Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dragon Family Leaders - Lick Your Elbows

Dragon Family Leaders - Try and lick your elbows. Just sit down and get in a good position and try and lick your elbows.

For several years you have claimed through your "Ambassador" that your families had so much money they woudl fund "Humanitarian Projects" through the St Germain Fund - the Marco Polo fund.

You initially claimed that you had $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Anyone who would believe your initial claims would believe you would fund Humanitarian Projects.

Now - over the weekend in a Seminar you demanded Business Plans to fund something - in other words - if it makes money you will "Lend Out Money" at a nice interest rate.

On Kev Baker's Show you now claim to have only $21,000,000,000,000.

What happened to the other 18 Zeroes you initially claimed you had?

Big Deal - the US Corporation owns over 40% of the New York Stock Exchange and American Stock Exchanges - total value of over $300 Trillion Dollars. The US COrporate Debt is a joke.


If you were serious would you not have already funded:

1) Clinics to cure cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimers?

You have been presented with the films: THE CURE FOR CANCER, THE CURE FOR DIABETES, ETC.

2) If the Dragon families were not liars would they not have bought out Monsanto and stopped the production of GMO Crops and instead use my formula to repair the damaged Soil we talked about in the video:  THE CURE FOR TREE DISEASES?

Yet almost all of the cotton in China and much of the Rice is now Genetically Modified - you are killing your own people -

3) If you Dragon Family Members were serious would you not produce the Tacheon Generators and Water Powered Motor like the P-51 Aircraft Motor used in WW2?

You have been shown all of these, and I have done videos on all of these.

4) Since you run the IMF would you not have paid on the TF5444e and TF211s and avoided this exposure as Liars?

You are liars and you have been called out.

GOD can make your $Trillions disappear in seconds with one little Computer "Poof."

We shall see what you do over the next few days - pit up or Everyone will know you and your "Ambassador" are nothing but liars and freaks. GOD will spread the news - so HE has said it, so it shall be.

The Silent $21Trillion Jubilee That No One Noticed


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Make Water

The followong is a video on how to get water in a drought stricken are. The  methods discussed are:

1) Sea Water Pipe Line pushed by America's Third Party. The usable fresh water is limited to the size of hte pipeline and can be run using Solar or Wind.

2) Condenser, IE Air Conditioner. A 900 Watt Air Conditioner makes about 2 gallons of water a day here in Tacoma and costs about 16 cents - or about 8 cents per gallon.

Consider using a 10,000 Watt Solar System ($25,000-$30,000) or a wind mill to power these condensers. This system should produce about 10 gallons of water a day for use in Toilets.

A Condenser using Stainless Steele Tanks Tanks can be manufactured for capturing water out of the air that is not toxic.

3) Home Well Drilling Rigs - Drill a well in your back yard but do not tell the neighbors. My water is level is at 6 feet and will drill this in the fall. I will simply dig a hole and line it with 50 gallon plastic barrels.

4) Catching Water off a roof is very effective in areas where rain comes in huge amounts very seldom - lie Arizona and New Mexico.

Remember - Filter and test the water often as these methods may give you very bad water.

Bad water may be used to flush the toilets, filtered water for everything.

Personally: I have my drinking water delivered from Mountain Mist - a local company.


Video: How To Make Water on You Tube



BE READY - YouTube

Fountain Of Youth - YouTube



The Cure For Athesma - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

We're not likely to change the world, or even effect Big Pharma one bit ---- but we will can change your life for the better.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

OBAMAnation Of Desolation

Mathew 24: 15: Greek Translation Word For Word: When Therefor You See The Abamanation Of Desolation (Desolation of Fire) spoken Through Daniel The Prophet Stand In The Place Of Holiness One Reading Let Him Understand Then The Ones In Judea Let Them Flee To The Mountains........

Just like the Mormons and Jews have prophesized:

Dr William B. Mount

Autism Doctor Shot By CIA?

We have been tracking a few stories that do not seem to make much sense.

(Please pray that in the name of Yeshua all those destroying America and Freedom are immediately and permanently disabled so badly they cannot speak for life. Please also pray that the Russian and Chinese Leaders do as GOD has directed them to do or they too become immediately and completely disabled)))

The News story where a White Male Retarded Young Man shot 9 people in a church and this retarded child killed on 9 on the first shot - Really?

False Flag.

Second - an Autism Doctor (Dr Jeff Bradstreet) is helping walk children out of Autism and is raided by the NAZI Obama Regime (FDA) and then shot at point blank range by himself and dumped into a river.

NAZI Regime Murder by the CIA?

It appears that again the White House has ordered both a False Flag with 9 FAKE victims and a Real Murder of a prominent, except this doctor was in Wikipedia?

How many doctors are in WIkipedia?

Exactly, none of mine are.

Fake Doctor, Fake Shooting or Set Up?

SmellS to high heaven of a CIA False Flag - a Lie by a Corporation that forces you to pay them to murder and lie.

We fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and princes of Lucifer the Skunk.

So before you accept any News Story read it very carefully and understand why it was written.

For Dr Jeff Bradstreet I give you these stories




The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

VIDEOs On You Tube:





CIA Hit Team “Suicides” Doctor, Then “Protects” South Carolina Massacre Shooter

Dr Jeff Bradstreet, MD, MD(H), FAAFP | Hope for complex health issues: (678) 288-9222 (NEW NUMBER) Accepting New Patients

Prison Planet.com » Mysterious Death: Body of Doctor Who Linked Vaccines To Autism Found Floating in River

Friday, June 26, 2015

US Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Legal Nationwide

The US Corporate Supreme Court has ruled that Gay Marriage is legal.

Read the ruing very closely as Judge Kennedy Stated:

The Constitution Promises Liberty to all within it's reach, a liberty that includes certain specific rights that allow persons, within a lawful realm, to define and express their identity.

First of all Liberty means freedom, which means your property is yours - you are king upon where you stand, no Property Taxes ever so Judge Kennedy does not even know about the words he uses -- he is either senile or an idiot in the Obama Regime.

Secondly - this means that a man or a woman may marry dog, a horse, or a 2 year old girl. In other words - Beastiality and Pedapheilia are legal.

I received an Email directly from the White House written and sent before the ruling - this one was ordered by the President and his Drag Queen Husband Michelle Obama - Mike Ramsey, #44, Oregon State University Tackle 1983-84. Michelle has an Adams Apple - Michelle is a man.

Combine this with the new PEP Executive Order Obama just signed in reference to immigration where he made it legal for Illegal Immigrants to commit Rape, Murder, identity theft, drug possession and a host of other crimes and you begin to realize:

Obama And His Staff Homeland Security) Want You Dead.


You think this is funny - Over 96% of all Arrested Illegal Aliens remain in this nation. They are never sent home.

Ninety-six Percent of Apprehended Illegals Still in the U.S.

So now here is what is planned to kill YOU, the America

1) 1 July Texas breaks off of the US Corporation as 3 Russian Surface ships, a dozen Russian Subs and 6 - 7 Chinese Subs enter the US Coast Line in preparation for the Obama Regime ordering more Americans to be killed.

2) US Supreme Court will order all churches to conduct Gay Marriage and weddings between Humans and both Animals and little children.

3) Many churches will say no - but they have 503c status and must obey their IRS Masters.

4) The IRS - which is not licensed to operate in any state, will seize church assets and perhaps arrest the Elder in every church.  This includes ALL affiliate churches world wide.

5) The Pastors will be declared "Enemies Of The State" as Lucifer makes his stand in Washington DC.

6) Pastors overseas - like the Priests in the Russian Orthodox Church in St Petersburg - will be declared "Enemies of the United States Corporation" and will be targeted for arrest or assassination in Russia. President Putin, PM Medvedev  - GOD warned you, you should have paid on your bond, now your chief politicians and religious leaders will be targeted.

I wish it were not so  - but the US Corporation now has huge amounts of Foreign Cash in every embassy in anticipation of the US Corporate Dollar Devaluation and will ow target these religious leaders world wide.

After that - expect GOD's Wrath on America. Too many idiots sitting around watching TV - it is time.

Pray - visualize - that ALL of those destroying America and Freedom are destroyed immediately.

