Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Tonight is a night to count your blessings and be very grateful that your belly is full, you are clean, and your sitting in a nice warm place.

I could take you to places where thousands are roaming the streets in search of food - so tonight we should be thankful. Who knows what the new year will briing?

We can expect many things to be the same - such as the World Wide Media lies but exactly what the new year will bring, who knows?

 It is how YOU will deal with this new year that matter, right?

For Example: The US Media will continue to lie, take for example:

1) Flight QZ 8501. The Wall Street Journal today is now reporting they found 5 dead (Naked) bodies floating iS the Java sea, an 8 foot 2 x 4, an empty blue suit case with no airline tag on it, some brown sewer pipe, and a Coral Encrusted Debris Field - yes - coral incrusted debris. It got coated with coral in 48 hours --- yea, right.

So - what is a 2 by 4 and an empty suitcase and Naked Dead Bodies that had been dead for weeks, and a piece of old worn out Sewer Pipe doing on an Airbus A-320 flying to Singapore?


More and more and more lies form the media - all over the world.

2) The Meteor Shower all over the world last night?

We pray (Visualize) that the Tall Grays, Draconians and Archons will become violently sick when within 1 million miles of Earth, we are told Planet Earth is Quarenteened, they get sick and try to leave - and ---  "Meteors" come down all over the world.

So hold on to your hat because the lies and False Flags by governments around the world:  "Will just keep on coming."

So tonight - focus on your family.

Focus on getting healthy.

Eliminate GMO foods, eat Sea Weed and Immusist and buy Ed Skilling's Machines and get rid of that Pot Belly, your Heart DIsease, your Cancer, your MS, your HIV - get healthy.


It's all the same stuff.

I have lost 80 pounts and my eye sight has stabilized and my Diabetes is gone, my wifes diabetes is gone and her COlon Cancer, Melanoma and Stomach Tumor are all gone because we followed those wimple guidelines put out in a book first published in 1854 and then updated in our US Army Manuals right after Hiroshima.

Focus on you and your family this new year and get healthy and avoid the doctor if at all possible - it will save you huge amounts of money.

I wish you the best.

Honorable Grace
Ambassador, Dr WIlliam B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russia
Cpt (Ret) USA

APFN - If the Internet went down today I would be grateful to you for allowing me to reach so many and stop so many Assassinations and False Flags.

OK - within 90 days they wound begin again, but together we have given the world 8 more years that would have otherwise been lost to a Full Scale Nuclear War.

So many lives have been saved - so many places are still here --- like Moscow and DC, Seattle and Denver, Richmond (VA) and Atlanta, Tokyo and Bejing and Paris.

You have had Zero recognition APFN from the world for your tremendous part in this role - so either you receive it Very, Very soon or GOD will begin to tear these World Leaders apart from the Top of Their Heads to the Bottom of their Feet. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

He may just let that Nuke the US just brought into Kiev go off near the ZHOOM Department Store in an area now occupied by US "Ukrainian" Officials --- three blocks form the Orangnia Areana where the bread is sold fresh daily and the sausage (Sasiski) is so very good.

So - thank you APFN

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Patch Adams Keeps Moving On

Remember the movie Patch Adams?

Well - he is not only real but he keeps moving forward with his dreams of Free Medical Care, No Wars, and teaching Doctors that patients are real live Humans with feelings and dreams and hopes too.

Patch: "If you treat a disease you may win, you may loose. If you treat a person you will never loose."

This has been Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams motto now for almost 40 years.

Patch just told me that in the last 6 weeks he has been to the 30th Annual Russian Clown Trip (2 Weeks) with 27 clowns - age 13-73.. then 2 cities in Argentina, a week in Australia.

Teaching how to be a Human around the world is taxing but he loves it.

His Blue Hair, clown nose, his size 100 underwear and his funny pants go a long way to mending political relations between nations.

While I am out identifying Nukes (See Sorcha yesterday) or stopping assassination he is out there talking ot Presidents and letting them know that it is not us, the American People who want constant war, but aonly a few US Political Leaders.

He has done more for World Peace than anyone I have every encountered.

I think he is off to Honduras and Guatemala soon for another exciting Clown Trip.

If you want to support a Non-Profit Hospital that will use Holistic Medicine then support Patch.

Kid got Cancer or Autism - bring them there.

You can learn a whole lot more at the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia.

Tired of reading about the Debris of a crashed plane, or how the US made up another School Shooting - then get involved in something positive like building a Free Hospital.

It is not what you say, but what you leave behind that makes a difference.

Get involved - feel good about yourself.

News You Love To Hear

Dr William B. Mount
(((By the way - the Pope had a pretty significant Stroke a few hours ago)))

(((Please continue to pray that all clones on Planet Earth are erased and all Tall Grays, Draconians and Archons get violently sichk when within 1 Million Miles of Planet Earth.)))

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why The Indonesian Plane Shot Down This Morning

Early this morning a flight from Indonesia to SIngapore (Flight QZ8501) disappeared form the Flight Map and is assumed all are lost today.

(((Please pray that ALL Draconians, Tall Whites and Archon, and Fallen Angels os Lucifer become violently sick when within 1 Million Mile of Earth)))

Since no one used their cell ophones to call for help the only assumption that can be made is it was shot down - but why. Why QZ8501?

Several Reasons:

1) The Indonesian Political Leaders are trying to take back their mineral rights form a Private US Based Corporation that runs the Largest Gold Mine  in the world.

