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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Floods In Southern Siberia

Within the last few weeks there have been terrible floods in southern Siberia.

(((((Pray that those creating these floods are held accountable)))))

These floods have been devastating.

The area where the floods have been happening the area between Mongolia and Kazakhstan --- the area that the US has been ordered by the Rothchilds (Bauers) to create war and break away another country there - a "Region Of War" for China and Russia to concentrate on.

The area these War Mongers wish is roughly the area North of Altay China and South of Russia's M-52 highway.

The idea is to create an underground base there and feed weapons to US/UK paid insurgents and then break this region away and create a zone of permanent war. In addition, used Nuclear Rods will be transported to this region to destroy it for future populations.

These actions should destabilize Russia and CHina enough to cancel this New Bank. Money being created by the BRIC nations.

The Rothchilds (Bauers) answer to the Roman Pope and he has at his disposal all Jesuits, Roman False Knight's of Malta and the leaders of every major religion centered in Rome --- Sheites, Suni, Baptists, Assembly of God, Catholic, etc.

The only major religion not loyal to Rome is the Greek/Russian Orthodox Church so these folks must destroy Russia, Greece, Serbia and any other power that does not bow to them.

We The American People are appalled at the US Corporation killing Russian and Chinese citizens and demand that these practices cease immediately.

Here Is How To Stop It:

The frequencies generated are in the higher harmonics and being sent down from about 150,000 feet above.

The Old WW2 radar causes a Harmonic Disturbance into the 4th Harmonics.

12 Dimensions, 12 Harmonics between each dimension.

We vibrate at 51-78 MHz, or 10 to the 5th. The next harmonics at 10 to the 8th, etc.

Triangulate three of these into the suspected region where the weather modification machine is and then shoot it down. The electronics may be disrupted by boosting the electronic signal of the radar and pinpointing the radar to the location of the craft.

You must use the OLD radar with electronic tubes in it. Modern electronics does not work.

When the original radar was tested in WW2 US tests showed that all planes hit by this radar fell out of the sky.
There are two more things you must do to survive as a nation in the next few years:

1) Destroy the aircraft over Yellowstone that is creating heat - there are three US satellites you must disable to do this.

2) Take the leaders of AMEC into a room and force them to remove the Nuke under Yellow Stone National Park -- by what ever means necessary. Get ahold of Field McConnel of Abel Danger and work with him to identify those who are involved in this plot to destroy the Northern Hemisphere. His number is on my phone so I am sure you have it.

There is not much time left as Yellow Stone National Park  is getting really hot.
I urge caution. The CIA is expert at Mind Control.

Using their DOD owned site Wikia the created "Slender Man" - a Horror Site for children. his Horror ite recently told two little girls to stab a friend to death so they did. Drugs plus frequency manipulations have created this new breed of Hybrids - so be careful - Zombies That Kill.

12-year-old Wisconsin girl stabbed 19 times; friends arrested -

The News You Are Not Suppose To Read

Dr William B. Mount

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