Pray - visualize - that the first targets in this coming war are Rome, London, DC, Under Denver and under Central Southern Nebraska, Darjling, Tokyo, and New York City --- which may already be the case.

See The Video: BE READY on you tube.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

This has been in the works for decades but America has become so evil it can no longer be stopped.

40 Men's Fashion Ads From The 70's That Will Leave You Wondering.... - NewsLinQ

men's fashion ads

men's fashion ads

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Russia Deploys Fleet To Protect New Texas Nation

Russia is now deploying both land a sea assets to defend the New Nation of Texas.

As you recall - a few weeks ago President Obama had someone sign an executive order taking Texas out of the US Corporation and deploying Embassy Staff to set up a New Embassy in Texas. The First of July Texas leaves the US Corporation and becomes and independent nation, legally anyway.

Who knows how long this will remain a secret.

If you recall - way back in the American Civil War the Russians deployed a fleet to protect the Union from the English funded American Civil War.

Today the Russians are deploying a fleet to protect the New Nation of Texas form the Next American Revolution funded by the English - The Rothchilds, as ordered by the Roman Pope.

When I met a CIA Handler just after meeting the CIA Director I was shown that the US will be broken down into 6 regions: Alaska Sarah Palen), Texas, Southern States, North East, Midwest and the West. The handler I met is scheduled to be the Next US President and will unify what is left of America.

California, Arizona and New Mexico were to be given to Mexico

The guy they chose is Intelligent and Honest and Patient. Not a bad choice for reunification.

So what happens if something goes wrong with our 65,000 + 10,000 form Yucca Mountain Nuclear Arsenal - like some patriot decided to blow up the White House, under Denver and under South Central Nebraska using their own Self Destruct Nukes - remember Trinidad and Mineral?

Oops -

So yes - Sorcha is correct - they just did not go far enough in telling us the truth. This is about the destruction of America. Expected US Population in 3 years: About 70 Million.

So we have a potential:

1) Separation of the US into 6 regions
2) The death of 300 Million Americans
3) Last year of Jubilee
4) Lucifer lining up his forces to: Shoot Jesus Down With Lasers and Rockets.
5) Coming Nuclear War
6) Yellow Stone Blowing It's Top
7) Financial Melt Down

Choose what you wish to believe, but to anyone but a Moron it appears that those in the White House want to kill you.

Please pray - Visualize - that those trying to destroy America are immediately and completely immobilized for life.

Please also keep in mind that GOD has it all handled and that YOUR relationship with GOD is between YOU and GOD, not between you and a pastor or priest. They may help you in your understanding but NO ONE stands between You and GOD.
The Earthquakes and Sun Spots aimed at the Red Dragon Empire are to remind them that when GOD speaks they had better listen. As their economy falls around their feet they let it happen because they were too "Lazy", "Cheap" to pay on the Federal Reserve and US Treasury Obligations they were told to pay on so their entire Empire falls over peanuts. So much for honor, integrity and honesty, right?

Let me know when you are ready China - until then your empire will continue to collapse and there is nothing - NOTHING - you can do to stop it. Look up into the sky and below your feet - Lucifer himself cannot stop this.
As for the Hit on Obama on 17 July at Camp David (Sniper) and the eggs someone is planning to throw in Obama 4 July are just to get his attention.

As for the Idiots in the White House Staff - please destroy the labels of the food you buy as someone way high up is trying to poison your staff- IE - it revolves around your missing cook and be careful of range Cheese for the next few weeks in that White House of Obamanation.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russian Navy Armada Ordered To Coast Of Texas For “Liberation Exercise”

Igor Panarin : US Will Break Into Six Parts (Russian Professor)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Its Not Just The Bankers Being Murdered

Apparently it is not just the Bankers in America that are being Murdered.

Russel Smith, 29 years old, was found in his home in Roy Utah - about 30 Miles North of Salt Lake - was found dead in his home with his entire family. The local stories is made it sound like Russel took a hunting rifle and with a bolt action rifle shot his two children, his wife, and then himself. None of them ran as he apparently reloaded each round into the rifle.

So a young guy with a Beautiful working wife, working for a company that makes Top-Secret stuff for the US Department of Defense on his way up the corporate ladder just went off the deep end and his family just sat there as he shot them one by one?


Russel Smith had been working for L-3 Communications. They claimed that he no longer worked there - but that is not what his parents were told the day before he was found dead.

So if you are working for a company in America that is designing and manufacturing Top secret Weapons - like Cloaked Nuclear Bombs - and somebody in the company thinks you may be a threat then they just order you and your family killed.

No interview, no arrest - they just kill you and your family.

Why not - the US Corporate President Barack Obama (Barry Soetorro) does it all the time.

Welcome to America.

If you have those kinds of skills - work overseas where they are at least loyal to their employees.
I received a call from someone (Call him Joe) who worked for Homeland Security (The US SS). He signed on years ago and was never able to get a copy of the papers he signed when he was hired. Appanetly Homeland Security (SS) does not have to obey Corporate Law or the UCC. The US SS is above the law, Zeig Heil.

Joe was injured pretty badly on the job and was sent to the hospital for a day and then transported home. There he lay in bed for months so Homeland Security fired him. The SS has interfered with any Disability he has applied for and they still refuse to give him a copy of the papers he signed when he was hired.

If you have any skills, and you work for any company associated with the US Fascist Corporation (US Code 2, Section 286) you are basically screwed.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

May those who believe in Freedom pray with me:

"Father In Heaven, please immediately and permanently immobilize all those on this planet
who are working to destroy both America and our Freedom."
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - Great Stories Dr Will P Wilson, Priest of  Russian Orthodox Church, St Petersburg Russia

Red Dragon Family - You are in big trouble with the Living GOD.

Press Releases - Media Center - L-3

L-3 Communications

Family killed in murder-suicide missed Father's Day visit - Roanoke Times: Wire

The Sun Today:


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Red Dragons - GOD Is Never Wrong

Red Dragons - this one is for you.

Look up - My Help Cometh From Above.

The sky over you head is filled with fire and the ground under your feet is shaking. Your god could not stop this - we challenged him here on this news sight, on You Tube, on TV dozens of times and on the radio countless times and yet you follow Lucifer - Unbelievable but true....

The Ground under your feet will continue to shake World Wide.

GOD Will Not Be Mocked and Red Dragon Family You Will No Longer Lie - Fund These Humanitarian Projects. GOD Will Now Hold Your Feet To The Fire - Put Up Because You Will Not Shut Up.
On the brighter side - had a call form a gal who had a brain tumor. The doctors wanted to give her Chemo, Radiation, Operation..... they were going to destroy her. She ate 16 drops of Immusist a day  three times a day and she just called. After 2 months no tumor - they scanned her brain twice.

This old Black Gal beat Brain Cancer with Immusist.

I do not know exactly how it works or why - I think it has allot to do with the changing of the structure of the water - but her Brain Cancer is gone.
So while the Red Dragon Family is angry because their Pinhead Boss Lucifer can't stop the Sun Spots and Earth Quakes - Lots more quakes to come - the rest of us are getting rid of Diabetes, Cancer, etc.


Current Sun Data: Thank you Dr Will P Wilson - three huge Sn Spots tonight., aimed directly at China. Maybe - just maybe - the Red Dragons should listen to the Living GOD, Maybe?

Until you do as you were asked - the Humbling has just begun for you, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Current Solar Data: NOAA data

Monday, June 22, 2015

Red Dragons - They Lied Again

The following story is not going to make those happy who truly believe the Red Dragon Family is going to ride in on a White Horse and save the day. This is Poppy Cock Horse Pucky.

OK - we can expect an enormous amount of criticism by the Red Chinese and their paid Hench men about this article but you need to know the truth about who they are and what they want.

(((Please pray that those who are destroying Freedom in America are immediately immobilized for life - all of them.)))

The Red Dragon Family is supposed to be the family line of Ghengis Kahn and stretch form central China to Rome and up into London. In their St Germain (Marco Polo) Trust fund they claim to have;


1) Well - Fist of all - their "Ambassador" has an Italian Accent - he is from Rome.

