Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trump Strikes Back At Heart Of The Deep State


(1595) President Strikes Back At Deep State - YouTube


After the recent story where the Council of Foreign Relations openly stated that propaganda (lies) are acceptable and the CIA lied to their friends in the media (Run By SERCO) to try and start yet another World Conflict in the Korean Region.

Further, the fact that “Jeff Sessions” and the US Department of Justice refuses to arrest both Huma Abadeen and the Frazzled Rat for openly torturing and murdering a young child on video it is clear he must strike back at the heart of the Beast - their Underbelly - their Money.


First - it was released that Deutsche Bank - the Bank of the Roman Empire - is in trouble financially.

You see - Deutsche Bank holds over $7 Trillion Dollars in Hedge Funds that are worth exactly $0 - nothing - zip - and they were told they would go down if they ignored GOD.

So President Trump knows that this Curse from GOD for not filing a $10 item allows him to take them down - and with it the entire Deep State Financial System connected to Deutsche Bank.

A little more of a push and “Poof” goes the worldwide control of these Bankstas and the Roman Lucifarian Pope.

President Trump may be a greedy ungrateful oaf but he is an absolute Genius.

He may loose what he loves most for not doing the few things GOD has asked him to do - but he will take down his enemies and Living GOD will protect him while he does it.

Second - the Judges President Trump is putting in place will replace the Loony Lefty Freaks with judges that believe in the Constitution and since the US Dissolved 9 March 1933 and has never been “Re-Established” these Judges can ignore English Maritime Law and follow the Constitution.

Third - President Trump has called into his office Kim Kardashian-West (A Transvestite with 60 Million Twitter Followers) to get her help in exposing this Deep State “Lucifarian Limousine Liberal NAZI‘s” now ruling the planet.

Fourth - President Trump just hit these Limousine Liberals NAZI’s with $7 Billion Dollars in tariffs for their subsidization of companies meant to destroy America.

Fifth - President Trump just pardoned Dinesh D’Souza for being prosecuted for exposing the last President and his entire staff as a Traitors and Mass Murderers.

Sixth - In a direct aim at the Elite Pig Prime Minister Angela Merkel Of Germany (A Devout NAZI) President Trump is considering banning all Mercedes Autos from the United States - the same way Germany bans many US Products from being sold there.

Further - Since the US Marshal Plan (from 1945) funds were terminated the second President Trump took office - Government Supported Businesses in Germany are in big trouble.

Tit For Tat - Even Playing Field

Seventh - For the third day in a row US Leaders have been meeting with leaders of North Korea to discuss reuniting the two Koreas once again after 73 years of separation.

Eighth - President Trump has ordered the Kurds out of Syria and Turkey to end the Syrian Conflict.

Finally - Working with the US Supreme Court the latest ruling allows people not to pay their Union Dues.

Try supporting the Democratic Loony Lefties NAZIs without Union Money stolen from their workers?

Not bad for one day, right?


Not that it matters - but:

In a news article no longer available on Google thanks to Censorship, in 2011 the Kardachians admitted to being Transvestites - Men in Woman’s Dresses, along with Paris Hilton.

So as you lust after these women please realize they are really men and have Men Parts.


GOD says that Lucifer is the Father of Lies - or, Deception.


1) The Ozone Layer is severely depleted and as such Winters are colder, summers are hotter.

The Midwest has just gone from the Coldest Winter on record to the Hottest Summer on Record.

2) TESLA’s artificial Intelligence Models are failing as a Parked Car just started itself all by itself and slammed into 5 parked cars in Belgium.

Elon Musk may be part of the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda, Maryland but his theft of Billion of Dollars from Tesla’s Stocks and Bond Holders has not gone un-noticed by the living GOD and HE is now dealing with it in HIS way.

3) The Mystery Booms continue unabated across the nation as the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program continues to build more underground caverns to live in as they destroy the surface of our planet.

4) Mount Kilauea in Hawaii continues to get worse as those in Honolulu are now smelling the Volcanic Gasses and the Lava Flow now increases.

Governor - please evacuate the East side of the Island and prepare to evacuate most of the West Side as well due to Toxic Gasses.

If you listened in the First Place Governor Ige of Hawaii you could have been ready for this and would not be scrambling to evacuate people - would you?

Pray that Governor Ige listens better and acts accordingly to benefit the people of Hawaii.

5) These Lefty Looney’s are going nuts as their world collapses around them - especially in Hollywood.

Apparently it’s OK to use foul language in reference to President Trump - except the Advertisers are now fleeing these Lonny Lefty Shows in mass.

Apparently a few days ago Smantha Bee (A man with a Huge Adams Apple) really cussed out Ivanka Trump and her advertisers left her show in mass - so she apologized.

