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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Iraq Falls Apart, Another Told You So By GOD


The situation in Iraq is degrading rapidly thank again to US interference directed by President Obama

(((((Please pray for Peace in Iraq)))))

Several months ago I met a man at a Home Builder's Show who's son was openly selling weapons to all sides in Iraq- Sunnis, Shi'ites, Kurds, Syrians Rebels----- whoever and US Dollars got what they want.

A US Fleet was currently loaded with these weapons and the second the US Dollars were transferred through the SWIFT system (Rothchilds get 10%) the weapons were brought in using US Troop Assets - that YOU the American Tax Payer paid for.

Well - guess what.

Just like we stated, thanks to GOD and the media outlet of APFN, the situation in Iraqis critical.

 When US Combat Troops in Uniform left Iraq they left the Shi'ite Muslims behind. This sect believes that the Quaran may not be Infallible and that the laws created by their New Calif are really what they should be following.

Many in this sect accepted the teachings of the west - educate women, use Cocaine, Sleep with Prostitutes....

It is believed that about 5% of Iraq is Shi'ite.

The vast majority of people in Iraq 980%) are Sunni Muslims. They believe that the Quaran is the Holy World of God (Allah, Bedoine God of War) and that they should kill those who do not feel the way they do.  Much like our people until the coming of the TV, these Sunnis believe that the government is an extension of their Holy Book. They murder all who do not believe that god is called Allah and who do not swear on the holy name of Mohammed.

These folks are so radical and murderous that president Obama has endevoured to ship millions out of the Middle East and into Europe and America at YOUR expense and then take YOUR guns away while shipping them massive amounts of guns both in the US and in the Middle East.

What you are about to look at is a picture in the Wall Street Journal today showing the angry Shi'ites fighting back. Please notice that a man on the right side is wearing Military Riffle Clip Holders and is wearing a white robe. He has no beard, there is no sweat marks on his shoulders from the gear (110* weather) and in the lower right you will see a brand new pair  of Blue sneakers - New Blue Sneakers.

The Picture is a fake, staged to get us back into war in Iraq.

So her it comes - the Staged Wars in the middle East, the killing of Millions as ordered by the Roman Pope through the Roman Knights of Allah and Jesuits, and the full scale destruction of the world's economies just like Albert Pike stated it would happen so many years ago.

Please also note that the ruling Shi'ite fighters the US supported for a decade is carrying Russian made weapons and the Evil Sunnis are carrying US made weapons.

Please explain that Mr Dumb Dumb John Kerry - why did your State Department not react and stop selling weapons to the Sunnis when this was exposed 2 months ago you murdering coward?

Here is the picture:

Please also note that all their clothing is washed and they are freshly shaved-----a no no in the Muslim religion.

The photo was staged - it was a lie.

So now even the front cover of the Wall Street Journal is a lie.

The News You Are Not Supposed to Have

Dr William B. Mount

Spell checked 4 times.

Do your best to discredit me US Army Cyber Cowards.


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