2) Second - Today, currency is made up on a computer so to give some one say - a Million Dollars - they just make it up.

3) Third - When I went to college in 1978 I watched US Engineers at UC Berkeley GROW Iron out of the ether and guess what - I known, and know of,  several people who have grown Gold out of the Ether such as Senator Jack Metcalf.

So to run around and say your have a Gajillion billion Trillion Dollars is both irresponsible and dishonest.

Several months ago weo presented on this "Ambassador"  to the Red Dragon Family  many Humanitarian Projects to fund,  such as:  building a Water Powered motor and Tacheon Generators.

As you recall - the 1181 P-51 Engine in WW2 was water powered. Duh.

The Ambassador's Official Response on the radio was that Humans are "Not Spiritually Advanced" enough to have these toys.

In other words - they do not intend to fund anything - they are liars and thieves just like the Rothchilds.

Well - since then we have called them out and\the Chinese  economy is crumbling. GOD will not be mocked - even by them.

They were told what GOD expected for them to do and they ignored it - so yesterday, today and tomorrow we shall see the Sun spit fire and their cities in Japan and China shake along with the Islands just north of New Zealand so you know who I speak for.

Lucifer himself has not been able to stop these events - he is powerless before the Living GOD, yet Morons still follow him,

During the past week the Red Dragon "Ambassador" was once again confronted at two press conferences - this time we had posted the videos THE CURE FOR CANCER, THE CURE FOR DIABETES. etc and he was asked why he is not funding clinics to push these techniques.

His response was: I want a full business plan and see how we can make money off of these clinics.

In other words - his bosses are liars and thieves. All they want to do is make money. Their Bajillion, Million, Trillion dollars is there's and they do not intend to share it with anyone.

Further - he stated that is Humanity does not rise spiritually fast enough in the next 3 years they will destroy 90% of Humanity.

This is your Red Dragon Family - arrogant, greedy murderers.

Now remember - the "Ambassador" is just a Messenger for some pretty rich folks - and their money leads to  lead to Rome where Lucifer is worshiped by the Pope - see his June 0214 Mass to his Master Lucifer. .

The Red Dragon Ambassador is just a Mouth Piece - like Joseph Goebbles was for Adolf Hitler. He is a PR person, hired to apparently spread lies and distort reality and make the Red Dragons look kind and gentle and caring. It must grade on him every time he has to lie.

A small fact in politics: All politicians lie and I can't stand any of them. They should speak the truth and maybe we won't have so many wars.

If the Red Dragons were serious why would they not promote the Video: THE CURE FOR CANCER?


So here is what GOD says: "You will fund the programs my servant brought forth by 1 August or my protection of you is over."

Big deal they think - right?

Do we forget 8 February when the US torched off a Nuke in the Eastern Ukraine and sent 3 more hurdling to other targets?

Did we forget that in  March Obama ordered a "Limited Nuclear Strike" against Russia but he had lost control of our 65,000 Nukes so it never occurred? (See Sorcha this week)

Did we forget that the Russian Federation and the Red Chinese are now fully deployed to nuke the US at this very moment?

Also - Obama plans a Full Scale Test of our Nuclear Arsenal in early August and if an accident does not kick off WW3 he plans a limited Nuclear Strike under CONPLAN 2010-13 on both Russia and China in Early October followed by an invasion of Russia?

Not to wander - but China and Russia are now fighting about the Silk Highway and who will invest in the Former Soviet Nations for the construction of factories?

So Russian and Chinese Oligarchs - you did not do as GOD directed and we are on the verge of a Nuclear War and you are fighting among your selves?

Do your leaders have half a brain to figure this out?

Do you think that if you have your next Red Dragon Meeting in Hong Kong anything will change?

China - look out your windows - your economy is crumbling, your cities are shaking, your allies realize now you are liars and you mock GOD.

GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED Red Dragons, Russian Leadership.

Putin - I warned you who was going to take a Pot Shot at you and they did - are your stupid?

Did you need me to come to Moscow and dance in front of your office with a sign - "Hey President Putin, a Really Fat Oligarch Close To You Is About To Shoot You."

Last time I left Moscow you had me poisoned for what - stopping Moscow from being Nuked and from you loosing $750,000,000 personally?

Have you all gone stupid?

The Living GOD will now handle you directly. John Kerry lies in a COma, Joe Biden's SOn was killed - now more will die, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

So here is a little surprise: Your 3 rail lines you are updating are your weak point - 30,000 Miles of Rail Line and one squad with a match can tear up you Rail Lines and bend them in a fire.

GO ahead - ignore what GOD has directed you to do and see what happens.

You Fallen Angels who inhabit these leaders - you will never get back to heaven, ever. You do not even know how the Speed Of Light changes as you go up the Harmonics and you plan to waltz back into Heaven?

It is simple Mathematics in a Logorythmic Scale related to Sacred Geometry.

You can't even follow simple instructions from the Living GOD while you are here in this lower Material Plane!

You will need to go down 2 more planes until you can follow simple instructions, form the Animal to the Plant Harmonics.

The Living GOD has spoken and when his SON returns you are toast - literally. That could be today, it could be tomorrow, or it could be in 3 weeks - only GOD knows when and that is what is driving you nuts, isn't it?

Enough - 1 August and your protection from above is pulled for both Russia and China and India will begin to splinter even further and Israel will begin to get hit hard by the Living GOD.

Enough - You have my number.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

China wants Central Asia and it's not just about Russia - Business Insider

Rail Silk Highway

China Russia Train Map


Sunday, June 21, 2015

How The IMF Works - Currently Run By Red Dragons

The following is a film that shows how the IMF works.

Please keep in mind that the Red Dragon Family (Chinese) now control the IMF.

Please keep in mind that the head bankers are not Jewish but they worship Lucifer, they are Demon Possessed "Human Sacrificing Satanists" and do not represent the Jewish Rank and File.

Please Pray - Visualize - that these Satanists are made so sick immediately that they cannot even speak for the rest of their lives.

How The IMF Really Works - YouTube

The IMF is now run by the Red Dragon Family and both hte Red Dragon Family and IMF are about to be taken down a huge notch by the Living GOD for not paying on the debts they were asked to pay on. They owe the money but refuse so they will be dealt with by GOD.

This morning, for example, the New Saudi King signed a series of treaties - trade deals really - unifying themselves with Russia ad leaving the US Corporation in the Learch.

New Saudi King Signs 6 Trade Deals With Russia, Forms Russia/Saudi “Petroleum Alliance”

For The SVR:

Before the Untimely Demise of John Kerry - he was told right here what he did to his wife will be done to him by the Living GOD and now he is kept alive with Tubes and Wires - a series of events to attack South Western Russia was planned, and is as follows:

From Cuma weapons will be transported (Mule Train) to Llisu State Reserve, North to Tsakhur and down to Vladikavkas Mosque - a small one, old one made of stone. Lots of hiding places in the building.

Form there to Grozney within a Fortnight and a small attack is planned on a building on a building on an Island form the East Side of the bridge leading to the building - a Planned Prezzie for Putin.

There is a blue dome on top of the Building they plan to shoot at.

It is at Tsentralnyy Park, Kuntury i Otdykha.

Only a couple pf shots need to be fired to raise the SVR Cockles.

If you actually worked with me I could more than likely give you more details - Oh Well.

Do a few fly overs and you may be able to stop the weapons transfers.

Also - more weapponms moving from Baku up E119 through Quba, Derbent, Izberbash and them moving West for holding for future attacks.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Aerial Spraying: Who, What, And Why

Following is a video explaining who is spraying us, where they live, what they are spraying us with and why they are spraying us.

Any questions?

Please pray - visualize - that those planes spraying us wit toxic material have they electrical instruments burn out in the sky so they must land their planes immediately.

Aerial Spraying: Who, What And Why - YouTube

Dr Will Wilson is right - focus you mind to stop these people from spraying us.

Aerial Spraying: Who, What And Why - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - NASA Lied Again - No Fireballs From The Sky Last Night as we are all still alive.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stroke During a Stroke President Obama

President Obama: It's called a stroke.

