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Sunday, May 27, 2018


(1495) UN Leaders Declare USA As A Terrorist Nation - YouTube


It does not give us any pleasure to declare that the United States has now been called a Terrorist Nation by even the Fallen Angels who run the United Nations.

In accordance with UN Accepted Laws Terrorism is:

“Terrorism is a Philosophy of coordinated violence which tends to have to have a high degree of social impact on the target society”

NATO Definition:

“The unlawful use or threatened use of violence against individuals or property on an attempt to coerce and intimidate governments or societies to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.”

Think Afghanistan

Think Syria

Granted  - Iraq had huge numbers of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons - we have many photos of this - but they are gone and the US needs to get our ASAP.

The Presidents of both Syria and Afghanistan have asked US Troops to leave their nations but the US Refused.

Further - Turkey has asked the US to get their military out of their nation and stop screwing with the New Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines feeding Europe form Iran and Russia and the US has refused.

Further - Congress is now Directing the Department of Defense to Weaponize space - a direct violation if all sorts of treaties banning this.

The truth is - every thing the US sends into space is a weapon and has been for decades.

Therefore - the US is now defined as a Terrorist Nation by UN Leaders, International Laws and by hundreds of treaties.

Please pray that President Trump has the guts to pull our troops out of nations across the globe.


1) There is a huge rain storm now pummeling the Florida Panhandle as well as other areas in the Eastern Sea Board. It is so bad Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a State of Emergency in all 67 counties - even the ones now experiencing Sunny Weather. This allows his state to avoid payment on their bonds.

A few miles North of Florida here is a Flash Flood that seems to be wiping out a town in Maryland.

These storms will become more intense as NASA screws with the Weather more each day.

As the weather gets more and more manipulated we are beginning to see some really strange things - like these “Sprites” over Oklahoma on 24 May. According to the leaders of the UN - these are living beings from a higher plane.

Further - we are about to get hit by Solar Winds form a Coronal Hole - so - what that does we do not know.

Pray that our President does as GOD has asked him to do or these Anomalies will accelerate. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.


1) Brazil is under a State of Emergency due to a Trucker’s Strike as Gas Prices Soar to pay off Government Debt to support the Welfare State.

This is a test for America - the 8th largest Economy in the world has now been stopped due to huge tax increases to pay off their debt.

It is unlikely these strikes across South America will cease as their welfare rolls just seem to be going up by the hour.

2) The US Commander of NATO, General Curtis Scaparrotti, is calling for more troops to defend against the Evil Russians. This story seems to appear every year.


We drove through Fort Lewis a few weeks ago and it was barren - barracks were empty, ranges were closed, restaurants shutting down - almost as if most of the 45,000 troops were deployed.

Entire unts were gone - and lotrs of them. Even the PX and BX were barren.

3) Harvard University - another college almost fully supported using OUR TAX DOLLARS has not only denied entrance into their school to Whites but also to Asians.

In a new study published by the Centor for Equal Opportunity Harvard University is underrepresented by both Whites and Asians.

Other Universities - like the California Institute for Technology - is 43% Asian and very few Whites as well.

So apparently this kind of discrimination is now making Main Stream News.

Pray that we the Tax Payer no longer funds these Loony Lefty Educational Centers.

Pray also that the Limousine Liberals - those Lucifarians who tell the Lefty Loony’s how to think, loose their Government Funding as well.


Over 3 Million Crimes in America are stopped every year by armed Americans.

A Gunman walked into Louie’s Bar And Grill in Oklahoma City last Thursday Night and began shooting randomly at customers.

A man pulled out a pistol and stopped the attacker immediately by shooting him dead.

The local Police Chief thanked the armed man for his assistance in stopping this Murdering Freak.

Imagine if all Americans were armed and trained in the use of their pistols - no more FBI/SS/CIA False Flags.

If you are going to pack a pistol - get trained and insured - Yup - Insured.

Please also pray for those in Hawaii as the Lava flows get worse and gobbles up more and more land.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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  1. Your claims about the UN declaring the USA a Terrorist organization is unfounded and no proof of that. I checked the UN website and they do not have any Press Releases or statements that even say that on there.

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