The Gold Mine is way out there in the sticks and has managed to pollute all the local water supplies and is heavily guarded by US Special Forces. Yup US Special Forces being paid by YOU,  the American tax payer, to guard US Corporate Interest overseas.

Can we Zeig Heil yet?

Next to the Gold Mine in Indonesia  there are local running around in Loin Cloths (Or Naked) and eating Bug and Monkeys raw that they stun with Blow Darts while the Gold Mine Executives live in absolute luxury.

Indonesia political leadership- in their terrible greed - would like to share the wealth with those who actually live on the land and give them such things as shirts and pants, shoes, food, dental care, etc but the US Corporation will have nothing to do with this.

Please note that the Indonesian Dollar tanked after it informed the US Corporation it wanted it's mineral rights back a few days ago. This means foreign Goods are now harder to import into this nation of around 260 Million people.

2) The man who boarded first onto Flight QZ8501 (Zoe Man Choi) is the Managing Director of Alstrom Power, which has Oil and Coal Powered Plants in Indonesia, CHina, etc.

Zoe Man Choi just made the decision to buy Oil and Coal in Yuans instead of US Dollars and suddenly he is killed in a "Planse Accident in the middle of a storm?"

How Convenient?

Since it happened in the middle of the Ocean in the middle of a storm it is unlikely you will find witnesses except on large fishing boats located in local ports - look for large Red Whaling Boats in ports just North East of the crash site. One of these fishing boats is now in Singapore - but if they tell the truth they are likely to "Vanish."

Since US Radar tracks all planes world wide the US DOD knows exactly where it went down.
The US Submarine responsible is a large one named after a fish, Fishing Town in Alaska near Ketcikan. It is not clear since the name has been partially worn off on the hull. The antenna array is rather odd - too many antennas - capable of changing the weather rather instantly. It can make a storm in about 1 hour.

In Nam I spoke with a guy who had a Submarine pull up and change the weather in about 1 hour - they just point High Frequency Arrays straight up and the Adiabatic Heat draws air up really fast and Viola - Rain Storm with high winds and thunder and lightning. If a plane flies through the middle of the heat plume - "POOF - - it literally turns to Metal Dust and Human DNA blowing in the wind.

Basic Physics Holmes, Basic Physics.

So "The answer, my friend" (to Flight QZ8501)  "is Blowing In The Wind."

The Answer Is Blowing In The Wind

The Submarine I see the letter "OH" on it, the rest of the numbers are worn off - something about being at 5,000 feet under water for months in a really salty area. It looks like an Ohio Class Submarine without upper fins but the "OH" may refer to the Fish or FIshing Village named after a fish in Alaska.

Yup  -  the CIA/US DOD at their finest.
The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount


QZ8501: Indonesian Air Ministry reveals passenger manifest | Astro Awani

Hull-born Chi Man Choi and young daughter among 162 people on missing AirAsia QZ8501 flight | Hull Daily Mail

Alstom China

APFN We Need Your Prayers Now

Earlier this morning the largest of 15 Nuclear Reactors in the Ukraine was shut down due to a major short.

(((Please continue to pray (VIsualize That)
1) Gentle Rains in teh South Western USA, Especially West Texas
1) All Draconians, Tall Grays and Archons that are within 1 Million Miles of Earth get violently sick
3) All Clones on, or within 1 Million Miles of Planet Earth, fail permanently.)))

When US Corporate Forces went in to the Ukraine to Kill they went in with the "Scorched Earth" policy. This means that they full intend to kill everyone in the Ukraine because they sided against the NAZIs in WW2. It's called Pay-Back.

One of the policies they implemented is to force all Ukrainian Reactors to use very highly charged US Nuclear Rods made by Westinghouse instead of the ones made in Russia. Now these rods have been banned since 2012 because they caused shorting out of the Electrical Wiring in these Nuclear Plants.

So this morning the largest Nuclear Plant shorted out after installing these Westing House Nuclear Rods.

In fact - since this policy began there have been many "Emergency Shutdowns" in Ukrainian Nuke Plants over the past few months that have gone unreported and it appears that these Power Plants may have a systemic failure due to these US Rods forced upon them ---- a set up for a complete Power Grid Failure ---- Scorched Earth Ukraine caused by the owners of the CIA (Queen of England) and the DOD (IMF, REd Dragon Controlled).

In addition, many of the Coal Fired Power Plant in the Ukraine are running at low capacity simply because the New US/UK/Ukrainian (NAZI) Government refuses to buy coal from the Donetsk Region of their own nation..

Today, at the start of the winter, the Ukrainian/US/UK Government has begun rolling Black Outs.

In fact - this has occurred several times since the US ordered the US Westing House Nuclear Rods to be used in these reactors instead of Russian Made Rods.

Russia has agreed to supply the Ukrainian People Free Natural Gas for now.

The situation is critical as this may lead to the elimination of Electrical Power by mid-January when temperatures are extremely cold.

This will be Genocide on a large scale basis by orders of the Roman Pope to the Frankfurt Banks (Bauery Boys) to the Rothchilds and through the Queen of England (CIA) and the US DOD (IMF).

(((Please continue to pray that the Evil on this planet becomes violently sick when within 1 Million Miles near Planet Earth))).

Pray that the Ukrainian People fix these Nuclear Short quickly and efficiently.

We are winning.

