Argentina.

So their Preisdentee' joined the BRIC nations.

Argentina has, just off shore near the Falkland Islands - huge deposits of Oil. Yup - and lots of high grade oil. Unfortunately for the Argentina People the UK/US has successfully stopped the Argentinians from harvesting and selling  of their oil. The Oil deposits make Saudi Arabia look tiny.

After 50+ years in the oil business there is no such thing as a real Oil Shortage - only a created one.

OK - You get the point. President Obama's Staff is busy killing to control everything for the Rothchilds.
For You Intel Geeks

1) Putin is not safe until you Bag these snipers. They cannot come home until Pres Putin is dead and when they do kill Putin they will come home sand themselves be killed to cover up the evidence. The best thing these snipers can do is either turn themselves in and go public of disappear.

2) The IMF is failing - they did not meet their 12 June 5PM deadline. They will continue to fail. so they need a Nuclear War. Their Great WHite Spirit Brotherhood lied to htem.

3) The US/UK again ready to supply this war by torching off Dirty Nukes and Dirty Booms in the US using:
 "Iraqi Al Kada Inspired Russian Sunni Gehadist Anti Western White NAZI terrorists."

3) These Nuts in the White House will try to create a Syncapedic Simultaneous Synergistic Detonations of a combination of Dirty Nukes and Dirty Bombs at certain locations to correspond with certain calendar days relevant to their astrology.

Some of these bombs are meant to destroy entire cities while some are just meant to create panic and Marshal Law.

This New Pearl Harbor (9/11) must be so big that everyone will rat out their neighbors for a Quart of Barley.

Probable Targets include:
   a) London near a Prominent Bridge - South Western Side.
   b) Still - the Red Light District of Atlanta - Dirty Bomb
   c) Houston Oil Refinery as shown as the US DOD Advertises for "Crisis" Actors needed at the refinery
   d) I quit for now - You figure out the rest.

Please Consider - the Rothchilds New US Middle East Map Proposed by the DOD:

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Tripple spell Checked. DO your best US Army Cyber Command.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sonoluminescence And It's Uses


Now that we understand what Sonoluminescence is let us discuss it's uses.

(((Please Pray - Visualize - that the Civilian Uses far outweigh the military uses.)))

Let us first examine the military uses of this newly discovered technology.

1) Highly Powerful Weapons.

When I was in College I took a Metalergy Class. We studied a US Air Craft Carrier Propeller Shaft that exploded in the carrier because it had been constructed with a tiny air bubble in the shaft and when [pressure was applied it expanded - similar to Sonoluminescence - and blew, killing many sailors and completely disabling the Air Craft Carrier fore some time. Knowing this lot us examine it's Uses militarily:

 a) Metal Rod with Air Bubbles Detonated With Sound - using a 9 Volt Battery:

When 152Mhz is applied the air will expand causing a violent explosion equal to a Nuclear Weapon. So I could carry a thermos sized weapon into a stadium, set a timer to send 152 Mhz into the weapon after I was gone for a 1 hour - and - boom. This has already been tried at the last London Olympics but we identified the perpetrator and what he was carrying.

Compression of the metals is caused by huge amounts of electricity passing through a piece of metal - like releasing a large Power Line Capacitor into theses pieces instantaneously - the gravity inside the metal is forced into a state similar to that found one harmonics down and remains there.

Suppose you wished to blow up an airport or train station. You could carry small sized Ball Bearings in, say, a baby carriage. Leave a small radio on in the baby carriage and then leave. Broadcast on hat frequency the 152Mhz and boom. These small ball bearings could literally be scattered across the train to cause the explosion at simultaneous points.

b) This is a Metal Rid with Air Bubble compressed with a large screw.

Suppose a softer metal was compressed with a screw. The resulting pressure on the Air Filed Rod would cause a similar explosion to the Carrier Shaft - A Sort of Non-Nuclear Weapon that is as powerful as a Nuke..

c) Compressed Titanium Rods.

Here Titanium is compressed with Air Bubble it the rod and when dropped form 100,000 feet above it strikes cement, the air bubbles are compressed and the resulting explosion acts much like an Atomic Bomb without the radiation.

 These are what are used in the cloaked X-37 Bravo's now flying above our heads.

Three Compressed Titanium Rods would take out New York City. flatten it like Hiroshima in 1945.

We bring these military uses up to try and educate the world as to exactly what they need to be looking for what we say there is a terrorist attack coming at such and such a place - like New York City on Wall and Water Street soon.

d) he use of these "Frequency Guns" have been used by the CIA/FBI to literally blow the insides of a person up. It appears as if he/she is having a heart attack but instead the air bubbles inside the person literally explode. Less paifil than a Microwave Weapon and the results are instantaneous.

The Old Pen with a dart containing the Bubonic Plague is yesterdays technology - see COINTELCOPRO.

2) Civilian Side: although not as blood curdling exciting it is still very interesting.

a) The creation of Heat and Power. The energy output of the tiny sun far exceeds the input.

Further - now that this technology has been exposed it cannot be unexposed - too many foreign governments read APFN and Pravda.

We have seen the Tacheon Generator, the N-1 Generator and the Water Powered Car -- - but now we have also seen   the Sonoluminescent Energy Generator.

Suppose you cap the test tube you are using to generate the sun - the resulting pressure would run a generator and heat up the surrounding area using ----- water.

No nuclear radiation, no toxic waste - just pure water.

b) Suppose you could buy these Gas Filled Compressed Titanium Ball Bearings. You could place tehm in mines without fear of explosion, clear out the personnel, and then use tiny receivers near the ball bearings and when ready broadcast the 152Mhz and blow the rock with no loss of life.

Times Depayed Receivers would allow the exact blasting of the mines and the controlled demolition of buildings.

No longer would Victor Bout need to sell Marvin Bush 15 tons of Russian CDX explosive to take down the World Trade Centers in controlled Demolition.

You could just drop a few Ball Bearings in key areas and set the tiny sound generators - and - voila ---- another 9/11 without any evidence.