When we go to the Doctor’s Office or go to get our Oil Changed there is always a Television on and they are always playing some Lefty Loony Talk Show.

I simply write down the advertisers and boycott their products.

Further - why would anyone pay say -  $15,000 - to advertise on a show with only 20,000 viewers when we have almost one million a day?

Advertisers - who are running out of dollars - will either change with the times or be swept under the bus very quickly as people who have money to buy turn away from TV ad Radio.

Pray with us that America - Including President Trump and Jeff Sessions - Wakes Up and prepares for what is coming.
Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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US & Chinese Re-Education Camps Now In Full Operation

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Unbelievable Evil Actions By The Queen Of England

US & Chinese Re-Education Caps Fully Active


(1578) US & Chinese Re-Education Camps Now In Full Operation - YouTube

In Red China there are perhaps as many as a Million People now detained in what they call Re-Education Camps, in what used to be called “Concentration Camps” a few short years ago.

Here they are beaten, raped, tied up for extended period of time, fed large amounts of Brain Altering Drugs and harassed at every level until they state god does not exist and the State is their god.

When they die they are cooked in ovens just like the NAZI’s used to do.

Red China is currently targeting Christians, Jews and Muslims for “Re-Education.”

Further - the technique many of these Godless Red Chinese use is to seize children away from those parents professing in god and forcing them to Deny God to get their children back and force massive vaccinations on the children before they go to Mandatory Schooling - much like is happening across the United States.

Here in America we have over FEMA 800 Detention Camps in areas where there is a large amount of Fluoride in the causing the local population to act in very stupid was.

So here in America it was determined that the entire population is so compliant, so stupid that we will take their vaccinations, accept the Chemical trails put out by NASA, and eat the poisonous Genetically Modified Foods and watch the Television and have our minds altered through this medium.

Why have Concentration Camps when we have ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN  and FOX pummeling our brains with Frequencies and Sounds to fry our brains and a President who refuses to arrest those committing Treason against America?

Further - it has been reported over and over again that through lies and deception Internet Monopolies like Google and Facebook are using frequencies and sounds to dumb people down worldwide and - Again - we have a US President who refuses to take actions against these thieves, murderers and Traitors?

Now DARPA has just announced the release of Retroviruses to make us totally compliant and shut down our ability to reason - but again we have a US President who refuses to take action against these Treasonous people.

Monsanto is now taking over a Company that admits to purposely giving thousands of children HUIV and sentencing them to death - and again we have a US President who refuses to arrest these folks who admit to Mass Murder for - “FUN.”

So the Elite Limousine Lefties - those who tell the Lefty Loonies how to think - have an open door to destroy this nation.

The few who resist Vaccinations, have no TV and  live in areas away from Cell Towers are so few and far between they are not even worth dealing with.

These “Resisters” to the New World Order will eventually be hospitalized for something - broken leg, kidney infection, etc where they can be implanted when they get there through Mandatory Vaccinations required now for Hospital Treatments.

So apparently we are so brainwashed that we are convinced a Massive Wind Storm is about tto hit Puerto Rico.

Look at “Meteo Earth” and their Traffic Cameras.

Pray that Lucifer and his evil Minions are neutralized immediately across the globe permanently.


1) The Trucker’s Strike in Brazil  is in it’s 10th day and there is no end in sight as Livestock such as Chickens and Turkeys begin mass die offs die to a lack of feed. The nation of Brazil is crippled as goods no longer move anywhere.

Pray the Government stops stealing so much money from the people and  gives back what they have stolen immediately.

2) Yet another TESLA on Auto Pilot caused an accident. This time the car veered and rammed a parked Cop Car. Thank god no one was seriously injured.

3) The Spokesman for the UN World Health Organization Tarik Jasarevik began discussing how Ebola could enter any nation - including the USA.

In other words - someone in the Rothchild’s Family in the CDC Headquarters is planning a New Vaccine containing Live Ebola Viruses.

Will it be your children that receive the virus?

Pray the man with the Mustard Stain on his collar organizing this is stopped in his tracks immediately.

4) No Mamma - it is not safe to roast marshmallows over Hot Lava.

It is Official - the “US Geological Service Volcano Watch Branch” has officially stated that it is not safe to roast any Marshmallows over hot Lava or over Hot Lava Vents.


Here he stands - America’s Last   Loony Lefty President - with a Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif planning to give Iran more of OUR dollar - a man who was just caught on camera yelling “Death To US, UK, Israel.“

We used to call these actions Treason. Today we reward the Elites for their Treason agaisn America.

If President Trump refuses to act the Living GOD will - and it will not be pretty in the White House - so HE has said it - so it shall be.