The dizziness you are now feeling in Palm Springs is caused by a Stroke induced by an outside party.

This is why you are having a headache.

Get out of the sun and go sit down and have a Manhattan - it will act as a surfactant to calm your "Nerves."

Perhaps you should have a little Immusist in your tea - it will clear it right up really fast and reverse the damage.

You never should have declared yourself as god on the Golf Course -- even as a joke.

The lower left part of your brain has a small clot induced by one of your enterage' of security guards - change them immediately.

Have a nice day in Palm Springs Golfing as your handlers are begging for more places to sell their US Bonds in Europe.

Dr Mount

Friday, June 19, 2015

Greek Bank Run And How It Effects You

Today the Greeks ran to the bank trying to pull out as many Euros as they could because rumors in the Rothchilds Controlled Media stated that the banks will take a "Bank Holiday" on Monday.

We know it was fed by these Rothchilds (Bauers) because all across the world the stories about this were the same and most of them contained the words:  "Game Over".  So please keep in mind that the Greek Government knows who is destroying their people and refuses to stop this by arresting the perpetrators. Either they are Cowards or paid off to destroy Greece.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that those who are blocking your ability to get the news are immediately made so sick they can not speak or move for the rest of their lives. I mean really pray that they cannot move or speak.)))

After three months of paying the Greek Bill the IMF just announced that Greece is broke?

This is all planned.

Like we stated months ago:

1) Greece will fall.

2) Next the PIGS Nations - Portugal, Italy, and SPain.

3) France next.

4) Germany will fall.

5) Finally: The US will tumble.

6) Then these nuts plan to shoot "Jesus" out of the sky (Not Kidding) and barring this


7) Russia will nuke the US and invade since those in the White House are traitors and sold out completely.

Russian Plans Atomic “First Strike” As “False Flag” Racial Massacre Pushes America To Brink Of Insanit

What this means for you is: You need to throw away the TV and listen very hard for GOD. Ask HIM what to do.

If you are listening and IF you throw your TV out the window then you will be able to hear and your family will be readied for what is coming.

Like Y2K - the only thing that may happen is prices simply go up and we are stuck with a Fascist Pig in the White House for a few more years.

Either way it is not a bad thing to ba prepared for a power outage or your water supply being cut due to a Earth Quake or other disaster, right?

YOUR job is to listen to the Living GOD and prepare your family for any event that may happen. That is all. The news is simply a device used to tell us what time it is - how close we are to the return of our savior. That's All.

BE READY - YouTube

Game Over For Greek Banks: Depositors Yank €2 Billion In Past Three Days | Zero Hedge

The News You Need

Dr. William B. Mount

About 5 minutes after I posted last night's story I received a Sun Spot Alert and the ground began shaking all over the world, GOD IS NEVER WRONG:

Russian First Strike Map:

The Sun Today:

Image Unavaliable

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Jade Helm - Why Now

Why is Jade Helm being conducted at this very moment.

Every piece of military hardware around the world will be deployed by 1 September 2015 - a full world wide deployment.

Simply this - This Deluded Lucifer Nut Case, and his allies, believe  (according to all the predictions) that the Messiah is returning 13 September and they think they can shot his fleet down with Missiles and Lasers.

Just watch the video.

Failing that these deluded Lucufarians plan to kill 90% of the world's Population between 2015 and 2025 and then build a temple to Lucifer on the North Mount in Jerusalem and declare Lucifer as god in the year 2032.

The Mormons believe that this is the time when the Evil will destroy the Evil, after the war the Messiah will return and set up the New Jerusalem in the center of what is left of the United States.

Well surprise, surprise, surprise - the time of the return of Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua) is known only to the Father. Further - Lucifer does not even know how the Universe is structured so hwo does he plan to shoot down GOD with Lasers and Nukes?

Those who follow Lucifer are insane deluded freaks.

Jade refers to the Jade Rabbit which is the goddess of the Moon who will assist Lucifer

Helm - refers to the Earth inhabitants - the Helmet of Protection.

It gets more bizaar when you really listen to these world leaders. I mean bizaar beyond belief.

For Example: The Red Dragon Family Ambassador just told a friend of mine yesterday that the Dragon Family does not intend to fund and real prosperity projects because man is not mentally advanced to understand them,. In fact he stated they plan to kill 90% of humanity in 3 years.

So this entire"Red Dragons Save The Planet" stuff is pure unadulterated crap.

Please pray (Visualize) that all of Lucifer's Plans to kill and destroy fall flat on their faces.

The Video: Jade Helm - Why Now

Jade Helm - Why Now - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Cure For Athesma

Over the last 5 years we have refined the cure for Athesma to the point where it is now fully usable and can be done in about 3 days

The video will show you where to get all the products you need to help with Athesma and COPD.

Yes - I still need the inhaler sometimes, but the use has decreased by about 80% and it no longer effects my heart.

If you have COPD your sentence to Hell on Earth has just ended. You can actually now have a life.

The Video on You Tube: The Cure For Athesma

The Cure For Athesma - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Obama Thugs - Coming To A Store Near You

Coming to a town near you - Obama Thugs.

These Paid Agitators, fresh out of jail, are now coming to harass customers in every city across America.

They work in packs of 2 or for.

When these Thugs and Cowards get out of jail they receive AUG and AUX Welfare for 1-5 years - their rent is paid and they get over $1,000/mo.

So - along comes the NAZI Brown Shirts to pick on little old ladies and little old men with their BS Ballots.

If you are a guy and a MAN then get in their faces and film them. If you see them harassing a small old lady then film it, get in their faces with a camera, and dial 911.

Stand up like a MAN with some stones below your belt. Let them throw the first blow but make sure it is on camera first because they lie in packs.

So far we have spotted them at a Fred Meyers, Safeway, a Walk For Life event and a smaller grocery store. They target Higher end places because they can use their Thug Tactics on the Upper Class and get away with it.

Stand Up America - sand up like MEN. I did - see the video.

Obama Thugs - Coming To A Town Near You - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, June 12, 2015

World Wide Prayer For Project Camelot

For the last year somebody has been attacking those who are running Project Camelot. Even those who run the website have been personally attacked.

Please - pray - Visualize - that those who are attacking those associated with Project Camelot are themselves immediately flattened for the rest of their lives.

Apparently they have exposed too much that the United States Corporation has done.

Withing the last month their website has also been taken off line allot.

It is not just the website whatreallyhappened.com andf Dr Wislon's All Day Live TV Program, Pat Schupes Call 4 Investigation TV show and Don Grams TV show that have been attacked.

Even Jeff Rense form Beforeitsnews.com was also viciously attacked by these Cowards who work at the Fudge Factory at Langley - the CIA.

So pray with me - Visualize hard - that those "Cowards" who would dare attack these people who are trying to save America are themselves immediately flattened for the rest of their miserable little lives.

They truly are cowards. They hide in the shadows like freaks and children and use YOUR tax dollars to pop out and shut down decent websites that are trying to expose the truth. So pray they are all taken down immediately.

These cowards are so afraid they even took down APFN and many other websites like the USGS Earthquake Map and Iris Earthquake Maps, and even NASA websites showing pictures of the sun.  These CIA freaks need to be flattened - so pray for it.

Again - pray (Visualize) that these Cowardly Fascists are themselves taken down immediately and for life - and pray even if we get taken down.
This is how perverted these Fudge Packers (Liars) of the CIA and FBI really are:

We have discussed the nuke being brought into DC tomorrow (+- 3 Days) so these perverts are now reading my blog and may just bring in the Nuke in 4 days - not 3 days - so they can kill a maximum amount of people and start WW3 and say: Mount was wrong.

There is no end to their perversion and evil so pray against them and watch GOD rip them a new rear end. It is time. So HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rumors About Jade Helm

Over the last few week hundreds of rumors have sprouted up about Jade Helm.

Keep in mind that GOD has it handled. If you are with HIM  then why worry?

 I use GOD and Yeshua interchange-abley because in the Angelic Realm their minds are really connected and they act as one.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that those who would come against Freedom and America are immediately and completely immobilized for life)))
So here is what we are seeing:

1) Thousands of Nukes from Yucca Mountain being deployed across the nation

2) Flint Michigan the people are being harassed by large explosions and the sound of Machine Gun Fire. A typical Fascist Pig move to scare the people.