Earthquakes could be caused the same way - especially in areas like Mount Lassen and on the San Andreas Fault Line of off of areas like Fukushima.

Land Mines using these compressed metal rods coated with various plastics would allow the creation of boarders and when violated a Sound Wave Generator would blow the entire field.  A Technology to ensure offensive weapons are no longer used a dream of Gatling when he created his first Gatling Gun.

We digress - but you can see the use of Sonoluminescence in Military and Civilian life is almost unlimited - bringing in energy from a higher harmonics to heat our homes, generate electricity, drill deep into mines to extract more minerals,  and power our ships and space craft.

Next we will describe what went on at the London Headquarters on the United Nations over the weekend - put on by a great bunch of folks.
 According to the latest technology:  Beings from the 4th Dimension came here to the Third Dimension and began broadcasting these 7 "Sacred" sounds to compress Air Bubbles and form suns.

From these suns planets were split apart and the Life Force surrounding these planets was then molded into first plants, then animals, then sentient beings like Humans.

From here we progress up the Vibrational Chain where detail fades and energy rises - until we reach the 3rd Dimension, 9th Harmonics, and then merge with those in the 4th Dimension where energy and latter are one.

Thus it was not a "Big Bang" but a broadcasting of frequencies that made the Milky Way Galaxy.

When hte Earth passes through the Milky Way Magnetic Belt every 36,000 years our 7 sacred sounds are interrupted and out planets, our sun, begin to ever so slowly turn back into gas bubbles - we expand.

This may explain the recent insane activity of the sun and the large numbers of Earth Quakes we are currently experience - we are expanding.

This may also explain why the Moon was 1 1/2 hours late to make a full moon this month.

Thanks to current President the machine to stabilize the sun has been destroyed - idiot - and other methods are now needed to stabilize the sun. Perhaps this is why NASA is firing lasers at the sun as we speak.

Remember - our Earth extends up into the 4th Harmonics and effects all creatures into this arena.

Further - the increased vibrational frequencies we are now experiencing - thus increased aggrevation - are drawing in the higher harmonic creatures like the Archons and Aldebarions (Demons) are making our lives a living hell.

The Old Testament stated we need to do certain laws we must follow to create peace and order not to allow theses creatures into our lives. If we violate these laws we create our own hell on Earth by attracting these Demons.

Sure - we can cast them out but if you keep doing the same old thing they come right back

(((For Example - when Sea Weed and Immusist have a combined Cancer and Heart Disease Cure Rate of almost 99% over10 years  why would anyone use Statins or Cholesterol Reducing Drugs that dissolve your brains and cause enormous amounts of pain?)))

Go To: N3KL.ORG and look at the sun today.

Enough for Now.
The News You Are Not Suppose To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Triple Spell Checked - do your best US Army Cyber Command.

The people at the top who read this understand why you mess with me.

Remember the plans for the First US VRILian Craft I showed on TV?

Iran built one a year later.

What do you suppose will happen to this technology now that the cat is out of the bag?

By the way - the Deadline for the IMF is over - they will fall apart now, massive infighting - GOD will now tear them asunder. Thou shalt not steal from GOD's Messenger now from Dr. Sir Will P. Wilson, Orthodox Priest of St Petersburg, Russia.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sonolumonescence -- UN Conference 14 - 15 June 2014 Part 1

There was a very interesting conference for those who are at the heart of the United Nations in London over the weekend and it effects everything you do.

(((((Please pray that you learn)))))

This was a unique conference in that it was held on the last major festival in the first year of the Age Of Aquarious.

Before we continue you must first understand the concept of Sonoluminescence - the creation of suns out of Gas Bubble.

When you look across the vast Galaxy and beyond you see all sorts of things happening - from stars exploding to new stars being formed. We have only just begun t reach out and touch what is out there - I speak knowing full well the real capabilities of our Space Craft.

Look up on You Tube:

1) Blue Origin
2) X-33 Aurora
3) Joint Landing on Mars in 1962

How did it all come about and why are we here?

Sonoluminescence is the science that studies the creation of a sun through sound waves (About 152Mhz) that first explode a bubble then, compress it hard enough to form a sun.

The energy coming from this new sun far exceeds the energy in the Gas Bubble itself - so it is getting energy form a much higher source.

But where?

If you watch the following films you get an idea of what is happening.

The theory is that someone form the 4th Dimension came down here and used these Frequencies to create suns, spin off planets, create life and then imbibe this life with a soul.  This soul then grows form plant to animal and then to Human and then on to who knows.

There are apparently 12 Dimensions and 12 Harmonics (Noise) between each dimension and we are in the 3rd Dimension, First Harmonics.

The Priest Hood of the Malchezedekians can apparently transverse all 12 Dimensions.

As you go up in frequencies the detail of things begins to dissolve until you are pure energy - mind and thought merge at the 3rd Dimension, 9th Harmonics.

The Angelic Realm is the 5th Dimension, GOD being a 6th Dimensional Being.

Lucifer was thrown out of the 5th Dimension clear down to Earth and is aonl able to climb up to the third dimension, 8th harmonics.

Many of Lucifer's Allies (Draconians from Aldeboron, Archons, Moleck's bunch.....) come form the 3rd Dimension, 3rd Harmonics and are real evil stink pots -- feeding off of the Higher Energy created when Humans feel pain or die.  This they create pain and need to be dealt with with Prejudice through Frequencies.

Harp Music disrupts these Evil Spirits - which is why King Saul remained calm as long as little David played the Harp.

I play harp 24/7 at my house and the Drug Dealer hate it. Many have moved away.

Once you fully grasp this concept the UN Conferences make a whole lot more sense.

So watch the Air Bubble turn into suns before your eyes:

Mini-sun created by a Bullet:

A really informative Video:

Pistol Shrimp Creates a mini-sun:

Very Close Up Video:
Once this concept is accepted we can continue.