So Now You Know The rest Of The story

Dr William B. Mount

See: Emergency Shut Down Of At Ukraine's Largest Nuclear Plant

Emergency shutdown at Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant

Saturday, December 27, 2014

They Are Listening APFN

The World Leaders are listening APFn to the truth in the stories we are putting out.

(((Please continue to pray (Visualize that) :
1) All clones across the planet are shut down - that their programming is completely erased
2) That the Tall Grays , Draconians and Archons get violently sick when they are within 1 Million Miles of planet Earth.)))

The evidence we are making a difference is as follows:

1) We all know that the Sony Pictures "Hacking Job" was an inside job so that the CIA can have an excuse to try and crash the North Korean's Computers and then do the same to China.

In the process of the attack the US Corporate Sponsored Central Intelligence Agency Corporation managed to damage a North Korean Owned power plant.

If the orders to retaliate came form the Obama Administration - now in Hawaii vacationing and hiding out from yet another attempt on the President (20th of December) this is again another ACT OF WAR perpetrated against a nation.

The North Korean President/Dictator responded stating: "Obama always goes reckless in word and deed, like a Monkey in a tropical forest."

Good for Kim for having the guts to utter words of truth.


Obama is currently vacationing in Hawaii and his health is very poor. They need a shooting in January (6th or 17th, or 17 FEb along with three Nukes in a False Flag. Location has not been decided yet but may be in the mid-Atlantic for Maximum Death)) to bring in his New Clone - who is actually very flawed but will do in limited engagements.

2) This morning three shiploads  of GMO Corn pawned off by US representatives as No-GMO corn were found to contain GMO DNA and were destroyed before they could enter the Chinese food Chain.

Apparently the US has tried to ship many GMO products into China recently and the CHinese simply test the crops and then destroy them.

Those participating in hte manufacturing and distribution of GMO products muet be contained or destroyed as soon as possible.


Breaking News: China Destroys 3 US Shipments of GM Corn

A ship headed for China with KILLER CORN form the US COrporation

North Koreans Cheering their Internet Back On:

Does it work yet? Kim Jong Un, pictured surrounded by military commanders, lashed out at Barack Obama, calling him a 'monkey' in a racist tirade following several internet outages

North Korea blames US for shutting internet and calls President Obama a MONKEY | Daily Mail Online

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Monsanto GMO Crops Appearing all Over Europe

Despite the Ban on GMO crops by most of the world the Monsano/Bayer company has been planting these crops all over the world. In this case they have been busy destroying German Crops.

(((Please pray that a very bad completely disabling sickness breaks out immediately in all Draconian and Tall Grays, and Archons,  within a million miles of Planet Earth)))

This is correct.

Genetically Modified Plants were found growing along 4 rail lines from Switzerland to the middle of German.

Apparently Monsanto employees have been throwing seeds out of the window along the Rail Lines form Switzerland to the North Sea along the Rhine River. The intent here is to completely compromise all Non GMO corps.

Monsanto Employees working on MGMO crops have a goal: Make all crops worldwide completely GMO and make the entire Human Race dead.

These employees must be rounded up and either placed in FEMA camps permanently or killed - there is no other way to contain these murderers.


These Demon Possessed people working on GMO Crops have been trying to spray Russia and China form military jets with GMO Wheat to kill them for years.

Recent successes along the Rhine give credence that these crops are being spread purposely by Monsanto Employees and their contractors (Blackwater, etc)  for years.

These GMO corps, when eaten by Alien Species, destroys their DNA slowly, bit by bit. The "Black Out" - Intergalactic and Inter-Dimensional War - which broke out last year - was re-ignited by the US Corporation as you recall in a previous article on APFN we wrote.

Well - there are allot of species now flying around this planet in a higher Harmonics ready to blast us into the next century. They do not appreciate their DNA being destroyed by the likes of the Monsanto Employees so again - Focus (Pray) that those creating and distributing GMO crops are immediately contained or destroyed before they blast this planet into pebbles.

Whatever we called - they are here in mass.

Look up US Corporate DOD - may I highly suggest you do as you have been instructed in pervious articles or Face The Music Very SOon - so says the I Am That I Am, Who Was, And Is, And Is To Come.

DOD Commanders and CIA Command Freaks - your very existence is now on the line - so says the I AM That I AM, so HE has said it, so it shall be. When you are destroyed you will go down in Harmonics and think like a Lettuce Plant for all eternity if you do not do as you were asked. GOD s not kidding.

Please Lucifarians - Ignore Me - I wish to see you forever purged from the this harmonics and sent into the Lower Plant Realm Forever. Please ignore what GOD has told you to do - please. I can count your days on the tip of my thumb.

Russian President - you are not left out of this equation either. If you had listened all 15 Former Soviet Nations would already be in your Economic Union - but no - you had to do it without GOD.

When you listen to your Mantle Feeo your nation stays together as in the 1919 invasion of Russia where the Mantle Feeo double crossed the English and French and kept St Petersburg in the Soviet Union. Again in WW2 your Mantle Feeo would not abandon St Petersburg, which cost the Finish and NAZI troops to loose WW2.

Whne you do not use your Mantl Feo your nation breaks apart. After WW1 you did not allow this man to negotiate with the Ukrainian Church and the Ukraine fought you for at least a year - the White Russians, then Poland, then Siberia, the Czhec Armored Cars, Vladavastok and the Japanese and Americans - which you paid huge amounts to get rid of.