3) Retrofitting of buildings belonging to the factions that call themselves "Government Departments" adding structural reinforcements and Bullet Proof Windows.

4) We hear about a large Comet that will hit the Earth. Please keep in mind that 70 years ago the US torched off 2 Atom Bombs in Japan and here, 70 years later, cracking a Comet in half is an easy task using Californium 252 surrounded by an accellerant like Lithium 6. So if a Comet does kill billions of people then the US Corporate Government wants it to kill Billions.

5) NASA is now reporting an unexpected "Eclipse" to occur on the 18th of June - it is on their website.

6) All of those "Government" Departments that track the sun (N3KL.ORG, SOHOWWW.COM, and SDO) have stopped showing us recent pictures. They have all stopped.

7) Someone who clams to be high up in the Government and has several You Tube Videos is now telling us that the Meteor Shower expected on 20/21 June (Summer Solstice) will shower huge amounts of Burning Sulfur on us and 95% of us will die. Again - 65 years ago the US was torching off 20Mega Ton Nukes in the upper autmosphere and we have the ability to destroy all incoming meteors. If this does occur then the Obama Administration wished it to occur.

Evil is evil - call the US Corporate Administration Fascist Pigs, Satanists, Lucifariais - they are all the same and they hate Humans and Planet Earth. They hate life and they get high off of your fears.

Please keep in mind that if these Fascists are planning to hide underground and kill us off the Living GOD will destroy the caves they are hiding in and destroy them; so HE has said it, so it shall be AND there is still that Rogue Nuke out there and the one that may be delivered 12 June to DC so the Obama Administration should be VERY careful about what they are planning because it may just backfire.


So what can YOU do?

Your goal is to learn how to take care of your family if the US Corporation decides to bring destruction to your town.

Store up some food - a 50 pound bag of Rice packed with Diatamatious Earth you buy from the Feed Store.

Drain your Hot Water Tank every year and there is 50 gallons of water - but be sure to turn the power off before you use it.

If necessary - you can barricade your door if times get rough.

Do not fear the chip - Lucifer has no ability to destroy your relationship with the Living GOD and HIS SON. They  can tattoo you, cut you, chip you, cut off your ears - your relationship can not be destroyed and he hates that.

Just because you smoke or drink or use Dope - that in no way destroys your relationship with GOD and do not let any preacher get in your way - this is between YOU and GOD. If GOD wanted you to stop smoking or drinking or using Dope HE would stop you. So stop feeling guilty for having a Vice - we all have them, big deal.

I voted for the legalization off Dope because it helps many veterans get rid of the Bad Dreams and it makes no sense to throw a Combat Vet in prison for chewing, or smoking, a natural plant however your ability to drive has been severely restricted as with any drug - so the ones I know use the buses and life seems to work for them.

So relax and be ready for anything the US Corporation will now throw at us and join the fight to put these Fascist Pigs in their place - and please stay away from the coming riots - the Cops are already on High Alert and you do not need to agitate them.

So relax and watch the fireworks as GOD begins to deal with these Fascist Pigs around the world ever so abruptly. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

Again - thank you for your prayers.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

It is better to die on your feet when fighting for freedom than do die on your knees a slave.

So I fight in the press. Join me.

The Sun Today - it gets weirder by the day:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Interview With Olga

The following is an interview I did a few years ago with a Woman from the Ukraine named Olga. When I first met her she tried to "Date Me" and I was a bit stand offish because she was on welfare, had a child, and topped 300 Pounds at 5 Foot 4 Inches. I did, however, remain friends with her for many, many years but lost contact with her a few years ago.

(((Please Pray - Visualize - that those who purposely slowed my computer down and wish this Insane WW3 are immediately and completely immobilized for the rest of their lives)))

One day we just sat down and talked - just talked - and here is a summary of what she said:

ME: Olga, how did you get here. You came here with a child and I know you hated the father and threw him out and then you moved here.

Olga: Yes - I had a child and I threw my man out. I hated him but he gave me a child and I got Welfare. One day my church came to me and asked me to move to America and there become part of a Large Church in Tacoma and make now thousands of dollars a month.

Me: So then what?

Olga: The Church set it up and someone there sponsored me and swore they knew me even though they did not and I came to America and lived in the Church Housing. I finally figured out English and went to the Welfare Office and I got this house, free rent, really cheap utilities, a card for about $600 a month for food, a check for over $2,500 every month and then Social Security gave me another one for over $2,500 a month. So I bought stuff for the house and a brand new car.

Me: You could not have come unless your dad had committed a crime and how did you drive if you never had a car?

Olga: My dad had raped some kids when he was a doctor but got out of jail when the Americans came so I was told it is OK to immigrate to America. It was fun - all paid for by the church. When I got here someone drove me around and they told me they got $25 an hour and mileage to drive me around all over - So I made lots of friends and she made hundreds of dollars every week with me so we could go have fun.

Me: Tell me about your job:

Olga: Well - the Welfare people got me a job for $25/hour and I kept my Social Security check. We made food and it was fun.

Me: Are you a good cook, was the food good?

Olga: We made it for allot of folks and especially the Tacoma Prisons. Everyone who ate our food got really bad diarrhea so I did not eat what I cook there. I do not want diarrhea. We kept feeding it to them until we shut down - that was 3 or 4 years.

Me: So they kept getting sick and you kept feeding them and then your contract ran out, your pay got cut, and then you went back to Welfare and Refugee Pay.

Olga: Yes. I go cut from $25/hr to $12.50/hr and then the whole company went away - we lost our Government Contract and I went back on Welfare. I like it better that way - no more work. I still get full medical and dental and this card worth $600 a month and I have to spend it or it goes away. I can use it for anything - candy, gambling, McDonalds - wow.

Me: Olga - you go to food banks and do not have to buy food

Olga - Yes - I go to 6 different food banks a week  and get all sorts of food.

Me; How much food and is this what you feed your 40 chickens you keep in your small garage and how did you get to go with a full time job and where are all these Food Banks?

Olga: I get about 20 loaves of bread a week and feed my chickens with it and all kinds of other free food. Work gaves me time off to pick up the food and it is mine. I get to keep it and they have to give me the food because I am on Welfare. So I go in and they look me up and give me all sorts of meat and vegetables and rice and stuff.

Me: So is that why your house of so full?

Olga: Yes - I do not have room for all the free food.

Me: What do you do with your $600/Month in food stamps?

Olga; Oh, we like to go out and my daughter loves candy - lots of candy.

Me: So you buy lots of candy, use your Food Stamps to go out and eat allot, and then your house is full of free food. Is that why you throw 5 or 6 loaves of bread over my fence every week?

Olga: Yes - or it goes rotten and  fills my garbage can. I have a Welfare Support Group every week and they all have kids from the Ukraine and we have people in the Welfare office who help us get more money when we can. Those are the gals you met last night.

Me: Why did you date me if you get so much money?

Olga: Your house is bigger than mine. If I date you and move in I get your house. The county said I could kick you out after a few months and you have to pay the mortgage plus they pay me rent too - so I get a bunch of extra money - but I like you. I wouldn't kick YOU out and I still get the rent money to buy the house. If I pay the rent for 2 years the county then gives me your home and I get to keep my home. I get two homes.

Me: But then where would I live if you get my home and all my stuff?

Olga: You can get an apartment. Apartment's are OK. You have money - you can buy more furniture.

Me: So the county would take everything I own and give it to you after you get me thrown out of my house and put in jail for what?

Olga: The church teaches us how to do this in classes at the church but if you are good to me I will not do that.

Me: Wow - so lets stay friends forever but --- you would loose too much if you moved in with me and married me - you loose all that money. That's allot of free money. You don't want to loose all that money by marrying me - do you?

Olga: You're Right really - I would loose all that money.

Me: What about the people who work to pay for you on welfare, what about America?

Olga: Well -  the church says that everyone in In America  is rich.  I bought a car and drove to the motor vehicle office and they gave me a test in Russian and a gal to help me take the test, and had a short test where I drove around the block and I go my license - see. If I hit someone somebody pays to fix my car. Everyone in America has lots of money.

