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Monday, June 9, 2014

Were We Ever Really Free


Were the citizens in the Great "united states of America" ever really free?

(((Please pray that we regain our republic and our finances from Lucifer)))

All we really ever hear about is freedom, land of the free, be free --- free, free, free yet people like Senator Harry Reid are killing people over the oil on the Bundy Ranch -- and the Governor of Nevada and US Marshals and DOD are letting him do it.

Let us look at our freedoms since the founding of America:

1) Virginia Charter, 1706, giving all of the land in North America to the English Crown.

2) The Rothchilds (Bauers, answer to the Roman Pope, the Legal Roman Emperor) own the English Crown lock, stock and barrel.

3) The Treaty of 1783 that ended the Revolutionary War gave the treasury of the United states of America, France, England, Scotland and Ireland to the English Crown to be managed by the Rothchilds.

4) In 1793 the first UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Corporate) coin was printed.

5) Seventy years later (Corporate Bankruptcy Laws) in 1863 (Two years before the end of the American Civil War) the Southern States were placed under "Redevelopment" by the UNITED STATES Corporation.

6) In 1871 President Grant sold the united states of America to the English Bankers and they ran in form the Corporate UNITED STATES Headquarters in DC.See: Senate Report 93-549.

The Organic constitution was signed and the original IS Constitution was thrown out.

Here in Washington we had a 1887 and 1889 constitution one for the state, one for the corporation which replaced the real state - the one for the "State of Washington", and one for the "STATE OF WASHINGTON CORPORATION".

The business license for this corporation may be found on the right wall as one enters the Washington State Governor's Office --- been there, seen it.

Apparently it took a couple of decades to kill and replace all the original governors.

7) Seventy years later on 9 March 1933 the US Corporation went into redevelopment by the ENglish Corporation.

8) The Bretton Woods agreement was signed 14 July 1944, placing the UNITED STATES CORPORATION under redevelopment by the International Monetary Fund Corporation - 54.% owned by David Rothchilds. See; USC 2, Sec 286; also USC 5, Sec 101-105.

This agreement also made the Federal Reserve Note the world currency. America was set to go into deep debt to spread the dollars worldwide.

10) Around 1960 the Cloward-Bivens Model was adopted for the destruction odf AMerica but not fuloly implemented until President Obama took over.

11) In 1972 the UNITED STATES (United States) Corporation violated the Bretton Woods Agreement and dropped the Gold Standard.

12) The UNITED STATES CORPORATION came out of Bankruptcy 9 March 2003 - notice no more circle around the Presidential Heads on the $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills.

13) The Bretton Woods agreement is up - the 70 years are over. As of 14 July 2013 (Extended until 14 July 2014) the Federal Reserve Dollar is no longer the World Currency so the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations began building a New Currency Mint to print both Rubles and Yuan that are backed with gold.

Argentina,m the Catholic Church's Alternate Head Quarters, may also joint the BRIC nations.

14) Since last year the US Treasury Corporation (Owned by the IMF) began printing $100 bill switch US Treasury stamped on them backed by unharvested oil -or - Thin Air.

15) Knowing this the Rothchilds, using the Jesuit Scum, have been trying to create such a Nuclear Flag as to send Planet Earth into the Stone Ages  - to which end I am involved.

16) The Seven years of Peace and War were supposed to begin 30 September 2006 with 12 US cities being Nuked - but thanks to the FBI these plots were stopped. Fear not - those who stopped the nukes form going off have been severely disciplined.

17) The next set time for a Nuclear False Flag was 4 April 2007 - which is when I got involved.

18) Somewhere around 80 Presidential Assassinations and Nuclear False Flags later here we are - all documented like the Nuke in DC 21 Sep (See NCIS Newspapers), 16 Dec Nuke in Swedish Embassy in DC, Sorchi Nuke found under the stadium in the caves, the 2014 Super Bowl Nuke......The list just goes on and on.

19) Since Lucifer is supposed to bring in the New World Teacher on the Full Moon 9:11PM Western Standard Time the New World Order is in a Panic Mode. They do not have the Caos to bring in this New World Teacher - yet it is the First Day of Invokation and the Day Of Good Will on this coming Full Moon ------ the Last Major Holy Day for Lucifer in this New Age Of Aquarious.

Add to this Senator Harry Reid's attempt to get the Oil form the Bundy Ranch through murders and False Flags, and Senator Dian Feinstein's "Snitch Law" and you have some real events coming up like:

a) Vega Shooting Yesterday. Gee - the Cops sure look like the Cops at Sandy Hook Elementary don't They - and the Flag placed over the victims a White Male Supremisist?

The shooter got kicked out of the Bundy Freedom Fighters because he not only had a criminal record but was working for the BLM ?

Gee - did you not read this in my blog a few weeks ago?

GOD is never wrong.

b) Expect a shooting to hit the news every other day now. When the shooters are Black the race will not be mentioned but if the shooters are White they will be: White Supremisists.

Keep the Whites hating the blacks hating the oriental hating the - while the Rothchilds rob you blind.

c) The 15th there is a staged killing of Obama at Martha Vineyards again. Obama's doubles need to stay home for the week.

d) Staged Atlanta False Flag Nuke - most likely a Dirty Bomb (Green Gas) with no radiation - full Lock Down and Marshal Law in Georgia as they look for "Two Russian White Supremisists or Seperatists."

The stories are already written by the way.

e) The SIMPSON'S TV show had a small scene where the 22nd was used to bring in some Nuclear Dirty Bombs to 12 US cities and create utter Caos.

f) The 31 August torch off of Yellow Stone by AMEC using an 850 KT Nuke already in place.

The list that these evil doers just goes on and on.

No one - not the Golden and Black Dragon Societies, not DOD Commanding General Limp D.... Dempsey, not the NCIS - no one seems to be man enough to stop the Rothchilds and those in the White House.

They will have their Nuclear World War and Marshal Law - Unless we ask GOD collectively to stop this madness to neutralize Lucifer and evil his minions.

Yes - more prayer.

Hay - if you have any better ideas I am all ears.
A Message for Walmart:

You have destroyed one too many small businesses purposely.

"GF Joes" was the last straw.

Your profits will fall horrible, so says hte I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come. It has been decided.

A Note to the US Intel Geeks and Idiots:

Thursday by Close of Business - GOD says you will do as instructed or your economy is toast and there is no going back. If you are that stupid and have forgotten what I am referring to you may call and ask.

Remember: Adama, Marduk, Mars and now Earth. Your Underground bases are utterly useless and this time you will not be allowed to roam the Galaxy any more but you and your allies will be permanently placed in confinement forever.

The best way I can describe this permanent confinement is like a "Fart in a Jar."

This includes you President Putin and PM Medvedev, and leaders of the Dragon Societies.

Test GOD - please, test the Living GOD --- be stupid.

Do not meet the Thursday 5PM Western Standard Time - please David Rothchilds,  David Rockefellar  and your Demon Possessed staff - be stupid.  I am asking you to ignore the Living GOD.

I want to watch.

I will personally draw great pleasure in watching you being slowly ground up the Living GOD and spit out along with all your "Allies"  after all the pain you have caused through out the Galaxy.


The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William B. Mount

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