In 1832 the first Electric Car was built by Scotsman Robert Anderson and had a range of 40 miles.

Today, 185 years later, Chevy just completed a new electric car called the Volt and on a cold night it has a range of 28 miles.

Think we are being lied to?

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


Communist China’s re-education camps use “forced medication” to alter the minds of prisoners… sounds a lot like America, doesn’t it? –



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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Unbelievable What The Queen Of England Just Did


(1564) Unbelievable Evil Actions By The Queen Of England - YouTube


What you are about to hear is not for the light of heart but gets right into the meat of things.

The Queen of England is dead and her doubles not wonder the halls of Buckingham Palace by someone in the palace. The royalty of these houses of Europe come from the Ashkans - the Children of Babylon and with them they took their worship of Molach - or “Baal.”

Thus they are all called ‘Ashkanazis” - who used Lucifer’s Minions to seize power across the globe.

Here are the sequence of events in recent years:

1)  2001:  Mass slaughter of 40,000 Pregnant Sheep and Goats in the Netherlands to the Persian god Molech followed by the attack on 9/11 of the World Trade Center in New York.

2) 2002: Mass slaughter of 10 Million animals in Britain to Molech, followed by the US Invasion of Iraq in 2003.

3) 2009: Sacrifice of Lambs to Molech to begin the Global War in 2010 to kill every Christian World wide in what began as the Obama Murdering Spree called “The Arab Spring”

4) Cuurently: The Queen has ordered New Zealand to sacrifice 150,000 cows to their GOD “Molech” (Lucifer) -  in exchange for the death of President Trump and the destruction of America.

 In response - the Prime Minister of New Zealand - the Evil Jacinda Ardern - has announced New Zealand will comply.

The official reason for this slaughter is because of a bacterial Infection of Micro Plasma - but since that infects cattle world wide - we know the murder of these cows is for some other reason.

I raise my hands right now and all that you have  done - Oh Leaders of Mighty England and your Slaves the Rothchilds - will backfire and fall on your heads immediately. No sign will be given to you Workers of Iniquity and Evil save one - the Upset in your own house. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

All you who have participated in destruction of America will now have your sins heaped upon your heads and consequences will immediately follow - so HE has said it, so it shall be.


1) Amazon devices developed using OUR TAX DOLLARS are now being sold that record your conversations.

For Example: The recently sold “Alexa” speakers now record your telephone conversations and have the ability to randomly send these recordings to other people who have telephones.

Further - Amazon is now taking a pictures of your home every time they make a delivery.

Then they sell the data to the highest bidder

2) Facebook was set up to be a massive spy program. Not only can it record you through your computer camera (Unless you have Virtual Shield) it also records your conversation through your computer speakers, tracks your location and even records what you buy - all paid for with OUR TAX DOLLARS.

Then they sell the data to the highest bidder.

3) Starbucks is not only closing over 8,000 stores while they give their employees “Sensativity Training” they also have installed cameras that record your movements and voices developed using OUR TAX DOLLARS.

They then sell this the highest bidder.

4) Finally - Knowing what you say, what you buy and where you go a New Holographic Kit the size of a backpack developed using OUR TAX DOLLARS can now porject a hologram into your brain.

Using a new technology developed at UC Berkeley this “Holographic Brain Modification” will actually be able to fill your brain with images  from a distance. Further - Holographic Brain Implants are now being tested to improve Brain Functions at the University to create what we call the “Super Brain.”


Italy is ready to get out of the Euro nations and as a consequence their stocks are crashing and bond interest rates are increasing.

First Greece, then Italy, next Portugal and Spain - the PIGS nations.

This is well planned to create maximum pain so please pray those creating this disaster are themselves immediately neutralized permanently.



These Haaacherians” are large beings from a much higher vibrational frequency that have been brought here to this planet to suck off excess amounts of energy from our planet and send in to another place. The excess energy lit                                                                                                                                                            erally passes through them and gives them - indigestion.

They have been brought here because of our use of Oil, Natural Gas and Coal for fuel. Apparently Humans are releasing large amounts of Energy and it is about to -- “Short” this planet out - much like Lucifer did to Mars.

So these “Haaachurians” were sent here to help our planet survive.

They thin, they feel, they communicate, they reproduce and they are very, very powerful and make Lucifer look like a Pin Head in comparison.

Our attempts to communicate with them are so rudimentary we appear - very stupid to them - and they want nothing to do with Humans.