In 1990 you ignored the Mantle Feeo and your Soviet Union broke into a million pieces. It could have remained in tack - but no, you ignored the very Hammer of GOD and exchanged it for scraps.

Will you Russians never learn?

GOD gave you primacy over Rome for a reason - you only have to claim it., So HE has said it, so it shall be.

GODs allies are here waiting for you to Reclaim your superiority.  Do what you will, it is your people who will suffer while the US Corporation continues to rule the world.

Again - Focus with me that all US Clones - their Matrix Dissolves - their Programs are erased completely.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Original Obama, who had a stroke in China, is dead I believe and your current one is breaking down. We could fix him but you do not believe me - or a to Cowardly to ask me.

Your third Clone is a total blithering idiot - good luck pawning him off on the public.

2) The Florida State Capitol Satanic Display. The GOvernors Office refused to answer the phone today so one must assume that the Governor Himself - Rich Scott - personally approved the display for his own pleasures.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

BREAKING: Monsanto/Bayer's GM Plants Contaminate Europe Despite Ban

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Mark Of The Beast Is Here

That is correct - the Mark of the Beast his here in America and you will line up to get one.

(((Please pray (Visialize) that the US/UK Clones programming are erased - that their programming is destroyed immediately. This will terminate their ability to start a Nuclear War. )))

You, and your children, will line up to get this New Computer Chip.

The New Chip - mandatory on all Babies born into the European Union since 1 May - is being touted by the American Supported Media as a "Medical Chip." You have it installed on hte inside of you arm and it monitors all sorts of Medical Things - but the manufacturer will not tell you exactly what it is that it monitors.

This device is the Core Product of a COmpany called MC10.

So we are told it tracks your where abouts in Europe when it is installed in all New Borns there, but in America we are told nothing about on US Sponsored Programs like PBS, NOBA, Etc.

So when you are told to get one please keep in mind that if it can send out data it can also receive data and control what you see and think.

Pray - visualize - that the computer programs that run these devices completely crashes forever.

As a side note - Sony Pictures Sales are way down the the "Hacking" was an internal job to boost their sale.

Further - they are a Japanese Based COmpany - so why would the US Respond to an attack on a Japanese Company so why would the US Respond unless they had an alterior motive?

False Flag tot boost their sales.

The movie "Interview" is a really stupid movie with horrible acting, a horrible plot line, and a horrible director and the movie is one in which only a moron would like it --- but they have to boost their sales some how.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

In Ten Years, You Won’t Even Know You’re Wearing Them — NOVA Next | PBS

MC10: Making the Mark of the Beast Possible through miniturization:

Interventional Catheters | MC10


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Christmas Story

Forget about the fact that the Ney Sayers are saying the world is going to end today,  or that the economy is falling apart. Only GOD know the when of these events.

We know Jesus (Yeshua) was born around 4 April 4 AD, while the snow was still on the mountains.

Just focus on what the Living GOD did about 2,000 years go when HE sent HIS #1 SON to this planet to help Man Kind.

We know what the Bible Story Tells us.

We also know that in Spiritual Warfare the Name of Yeshua scares the Demons. Mohammed does not, Alla does not, Buddha does not - only Yeshua and Yeshu Raha Yeshu (I Am That I Am) scares these punk demons to the bone.
So here here again is the True Story of Christmas from the stand point of the Three Kings: Balthassar, Melchior and Gaspar:

For a thousand years the books of the Old Testament told of the coming of Yeshua.

In Isaiah 49.1 and many other places the "English" translation changed this name to hide the real fact. It was the coming of Yeshua, servant of the Living GOD, Yeshu Raha Yeshu, I AM that I AM. "A" meaning servant of.

So for 1,000 years people across the world waited and waited and waited.

Early around  the year 0 (Zero) each of the three Kings were contacted by a "Star." These kings were told that the time had come for the birth of Yeshua and they will lead the way.

The first was Casper (Gasper) the King of Egypt. He was told to bring Frankincense - for in many areas this was the money of his empire.

The Second was Melchoir - he was the King of the region of Tarshus - Modern day Turkey. He was rich beyond belief and he was told to bring Gold.

The Third was Bsathassar. He was the Mighty King of the Mighty Persian Empire Rival to Rome and the Chinese Empires - stretching form Eastern Turkey through most of India. This Great King was told by hte STAR to bring Myhr - for that was very important in these times and very valuable in his empire.

The three left their homes with these gifts and followed the "Stars." Just out side of Jerusalem they met and decided to enter Jerusalem alone and leave their guards outside the gates and ask the King of Judea where is the great profit to be born?

The Guards, seeing the significance of 3 mighty Kings visiting Jerusalem, immediately escorted the three men to King Harrod. To his surprise, and delight, these three Kings bowed to King Harrod and asked: "Where is the Profit to be born."

Herrod Thought: "The Kings of Turkey, Egypt and Persia bowing to me"?

After much searching the Roman Religious Experts agreed that he was to be born 12 miles West in a tiny town called Bethlehem.

They gave King Harrod a few gifts and then went to Bethlehem.

There in Bethlehem, in a dirty old Animal Stall, the "Stars" bowed down to this tiny little baby boy. The Stars were Angels - sons of the Living GOD. The Three Mighty and Rich Kings gave the father of this Tiny Baby Boy larges amounts of gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Mhyr - they bestowed upon this Carpenter huge amounts of wealth as only Kings could do.

These three kings then went back to their kingdoms, sold all they had, and began preaching about this Yeshua, Number one Son Of GOD.