Me: So what about America and what happens if they cut off your welfare like they are supposed to after 5 years?

Olga - Oh, they just re-signed me up again after 5 years. They will never cut me off. If they do I will go back to the Ukraine - they still have welfare there.

Me: What happens when your daughter moves out, don't you loose allot of money?

Olga: I get paid until her college is done. If she gets on Welfare when she reaches 18 she gets free college too and since she was born in the Ukraine she gets Refugee Pay too. They have to take her because she is a Refugee - they can;t say no to her.

Me: So you will both get $3,000 a month for doing nothing.

Olga: Well - yes. It's a free country. She can get it too. The church will show us how and we go to our people there and she will get it. We just pay our church 10% and they do all the rest for us.

Me: Wow. OK. Wow.
OK - that is about it.

Screw America and go for the Big Welfare Dollar and Refugee Pay Check

Today Olga receives:

1) $2,500/mo Welfare Cash,
2)  $800/Mo Food Stamps she can go gambling with at the local casino,
3) $4,000/mo Social Security Refugee Pay
4) Free Medical for her and her daughter - $500/Mo
5) Free Dental for her and her daughter - $1,000/Mo
6) Reduced Utility Rates - Saves about $200/Mo
7) Reduced Phone Rates - Saves about $15/Mo
8) Free Food at 8 different Food Banks - $1,000/mo
10) Free Home Repairs under Habitat For Humanity - a mandatory tax for all American Born Home owners. About $500/Mo.
11) Her daughter is about to receive $4,000/mo plus free college tuition and the University of Washington, Seattle.
12) Free Bus and Train Pass - About $50/Mo
13) Free National Park Pass - $5/Mo
14) Her home was given to her at no tax consequence and she has never paid a dime of income tax her entire life.

So for 17 years this woman has soaked the system for over $11,000 a month ($134,000/Yr) in today's dollars.

When her daughter comes on line the cost for those two will rise to about $200,000 per year tax free to do absolutely nothing but watch TV.

Multiply that by over 70 million people (Only half live in the USA)  and now you know why the system is crashing under the Cloward-Pivens Model. I has too.

Under Obama this number has risen from 35 Million to 70 Million and is rising about 1 Million a month now

. This is what is holding the American Economy up and is also destroying it.
The News You

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rabbi Discusses The Destruction Of America

Rabbi Finklestein openly discussed the destruction of America.

To those Israelites who follow the Torah you will be angered to the core at his flippant answers to some pretty basic questions.

For the Israelites who follow Talmud, the Kabbalah, and other books written by Lucifer - the Living GOD says not only are your days numbered but your influence around the world is about to collapse as your money is taken away - so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Even Lucifer fears the name of Yeshua - just start chanting his name the next time you go into a Lucifarian Group like a group of generals on Fort Lewis. They FEAR even his name. Cowards.

So here is the link that will guide you to a one hour long radio interview with now of Lucifer's most evil followers.

What amazes me is that without really even understanding how the Universe if structured they plane to Blast GOD out of existence?

And yes - Human DNA has been found in Burgers and McDonalds. This means that your DNA has been changed (CODON 127 changed to CODON 129) and you WILL get Alzheimers. Period.

May I highly suggest you watch our films on Alzheimer's Reversed.

Alzehimers Reversed - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Stevia Causes Sterility

For the last year we have been eating allot of Stevia to replace our sugar intake - thinking it was OK, it came form a plant. I even grew a Stevia Plant years ago and it's leaves were very, very sweet.

(Please keep praying (Visualize) that those wishing to Harm America are immediately flattened forever)

So - things began to happen in my body that I did not like - like No Sex Drive.... this is not good --- same with my wife. Even when I used 10 MG of Testosterone a day - nothing....nothing.

(Of course - since I eat Immusist I do not worry about my blood getting too thick due to sugar or testosterone levels)

You try to eat the beast things you can and provide for your family the best you can and every once in a while you hit a land mine and have to change course.

So we investigated Stevia. The original sweetener is made up of Ground Leaves and this product is, of course, green. It is very sweet and ALL NATURAL --- but All Natural Stuff is not always good for you. Consider Organic Hemlock Tea and Hipocrates.

It turns out that China, realizing that Stevia Sterilizes Humans, began a process for making the product white in color and mass producing it for the masses: IE - Population Control.

It must then occur to you that if Stevia makes you temporarily sterile what else does it do to you?


Any good waitress will tell you that if a person uses artificial sweetner in his tea or coffee he eats more - these artificial sweetners  all seem to make you very hungry.

So here are some Sweeteners and some side effects:

1) Stevia - Green Packets - Sterility, and who knows what else?
2) Aspertane - Blue Packets - A nerve Agent developed by the US Army to kill rats.
3) Saccarine - Pink Packets - Used to Fatten Pigs
4) Splenda - Yellow Packets - Several patients have told me when they had an operation and they were using Splenda their Liver Lobes and Kidneys appeared White --- this is not good.
5) Sugar - Usually from GMO Beets, who knows since the GMO Genes keep being modified.
6) Xyletol - Most of it is made from GMO Corn so who knows?
7) Corn Syrup, it will kill you. The man who invented it did a TV show and apologized for developing it in tears.

Good Sweetners:

1) C&H Pure Cane Sugar from Hawaii - Dark Brown, unprocessed.
2) Coconut Sugar
3) Xyletol Sugar from Birch Wood--- hardens your teeth as well
4) Maple Syrup
5) Honey

So since I am now down from 295 to 210 pounds we must be doing something correct - right?

My wife has also lost 25 pounds - ohh laa laa.

I eat 6 - 8 Full Meals per day and am down 85 Pounds in about 3 years --- so follow what we recommend on THE CURE FOR CANCER video and have fun loosing weight and getting healthy and watch out for the Land Mines like Stevia.
The White House Press Corps was evacuated today to move a very Private Guest from the Oval Office to the Palm Room and then evacuate them. More on the US/NATO Planned Invasion of Russia later as over 10,000 Nukes are being deployed across America. Sorry Putin and Medvedev - later.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


A Brief But Interesting Early History of Stevia | All Body Ecology Articles

Gee Whiz - no interference when writing a story on Stevia.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

God Has It All Handled

One of the biggest reasons for people calling me recently is fear for what is coming. The Alternate media is filled with stories - whether true of not - scare the living daylights out of the normal person.

Not to add gasoline to the fire - the stories I produce add huge fear into people's hearts.

For 8 years I have been focusing n stopping Nuclear False Flags and Presidential Assassinations in accordance with GOD's Will.

If you are a believer like myself - that the Living GOD sent his Number One Son to die on the Cross for us - and you accept him into your heart (Jesus, Yeshua) then everything on this planet is merely a distraction to keep you form your daily walk with GOD. Once you give your soul to Yeashua Lucifer can never take it from you..........Never.

When Moses asked GOD what his name was he said: I Am That I AM, in Hebrew this is Yeshu Raha Yeshu. Therefor his Number One Son was named "Yeshu -A," servant of the Living GOD.

"Ya Way" means "My God" in Hebrew.

When the New Testament was translated into English the world Jesus was substituted for Yehsua because in means Light in French - which means Lucifer.

When you call on Jesus - GOD understands, he will not condemn you for calling HIS son Jesus.

Yeshua is mentioned by name in the Old Testament over 50 times  -like  Isiah 49 --- "The Coming Salvation" is actually written in Hebrew: "The Coming of Yeshua."

Yeshua is mentioned in the Koran more than Mohammed is - and in Abram 28 iMohammed Says: The Old Testament Profits told you to follow GOD, Yeshus told you to follow GOD, and i tell you again: Follow GOD so even Mohammed himself acknowledged Yeshua.

GOD has all of this handled - everything.

Hey - only the Living GOD could place HIS own servant in the middle of the Lucifer Trust. Imagine how shocked they were when GOD's Servant began researching Lucifer - Yet everyone one of GOD's profits  in the Bible seems to have worked, and witnessed, to the Head Lucifarians ---

I, however, am not a profit but the lowest one of the Totem Pole - a Messenger of the Living GOD who through HIS SON Yeshua was placed here at this time to warn those in the world  of what is going on and extend their time of repentance by a few short years.