So basically - GOD is trying to stabilize our planet and keep it in one piece and these beings agreed to come and help.
Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. MounT


Britain Orders Mass Burnt Offering Sacrifice Of 150,000 Cattle In Occult Bid To Kill President Trump



Amazon devices RECORD your private conversations and surreptitiously send them to others –

Starbucks shuts 8,000 stores for anti-bias training | One America News Network

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Sprite (lightning) - Wikipedia

The Fabulous World of Lightning: Sprites, Dwarves and Elves — Steemit

Red Sprite Lightning

What Is Gravity A& What Are ET 'Sprites"

Monday, May 28, 2018

What Is Gravity & What Are ET Sprites?

A letter to a friend:

(1547) What Is Gravity A& What Are ET 'Sprites" - YouTube

Your real question boggling your minds at Lockheed Martin is that on the use of Gravity. First - you must understand what Gravity is exactly.

Since the Wisdom of the ages - from all species in the Material Plane - is stored on the mental plane ascertaining this fact was a simple task. So here goes:

Gravity is a synergistic effect of attraction created by 2 or more atoms that gather together.

Equation: 1+1=3

Or More Correctly:


The addition (?) is created by other matter we cannot see coming together with these 2 atoms - or what we call Dark matter.

The particular configuration of the atoms create either an attraction or repelling of in a magnetic field.

For example - Silver and Gold repel a magnet - Iron is attracted to a magnet.

The lower the frequency applied the denser the gravity and in other Alternate Universes (144) where time seems to travel at a different speed - the faster the perceived time the less the gravity.

Of course- as frequency is increased other band widths of life appear - both up and down the spectrum. By increasing our vibrational frequency we should be able to reach these places fairly quickly.

As one progresses up the vibrational frequencies the life forms enlarge and the distance between stars thus decreases.

Increase the vibrational frequencies, increase the density of the particles used in the Magnetic Drive on a Star Ship, and use the Gravitational Force of other stars to pull you forward.

All thoughts are store in a form of matter on the Thought Plane and subject to slow decay - but a though takes years to degrade and can still be read very clearly for many years. All thoughts - meaning the Secrets of the Universe - are stored in the Mental Plane.

Modification of the Human DNA to allow Space Travel through the use of Retroviruses will backfire. One simply needs to vibrate the inner core of a Starship art 7.68 Htz for 1 hour a day and increase the outer hull vibrational frequency.

For travel - if one pushes on a rod the other end moves instantaneously. Use this theory to move Dark Matter and your travel becomes instantaneous.

Vibrate the hull at a much higher frequency and then “Push It.”

Even future thoughts are stored on the Mental Plane - which is exactly why I can do what I do on You Tube, APFN, Before Its News and a dozen other channels.

Congradulations on your retirement - now you will be busier than you have ever been.

As a side note - we are working on extending the human Life out about 7 times and have just put the missing piece into the Equation.

UN Leaders Declare USA As A Terrorist Nation

Sunday, May 27, 2018


(1495) UN Leaders Declare USA As A Terrorist Nation - YouTube


It does not give us any pleasure to declare that the United States has now been called a Terrorist Nation by even the Fallen Angels who run the United Nations.

In accordance with UN Accepted Laws Terrorism is:

“Terrorism is a Philosophy of coordinated violence which tends to have to have a high degree of social impact on the target society”

NATO Definition:

“The unlawful use or threatened use of violence against individuals or property on an attempt to coerce and intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.”

Think Afghanistan

Think Syria

Granted  - Iraq had huge numbers of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons - we have many photos of this - but they are gone and the US needs to get our ASAP.

The Presidents of both Syria and Afghanistan have asked US Troops to leave their nations but the US Refused.

Further - Turkey has asked the US to get their military out of their nation and stop screwing with the New Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines feeding Europe form Iran and Russia and the US has refused.

Further - Congress is now Directing the Department of Defense to Weaponize space - a direct violation if all sorts of treaties banning this.

The truth is - every thing the US sends into space is a weapon and has been for decades.

Therefore - the US is now defined as a Terrorist Nation by UN Leaders, International Laws and by hundreds of treaties.

Please pray that President Trump has the guts to pull our troops out of nations across the globe.


1) There is a huge rain storm now pummeling the Florida Panhandle as well as other areas in the Eastern Sea Board. It is so bad Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a State of Emergency in all 67 counties - even the ones now experiencing Sunny Weather. This allows his state to avoid payment on their bonds.

A few miles North of Florida here is a Flash Flood that seems to be wiping out a town in Maryland.

These storms will become more intense as NASA screws with the Weather more each day.

As the weather gets more and more manipulated we are beginning to see some really strange things - like these “Sprites” over Oklahoma on 24 May. According to the leaders of the UN - these are living beings from a higher plane.

Further - we are about to get hit by Solar Winds form a Coronal Hole - so - what that does we do not know.

Pray that our President does as GOD has asked him to do or these Anomalies will accelerate. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.


