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Saturday, June 28, 2014

How Does One Man Stand Up To Fascism in America?

How does just one man stand up to Fascism in America?

(((Please pray - visualize - that you have a clear understanding of what your true roll is in life)))

How does on man even stand up to a Fascist Government and try and stop in in this age of Instant Media?

I get calls almost daily now from folks who are either regaining their health or worried about where they are going to get their next meal. The Inflation on food is now hitting everyone.

So how exactly does one man stand up to 60 years of Liberalism and Fascism ingrained all across this once free land?

Seven years ago I was just an overweight disabled vet - no one even knew my name. Then 2 senior Special Forces came forward and asked me to stop the Assassination of President George Bush and the nuking of Salt Lake 4 and 6 April 2007.

I got on my knees and really sought GOD. HE gave me a choice: Let the war come and I will make you very wealthy or stop the planned Nuclear War and be harassed at every turn but stay the course.

I chose hte second option.

Seven years later I have endevoured to follow as GOD has led. I have stayed the course.

Thanks to a lot of very incredible folks like Kieth Ljunghammer and Dr Will P Wilson (All Day Live TV Show) Pat and Mike Schupe (Call 4 Investigation TV Show) and Don Grahams and his TV program and the Incredible Folks here on APFN and on Pravda we have done just that.

Before Alex Jones, before the alternate media - we were fighting this Awful Beast we call the Fascist United States Corporation (USC2, Sec 286, US Senate Report 93-549).

National Socialism (NAZI, or Fascist)must be fought at all levels and at all costs, there is no Peace that can be made with these pigs. They are after world conquest and will do whatever it takes, and kill whoever they please, to get there. Hitler proved that one.

The warnings I gave 7 years ago are now Front Page on the Wall Street Journal.

Look at today's headlines:

1) US Roll Deepens in Syria and Iraq - this week alone Dumb Dumb Coward John Kerry is sending Syrian Terrorists and Sunni Terrorists $500 Million in weapons that means YOU just spent $1.50 this week to kill Syrians and Iraqies. Did you approve this expense?

2) Broad Gains Power Historic Rally. The value of the 30 stocks on the DOW Jones Industrial Average are all up yesterday - yet most companies experience a huge down turn in profits?

3) US Envoy Resigns after trying to broker peace between Israel and Palestine.

Again, what we said the US Corporation would do years ago is now Front Page Wall Street Journal Stories.

Hard to argue that point isn't it?

When I first began down this long and lonely road I had no idea the US Corporations like the FBI, US Marshals, US Secret Service, CIA, Etc would come against me in such a strong way - yelling at me, screaming at me in public, attempts on my life, stealing bank accounts, stealing everything I owned, forcing em to be homeless for months on end ---- I have 3 belly buttons now, two from Knife Wounds

I Suppose this is how a Snake or Scorpion says thank you for saving their lives.

Even now as you read this article  those who run the Federal Reserve System are being targeted for death if they try and stop the elimination of their Federal Reserve Dollar - and targeted by nations that number 5.5 Billion people.

We may beat this Fascist Pig yet?

Nations like Greece and Argentina, now struggling under this Fascist Regime led by David Rothchilds,  would do well to stop paying on their debt and issuing their own currencies and if threatened kill those who threaten them - the Jesuit Scum and their leaders. It is a two way street and the Living GOD will honor their attempts to stop these Fascist Pigs in London and DC if threatened.

So how does one man stand up against a NAZI regime and expose these Fascist Pigs who lead the United States Corporation?

Do as GOD directs and stay the course.

Do not worry about the Transvestite Leaders like Michelle Obama and his male lover's cabinet.

Do not worry about those in Cyber Command all over the nation who take up false names out of fear and criticize you. Maybe if they actually used their real names someone would take them seriously. The Majors and Colonels order these enlisted to do the criticisms because they are Satanic Officer Cowards prefer the "Lower Class People" to take all the risk.

Lower class people - the Enlisted. 

Do not worry about the screaming insane US Corporate Thugs (SS) - they are who they are and too stupid to change. Every one who has touched me in a negative way,  that I went back to see,  is now dead.

Those who handcuffed me seven years ago - all dead.

Let GOD handle the criticism.

If GOD has a roll for YOU - then do it with all your might.

So your roll right now is a Dishwasher - so what. This is where GOD may want you right now. Do it to the best of your ability. I lasted 3 days - it was not where GOD wanted me.

Still when it gets dark and I am alone because my wife is off on some trip - it gets very lonely. I still ask "Why GOD,  why did you not choose somebody with more elegance or money, with more pizzaz or strength - why did you choose an anti-social kind of a guy who started life as a Forester to do this?"

The answer is always the same: No one else would come.

So the way to try and stop this Fascist Pig US Regime is by following the Living GOD and let him handle the rest.

So to the person who called me a few hours ago and asked me how to stop 100,000 children a month  from being shipped into the US from South America on YOUR nickle and then being put on welfare forever I say:

"I do as GOD directs me. If GOD wanted me to do more HE would give me the ability to do more - like throw these Fascist Pigs out on their heels - but for now this is all HE has given me and I suppose that is enough for now."

Thank you For Being There APFN
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read.

Dr William B. Mount

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