Please understand that the above science really validates the profits in the Old Testament  (Jews, Christians, Muslims, Zorastrians...) and those from God's Number One Son Yeshua. The maintaining of peace and staying healthy does not allow these higher energy beings (Demons) to stay around.

The best way I know of to get rid of someones demons is to make them healthy and play lots of Harp Music - it disrupts the demons.
So chew on these videos and stick around for Part 2 of the UN Conference.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

Thank You CIA for disrupting the Nuclear False flag advertised on Craig's List to occur in Atlanta yesterday and good luck neutralizing the one scheduled for Friday.

Another Attack on America's Power Grid


While most of you were sleeping yet another attack on America's Power Grid Occurred - this time in Arizona.

(((Please pray - visualize hard - that those paying for these attacks are destroyed immediately)))

The attacks on America Power Plants are growing - just like we stated last December that they would.

This latest attack was very professional as the Alarm System was disabled and a bomb placed near some key transformers. Fortunately they did not do the kind of damage they could have.

Immediately following the attacks the FBI one again moved in with record speed -  being able to get out of bed and arrive at the Power Sub Station at a remarkable 1,000 miles per hour and in Force.

Local Sheriffs were told by the FBI to get out and leave the investigation to the "Professionals."

As in all cases films of the terrorists faces vehicle license numbers were seized by the FBI and no arrests were made.

Of course - there were no witnesses to the incident either that the FBI allowed to talk to the local police either. How convenient for the FBI, right?.

Just like the head of Homeland Security (SS) stated before she left: "We Will Take down The Grid. We have done it twice in two different ares now we will test the entire grid."

May I suggest you be prepared?

Who's Responsible For The Latest Attack on America's Power Grid? | The Daily Sheeple
For those of you who think the FBI is doing a god job - I get weekly updates. Every single bust in the last year (Except one) has been for those who had "Child Pornography" on their computers."

In the latest bust the FBI stated the "Criminal" had 7 Terrabites of Porn Pictures on his PC - which had a 500 Gig drive. The FBI lied.

What the FBI is doing is taking down those in their Human Sacrificing Cults who want out. They know too much.
For You Intel Geeks: Is This Loud Enough for You?

This country is in deep trouble - this morning the US Corporate Supreme Court ruled against Argentina?

It turns out that the Hedge Funds (Which are Illegal) have been in the business of lending Governments money at high interest rates - it is called Extortion - and now this is supported by the US Corporate Court System.

What will happen is if Argentina does not comply?

Their leaders will be killed by US Corporate Plain Clothed Soldiers funded through the IMF - since the IMF now owns the US DOD.

So what prompted this extortion?

Argentina joined the BRIC Nations and refuses to buy any more useless US Debt  and the US Corporation under the IMF is ready to kill to bring them back in ---- and Kill they will.

As for these Illegal Hedge Funds:

1) About 1/3rd are in Europe
2) About 1/3rd are in America
3) 1/3rd are in the Carribean - Grand Caymen Islands - An English Colony
4) A small amount are scattered across the world

So hunker down America. I will not put these warnngs out forever.

The latest thing US Cyber Command is doing is erasing half of my stories on my Blogspot so you may be reading a story and it makes absolutely no sense.

The intended target is Foreign Governments and I am sure they get these warnings as soon as they are published and then print them out before the US DOD hacks them up.

So bare with me.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Western Leadership Is Filled With Sexual Deviants

The Western Leadership is filled with sexual Deviants

(((Please pray- really visualize -  that these Perverted Individuals are removed from Planet Earth Immediately)))

Recently you were shocked to hear that President Obama has declared that Transgendered People (Sexual Deviants,  Perverts) are now a protected class of people and get hiring preference when applying for any US Corporate, State, County of City jobs by Executive Order. Thois makes him a King.

Consider the source.

Michelle Obama has an Adams Apple - she is a he, a Drag Queen.

The First Drag Queen Lady of the White House

Recently Christine La Guard, head of the IMF, told the Ukrainian President to Kill All Russians in the Ukriane and she will lend them $17 Billions to get out of debt. They will then owe their soul to the IMF and be forced to chip all of their new born children like the EU does today.

She is risking World War 3 over her gamble - and most of the money will go to the Russian Gas COmpany to pay past bills.

In response Russia cut the Gas Off to the Ukraine.

The West responded by blowing up the Gas Pipe Line to the Ukraine.

Now, thanks to the New EU Membership, all Ukrainian children must be chipped.

Christine La Guard has an Adam's Apple - she is a he. A Cross Dresser, a Transvestite.
She is a Rocky Horrors Picture Show Star ------

We did a story about the French Leadership and how their past president liked to rape little girls as young as 2 weeks old - this was not a joke. Their leadership is just as perverted as the English.

The Roman Pope said a few years ago at tth Christmas Address to his Cardinals: The Vatican is in Full Compliance with Pedofilia and has been since the early 70's.

Translation - they rape children into submission in the Catholic Church. Maybe this is why the Satanic (Lucifarian) Cults I am aware of are filled with Roman Catholic Priests and Bishops.

Eric Holder's Wife is the owner of an Abortion Clinic - planned Parent Hood. Planned Parent Hood has a new drive to teach children how to have Kinky Sex -Gay, Perverted, Orgies, Using Knives and Darts - weird sex.

See The story: "Why Is Planned Parenthood Planning Kinky Sex For Teens?"

Who can forget the US Department of Commerce Director appointed as a cross dresser, now removed from all Google records?

Now who can you forget the stories of the First director of the FBI being a Cross Dresser - J Edgar Hoover?

How about the last head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Klauss who was sent to a US jail today after "Sex Crimes" - the real crime was he had a CIA document stating there was no gold in Fort Knox or any where else in the US Corporate inventory.

So go on the net and look for Women with Adams Apples (They Are Men) and you will find these Cross Dressing Transvestites:

1) Michelle Obama. OK - OSU Football Player #44, 1981-82, Michael Ramsey. She is a he.

2) Meg Ryan - this one blew me away. Miss Sex Pot is a he.

3) Sally Jewell, head of the US Department of Interior is a he.