1) Brazil is under a State of Emergency due to a Trucker’s Strike as Gas Prices Soar to pay off Government Debt to support the Welfare State.

This is a test for America - the 8th largest Economy in the world has now been stopped due to huge tax increases to pay off their debt.

It is unlikely these strikes across South America will cease as their welfare rolls just seem to be going up by the hour.

2) The US Commander of NATO, General Curtis Scaparrotti, is calling for more troops to defend against the Evil Russians. This story seems to appear every year.


We drove through Fort Lewis a few weeks ago and it was barren - barracks were empty, ranges were closed, restaurants shutting down - almost as if most of the 45,000 troops were deployed.

Entire unts were gone - and lotrs of them. Even the PX and BX were barren.

3) Harvard University - another college almost fully supported using OUR TAX DOLLARS has not only denied entrance into their school to Whites but also to Asians.

In a new study published by the Centor for Equal Opportunity Harvard University is underrepresented by both Whites and Asians.

Other Universities - like the California Institute for Technology - is 43% Asian and very few Whites as well.

So apparently this kind of discrimination is now making Main Stream News.

Pray that we the Tax Payer no longer funds these Loony Lefty Educational Centers.

Pray also that the Limousine Liberals - those Lucifarians who tell the Lefty Loony’s how to think, loose their Government Funding as well.


Over 3 Million Crimes in America are stopped every year by armed Americans.

A Gunman walked into Louie’s Bar And Grill in Oklahoma City last Thursday Night and began shooting randomly at customers.

A man pulled out a pistol and stopped the attacker immediately by shooting him dead.

The local Police Chief thanked the armed man for his assistance in stopping this Murdering Freak.

Imagine if all Americans were armed and trained in the use of their pistols - no more FBI/SS/CIA False Flags.

If you are going to pack a pistol - get trained and insured - Yup - Insured.

Please also pray for those in Hawaii as the Lava flows get worse and gobbles up more and more land.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


Russia-China Move Rapidly To Remake World While America Continues To Self Destruct


US officials cross into North Korea ‘to prepare Trump-Kim talks’ – report — RT US News

Congress Directs Immediate Weaponization of Space to Counter Missile Strikes

Russia And Turkey Reach Deal On "Southern Stream" Gas Pipeline, Infuriate Washington | Zero Hedge

The Dangers of Our Illegal Military Presence in Syria | The American Conservative

Mississippi, Florida, Alabama Brace For Subtropical Storm Alberto | One America News Network

Florida gov. declares state of emergency ahead of Subtropical Storm Alberto - CBS News

Video Shows Flash Flood Wiping Out Historic City In Maryland | Zero Hedge - Interactive 3D globe brings weather to life -- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids



Brazilian Military Deployed To Break Up Trucking Strike As State Of Emergency Worsens | Zero Hedge


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sink Hole Growing At The White House


Sink Hole Growing At The White House + Pvt UN Meeting - YouTube


Brought to you by Ancient Life Oil - we eat it every day.


Yesterday we reported on how large, round Sink Holes are formed.

As the Underground bases are created by the use of Tiny Nuclear Weapons surrounded by Accelerants like Lithium 6, they often begin to degrade 60 years later like Professor Einstein stated so many years ago.

The caves - the Underground Cites - are then evacuated and these caves then collapse.

Well - apparently the White House has fairly large Sink Hope of it’s own to worry about.
Apparently the US Park Service now is managing the hole.

There are so many Water Lines, Electrical Lines and tunnels under and around the White House no one can really say what is causing this hole.

It could be an old tree root rotted away or a Sewer Line.

In my opinion what the US Park service will find is an old sever line that has finally given way and is collapsing. The Maintenance Man that retired 3 years ago will more than likely know where the Archived Maps of the White House Sewer lines are and  one could also use Ground Penetrating Radar in our newer Super Duper Tops Secret Cell Phones to also locate the comma song line.


Today was the first part of a UN Broadcast that was held in London.

To sum it up - the Fallen Angels that run the UN wish to understand all of the processes now occurring on this planet and learn to control them to create their own Heaven on Earth here.

This means, of course, sterilizing the surface of the planet and forcing the remaining Humans to mine for metals they need underground.

Large hexagonal Star Gates are now being constructed to replace those currently on Planet Earth after the current ones are permanently sealed off and destroyed.

Thus they plan to live on a Sterilized Planet that mines - a Mining Colony. Look what they did to Mars.

The Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda Maryland is supplemented by Skunk Works (Alex Jones Employer) and Ratheon by the advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto California and in New Jersey and run by Rick Berto.

Atheon = Athiest = Godless

By reducing the population and lifting the veal separating the different dimensions we can learn to live on next to nothing and pursue our Spiritual Side, not our Material Side.

