Thursday, May 31, 2018

Trump Strikes Back At Heart Of The Deep State


(1595) President Strikes Back At Deep State - YouTube


After the recent story where the Council of Foreign Relations openly stated that propaganda (lies) are acceptable and the CIA lied to their friends in the media (Run By SERCO) to try and start yet another World Conflict in the Korean Region.

Further, the fact that “Jeff Sessions” and the US Department of Justice refuses to arrest both Huma Abadeen and the Frazzled Rat for openly torturing and murdering a young child on video it is clear he must strike back at the heart of the Beast - their Underbelly - their Money.


First - it was released that Deutsche Bank - the Bank of the Roman Empire - is in trouble financially.

You see - Deutsche Bank holds over $7 Trillion Dollars in Hedge Funds that are worth exactly $0 - nothing - zip - and they were told they would go down if they ignored GOD.

So President Trump knows that this Curse from GOD for not filing a $10 item allows him to take them down - and with it the entire Deep State Financial System connected to Deutsche Bank.

A little more of a push and “Poof” goes the worldwide control of these Bankstas and the Roman Lucifarian Pope.

President Trump may be a greedy ungrateful oaf but he is an absolute Genius.

He may loose what he loves most for not doing the few things GOD has asked him to do - but he will take down his enemies and Living GOD will protect him while he does it.

Second - the Judges President Trump is putting in place will replace the Loony Lefty Freaks with judges that believe in the Constitution and since the US Dissolved 9 March 1933 and has never been “Re-Established” these Judges can ignore English Maritime Law and follow the Constitution.

Third - President Trump has called into his office Kim Kardashian-West (A Transvestite with 60 Million Twitter Followers) to get her help in exposing this Deep State “Lucifarian Limousine Liberal NAZI‘s” now ruling the planet.

Fourth - President Trump just hit these Limousine Liberals NAZI’s with $7 Billion Dollars in tariffs for their subsidization of companies meant to destroy America.

Fifth - President Trump just pardoned Dinesh D’Souza for being prosecuted for exposing the last President and his entire staff as a Traitors and Mass Murderers.

Sixth - In a direct aim at the Elite Pig Prime Minister Angela Merkel Of Germany (A Devout NAZI) President Trump is considering banning all Mercedes Autos from the United States - the same way Germany bans many US Products from being sold there.

Further - Since the US Marshal Plan (from 1945) funds were terminated the second President Trump took office - Government Supported Businesses in Germany are in big trouble.

Tit For Tat - Even Playing Field

Seventh - For the third day in a row US Leaders have been meeting with leaders of North Korea to discuss reuniting the two Koreas once again after 73 years of separation.

Eighth - President Trump has ordered the Kurds out of Syria and Turkey to end the Syrian Conflict.

Finally - Working with the US Supreme Court the latest ruling allows people not to pay their Union Dues.

Try supporting the Democratic Loony Lefties NAZIs without Union Money stolen from their workers?

Not bad for one day, right?


Not that it matters - but:

In a news article no longer available on Google thanks to Censorship, in 2011 the Kardachians admitted to being Transvestites - Men in Woman’s Dresses, along with Paris Hilton.

So as you lust after these women please realize they are really men and have Men Parts.


GOD says that Lucifer is the Father of Lies - or, Deception.


1) The Ozone Layer is severely depleted and as such Winters are colder, summers are hotter.

The Midwest has just gone from the Coldest Winter on record to the Hottest Summer on Record.

2) TESLA’s artificial Intelligence Models are failing as a Parked Car just started itself all by itself and slammed into 5 parked cars in Belgium.

Elon Musk may be part of the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda, Maryland but his theft of Billion of Dollars from Tesla’s Stocks and Bond Holders has not gone un-noticed by the living GOD and HE is now dealing with it in HIS way.

3) The Mystery Booms continue unabated across the nation as the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program continues to build more underground caverns to live in as they destroy the surface of our planet.

4) Mount Kilauea in Hawaii continues to get worse as those in Honolulu are now smelling the Volcanic Gasses and the Lava Flow now increases.

Governor - please evacuate the East side of the Island and prepare to evacuate most of the West Side as well due to Toxic Gasses.

If you listened in the First Place Governor Ige of Hawaii you could have been ready for this and would not be scrambling to evacuate people - would you?

Pray that Governor Ige listens better and acts accordingly to benefit the people of Hawaii.

5) These Lefty Looney’s are going nuts as their world collapses around them - especially in Hollywood.

Apparently it’s OK to use foul language in reference to President Trump - except the Advertisers are now fleeing these Lonny Lefty Shows in mass.

Apparently a few days ago Smantha Bee (A man with a Huge Adams Apple) really cussed out Ivanka Trump and her advertisers left her show in mass - so she apologized.

When we go to the Doctor’s Office or go to get our Oil Changed there is always a Television on and they are always playing some Lefty Loony Talk Show.

I simply write down the advertisers and boycott their products.

Further - why would anyone pay say -  $15,000 - to advertise on a show with only 20,000 viewers when we have almost one million a day?

Advertisers - who are running out of dollars - will either change with the times or be swept under the bus very quickly as people who have money to buy turn away from TV ad Radio.

Pray with us that America - Including President Trump and Jeff Sessions - Wakes Up and prepares for what is coming.
Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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