4) Bruce Jenner - A sports broadcaster is a cross dresser and a bad one at that.

5) Ashley Richards - maybe a double, maybe her. You decide.

6) Doubles for Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt's Wife.

7) Harissa - (Lee Leyung Yeop)

8) Ann Coulter - Plain as the nose on your face. The Drag Queen of Fox News.

9) Kate Middleton - the next Queen of England, Prince WIlliam Mount's Bride has an Adam's Apple plain as day - She is a He. A Cross Dresser, a Drag Queen --- not legally eligible to be the next Queen of England and now the world knows.

10) In fact  the Original Queen Elizabeth had an Adams Apple and remained unmarried because she was a he --- this is why he wore high necks on his dresses.

11) Not to be out done - there was a Roman Pope who had a baby - he was a she, and when she dropped the baby was beaten to death on the spot.

12) Type into Google; Gay Hollywood Actors. We bring them into our homes every day on the TV and you wonder why the US Economy is collapsing?

When I was in Hollywood I learned that most Fan Fan dancers were men who got a breast job and dance untile they got too old and then got  a job.

What the US needs is a US Department of Crotch Checkers run by "Crocadile" Dundee.

Is it not illegal to lie on a Job Application when you apply to be the head of the US Department of Commerce or the IMF?

Of course - Barry Soetorro, Barsck Obama lied on his application to be a US Sneator and US Corporate President so I guess a Legal Precdence has been set on this one.

Maybe there needs to be an Agency of Crotch Checkers run out of London so as not to embarrasse the English Royalty ever again. Wait till this hits Pravda in about 10 minutes.

I will leave you, the APFN reader, to do your own research.

Is is any wonder that these Sexual Deviants want you dead?
For You Intel Geeks

1) Obama the cowards sent 275 troops to Iraq ""No Boots On The Ground," right?

2) These Perverts have ordered a Nuke being brought into Bagdad from the South West from a base that was not destroyed. They need a Nuke to go off to get WW3 started. Is this loud enough US Intel Generals - can you hear me now?

3) A few hours ago a Russian Pipeline Blew. We told you who was about to do this, where he was, what he was driving - what more do you need KGB - GOD is never Wrong?

4) Shortly after we stated Japan will roll they were hit with 4 large earthquakes near Sendai - GOD is never wrong.

5) Christine (Chris Le Guard) - you missed the 5PM  June 12th Deadline for the IMF and your life just became a Living Hell - your system is falling apart. GOD is never wrong.

6) Russia - two year delay on setting up an alternate SWIFT account in your new World Bank - you were told to return your blessings or your system will fail. Did you not understand these words President Putin and PM Medvedev --- GOD is never wrong?
The News That You Are not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount
No Spelling Errors, misplaced Capitols or Syntax Errors.

Give it your best shot US Army Cyber COmmand - you are one of the 6 Primary Targets when the Nukes fly: London, DC, Pentagon, Denver, Langley, Fort Belvior.

Please make it really hard for me to stop this coming Nuclear War.

No one will morn your deaths - you and Allied Signal - no one.

Then US those Intel Forces loyal to the US corporation will be hunted down by 190 nations until the end of time, so says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

So make it real tough on me US Army Cyber Command - do your best.

Make me look stupid, misspell my words, eliminate Capitol Letters, hold my stolen money back.

One mistake and WW3 starts - you are all fried in an instant -- Hell for all eternity.

I serve the Living GOD, not yours god. You are Vets - hated by Obama and his staff.

PS- Patrick Sullivan, Will P Wilson and CHarles - we love you your stories.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Obama Employee: Most School Shootings Were False Flags