So every thing we now experience - Music, TV and Radio Shows - 5G Networks, False Flag Shootings, Stripping your constitutional rights, the Negative News, Men portraying women on TV, Women portraying men on TV - all is done by Lucifer to destroy everything you know as right and correct and lead to this Nuclear Conflict.


Microsoft, Google, Ratheon and many other are in full cooperation to accomplish ‘THE PLAN.’

When someone steps up to the plate and says - NO - then they are considered a Rogue Player and deemed to be “Selfish.”

So they will now step up the funding for these False Flags and everything they can fund to destroy us - especially the Land of the Free - Everything.

Further - they have developed New DNA Modifying Retroviruses that are now being tested across the nation in our foods to change our DNA to become the Humans they wish us to become.

As part of this modification scientists at the Rockafellar University  in New York have combined a Human Gene with a Chicken Gene using OUR TAX DOLLARS.

So I suppose we will soon have Human Egg Layers with Beaks?

I believe it is the 6th floor under the Pentagon (Floor - 6) is run by Humans with Modified DNA.

Hang on.

As long a the President refuses to arrest those who have committed First Degree Torture and Murder and Treason - this process will accelerate.

GOD has informed the President of this and now Lucifer’s Fallen Angels are saying the same thing.


1) Nebraska police have just seized enough illegal Fentanyl to kill 26 Million Americans. In April the Nebraska State patrol seized 118 pounds of Raw Fentanyl - the largest haul in history. 

Four days later they seized 37 pounds of Raw Processed Cocaine and 44 more pounds of Raw Fentanyl.

Pray President Trump cuts off the FBI Money Immediately for transporting these drugs to destroy America.

2) In an attempt to justify more deaths caused by Vaccinations the World Health Organization has reported that 3 infected patients got loose in the city of Mbandaka, Congo - a city of 1.2 million.

This should cause some panic - allowing more “Mandatory” mass  vaccinations and sterilization and mass deaths.

3) In an attempt to destroy Family Integrity - a new study (pulled off the net by Google) it was found that more than 3,300 Android Apps are used to track and program your children.

If you can think of any more please post them below.


While the US Main Stream Media was lying again about the lack of progress in the reunification of the Koreas, the leader s of North and South Korea were discussing just that in a Private Meeting.

Further - the expected conference between President Trump and Kim Jung Un, Leader of North Korea, is still active and appears it will take place.



12 October (+-3 Days) put a Human Shield around the President and Vice President. Do not ask why - just do it.

Further - keep President Trump away from US Embassies and Consulates - period.

Just do it.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Massive Internet Censorship Begins In Europe


(1464) Massive Internet Changes Sweep Across Europe - YouTube

Brought to you by Ancient Life Oil - we eat it every day.

These is a New Law that has just gone into effect all across the European Union - Which is owned by the US Corporation, which dissolved doing Bankruptcy 9 March 1933 and is run by the IMF through the United Nations, which are both owned by the Rothchild’s Banking System.

A New Law called the “Updated” General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) took effect this morning.

What this bill tries to do is:

1) Fine companies for lying on the internet - focusing on companies like the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC, etc and will fine these companies up to $23.5 Million (Or 4% of their Gross Earnings) for each and every violation of this regulation.

2) Demands companies delete personal information without a person’s prior written consent.

3) Allow the coordination of all Law Enforcement Agencies across the Euro Nations to enforce these New Regulations.

4) Allow Internet Users the right to sue internet content providers like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram for either editing or eliminating their posts.

So - for example - when we post a comment of video on Facebook and Twitter and they pull it (Shadow Ban) they may be sued and for our loss and fined up to $23.5 Million per violation.

Both Facebook and Google face massive amounts of Lawsuits concerning their violations of these laws.

If these internet Content provides fail to comply their fines will run into the Billions of Dollars and likely make all Google Companies unprofitable - which would crash their stock values.

To ad insult to injury the Director the of the Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Trump 2030 Chairman Brad Pascale have written the CEO’s of both Facebook and Google asking hem not to Censor Conservative Voices.

Apparently President Trump tried to censor Twitter Users and a Federal Judge ruled that since Twitter is a Public Forum this is illegal and Public Forums include Google, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

So throwing people off as subscribers and reducing hits is now illegal.

Further - this means that when Google and Daily Motion made our videos X-Rated for telling the news they stepped over the line.


We shall see how the EU and the US Courts implement these new laws but considering Italian Bonds and US Bonds are about to enter the Junk Bond Status the EU and US Directors may find that these blatant violations of Free Speech will pad their pockets with enough revenue to keep this FIAT system going for another year or two.


There is now low humming and loud explosions being heard across this nation.