About 100 years later (Yes, 100 years) these three kings actually met in Jerusalem  by chance and one of them was buried in the Whaling Wall in Jerusalem - which is actually part of a Roman Castle, not the wall of Jerusalem.

As you recall - the Cousin of Yeshua was John the Baptist, son of the High Priest of all of Israel.

The folks tending their sheep nearby heard the heavens singing praise and joy in the heavens over this birth.

The Date was as predicted - in the Beginning of the new year - 6 April year about 4AD to 6AD. About 1,000 years after King David took the thrown of Israel.

Who this new Profit was is up to you. Some say he was a Profit, other say he was the Savior of this world. Even today in Bethlehem local residents call him: Yeshu Mesha. Mesha meaning Messiah.

His name was changed in your Bible to Jesus, meaning Light -- Lucifer thought that if he changed his name he would get the worship as the god of light or Zeus (Mars, Allah, etc), not Yeshua.

Lucifer could not be more incorrect as GOD reads the thoughts and minds of men.

Do not worry - Lucifer is a Putz and his kingdom is scattering into the four winds starting yesterday - so says the I Am That I Am. It's GOD's time now.

Just remember one thing - GOD is a whole lot more loving than most preachers say - and your relationship is between you and GOD.

So now you know the real story behind the 3 Kings.

The day Yeshhua was born the King of the Roman Empire declared Peace throughout the land.

The day Yeshua died Israel lost it's independence and became a state of Rome. Even today, Israel is still only a state of the United Nations, the UN owned by the IMF, controlled by David Rothchild's, who bows to the current Roman King - the Pope - Lucifer Incarnate. So you see - Israel is still not an independent nation even today.

The News You Need Today

 Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Russian Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

American and English NAZIs soon to be arrested?

I am not sure of the legitimacy of the following report but the Henenghan Report clearly states that those who run the US Corporation are about to be arrested and our republic restored.

What I see is that in January we shall see allot of posturing but in February we shall see allot more real actions taking place. Just exactly goes on depends on how clean of a sweep the Red Dragon makes it.

If they do as GOD has directed it should go smoothly - if not there will be allot of bumps in hte road.

Before we go into the Heneghan Report we will have our Intel Geek Report:

1) The Obama #2 Body is breaking down as he now has cancer surging through his body and they are really too stupid to use Sea Weed and Immusist and Ed Skilling's Machine so expect a NEW Obama soon.

2) The Take Down of the North Korean Computer is a test of the Chinese Computer. Apparently PM Abe of Japan is pushing for a United Japan/Manchuria and needs to destroy the Chinese Computer to try this little play - so the first trial was on North Korea.

The Perpetrators of the attack work through an Art Museum near Fredrick, Maryland - these are the New hiding places for the UNITED STATES CYBER COMMAND - USCC.

Muslims hide arms and murderers in Mosques, the US Corporation hides hackers and Muderers in Art Museums and Chaplan's Units- a perfect fit. 

It was the USCC that easily took down North Korea as they are partnered with Microsoft and Apple at the point of a Gun - the Computer Hackers do not have the Guts to Shoot Back at USCC representative. Besides - they have unlimited funds to pay people off to Hack Computers World Wide.

3) The following nations need to run internal communications to form "Internal Defense and Budgeting Internats" or face complete destruction of your files by the USCC - you have NO choice; China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Brazil, Venezuela, India Germany, Belarus, Moldov and Serbia. You will be hacked very badly very soon so get to work.

Maybe you need to go back to accounting the Old Fashon Way - by hand. A type writer cannot be hacked either, notr can a computer that is not on the internet.

India is not capable of bypassing the internet ans their engineers would not b capable of doing this with the current state of affairs in India concerning Power Lines.

Also - the Swiss and Israeli Survaylence needs to be contained if any nation is to be independent and not fear internet viruses.
Now the Heneghan Report:

It can now be reported that the Department of the U.S. Treasury and a major Military Grand Jury operating in Charlotte, North Carolina will soon order the arrest of the entire Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and the forced detention of puppet stooge Bush-Clinton Crime Family enabler, bank stooge Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro.

Secret intelligence and documents previously illegally classified by the U.S. Justice Department have now been made available to the Department of the U.S. Treasury, the Military Grand Jury and the American People

You may go to the files to read the rest of the file as it does not wish to be copied into this file:


Some Odd News - But Consistent With Benjamin Fulford's Reports

I find Benjamin refreshing and truthful but very closed lips to me between his stories.One thing is clear - this latest attempt on Obama last week - which is why he went to the Doctor and stayed home, had really set the World on fire, so says the I Am That I Am.  

This makes about 80 since he took office - 80 Assassination Attempts and the Secret Service is too inept to sit down with me and ask me about the one 17 February of next year.

The US Secret Service - the Entire NAZI Corp at the top of the US Corporation has become completely inept - suffering from a New Disease: Idiotitis:

IDIOTITIS: The Brain Stops but their lips just keep on a moving.
The News You Need:

Dr William B. Mount

Congress Ends Ban On Medical Marijuana

Congress quietly ends the ban on Medical Marijuana - leaving it up to the states to decide what to do.

(((Pray that those who run the US Corporation who are evil are immobilized immediately)))

So if you have cancer, and wish to do dope and eat GMO Wheat and other GMO foods, rather than getting better by eating Sea Weed and Immusist and eating well, you will no longer be hindered by the Feds.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, December 22, 2014

What The US Corporate DOD Planning For 2015

You are probably wondering what teh DOD is planning for 2015 - other than the usual attempts on an Obama Double and a few Nuclear False Flags - starting 17 Feb 2015.