Do not worry - keep strong in GOD.

OK - so out of Yucca Mountain came miles and miles of Medium Range Nuclear Missile this morning - not in the news.

Yes - Obama is now at Hitler's Favorite Castle planning the invasion of Russia with his Demon Possessed Friends: Elmau Castle. He plans on having a united NATO invade Russia within the month.

Yes - the Front Left Wheel on Air Force One still has a cracked bolt - they never fixed it, morons so steering may be compromised soon while landing at the next location.

Yes - there is a Nuke headed for DC on 12 June AND another attempt to kill Obama Openly (Double #6) to start a war and cancel all debts with China, Russia, etc.

Yes - The world seems to be falling apart as Obama and his Demons from Hell try and destroy this planet and Russia and China fall in line like happy little children with no wisdom.

And Yes - even those who follow the Coward Lucifer are scared an frightened to the core because these workers now realize Lucifer hates even his own workers - why else the monthly Human Sacrifices of even his own workers?

Even Lucifer's Workers can repent and turn toward's GOD's Son - and when they do they must try to right what they have wronged.

YOUR eyes should be focused on the Living GOD, HIS son, and what they wish YOU to do.

Ask GOD what YOUR role in all this is - what are you to do?

Prepare your family, pray, write a letter, move to Minnesota, what are you and you r family to do at this time to serve GOD better?

You can keep praying those trying to destroy this nation are completely immobilized for life - keep praying.

We Fight Not Against Flesh and Blood but against Powers and Princes of Lucifer.

Keep right with GOD, prepare for any Natural Disaster as it says we should in the Bible, and draw close to GOD.

GOD will deal with the rest. Quit trying to do GOD's Work - HE has it handled and may GOD bless each and every reader tonight both financially and physically.

Lucifer can have you tattoed, whipped, and chipped but nothing can separate you form the Father in Heaven and HIS Son.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, June 4, 2015

It Has Begun - The Destruction Of America

The convoy speaks for itself - an attack group deploying in Early July. Thank you Intellihub.com:

So - it can't happen hear - are you mad?

Please - focus like a laser beam - that those wishing to destroy america are completely and totally immobilized for life, and so too their doubles and handlers.

Fascist Pigs at work again , a reprint form this article:

  • In 2009 the National Emergency Centers Act (H.R. 645), was introduced in Congress, mandating the establishment of “national emergency centers” to be located on military installations for the purpose of providing “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster,” according to the bill. In addition to emergencies, this legislation is designed to “meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security,” an open-ended mandate which could mean just about anything they want it to mean, including the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse.
  • In February of 2010 the Internment and Resettlement Operations (FM 3-39.40) was leaked, a U.S. Army manual outlining policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. That is against the Law of Nations.
  • In 2009 the National Guard posted a number of job opportunities looking forInternment and Resettlement Specialists (31-E) to work in “civilian internee camps” within the United States, with the job description: “Internment/resettlement specialists are primarily responsible for day-to-day operations in a military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility.”
  • In December of 2011 Halliburton subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR), a government defense contractor, issued a Project Overview of anticipated requirements in “establishing a National Quick Response Team for our current Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) work,” and was specifically seeking sub-contractors to staff and outfit “emergency environment” camps located in five regions of the continental United States.
  • In 2006, KBR was contracted by Homeland Security for $385 million to build detention centers designed to deal with “an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S.,” or the rapid development of unspecified “new programs” that would require large numbers of people to be interned. Does that ring a bell? It should. It’s called “Immigration Reform,” and they have been planning this for a very long time.
  • Soon after KBR’s announcement, a little-known Army document surfaced, entitled Civilian Inmate Labor Program. The unclassified document describes in detail Army Regulation 210-35, first drafted in 1997, which underwent a “rapid act revision” in January of 2005 and now provides a policy for the creation of labor programs and prison camps aboard Army installations and other U.S. military bases.
  • Congressman W.G. “Bill” Hefner (D-NC) wrote a now infamous letter to Zell Setzer of Setzer Insurance and Associates, Salisbury, NC, on March 24, 1997, regarding information “pertaining to the Army’s policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor program and civilian prison camps on Army installations.” Congressman Hefner confirmed to Mr. Setzer that “the program has been funded, staffed, and does not reflect current Army policy,” denoting a preconceived future agenda. That is the very definition of a conspiracy between two or more people.
  • Under the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2011, which was signed by Barack Hussein Obama on New Year’s Eve of 2011—when most of the Congress was home on Christmas vacation—American citizens can be legally (not lawfully) kidnapped and detained indefinitely without charge or trial, and subjected to extreme rendition with no due process of law. The Guardian, a London paper, called the NDAA an “historic assault on American liberty.” Forbes called it the “greatest threat to civil liberties Americans face.” The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA ever since, refusing to follow the Supreme Law of the Land, which is the Constitution for United States of America, compelling Tangerine Bolen to write concerning Pulitzer prize-winning reporter Chris Hedges’ and other prominent journalists’ lawsuit against the federal government, “We are no longer a nation ruled by laws.”
  • The U.S. Army Military Police training manual for Civil Disturbance Operations(FM 3-19.15), describes the “operational threats of the civil disturbance environment,” the “general causes for civil unrest,” weapons deployment, the legal considerations of “control force operations,” the legal considerations of “apprehension, search, and detention,” and recording the “number of cadre and inmates injured or killed.” This 115-page manual represented at the time of its publishing a shocking new insight into how the U.S. military plans to violently quell unrest in the aftermath of a total economic collapse or other national emergency, with rules of engagement regarding the use of “deadly force” in confronting “dissidents,” which were made disturbingly clear with the directive that a “warning shot will not be fired.”
  • Currently, the ongoing and expanding United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Jade Helm 15 is underway, the Realistic Military Training (RMT) exercise conducted throughout the American Southwest and in 11 states to “Master the Human Domain” via “unconventional warfare.” This so-called exercise declares Texas, Utah and Southern California hostile territory, driving Texas Governor Greg Abbott to deploy the Texas State Guardto monitor the very questionable operation on non-federally owned land.
  • The acronym for Jade Helm has been deciphered thus: Joint Assistance for Deployment and Execution (JADE) Holding Element (HELM). Other credible researchers have deduced that HELM actually stands for “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.” Are “militants” those rugged Western Americans who would be expected to fight against such a plan?According to Dave Hodges, “Jade Helm is a dissident extraction drill involving members of special forces who are practicing ‘infiltration techniques.’ And it’s also a martial law drill . . . All military activity in this country is falling under the purview of Jade Helm.”
    • Also at present and more recently, the U.S. Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF) Operating Concept 2022 is being deployed on U.S. soil to “operationlize the CONUS [Continental United States] base."
    • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Photos: Massive Raider Focus convoy loaded with razor wire seen near Trinidad, Colorado – Intellihub

Be Ready for 90 days of No Food, Water of Electricity and the coming Obama Planned Riots to kill as many Blacks as possible and remember - all Fascists are pigs.

Be Ready: BE READY - YouTube

Dr William B. Mount

May GOD keep you and protect you in the coming years and GOD bless the Mormons for warning us about all of this coming destruction.

Mormons Were Always Right: Giants In America

The Mormons have always been right - there were Giants in America.

Now I am not a Mormon but I love the Mormon People and you have to admit when someone is right or your reporting is absolutely useless. Truth - GOD's Truth - will always win out.

The following was from a story posted years ago about a man who entered a cave in the Grand Canton and drew and photographed the Mummies of Men whop were about 35 feet tall.

Lucifer - when he was Thrown Out Of Heaven landed at Tel-Dan and there made a Human Sacrifice Table to himself and began the construction of an underground Laboratory where, in one of his experiments, developed the Giants - as can be seen with Ground Penetrating Radar form space.

Tel-Dan is located on Mount Hebron - half way between Damascus and Jerusalem.

Al Kada being the actual Doorway to Lucifer's First Human Sacrifice Table where he kills humans to suck off their emotional pain. Thus - Al Kada is the US Corporation's Method for their Demons to suck off of the pain of dying people.