There are 2 things going on causing these noises:

1) Large tunneling machines using Nuclear Power Packs are boring holes in solid rock about 14 feet in diameter for the construction of underground roads and rail systems.

2) The large explosions are the sounds of smaller Nuclear Weapons being detonated to create large caverns for our underground complexes.

The bombs use tiny amounts of Uranium or Plutonium surrounded by an accelerant like Lithium 6 so when these caves are created there is almost no radioactive residue and the areas may be inhabited within weeks after the detonation.

As for the Older Bases built - after 60 years the caverns begin to disintegrate - leaving a Large Sink Hole above and they eventually collapse. This is why all the sink holes are perfectly round.

Cut off the funding to the US Navy and Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda Maryland and the explosions will cease almost immediately.

Please pray they loose their funding and stop sucking $8 Trillion a year out of our world economies.


As Europe and Asia enter the 21st Century the United States seems to be Imploding in every way - Spiritually, Financially, Ecologically and  Socially.

As Government spending increases at an never ending rate across the nation we look to the White House to do something, anything to stop this Run Away Government Theft of out resources.

Unfortunately - they are unable to even arrest a the Frazzled Rat for Torture and Murder even after a video showing her doing this was posted across the world.

Our President and his staff have apparently Pushed the Self Destruct Button as they refuse to Follow the Constitution and arrest those in high places now committing Treason against this once great nation.

Further - those Nukes that were to be fired from the Submarines to start a Massive Nuclear Conflict by Israel were made here in the USA and no one has even been called to the carpet for not deactivating these weapons through our Satellite Systems.

So as our former FBI and CIA Directors testify and speak in the news please realize these are the individuals who have been trying to start this Nuclear Conflict for years and they have not been arrested and will continue to try until they are.

You would think that after someone tried to kill President Trump 17 May and start a Nuclear conflict yesterday that the President would be willing to take action to save his own neck - right?

Nope - they are all still free and will again try to whack him soon and the CIA/Secret Service conduct yet another Fake School Shooting within 3 weeks.

Please pray that the President begins arresting these Murderers immediately.


President Trump cancelled the meeting with the leaders of North Korea 12 June until the Israeli attemppt at starting a Nuclear War was sorted out.

So expect this meeting to go through as planned as the actions he took were a distraction to stop this insanity.

Again - his conversations regarding this instance were stellar.


Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

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The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Elite Loony Democrat's Mid-Term Elections Crumbling Nationwide

America - We Are Getting Sicker Every Day


(1442) America - Getting Sicker By The Day - YouTube


America is becoming sicker by the day.

You the viewer call us every day how sick you are and the pain you are in so we have created this program to help you.

Cancer rates are sky rocketing

Arthritis is skyrocketing

HIV rates are skyrocketing

Blood disorders are skyrocketing

ADHD rates are sky rocketing

Autism rates are sky rocketing

Pain in most Americans is also skyrocketing.

When you are sick - nothing else matters - right?

Of course - this has nothing to do with the chemicals in the air and food the GMO foods and the electronics now pummeling our planet.


Ronnie - you have managed to put together 3 oils that - when combined - do amazing things to our bodies.

I am getting call after call about things like:

1) My mom is in a rest home and I began giving her 10 drops of the Ancient Life Oil and she began to remember me

2) My pain has subsided so can think clearly now.

Tell me some of the stories you are getting on the phone about what this Ancient Life oil is doing for your customers:

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount

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Elite Loony Democrat's Mid-Term Elections Crumbling Nationwide

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Mid-Term Elections Of Lefty Loony's Peters Out


Attention: Mid-Term Blue-Wave Election Petering Out - YouTube

Brought to you by Ancient Life Oil

  A most Amazing product

In an incredible report by Reuters apparently the Blue Wave is the Mid-Term Elections has fizzled out.

America has had enough of these Loony Lefties in the Democratic Socialist Party we now know as the NAZI party - home of such heroes as Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, Barach Obama and the Frazzled Rat.

People have had enough.

Despite the fact that over half the Demo NAZI’s running for office are now Intel Agents with unlimited budgets using OUR TAX DOLLARS America has apparently had enough.

Their entire agenda is to create a massive Plague and Nuclear Conflict to kill 7 Billion Humans.


Reuters - of course - gives fake numbers as their creator has admitted at private parties they lie in every poll for money.

In our polls - all across the nation  - even here in the Loony Lefty NAZI areas of Seattle - Legal Voters who are expected to vote outnumber the Loony Lefties 3 to 1.

That is a very significant margin - 3 to 1.

Unfortunately - President Trump has not ordered those who commit election fraud to be arrested for Treason or even election fraud. Until he gets the guts to stand up like a man - the Intelligence Community will ram these Loony Lefties down our throats no matter what the real vote is.

