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Monday, June 2, 2014

Air Talk Mission


What you are about to read a synopsis of an ongoing   Top Secret Mission established by the Untied Nations for Dubious Reasons.

(((Please pray that the truth comes out about this program.)))

This Mission was established many years ago for the Outward purpose of rebuilding airports world wide and brining them up to the New United Nations Standards.

Airport Engineers, mostly America,  have been hired from around the to help in these construction projects to ensure they meet the ISO (International Standards) of building.

For Example: The Runway must be at least 4 feet thick using Cement that contains so much Concrete, Gravel and sand. Roadways leading to the airports must also be of a certain quality in accordance with the ISO Standards (And Thus NATO standards)  to be approved.

These standards are generally met as a whole and on the outward side they appear to be working.

((Now remember - both the UN and the US COrporations are owned by David Rothchilds (Bauer) (Pope's Money Manager) and thus work together to grow the Roman Empire through military and covert activities.))

In reality the project was established to do certain other dubious and nefarious actions. such as:

1) Ensuring Self Destruct weapons are on the premises.

2) All areas must have cameras with Iris and Fingerprint recognizing programs established and tis is then fed to the Master Computer underground near Ohio.

3) The Most important use of this program is to pass information on Private Messages to those associated  with covert activities in the area. Thus Oders are passed on to US/English Operatives around the world for the control of these governments -- such as Hillary's Order to kill the US Ambassador to Libya (Christopher Stevens) for stealing her Commissions form selling weapons to the MEK (Mujadeen Al Kaleek) or killing the Japanese Ambassador toe China In China on the same day.

Another use is soon to be to FBI Operatives in China to kill the Chinese Soldiers who run the Chinese Cyber Command right under the noses of the Chinese Government. They tricked the US into going into Afghanistan to take the Opium Fields and now the US is going to kill their Cyber Folks in response just South and West of Peking.

Another use will be to terminate the leaders of China and Russia in retaliation for who planning this Gold Currency (Rubble, Yaun) 5 years ago and the US knew nothing about it until a few months ago. If they had asked me I would have told them - stupid CIA and Naval Intel. They know everything about me but are too Ignorant and Arrogant to come forward and talk to me directly.
A Note to the Russians:

 By now my hope is that you have captured the Greek Looking Guy in the red/Rust colored car who has English Pounds in his pockets and a short rifle with strange looking rocket bullets similar to those made my MBI in the 70's who was paid to take out 5 sections of your Southern Pipe Line to Europe.

Good Job.

They will try it again in about 3 weeks - after you let your guard down. This is when they will also try blowing some Oil Lines out of Texas and North Dakota to sort of Test the Waters.

The Texas Area targeted will be in Southern Western Texas, North Dakota may be South Central partly to the West of the center of the state. Rout 1806 I believe.

If the Rothchlds have ordered "Jelley Stone" to blow 31 August killing half of America and billions around the world - who cares about a few Oil Pipelines, right?

What DO NAZI Fascists do: They kill Russians, Germans, Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Australians, Indians, Iranians, French, Italians, SPanish, Dutch, Polish.......
Now You Know The Rest Of The Story.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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