Radio Interview: Obama Employee Admits Most School Shootings Were Fake

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama Officials Confirm That It Was a Drill and No Children Died
By Voice of Reason
I am not going to lie. I like being right when people have told me my tin foil hat is too tight. Here, not only was I rightI was SPOT ON! I’ve been posting around the clocks at times about the Sandy Hook Hoax. There was SO MUCH EVIDENCE in plain site to prove it was a farce, and I live hundreds of miles away. Imagine if this country had “journalists” that did their jobs. Someone local should have caught this RIGHT AWAY. First, SEVERAL OF THE "DEAD CHILDREN" HAVE BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED OR VIDEOTAPED AFTER THEIR SUPPOSED DEATHS IN OTHER PARTS OF THE COUNTRY.  Second, in the obituaries, one of the students had their name spelled wrong. Upon a little investigation, no death certificates were filed. With a little more investigation FAKE ACTORS turned up that were also at the alleged Aurora shooting, the Boston BombingAND Sandy Hook? 
It’s nice for the Obama administration to come out NOW and say it was all a drill. That sure didn’t stop the lies, and all the feigned outrage to try to get our guns back then now did it? I have said in post, after post, after post, after post that these “tragedies” are all manufactured by Obama to get our guns, and when I have people have always asked about my tin foil hat. Is it getting through yet? How EVIL Obama is?
It’s not just Sandy Hook. Almost aLL of the school shootings have been trumped up by the media and team Obama. I go into that in a recent post titled: BOGUS SCHOOL SHOOTING “DATA” RELEASED BY EVERYTOWN/MOM’S DEMAND. That list of shootings is being circulated by as “legitimate.”
The truth of what happened is almost exactly as we “Conspiracy Folks” had long since figured out. The school was in fact COMPLETELY EMPTY on the day of the shooting. The victims were literally brought in. For a better understanding of all that, see my previous posts on this issue:
    Was Sandy Hook Already Abandoned When The Shooting Took Place?
    Ads Seeking Actors For "STAGED" Shooting Found Before Ft. Hood
    Barack’s FURY When Gun Legislation Denied After Sandy Hook
    Obama Calls For Gun Control in Wake of Navy Shooting
    Was The Navy Yard Shooting Tied To Obama Being Tried For Treason?
    Navy Yard: SWAT Team Told to ‘Stand Down’ – SAME THEORY AS ME!
    Navy Yard: Capitol Police Told To Stand Down After Arrival on Scene
Understand something: Barack Obama will do ANYTHING or KILL ANYONE to get to our guns. In my post titled: GO VIRAL: GET THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOWI discuss how the land grabs are being used for an ultimate gun grab. If you haven't read it yet, and I don't have your undivided attention with the video below the article immediately following this paragraph, or the article on the Newtown citizens below… READ IT! You might also want to check out: DEATHS CONNECTED TO THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE – TOO MANY TO COUNT OR BARACK TELLS THE BLACK CAUCUS NOT TO WORRY, HE’LL KEEP MARCHING ON GUN CONTROL!
APTOPIX Connecticut School Shooting
By Jim Fetzer (with Sofia Smallstorm and Paul Preston)
“I have a lot of sources in regards to as to what’s going on with the president and the administration and so on, and every one of my sources said it was a false flag”--Paul Preston
Sofia Smallstorm, who produced and directed the documentary“Unraveling Sandy Hook”which many regard as the best video study of the Sandy Hook event, recently interviewed a Los Angeles school expertPaul Preston, about Sandy Hook and his knowledge of what had transpired.
Governor Malloy had held a press conference that day, explaining that he and the Lt. Governor had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen, which raised the question, what “something like this” did he mean? Had he been told a school shooting massacre would take place? Or a drill that would be presented as a real event, which appears to be what took place?
Remarkably, we now have confirmation from an unexpected source. Paul Preston had obtained information from officials in the U.S. Department of Education of the Barack Obama administration, who confirmed to him on the basis of their own personal knowledge that:
(1) it had been a drill(2) no children had been killed, and(3) it had been done to promote an anti-gun agenda.
Given his background of 41 years in the California public school system (from custodian to district superintendent) and having served as a teacher, coach, vice-principal and principal before retiring in 2012 as the superintendent of two charter schools, I thought what he had to say about Sandy Hook deserved widespread dissemination.
So when did a two-hour show on Revolution Radio“False Flags (9/11, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing)” on 30 May 2014, as the third segment, I included the second 30-minutes of Sofia’s interview with Paul Preston, which is archived on “The Real Deal” and can be heard here.
Because Preston is also highly trained in school safety issues and had himself organized drills of many kinds, including active-shooter drills, what he has to say is especially telling. He has a website of his own atwww.Agenda21Radio.comwhich he created to alert listeners to the perils of Agenda 21.
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Transcript of 30-minute clip of Sofia Smallstorm interviewing Paul Preston
Transcription by Jeannon
S = Sofia Smallstrom
P = Paul Preston
S – Welcome back everyone to the Speed of Light on the Pure Momemtum Network. This is Sofia Smallstorm and we’re listening to a very interesting discussion – Paul Preston, school principal, school safety consultant, teacher, coach, and superintendent. He has been in the California system for 41 years. He is now retired.
So Paul, let’s continue. Can we get a little bit into Sandy Hook now and what set off your antenna about it?
P – Well, you know I’ve been involved in many many situations at schools that have been, you know, emergency type situations and was involved even to some degree with the Columbine situation in that we had an individual who as trying to blow up the schoolour school, at the time. In a similar fashion to what was a predicted bomb threat that occurred at Columbine thee days before the Columbine shooting, and that’s how we kind of got in touch with the Columbine people. They got in touch with us because it turned out to be a similar neo-Nazi group that was related to the Trench Coat Mafia, of all people.
And so learning and watching ad seeing all these incidences play out, all these school shootings, I took an enormous interest in because we were doing a study trying to determine because the neo-Nazis we had been working with in our school along the same time of the Columbine incident were telling us that there was going to be some big event take place. And so our staff, myself, we all wanted to sit down and figure where this was all going to and we studied a lot of the Nazi websites and so onand we figured out that yes, something big was going to happen.
Well then Columbine happened. So we watched with a lot of intensity and under with my own circumstances and also with watching the videos and replays of the other active shooter situations, I became sort of a specialist in that and applied it to my own active-shooter training that I was doing and conducting with my own people.
S – Right. And now can we get in to Sandy Hook?
P – Well yes. Of all the hundreds of hours that I spent watching these scenarios and investigating and reporting on them on my radio show, the first thing I noticed when I heard about Sandy Hook when I turned on the TV like everybody else …now I have always told everybody when you’re seeing these things play out in real timethe best news reporting is what’s happening in real time – that day ofyou know, the moments that are around the incident. But document for yourself what’s going on because you’ll never see it again.
And the first thing that caught my eye as I was watching everything play out was the lack of intensity with which people were moving and that really disturbed me. It hit me within the first few minutes, watching the video, the helicopters flying around and so on. Things just didn’t seem to be right, like I would always understand in an incident command system. People weren’t rushing around. People weren’t panicking. They ran that one guy off into the woods and then they arrested him. They took him away and there was no connectedness to that.