Here is the overall plan being put forth by Ashton Carter (Ashley) for the coming year with his newly begotten $100 Billion Dollars of YOUR money thanks to the White House at least this is what is on hte books today.

1) A huge push for a US Naval Base in Riga - be it by hook or by killing more leaders in Latvia - the US Corporation will base it's Nuclear Cruisers near St Petersburg, Russia and threaten this city.

The US Will have a Nuclear Armed Fleet based a few seconds form St Petersburg. If the UK/US cannot have the documents that clearly show Russia is the HQ of the Roman Empire then they plan to destroy the city.

Too bad the Russians do not know where the documents really are.  The Mantle Feoo knows.

2) Cities now in the EU will buy more and more Worthless US Bonds - as it issues duplicates for every dollar borrowed - yup, duplicate bonds. They do not intend to pay htem back.

3) Nations in Europa that are not part of the EU - Belarus, Moldov, Serbia, etc will have either riots or their leaders pushed in  to joining the EU or they will be flat out killed. No more games - the US is out for blood.

Your nations will join the European Nation or die - you have no choice. Leaders in nations like Moldov, or Belarus, do not have the guts to shoot back.

Look how England pushed Norway into ceding several very productive oil wells to their nation just by sending in several shooters a few years ago into this nation --- and Norway buckled under within a few days rather than fighting back, Their leaders are Cowards.

The leadership in Serbia, Croatia, etc will buckle under and capitulate as well. They will not fight back. They are like little children and will refuse to stand up like men and kill the UK/US murdering Hit Men. It is who they are.They do not have the guts to kill the Jesuits.

It took what - a month - for Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to buckle under and join hte EU a decade ago - they are like scared children.

4) Watch as the economy in Belarus tumbles. This will be the New Ukraine as the UK/US sends in their Jesuit (CIA) Hit men to kill those who refuse to become slaves to the EU. A revolution in Belarus would be great if the UK/US could pull it off. We shall see.

Remember - the EU is owned by the Rothchilds - the Bauery Boys from Frankfurt.Control them and you hold the monetary source for the Vatican.

Also keep in mind that the Money for all of this is coming from the IMF - which is now controlled by the Red Dragon Family. So - either the Red Dragon Family cuts off the Purse Strings of the UK/US Jesuits or they support it.

5) Massive war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Venezuela complete with more killings of both Civilians and those leaders who oppose the UK/US because the leaders of Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan and Venezuela are Cowards and refuse to kill the Jesuits (CIA). 
A final thing to consider. I have a friend who holds $500 Billion in uncashed bonds. Apparently bonds are issued not to be cashed - look at the 17 Billion Ruble Bond I have sitting in Deutch Bank in Jacksonville Florida that Russia has not honored - and I hold a Russian Royalty Passport given to me by Putin's Staff.

The bond I have actually have clearly states both in German and in English states it can be cashed by Deutch Bank or at the Bank of England for  Pound Sterlings. The amount would be equal to 183 Million Rubles with an interest rate of 4% per year until cashed - yet it sits at Deutch Bank until Russia decides to honor it's own bond to it's own citizen - to roll it over to a New Russian Bond.

The bond would then be used to help fund the schools in Russia - but it remains uncashable.

Even Russian Bonds are not redeemable by Russians

They are apparently issued NOT to be redeemed all over the world.

However - consider the consequences of the US DOD actually doing something good and rolling these $500 Billion Dollars of  bonds over into Chinese and Russian Bonds - the UK/US Corporation could force China and Russia to pay for their wars in perpetuity.

Since the Central Banks currently own the National Currencies the Chinese and Russians would be forced to honor these bonds. 

A 50/50 split would yield $50 Billion Dollars for the US DOD to create wars world wide forever paid out in Russian Rubles and Chinese Yuans. 

The destruction of China and Russia would then come from their own purses - they would fund their own destruction.

Even if they Nationalized their currencies - if the US DOD acted swiftly these respected nations would be forced to pay the interest on these bonds.

Please keep in mind that under USC 2, Sec 286 and USC 5, Sec 101-105 the DOD ins now formally owned and controlled by the IMF - the Red Dragon Family. 

We shall see if the US DOD has any brain cells left over the next few days and follows through with this plan - which I highly doubt. Money and power they have, brain cells they do not have.

It is also doubtful that the IMF will move any time soon to order the US Corporate DOD to stand down - but we shall see. Stranger miracles have happened.
OK - TMI -
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Ashton Carter - your mind leaks. You actually are pretty smart so your thoughts are very large and it leaks horribly.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

What Is Going On In Russia Today

Many of us have been watching Russia lately because their Ruble was trashed and their Internal Interests Rates have gone as high as 18% - so what is happening in the mighty Bear?

(((Please pray that Russian Leadership wakes up and does as GOD has asked them to do)))

Is the Russian Economy really tumbling?

Here is what is going on in Russia Today.

First  - when the Soviet Union collapsed the IMF (UK/US) went into Russia and established the Central Bank and took ALL mineral Rights from Russia in exchange for cash.

This means that all the gas, iron, etc mined from Russia had most of their profits stolen by the Rothchilds (Bouery Boys, Frankfurt)

President Putin has spent the last 12 years taking back all of Russia's Mineral Rights from these thieves run by the Vatican.

