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Sunday, June 28, 2015

OBAMAnation Of Desolation

Mathew 24: 15: Greek Translation Word For Word: When Therefor You See The Abamanation Of Desolation (Desolation of Fire) spoken Through Daniel The Prophet Stand In The Place Of Holiness One Reading Let Him Understand Then The Ones In Judea Let Them Flee To The Mountains........

Just like the Mormons and Jews have prophesized:

Dr William B. Mount


  1. William, I see you know quite a lot about the Mormon faith. I know you don't answer any of our comments...but it has me wondering about you. Just an fyi

  2. the white house is the holy place lol far from it

    1. Jeremy - the US was started by people who wanted nothing to do with European Controlled Religion - well, here it is in our faces. The OBAMAnation of Desolation, or in Greek - the Destruction by Fire.

  3. I was briefed on the Mormon Prophesies recently so I looked them up and read allot on the church, including the Book of Mormon.