I was also wondering why all the emergency equipment wasn’t around the school. And I didn’t see any students either and that really bothered me.
S – So, it was almost like too slow motion for a real event. Not enough panic. Not enough chaos. You had mentioned chaos earlier being a part of these real situations. And a lot of support people rushing around like press and police but not running fast enough, not running with intensity and alarm and panic and concernI think.
P – None of that was there.
S – Yes. So all right, and then what did you start thinking?
P – Well, just within the first 10 or 15 minutes, it just all looked too staged to meand I know about staging these things since I’ve staged a number of them. And, like I said, then you stage something there’s a complete lack of intensity as you would have in a real scenario when there’s panic really taking hold of people and they’re really afraid and they’re screaming and yelling and so on.
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But the one thing that really bothered me was where were the kids. You know they had how many hundreds of kids there at the school. I didn’t see them.
S – Right
P – And there was lack of accounting for them.
And right away – and I’ll juxtaposition this with the situation that happened in Pennsylvania. You saw the kids right away. I know it’s a high school, but you know, you saw the kids right away and you saw their plan of evacuation of the school unfolding.
Now this is where it really falls apart with Sandy Hook for me. I saw…I saw no evidence of a real plan of student evacuation taking place. And that stuck to my head like crazy when I was in the moments watching this whole thing play out in real time.
S – That’s very interesting. No evidence of a real plan. Because only someone…I mean everybody had their own response to it. Some of us were already clued in from previous kinds of situations. All this has got to be not what they’re telling us it is. But you come from the industry, the business, and you felt that there is… I would say you knew … It probably was not even a feeling. It was like, you know, set in stone in your head. Where’s the plan? I don’t see the plan playing itself out. Right?
P – I saw same of your evacuation centers and I saw some of your colored tarps on the ground, the colored taps and so on, but even that pretty odd because normally if you have the tarps out there…in every active shooter situation you have ever see, there’s somebody on the tarp or there’s been some help that’s been given to somebody when somebody has been wounded, but none of that was even evident. And I don’t see anybody trying to rush to anybody’s help at all in a mass casualty situation.
See, when you don’t see that…I mean…I’ll go back to the example that I have before about the 13 who overdosed. We had people everywhere, and we had people everywhere until everybody was safe, which was 35-40 minutes, almost an hour. And that was never happening there at Sandy Hook. You didn’t see the mass of people doing that.
S – Yes, it’s more like the press filled in for that missing element. The press sounded more concerned and panicked on TV as they reported but the actual participants were not so …And se got, you know, long after the fact we got the supposed 911 calls, we got various people giving their versions of it on television as they got interviewed. But we didn’t see it on the ground. And so how long did you watch it for? Over a period of daysweeks? And what were your thoughts?
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P – You know, I make it a study. I study these things intenselyand what really, what really put me over the top was the next morning with Robbie Parker going out there, and I saw that clip as it happened. And I said there’s something really wrong here.
And that’s when I started thinking about the …the actors. You can actually rent these actors out. In fact that put these things up for training all the time.
And I just said ‘this is not…first of all, his demeanor was terrible. I would never go out…and I know sometimes this happens but…to send a parent out to talk to the press in that fashion about the daughter that he just lost. None of that seemed to be appropriate. None of it seemed to fit. And his behavior with the smiling laughing thing and getting into character that you could see. I said ‘ hmmm, I’m not buying this. I’m just not buying it.’
S – YesI know. Very few other people did. Sodid you contact anyone? Did you speak to anyone? I don’t mean officially but in your own network of friends.
P – Yes.
S – And what were their thoughts.
P – Almost everybody was unanimous that it was a false flag.
S – And when did you start looking it up on the Internet because I think people started posting immediately. You know, they were making YouTubes. The community began to express online. So when did you start looking into all of that?
P – We–a side note to this is that I have a lot of sources in and around and in that area. I have a lot of sources in regards to as to what’s going on with the president and the administration and so onand every one of my sources said it was a false flag.
S – Now these are quasi-official… what kind of sources are these?
P – Let me say that there are the sources that are very close to this administration who knows what’s going on.
S – Really. So they are really like almost insiders then?
P – Oh yes.
S – And they all….they say it was a false flag because they figured it out like you did, or they had actually factual knowledge of such..
P – They had factual knowledge of such. That’s part of the plan.
S – I see. And so how much were they willing to tell youand what else were they willing to tell you? Anything?
P – Oh, they told me quite a bit, and some of it I can’t reveal to you, but it fits the narrative of the anti-gun movement and the disarmament of America and that’s what the focus was.
S – And you realized that that’s part of the broader picture? That’s the Agenda 21 society?
P – Absolutely.
S – So do you want to tell us a little but about that or do you want to stick with the Sandy Hook material? I’ll let you decide.
P – Well, let’s go ahead with the Sandy Hook material and then we can jump into that.
S – OK, so we’re past Robbie Parker now, and what about the funerals? You must have known then that …Did you have any concept about victims or no victimset cetera?
P – Well, that whole thing was pretty shaky. What was really starting to filter in in the system and was just confirming what I was already being told about these charity sites that had been developed. By the way, they were put up the day before the shooting. And I had gotten some screen shots, and I had confirmed with my sources. Some of them were thinking that it was a very sloppy operation actually.
But there were reassurances to me that there really were no victims and that everything’s being staged.
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And of course the funerals to me…you go and look at the whole funeral process. It looked like they were all staged, from the Robbie Parker one in Utah, or the Sarah Parker one with the Parker family.
And then I started getting information from people that actually had attended that funeral who lived in Utah and said that was something very funny about it.
S – Now I would like to ask you whether your sense is that these are real families even, or are they patched together?
P – Well, you knowthat’s a good question because, you knowthe thing that rolls around in my head, you knowthe actors type of thing, you know. You know because you can put families together and these acting programs will do that under certain training scenarios. And so, it’s a good question. It really is a fair question to ask whether or not they were real families.
S – And then of course because they continue to speak and organize and be called upon to comment, they have to be formed into these family groupings over time. And remain grouped like that whether they are truly married or not.
You know, here’s one thing that I noticed. When you see a couple, if they seem really like an odd couple, then that kind of strikes you as weird. And I saw that. I saw a very odd coupled-ness with lots of these Sandy Hook families. It seemed to me, why would this person marry this person and live with them? They’re so totally different. That happens sometimes but in this content it really jumped out at me…myself anyway. I didn’t know if you noticed that…