Second - the Ukrainian Take Over by the UK/US showed the world that those Oligarcs - The REally Rich Guys - that cooperated with the US were then killed when the US took out the Ukrainian President.

In other words - if you cooperate with the UK/US and they take over your nation, you will be killed along with your family. Dead.

Third   - the Central  Banks own all Currencies worldwide. This means that the Ruble does not belong to Russia but is owned by the IMF in London. This means the IMF (Controls the Central Banks) can do anything it wants to with the Ruble, interest Rates, price of Gold and SIlver, etc. 

For the last 3 years the Dumas has been identifying all those loyal to the UK/US and is ready now to publish this list. These Traitors will then have to leave Russia.

This Purging of Traitors is not new in Russia but will more that shock the world.

Forth - in order to stop this the UK/US has been illegally seizing accounts for those who are working on this list because the leadership of the UK/US is filled with Gay Cowards - this is not meant as a Joke - they are Gay Cowards. 

Fifth - Russia is preparing a set of New Laws and a Court Case to take back it's Ruble - to Nationalize it and throw the Central Russian Bank out of Russia.

This action will set off a set of reactions around the world that will allow other nations to follow immediately and the fun should begin in late January.

Of course - if the Russians do as GOD directed them to do yesterday it will make this road very easy on them But....Russia likes to do things the hard way - so be it.
So - What is the US Reaction to all this?

1) The US has now given he orders to trash the Central Russian Computer to destroy their ability to even function. In a few days they will begin to experience Internet Viruses in mass quantities sent by the US DOD. Those who are sending these viruses ti Russia are form Central Maryland and Obama is aware of this coming Act Of War against the Russian Federation and will not intervene to stop it.

The Russia Traitor looks about 35 years old (Was Married) and is a former soldier form the Afghanistan Frontier and is now a low level computer programmer for the Russian Budget Office. He could be a contractor, but not sure. 

2) The US will respond to China by targeting it - a few nights ago John Kerry met with the New Secretary of Defense Ashley and began exploring ways to shut China down completely. These are ongoing meetings and have as yet yielded little.

DOD Ashley is a Yes Man but will double cross Kerry at the drop of the hat - something about him being a "Lilly Livered Dumb Coward."

3) The Queen of England has had a series of strokes and is unlikely to recover so it will not be long until Prince WIlliam Mount takes office as King.
Be careful Russia - Watch Putin's Back this week very hard.

CIA=Blackwater=Blackstone=100 other names.

Monsanto owns Blackwater and Blackstone.
For The Video: Pope Francis Declares Himself the Anti Christ and Lucifer his Father and the Father of Jesus:

Pope Francis Declares Himself the Antichrist and Lucifer "the Father" - YouTube

And All The People Sang: "Amen"

Lucifer, who will never be defeated, is the Father of Jesus. All hail Lucifer:


So please tell me Russia - how is this going to work for you without GOD and your Manle Feoo blessing form GOD?

The News You Need To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

US To Spend Over $100 Billion On War In Next 9 Months

Yes - this is correct. The United States Corporation has just authorized a massive spending bill, including over $100 Billion for war over the next 9 months. That is about $11 Billion Dollars Per Month, or about $40 Million Dollars a day to kill people outside the United States.

By the way - of you are on Social Security or a retired soldier or Disable Soldier you got what - less than a 2% increase this year?

(((Please pray that This Evil is completely immobilized immediately)))

In a massive Defense Spending Bill teh US Corporation just authorized the spending of:

1) $521 Billion For Defense

2) $63 Billion For Wars in Iraq and Afghaniztan

3) $5 Billion Additional to train Syrian Terrorists

4) Yet another $5 Billion to kill Ukrainians

5) In another bill another $2 Billion for the war in Northern Thailand

6) The State Department is authorized to spend another $20 Billion Covert Wars

This does not include the Billions spent on Subcontractors like Blackwater and the CIA, nor does this include COST OVER RUNS or the Department of Commerce - who's sole job now is to test military equipment.

An interesting fact is that the Department of Veteran's Affairs is now officially having it's budget tapped to prosecute these wars - so more Veterans can come home wounded or in a box.

Please keep in mind that under USC2, Sec 286 (Bretton Woods Agreement) the United States Corporation is under redevelopment by the IMF.

As you recall - a month ago the IMF was taken over by the Red Dragon Family and they state they want these wars to wind down - yet President Obama just basically gave the US War Chest unlimited Funds.

It appears that as of today those who control the IMF are either not willing, or unable, to stop the US Corporation from thriving on death and destruction.

Time will tell.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wars’ Cost to U.S. Since the Sept. 11 Attacks: $1.6 Trillion - Bloomberg

Obama signs massive defense spending bill - Columbia Daily Tribune | Columbia Missouri: News

Saturday, December 20, 2014

US Recognizes Crimea As Independent Nation

This is correct. In a recent move by the US Corporation's President, Barrach Heussein Obama (Barry Soetorro) has recognized the Crimean Penninsula as an independent nation.

(((Please pray that the Evil in America is immobilized and contained and that we receive gentle prolonged rain in hte American South West.)))

In a recent speech the US President called for "Crimea."

The Quote is as follows:

"intended to provide clarity to U.S. corporations doing business in the region and reaffirm that the United States will not accept Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea."

Pleas notice how the President singles out "Crimea" as a separate region and fears it's annexation by Russia. 

