Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sink Hole Growing At The White House


Sink Hole Growing At The White House + Pvt UN Meeting - YouTube


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Yesterday we reported on how large, round Sink Holes are formed.

As the Underground bases are created by the use of Tiny Nuclear Weapons surrounded by Accelerants like Lithium 6, they often begin to degrade 60 years later like Professor Einstein stated so many years ago.

The caves - the Underground Cites - are then evacuated and these caves then collapse.

Well - apparently the White House has fairly large Sink Hope of it’s own to worry about.
Apparently the US Park Service now is managing the hole.

There are so many Water Lines, Electrical Lines and tunnels under and around the White House no one can really say what is causing this hole.

It could be an old tree root rotted away or a Sewer Line.

In my opinion what the US Park service will find is an old sever line that has finally given way and is collapsing. The Maintenance Man that retired 3 years ago will more than likely know where the Archived Maps of the White House Sewer lines are and  one could also use Ground Penetrating Radar in our newer Super Duper Tops Secret Cell Phones to also locate the comma song line.


Today was the first part of a UN Broadcast that was held in London.

To sum it up - the Fallen Angels that run the UN wish to understand all of the processes now occurring on this planet and learn to control them to create their own Heaven on Earth here.

This means, of course, sterilizing the surface of the planet and forcing the remaining Humans to mine for metals they need underground.

Large hexagonal Star Gates are now being constructed to replace those currently on Planet Earth after the current ones are permanently sealed off and destroyed.

Thus they plan to live on a Sterilized Planet that mines - a Mining Colony. Look what they did to Mars.

The Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda Maryland is supplemented by Skunk Works (Alex Jones Employer) and Ratheon by the advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto California and in New Jersey and run by Rick Berto.

Atheon = Athiest = Godless

By reducing the population and lifting the veal separating the different dimensions we can learn to live on next to nothing and pursue our Spiritual Side, not our Material Side.

So every thing we now experience - Music, TV and Radio Shows - 5G Networks, False Flag Shootings, Stripping your constitutional rights, the Negative News, Men portraying women on TV, Women portraying men on TV - all is done by Lucifer to destroy everything you know as right and correct and lead to this Nuclear Conflict.


Microsoft, Google, Ratheon and many other are in full cooperation to accomplish ‘THE PLAN.’

When someone steps up to the plate and says - NO - then they are considered a Rogue Player and deemed to be “Selfish.”

So they will now step up the funding for these False Flags and everything they can fund to destroy us - especially the Land of the Free - Everything.

Further - they have developed New DNA Modifying Retroviruses that are now being tested across the nation in our foods to change our DNA to become the Humans they wish us to become.

As part of this modification scientists at the Rockafellar University  in New York have combined a Human Gene with a Chicken Gene using OUR TAX DOLLARS.

So I suppose we will soon have Human Egg Layers with Beaks?

I believe it is the 6th floor under the Pentagon (Floor - 6) is run by Humans with Modified DNA.

Hang on.

As long a the President refuses to arrest those who have committed First Degree Torture and Murder and Treason - this process will accelerate.

GOD has informed the President of this and now Lucifer’s Fallen Angels are saying the same thing.


1) Nebraska police have just seized enough illegal Fentanyl to kill 26 Million Americans. In April the Nebraska State patrol seized 118 pounds of Raw Fentanyl - the largest haul in history. 

Four days later they seized 37 pounds of Raw Processed Cocaine and 44 more pounds of Raw Fentanyl.

Pray President Trump cuts off the FBI Money Immediately for transporting these drugs to destroy America.

2) In an attempt to justify more deaths caused by Vaccinations the World Health Organization has reported that 3 infected patients got loose in the city of Mbandaka, Congo - a city of 1.2 million.

This should cause some panic - allowing more “Mandatory” mass  vaccinations and sterilization and mass deaths.

3) In an attempt to destroy Family Integrity - a new study (pulled off the net by Google) it was found that more than 3,300 Android Apps are used to track and program your children.

If you can think of any more please post them below.


While the US Main Stream Media was lying again about the lack of progress in the reunification of the Koreas, the leader s of North and South Korea were discussing just that in a Private Meeting.

Further - the expected conference between President Trump and Kim Jung Un, Leader of North Korea, is still active and appears it will take place.



12 October (+-3 Days) put a Human Shield around the President and Vice President. Do not ask why - just do it.

Further - keep President Trump away from US Embassies and Consulates - period.

Just do it.

Its time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

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Dr William B. Mount

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