Pray President Trump has the Guts to contain Voter Fraud this election.

Further - the Rank and File of the FBI has had enough of their leaders ordering the complete and utter destruction of America.

It is these Mid-Level FBI and CIA agents who have assisted us in stooping so many Presidential Assassinations and seized so many Nukes ready to  go off in this nation over the last 12 years.

Many of these agents have kids, grandkids, wives, parents - all of who they do not relish the udea that they will be killed in a Nuclear Exchange put together by these Fallen Angels and their Misled Workers like Robert Mueller and James Comey at the top.

Many are now petitioning Congress to Subpoenae them into a hearing so they can gain the full legal protection against these Lucifarian Murdering Scum that now inhabit the upper levels of every US Agency and Department.

We shall see whether Congress has the guts to open this case wide open or whether President Trump has the guts to arrest these Rats at the top who are still trying to kill him and start a full scale Nuclear Conflict.

A Nuclear Plot is being put to bed this very moment near Vandenberg Air Force Base to start this Nuclear Conflict.

Israel now has 5 Submarines sitting off the North Korean Coast ready to launch about 35 Nukes and are currently waiting for the “Go Ahead” after the Nuke is detonated at the Air Force base.

SERCO is ready to send out the stories that the North Koreans blew up Vandenberg Air Force base, the Israeli Subs will launch their nukes claiming North Korea started a Nuclear Conflict and Voila - Planet Earth ceases to exist

Current targets now include Beijing, Soul, Pujong, and a dozen South Korean Cities as well as Tokyo and Manilla and 29 other cities.

This is why the Israel High Command is currently in their Deep Underground Bunkers.

Further - Angela Merkel has ensured that the location of these Submarines (Built in Germany) is know to her at all times so she too can go into her deep underground bunker at the right time.

What I can’t figure out is if they crack this planet in up into a billion pieces - what good are their bunkers?

Pray that this Nuke is fully stopped and does not get detonated near Vandenberg tonight or tomorrow.

Again - pray that President Trump gets the guts to arrest those trying to Blow This Planet Into a Billion Pieces.



1) The University of Southern California in under investigation for excluding men in their Women’s Studies Courses.

Hey - if Girls are allowed in the Boy Scouts, why can’t boys be allowed in the Girl Scouts, right?

If Girls are allowed In Men’s Study Classes why can’t men be allowed in  to Women’s Study Courses?

These Blue Loony Lefties have gone insane using OUR TAX DOLLARS.

2) A Legal Precedent was set when a New York State Supreme Court Justice ordered a 30 year old son out of his parent’s house.

This filthy nutcase moved back into his parent’s house 8 years ago and in January of this year they had enough and legally evicted him - but he refused to go.

So now the New York Supreme Court has ruled that parents have the right to evict their children

3) Deutsche Bank has announced they are officially laying off 10% of hteir work force. It will top 20% by the end of the year.

For all the tea in China I would not wish to be in the shoes off any CEO at this bank

When their investors determine why they are bankrupt - but they were warned by GOD - wowzers…



The living GOD will now accelerate his actions against those who have ignored him. So he has said it - so it shall be.


1) In the Loony left update Bill Nye The Science Guy - a PBS creation using OUR TAX DOLLARS - has stated openly and without laughing that taxing cow farts is a fantastic idea because Cow Farts cause Global Warming.

2) In yet another Loony Lefty article apparently they agree that Cow Flatulence is the main cause of Global Warming.

3) Yet in another Loony Lefty report by Metro - it is not Cow Flatulence but Cow Burps that are destroying the Earth and causing Global warming.

Is it any wonder that no one will vote for these Blue Democratic Loony Lefty’s any more?


1) In a recent study doctors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology cannot figure out why women with Breast Cancer get cancer after a Mastectomy.

In fact - the ten year survival rates for all types of cancer remains at 5%, and has been for over 80 years now.

Perhaps the doctors never really addressed the caused of cancer, ya think?

We published the cure in the US Army in 1946 - over 72 years ago and it remains the same today.

2) Breast Cancer Drug Lapatinib, in a recent study, has been shown to  accelerate cancer cell growth - go figure.

3) Scientists warn that 5G Technology now used in LED Street Lamps is now only causing weight gain and cancer, but also insomnia, nosebleeds and stillbirths.

These LED lights you use in your home emit the same frequencies found in these street lights.

In Gatesburg in Northern England, citizens are reporting an array of weird symptoms after the LED Street Lights were installed across their city. Mark Steele, a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers - IEEE, has openly reported to his society that  since the installation of these LEDs across town the reports of Neurological Disorders has been skyrocketing.

And Doctors cannot determine the causes of cancer.



Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Trut


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