The world is waking up: John Kerry has a Bullet 2 inches from his heart at the moment that they are having a hard time removing it due to his loss of blood. We have the technology to save him but it appears that after President Obama's visit to Kerry will not use this technology.

The Original Obama and Hillary are no where to be seen after they killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the Japanese Ambassador to China on the same day

VP Beau Biden's son was killed - Shot I believe.

Harry Read was beaten until he become blind in one eye and is now retiring.

A Dozen Congressman are scheduled to be killed in the next month and their only hope is the Legally Armed American and in a few short days yet another Nuke will be brought into DC we have already discussed. They may be replaced by doubles.

The world is waking up and the Mormon's appear to have been correct all along.

Please pray that the New Mormon Leader - who is being voted on now - hears the Living GOD and acts accordingly.

Here is the proof:

An Underground City of Giants Discovered in the Grand Canyon? | Locklip

Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon? - Crystalinks

These Mommies are 36 feet tall:
Image result for an underground city of giants discovered in the grand canyon

Tel Dan, Lucifer's first home out of heaven,  the door is called Al Kada - currently occupied by US Corporate Forces to honor Lucifer:

Image result for tel dan

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

UN Broadcast 2 June 2015 - Gemini

Today a broadcast form the heart of the UN Teaching Center in London another one hour broadcast occurred.

If one asks GOD where he should go and what he should do then do not be surprised at what HE does with you. Over the last 4 days I have been absorbed in the broadcasts of the Lucifer Trust and report to you just exactly what Lucifer is up to and what he believes in.

Please remember that Daniel, Isiah, and all the rest of the "Profits and Messenger's" worked in Lucifer's temple doing as GOD directed them to do. As you recall Ester was the queen of a great kingdom where the King worshiped Lucifer and she  managed to save GOD's people form complete destruction by serving her husband in an exemplary manner. So do not be surprised where GOD sends you when you yield yourself to HIS will, not your will.

Pray (Visualize) that you yield yourself to GOD's Will, not your will.

Today the speaker form London spoke of the significance of Gemini.

First - Poland started WW2 by declaring war on Germany on the Leo Full Moon, Germany responded with an invasion and a Declaration of War a few days later.

As you recall WW2  the German Invasion of Russia was planned for the Gemini Full Moon but was postponed until troops from the invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia got to the Russian Boarder.

Further -  The surrender of NAZI Germany was signed by Russia, France, the UK and the US on the Full Moon of Gemini in 1945. These dates are very significant to Lucifer and his folks.

Further - August 14th 1945 (Leo Full Moon) - the day after Nagasaki was bombed with the Plutonium Atomic Bomb, Japan formally surrendered to the United Kingdom and the US. The Ceremonies were not completed until 2 September 1945 on the USS Battleship Missouri.

So as we can see - These dates and times hold Great significance among the leaders of this planet who start, and end, wars.

As we enter into this New Age of Aquarius many things will change.

1) You will notice that the Actual Pitch of the music you are listening to - the Mega Hertz to which instruments are tuned - has been raised to create Tension. This is why most people get headaches when listening to modern music.

2) The Cosmic Christ (Of Lucifer) resides in a Star Gate accessed through the sun.

3) The New Group of World Servers and UN Acolades act as Mediums to bring in Lucifer's Messages - they Channel his energy into the planet through New York, London, Tokyo, Darjling, and Geneva due to the Energy grid that the Vice President of Lockheed Martin said surrounds Planet Earth.

4) This new age will be one of war and death - so that those who inhabit humans can learn Peace and Love. They are wired backwards - and I believe they need to ask GOD how to repair their internal wiring.

Just a note on were these Spirits reside:

1) Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven and landed on Mount Hebron at Tel Dan.

2) Somewhere around 4,000 years ago - around the time of Noah's Flood, Venus appeared in our Solar System.

3) Lucifer apparently took up residence there in the 3rd Dimension, 3rd Harmonics and apparently constructed Star Gates to go to this planet - like the one under the Main Giza Pyramid, under the Huge Alaskan Pyramid and under the large Pyramids in Crimea that were discovered right before the war in the Ukraine. Thus Venus would be the, home of the Hierarchy and the Asherons vibrating at 850,000 MHtz.

4) So apparently Lucifer and his minions bark orders and hide in the shadows like cowards. This in no way takes away the goodness of those who think they are doing Humanity good by serving in the Lucis Trust. They have,in all these years, been very respectful to me despite the fact that in the early years I criticized them relentlessly.

5) Shambala (Agartha) may be in third Dimension, third Harmonics as well and under our feet - in the center of our planet.

6) Lucifer's Christ has a home far away (Most Likely Syrius B at the Blue Temple) but occasionally reside in Shamballa under our feet.

Whether these locations are in a higher frequency, or not, is purely speculation but the location is set in stone.

On a personal note - if Christ does have something to do with the Blue Temple on Syrius B - and my titles are that of someone who is supposed to be treated with respect due to my supposed access to the highest levels of the Blue Temple - then when Yeshua (Jesus) Returns Lucifer and his minions are Roasty Toasties - GOD will fry their butts so badly you could fry eggs on them.

The meeting ended with meditation and the Full Moon of Gemini.

Again - thank you Lucis Trust for allowing me to participate in this seminar.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

On a personal note - I cannot get out of my head the fact that even at the Lucis Trust they see the Coming Made Up World War 3 - and they do not really wish this war to occur.

Please keep in mind that the US Corporation has 65,000 Active Nukes, 250,000 Nuclear Tipped Missiles, 100,000 Undersea Nukes (Torpedoes, Hedge Hogs, Etc) and around 15,000 Nuke Artillery Shells not counting the Californium 252 Bullets - wish they have thousands of.

If we have a war - and something dgoes wrong - Planet Earth Vanishes just like Adama and Marduk did.

Continue to pray that those creating War and Economic and Ecological Strife are immediately and completely immobilized for all eternity.

The theory that Venus came into our solar system relatively recently - Everything2.com


US, China, Russia - Did you get God's Message Yet?

Leaders and Handlers  of the US Corporation, China and Russia did you get GOD's Message yet?

Within a few minutes after stating GOD will speak for me DC had an Earthquake with an evacuation of those living underground. The next day the man who is in charge of Russia's Natural Gas Pipeline Manufacturing Facilities was shot, the next day Japan had a large volcanic eruption that turned into the Chinese Mainland.

As for the US Corporation: Harry Read and Dumb Dumb John Kerry were beaten a few short weeks ago. Harry Read is now blind in one eye and retiring from the US Senate. Dirty Murdering Harry got the message, Kerry did not.

Two days ago Dumb Dumb John Kerry was shot twice - someone who was working for Kerry and  who is killing fellow Muslims put out a hit on John Kerry. The Muslims are tired of killing themselves for the Mighty Fascist Pigs in the White House.

A little while ago Vice President's son - Beau Biden - died. The cover story is Brain Cancer - but we can cure Brain Cancer with Sea Weed and Immusist - so how did he suddenly die and why were there no stories about his cancer before he died and no pictures of this public figure after using Chemo?

Beau Biden died suddenly - you put the pieces together. Murder is murder.

In yet another story we see even more Wall Street Bankers are dying and no one in the White House  is MAN enough to investigate.

The question remains - did the leaders of the US Corporation, Russia and China get the message?

Apparently not or they would have done as they were asked.

GOD will now speak even louder for me because apparently the deaths of their own sons and daughters do not sway them - so hold on to your hats because I am not sure exactly what the Living GOD will do.

Never before in history has the Living GOD killed the sons and daughters of world leaders and they remained too stubborn to do as GOD has asked them to do so   - hold on people - GOD will now speak.

The News You Need:

Dr William B. Mount

Beau Biden 26 years ago swearing in George Bush Senior on a Satanic Bible - notice the crosses are upside down and the markings on the bible - One happy little Satanic Family:::::

beau biden - Google Search

Beau Biden, vice president’s son, dies at 46 of brain cancer - The Washington Post

Wall Street Banker Deaths Continue; Where Are the Serious Investigations?