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Thursday, June 5, 2014

And The Blind Shall See


Recently we began working with a couple that had a mild stroke and has left the wife completely blind.

((Please pray that these stories go viral))

We have recently been working with a couple where the wife has gone completely blind due to complications caused by a stroke.

The couple is in their mid-60's and due to health issues now lives in a Retirement Home.

Social security is able to fund their placement in this place and they were automatically given Obama Care and (Social Security Health Care now called Obama Care) and receive about $60 a month to buy their clothes,m tooth paste, soap and other personal needs.

The stroke in the wife happened about 6 months ago and left the wife hospitalized for several weeks as her health was stabilized. The State of Washington seized their house and their assets to pay for this caret - but placed them in a one room apartment in a Retirement Home - Page 4 of the Obama Care Agreement. 

(((In 2 years they must be chipped like a dog according to Obama Care, page 6.)))

To be blind is the loneliest ting thing in the world. 

We sent them some Immusist in March and after using 5 drops per day she has begun to see out of her right eye enough to watch TV and stay in touch with the world.

We also sent her some Blue Berries, some Centrum Vitamins and some Gymnema.

The Gymnema acts not only like a natural vitamin (Grown Organically) but also helps rebuild her Pancreas ---- none of which can happen without the Immusist.

I wish to stress that the sight came back BEFORE while she was using Immusist  and the other stuff we sent her was just to let them know somebody does care about them. The Husband is a Veteran, but it does not matter to me.

Within 6 more months we totally expect her to see perfectly out of at least one eye and her Diabetes completely under control.

At our age we see many people having Heart Attacks, Strokes, Severe Diabetes, Cancer - the list goes on and and on --- yet those who listen to us are healthy.

Yehsua (Jesus) said that many will come after me that will do greater things.

Thank to the people behind APFN the message is getting out and the blind are now seeing and the deaf can hear again.

Last week the owner of Immusist received around a dozen calls form the kids of those in Rest Homes. Many had severe Alzheimers, many could not get up to even go to the bathroom.

The children are sneaking in 4-5 drops of Immusist a day into their parents fruit juice and ---- the fog is lifting.

They remember their children and really talk to them. 

They get up to go to the bathroom.

They walk to dinner.

One man walked for the first time in months - he walked 400 feet to the mailbox but then forgot why he went out there - but he is walking, laughing, talking to his children that he now remembers them.

You get your moms back.

You get your dads back.

It is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

APFN - you are the messengers of GOD, not me. I merely type this into a little tiny box and millions get it and thousands act on it.

When I started on this The Cure For Cancer years ago we noticed Sea Weed sales whet through the roof.

Now we need you, the APFN reader, to focus that those who read this article really understand it and apply it to their own lives.
APFN - thank you, form all those who now have their moms and dads back - thank you.

Form all those who can now see again - thank you.

From all of those who can now hear again - thank you. 

From all those who are now cancer free - thank you.

From all those who no longer have heart disease - thank you.
Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian Passport aa-00029
Cpt (Ret) USA

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