P – It’ different to say, you knowwhen you saw them together whether they are natural families or not. That’s…I’m suspicious of that. And like I say, I’m suspicious because I know that you can put these families together, you know, with some of these acting companies out there. And that just kind of blends in with what I was already being suspicious about.
And so, there’s a lot of things that would go into the details of examining this. And I’ve see a lot of the pictures and so on, and some of the pictures don’t match up, especially the one of the Parkers in the White House. And it looks like to me that’s Sarah Parker sitting there that’syou know, supposed to be a victim.
S – There’s no Sarah Parker…
P – Which one is it…maybe it’s not the Parker…
S – Oh, you mean with Obama…
P – Yes, right.
S – Emily or Madeline …those are the two order sisters, and a lot of people felt that that was Emily Parker leaning on Obama.
P – Yes, that was Emily Parker…
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S – Have you seen the Super Bowl video?
P – Yes, I have seen that.
S – Well, there is a girl who looks a lot like an older Emily Parker in that video. So if that was Emily at the White House, or actually I think…I don’t know if it was at the White House…but with Obama, she couldn’t be six in one picture and then just a month or two later, twelve or thirteen.
P – Right.
S – That’s where we have to make a decision.
But what did you think of all the photographs of the children? Did you notice anything – the portraits that we were shown that these were the victims? Did you notice anything about those portraits?
P – No, other than some of the malformations of different parts of their bodies – seemed to be a pretty obvious thing.
The whole thing …when you take a look at the totality of this, in my opinion, it’s very sloppily done.
S – Why would it have been sloppily done though?
P – Well, you know, when …and again, it’s kind of like sometimes there’s order that comes out of chaos. And when you have these chaotic situations, people want to put things back together as best they possibly can to feel more comfortable or to recover from it. And I didn’t see any of that. I don’t know if that makes any sense to anybody. People don’t want to have that chaos. They want to heal. They want to come back together. They want to solve a problem so that they can move forward.
And that’s part of what happens when you do these drills is that you take a day or so and you talk about what happened so that you can improve upon and make it better. People do that naturally even when there’s chaos and there’s an emergency situation because they want to seek normalcy again.
I didn’t see the same kind of emotions, if you will, or the same kind of communications between parents, kids, that you would normally see in these situations. It just didn’t look…it looked phony to me.
S – So you mean the community itself, they did not try to repair in the organic way…?
P – I would say that is true, from the parents to the kids, to the entire community.
S – What do you think of this privacy issue that has been bandied about by the authorities, that all the privacy needs to be respected, and you can’t reveal this or that…?
P – That to me just adds more fuel to the fire because that’s not what you do in the normal situation of an incident command system. You get the facts out because you know oftentimes when you get the facts out, you’re also looking for criminal behavior, and the more information that you can get out that that’s waythe better.
And I’m certainly not buying the notion that the parents weren’t allowed to see the kids.
S – The bodies, identifying the…
P – I just…that to me…that should be a red flag to anybody who has looked in to Sandy Hook. The parents weren’t allowed to do that. What’s up with that.
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S – And what did you think of the coroner’s behavior at his press conference?
P – Well there’s many things about him. I just …I …first of allI didn’t understand why all of a sudden there’s 26 bodies and then there’s no coroner or doctor who’s looked at the bodies and they’re declared dead. And then all of a sudden the coroner comes out and everybody says that there was an automatic gun or a handgun that was used, and the coroner, on his own, comes out and says ‘oh no, that was an AR15 that was used.’
So there’s a lot of confusion, you knowabout that coroner, his reporthis reporting out. Nothing seems very clear and concise to me. And you know I would argue that, you know, as I looked at him and watched what was going on, he seemed to be just answering question on the fly without a lot of knowledge behind the questions.
S – And this suggested to you that this was a sloppily created event?
P – Absolutely.
S – And would you say that that was because of the portent of the whole thing that they…there were people involved in this…let’s say Dr. Carverthe coroner, who had some idea, if it was a scripted event,  it was going to go big, and really big? So do you think that the sloppiness of it was because in being organized, it’s very difficult to juggle how people are going to perform given that they know how big this thing could get?
P – Well, you know, what happens is that you…if you’re going to do these things and carry it through with the lie, everybody’s got to be telling the same lie at the same time all the time.
And I think with my judgments about the parents and the kids, and seeing them lieI was seeing a big lie being perpetrated right in front of me because nothing seemed to be consistent. And like you said, which I thought was interesting, is that oftentimes the media would fill in a lot of the blanks for you.
A classic example of the blanks comes up when you talk about where are the kids that are evacuating the school. There were helicopters that were circling overhead. They certainly would have been able to show, you know, hundreds of kids exiting the school.
That was never shown. But you did see a picture out in a parking lot, which by the way if you take a long look at this picture of all these kids being led out, about 15 or 20 kids being led out by teachers and adults from this parking lot, if you take a look at the parking lot from the aerial views, you can see that there are different cars in the parking lot in that area. So obviously that was done during some sort of drill. That’s my opinion. And it didn’t match with what was going on at the time. So nothing is matching in real time for me. That’s just another thing.
But where are the kids? Where were the kids? They weren’t present. They just weren’t there. So that’s the kind of stuff that wasn’t worked out and, you know, they were doing things on the fly. That’s why I say…I would say it was very amateur, very amateurish as to what was going on.
S – Which is surprising because in the powers that would have designed this thing – that it would be so amateur – but…
You are familiar with the character, Gene Rosen?
P – Gene Rosen – which one was …?
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S – Gene Rosen was the man who was very close to the school and he took the kids in and offered them juice and cookies, and he gave many different…he recounted his rescuing or fielding these kids differently in many interviews. So can you comment on that?
P – I can comment on this because this points to this proves my point that these kids …did they get off a bus? Where did they go? OK, I think that one of the stories was that the kids got off the bus and they made their way to his house, and there was all this panic or whatever was going on. OK, there’s something really wrong with that picture to begin with.
First of all, when you’re doing these scenarios and this school had to have been trained for this because FEMA requires these trainings, and if you’re getting safety monies from the federal government, which every school does, they have to follow the proper protocols and that’s the proper release of the students to their parents.
S – Right. He said, that children showed up on his lawn and they were with a bus driverin one story. In another story, they were just there by themselves and they were repeating babbling that there teacher was dead. So what…would the protocol be that the children…the children, according to the story, left the school on their own.
