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Monday, June 16, 2014

Rothchilds Demand War Immediately

The Rothchilds Demand War Everywhere

It appears that through the Vatican the Rothchilds now demand war.

(((Please pray - visualize - that these Lucifarians fail at everything they do form this day forward)))

It appears that the Rothchilds are now demanding war on all fronts.

Golly Geepers - who warned the world about each front months before they appeared?

1) Ukraine: We warned the US State Department, White House and on TV about 7 years ago what was to be --- no one moved to stop it.

2) Nigeria - Same Thing.

3) Thailand - although the fighting is coming to an end, we hope.

4) Iraq - did we not do a story here on APFN and on Pravda describing what was happening and going to happen way back in January and yet the US state Department stated: "This Surge caught us by surprise."

In January the US State State Department under Dumb Dumb Coward Kerry talked about the coming Iraq Civil War - so their latest comments indicate they lie like a rug.

Today the Sunni Majority is moving to take their nation back form the western powers centered in Rome. They want their land back, they want their own oil, they want their nation back.

John Kerry, like Harry Reed and Nancy Pelosi, is a Wide Mouthed Cow that needs to be pregged.

 U.S. can fight al Qaeda in Iraq without troops: Kerry | Reuters

Now the Iranians are moving troops in to help the Iraq's win the war.

Not to be outdone the US is sending in a carrier group with 14 Nuclear Armed Submarines and and the Idiot in the White House has ordered large numbers of Long Range Nukes to be placed in Europe in response.

The situation is now even more intense as US Soldiers deploy more men to invade SYria and the Ukraine.

Do not expect any honesty from the Obama Doubles.

Tow Top AP stories right now:

a) Obama: We will not put boots on the ground in Iraq.

b) John Kerry: The US is sending 100 marines to the US Embassy in Iraq.

c) Hagel, DOD: The US is sending a carrier group with 2,300 marines to Iraq right now.

d) John Kerry to authorize the bombing of Iraq and troop to support Iraqi Air.

The all lie like a rug.

I will follow these cowards into a war zone.

Operative Word: Follow - but these are cowards.

No one will find the USW war machine any more.

Putin's Response:

Troops from 132 nations are moving in a pro-active way to prepare for war. Russian nukes are now being positions to eliminate the US And england - primary targets are London, DC, Fort Belvior, Seattle, San Diego, etc.

In the mean time the US is moving full speed ahead to destroy the world under orders of the Rothchilds.
For You Intel Geeks: Here is what GOD says is coming.

Is this loud enough for your liar to hear and see General ED Dempsey, You Demon Possessed Freak?

1) Obama played golf in Palm Springs - not Martha Vineyards. Thank you - he is alive now.

2) This does not, however, explain how he gave orders form the White House concerning Iraq over the weekend if he was in Palm Springs?

3) Look up - The Sun was too bright for the satellites this weekend.

4) US will now experience huge wether anomalies. Monsanto employees working on GMO Plants need to be killed and we need to go back to growing non-GMO Plants like Spent or there will be huge starvation through price rises in food.

5) Japan - you will shake again - roll to the right. Your current leadership needs to go away ASAP, just like ours or many Japanese will die soon.

6) Many US Naval Ships and US DOD Planes will now begin to experience huge electronic problems - you went all computers.

Naval Commanders: Your brains must be Cady Wompus calcified to the point of permanent Brain Farts.

Check all Ejection systems in every jet - ensure they work through a mechanical means not electronically.

7) according to the Chief Jesuit General: If you kill the Jesuits and Roman Knights of Malta you get your contry back, your money back, your economy back, and your nation back. 4/15/2000 Interview with Hanz Kovlenback.

8) IMF - Your 7 Years Are Up - you failed to meet your deadline. You are going down along with your directors. SO say the I AM That I Am. Deal with it.

9) There are now about 10,000 key Bankstas, Oil Magnets, and Leaders on Wall Street and in hte London FInancial Markets and other Key World Leaders of the west  are about to be vaporized. They will be replaced with "Clones" - much like the Obama Clones. They will look and act differently but they will be enough alike the world will not notice.

10) The Federal Reserve Dollar will now begin to falter as the US/UK/Vatican Marches Inexorably Towards World War 3 to ensure the dominance of the Ancient Roman Empire through Lucifer their God.

11) The Eart, and the Sun,  will now expand ever so slightly - causing huge quakes and weather upsets. More on that later.

12) The US is now spreading GMO DNA over the vast wheat, corn and rice crops in CHina, Russia, India and Europre in an attempt to make them dependent on US/UK GMO crops form Monsanto, Dupont and Conagri. If not stopped immediately billions will die.

13) Russia and 132 nations are preparing militarily for a Nuclear War. Goto to confirm this. Russia is ready for war now. The hit ordered by Obama on Putin has been confirmed and he is not happy.

14) If President Obama's Staff will kill President Putin no one is safe. The insane men in DC and in London and Rome must be stopped at all costs and apparently 140 other nation feel this way as well.


15) US/UK are now spraying chemicals like 2-4-5-T --Agent Orange-- world wide to destroy crop production in every nation of the next 100 years. This stuff does not degrade even in hot soils like in Vietnam. We can still see it's deleterious effects today on crop production and children's deformities.

16) Any Nuclear False Flag maybe met with a Nuke up the CIA's and DOD's rear end - langley, Pentagon, Under Denver and under South Central Nebraska. Your base Self Destruct Sequences are now controlled by some one other than you. They could be over ridden using ASCI - but no one there is smart enough to understand ASCI ---- it is like Morse Code with 8 didgets not 4.

17) May I suggest you cancel the Nuclear Dirty Bomb in Atlanta tomorrow and the 12 Dirty Bombs in US cities on Friday?

Just a suggestion.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have.

Dr William B. Mount

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