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Monday, May 28, 2018

What Is Gravity & What Are ET Sprites?

A letter to a friend:

(1547) What Is Gravity A& What Are ET 'Sprites" - YouTube

Your real question boggling your minds at Lockheed Martin is that on the use of Gravity. First - you must understand what Gravity is exactly.

Since the Wisdom of the ages - from all species in the Material Plane - is stored on the mental plane ascertaining this fact was a simple task. So here goes:

Gravity is a synergistic effect of attraction created by 2 or more atoms that gather together.

Equation: 1+1=3

Or More Correctly:


The addition (?) is created by other matter we cannot see coming together with these 2 atoms - or what we call Dark matter.

The particular configuration of the atoms create either an attraction or repelling of in a magnetic field.

For example - Silver and Gold repel a magnet - Iron is attracted to a magnet.

The lower the frequency applied the denser the gravity and in other Alternate Universes (144) where time seems to travel at a different speed - the faster the perceived time the less the gravity.

Of course- as frequency is increased other band widths of life appear - both up and down the spectrum. By increasing our vibrational frequency we should be able to reach these places fairly quickly.

As one progresses up the vibrational frequencies the life forms enlarge and the distance between stars thus decreases.

Increase the vibrational frequencies, increase the density of the particles used in the Magnetic Drive on a Star Ship, and use the Gravitational Force of other stars to pull you forward.

All thoughts are store in a form of matter on the Thought Plane and subject to slow decay - but a though takes years to degrade and can still be read very clearly for many years. All thoughts - meaning the Secrets of the Universe - are stored in the Mental Plane.

Modification of the Human DNA to allow Space Travel through the use of Retroviruses will backfire. One simply needs to vibrate the inner core of a Starship art 7.68 Htz for 1 hour a day and increase the outer hull vibrational frequency.

For travel - if one pushes on a rod the other end moves instantaneously. Use this theory to move Dark Matter and your travel becomes instantaneous.

Vibrate the hull at a much higher frequency and then “Push It.”

Even future thoughts are stored on the Mental Plane - which is exactly why I can do what I do on You Tube, APFN, Before Its News and a dozen other channels.

Congradulations on your retirement - now you will be busier than you have ever been.

As a side note - we are working on extending the human Life out about 7 times and have just put the missing piece into the Equation.


  1. So simple. Just like most truths. Makes perfect sense.

    When will you post your extended life formula?

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