P – Well, that to me, that’s very suspicious in and of itself.
S – Right, I mean the cops had not gotten there in the first five minutes. Apparently some of them could still hear shooting going on, and how did the kids get out and just run down the road, you know?
P – All that seems to be …and again, I want to go into the thing about the incident command system, evacuation, walk-outs and so on. None of that fits that protocol. None of it.
The story of Gene Rosen or any of that stuff — None of that fits. That to me is just more evidence that there were no students other than the actor students that were there.
S – Then what was the purpose of having the Gene Rosen player?
P – Diversion.
S – From what?
P – A diversion from the other realities going on and to add more hype about the story. It’s the same thing about the guy that was chased through the woods. You knowthey had a couple of guys that were chased through the woods. What were they all about?
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And there were no answers about any of that, about where they came from and even my people couldn’t come up with an answer about that. Some of my people say it was very sloppily done.
S – These are your insider people, right?
P – Right.
S – Now did you see any of the videos of the people circling through the firehouse?
P – Yes.
S – And did that strike you …what did you think of that?
P – WellI had already come to my conclusion that this was a drill, and again, being very suspicious of the Obama administration, Diane Feinstein, Second Amendment issues, using Agenda 21 in particular, I had not see that for quite some time afterwards, maybe a couple of weeks after.
We were engaged in our own things that we were doing in terms of investigations and stuff like that. We’re pretty intense about what we’re doing here on Agenda 21 Radio, and we have some very highly placed sources of information that comes to us and which we’re very grateful for.
I, for one reason or another, hadn’t seen that video maybe two or three weeks until after the incident.
There’s more evidence right there because what in the world were all those people doing there to begin with? You see, if you’re doing an incident command situation, there’s a place for those people and those people can be moved on rather than seeing that circus that was going on, which is what that was. That was all staged.
S – Right. And these were far too many adults, no children whatsoever, no panic. And to me the people that were there-–they weren’t dressed for December. So some people have suggested that that particular drill, the circling in and out of the firehouse, took place a lot earlier, and it matches the time frame and the clothing of the children evacuated from the school. They did not have their coats.
And I was going to ask you, is it normal when there’s an emergency for the teacher to evacuate the children without letting them get their coats, or would they take the extra time and say ‘children go put your goats on as fast as you can.’ How does that work?
P – Well no. If there’s a signal to get them out of the building, and there’s always a signal of some sort to get them out of the building safely, they go directly out. Period. End of subject
And if they can get their coat, that’s great, but the safety thing is to get them away from where there potentially is a threat and that would be the key thing. And again, you pointed to something else and I brought this up earlier about the drill that we used to run and people would always, you know, screw up the drill because they would knock on the door in an active shooter situation and the teacher would open the door.
Well, you know, how does that all play out? I was looking at things pretty much in real time within minutes of news being broadcast as it was happening from a helicopter. Now I am a real-time kind of guy. So I’m looking at maybe 15 minutes into the shooter, maybe 20 minutes into the shooter situation. I’m looking at clear video of the campus and so on. I’m not seeing anything happening.
Where are the kids? The kids aren’t there.
S – Right.
P – And they should be released or what’s going on with them?
S – And there were some people said that they were in closets for up to four hours. That doesn’t make any sense either.
P – That does not many any sense to me because what happens, and again it goes back to the police, and back to Columbine, they will go in and check every nook and cranny. And quite frankly, I know how that’s done. We used to do that. We always used to look and check to see where people were.
S – Right. And you would not miss large adults hiding in small closets.
And the idea of Katelyn Boyd and some of these teachers bundling up all their kids into the bathroom and having a few sit on the toilet…I even heard the toilet roll holder, my god, that’s pretty tough to do even for a six year old. But what do you think of that? That doesn’t make sense to me.
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Sofia Smallstorm“Unraveling Sandy Hook in 234 and 5 dimensions”
P – Well, you know, we tell people in an active shooter situation to seek…to hide or …if there is a shooter there to take the challenge. We used to do these things where we had these dummy books and we’d bring in an active shooter as the stage person and throw books at them, you know, because that really throws them off. You’re taught those kinds of little techniques to throw the active shooter off.
But I can imagine some people getting holed up in a closet or something like that if they haven’t been able to lock the door. And that’s one of the things we tell our people all of the time. Lock the door. And we made sure in all schools, and all schools should have the doors should have the inside key on them, you know, so you can use an inside key on them also as we could on the outside.
S – So we have a couple of minutes left at this first hour. Do you have anything to say about Adam Lanza – fiction, non-fictionreal?
P – Well, just on the surface of itand again I would throw out I’m highly specialized trained in drugs and alcohol recognition, obviously looks like he has some meds onboard just by the look. But you know if you couch that along the same lines that that this may be a fictional event, that he’s a fictional character, which fits his description of what I see there.
And of course if you’re doing a fictionalized event like this, you want to have the most crazed individual that you can have looking at you through the picture there, and that’s exactly what you have. That’s my speculation. I think that’s what they wanted. That’s what they did.
And he has a history and what is the history? We’re not real clear on the history. You know, first of all, they found out that he’s got his brother’s driver’s license. Then there’s some confusion. And you know it one of these kind of scenarios that just didn’t quite fit.
And as a school person that to me was one of the big pieces of evidence. Why does he have his brother’s license? And then they made contact his brother that I guess was in Jersey some place, wherever he was, and there was an investigation. That all seemed to be tracking with me as a distraction about what was really happening at the school.
Click here: “Conspiracy Analyst: Does Adam Lanza even exist?”
See, the more they under this situation… this is just my speculation – the more they could distract from the actual Sandy Hook school site itself and stage things away from there, the more they could sell the story of Sandy Hook on the whole.
S – That’s a very very good point, Paul. Excellent. And we should add that the mug shot that they gave us of Adam Lanza was very painterly. It wasn’t even a photo, and it did have that, you know, ghoulish expression on it to make us think this is a real lunatic.
But we are now at the end of our first hour and I really really thank you, Paul Preston, for being with us. And we will take up a second hour discussion in the Members Section. So this is Sofia Smallstorm thanking everyone for listening to this first hour and please do come to and join us for the second hour in the Members Section with Paul Preston, 41 years in the public schools and someone who has been through a lot of staging of drills and has a lot of drill understanding and experience.
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