This action is formal recognition that CRIMEA is a separate and independent nation.

This legally allows "CRIMEA" to write treaties, borrow unlimited amounts of money from the IMF and World Bank, and enter into negotiations with the United Nations as an independent state.

Good Job President Obama.

What no other Nation State could do you just did in one little tiny speech.

When the American CIvil War was going on President Lincoln managed to keep all other Nations associated with the then Austrian Courts (The UN of it's day) from recognizing the Southern States and in a Speech ALMOST blundered into recognizing them as independent but fell just short of this his administration.

Obama is no Lincoln, he and his speech writers are - well - Dumber that a Granite Stone. If you deny an area is independent you do not put sanctions on this "Independent and Free" area. 

President Obama and his White House Staff will go down as the Dumbest White House in history.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

US hits Crimea with new sanctions | TheHill

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Got Solar Panels - Prepare For A Surprise

If you have Solar Panels and you go inot hte Grid be prepared for a Big Surprise in about 7 days - Merry Christmas.

The story you are about to read is true and being duplicated nation wide - so prepare yourselves.

About ten year ago I put connected 480 watts to our Grid - through my house. The state law not only allows this but encourages this. Shortly after I signed a contract to do this the local power company demanded I sign another contract based on the same Solar Panels.

I explained to the Power Company that the UCC anc COntract Law both state you cannot have two separate contracts based on any one item. They then illegally refused to pay me for the Washington State Incentive.

Three  years later, after returning from Russia with two diplomatic passports in hand, I once again asked my power company to pay me for the power I was providing them and to sign another contract based on the solar system I currently had I needed to cancel the First Contract - Contract Law You Know.

Apparently the FBI's attempt to keep me homeless shad failed and so Tacoma Power gave in simply because I was ready to sue them.

Apparently if I had signed the second contract they would have initiated procedures to declare ownership of the entire solar system up to, and perhaps including, my Solar Panel and they had been planing to do this to every Solar and Wind Mill customer they had. My  not signing the Second Contract prevented their little plan form prospering.

You Cannot Negotiate With Evil - They Always Try And Steal and Murder. They must be contained or killed.

So now that my panels are pumping power into the grid I get a check of about $100 per year for an initial Investment of  $7,500.

Since I have solar panels officially connected to the Tacoma Grid I am now forced to participate in a "Budget Plan." so I over pay in the summer and under pay in hte winter.

Unfortunately there is always an extra amount on my bill I cannot pay off. You cannot raise the amount you pay them every month nor can you pay this amount off - they will not accept the money and when you pay it off this excess Balance they stop taking the Monthly Amount out of your checking account until this anount reaches their pre-determined Negative Balance. So I have always run an extra $500-$900 on my bill they will not let me pay. The current EXTRA balance is about $650.

So what is the Power Company up to - why would Tacoma Power (Or any other power company) do such a devious thing to it's customers?

Further - why is this occurring across the nation at this time?

We know that the local power company  hate the customers providing them with power provided by a  Wind Mill or Solar Power simply because we have heard their representative state this at Corporate Meetings and Utility Seminars.

So what devious plan do these power companies they have to screw their Alternate Energy customers?

What evil thing are they planning to do with this extra money we owe?

Yesterday we who have Solar Panels and Wind Mills here in Tacoma, and across the nation, are being told that on Christmas Day not only will our normal bill be deducted  but the extra amount we have accrued called the "Account Balance" will also be deducted.

This was not explained in the letter I received and it took almost 45 minutes on the phone to pull this information out of the "Solar Budget Plan" Affirmative Action Hirees who were part of this Evil Power Company Plan.

Exactly how many people nation wide that will be effected there is now way to determine, but here in Tacoma we have about 50 people that are being discriminate against in this manner - screwed is a better word.

So on Christmas - all across the nation - people who are doing the right thing by pumping energy back into the grid in accordance with Federal, State, County and City laws will have a whole lot more taken out of their accounts than they suspect.

So on Christmas I will personally owe Tacoma Power $400 Plus the $650.

Since I have been expecting this kind of Retaliation for doing the right thing I am fully prepared for this Evil Deed by my local power company.

So out of my Personal Checking Account on Christmas Day Tacoma Power will Auto Withdraw $1,150 - not the normal $400.

Merry Christmas from the Obama Administration and your local power company.

Merry Christmas Tacoma Power, you are in GOD's Hands now and HE will deal with you ever so swiftly form the top to the bottom, so HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need To Hear

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Cpt (Ret) USA

PS - I am still getting Human Pubic Hairs and Rat Hairs through my Tacoma, water lines.


Farmer, Got Cancer?

Are you a farmer and do you now have cancer?

Wrestling with what to do about it - Doctor's Poisons, Sliced or Burned does not make you happy?

Are you forced to handle chemicals like "Glycosphate" or "Copper What Do I Know" and now your prostate is enlarged or you have some rare form of cancer you can't pronounce the doctors tell you is only treatable with their poisons?

A good friend of mine just got a call from a rather large farmer in the American Mid-West. No names will be given at this time. This Farmer had ordered a bottle of Immusist 6 months ago, and one three months ago,  and was apparently using only 16 drops per day - the Maintenance Amount.

So - 16 drops per day - 1440 drops per one ounce bottle.

The farmer called back 6 months later to order a third  bottle of Immusist and he told my friend tha twhen he started eating Immusist he had a very high PSA number and he had an enlarged Prostate ---- he had Prostate Cancer.

Last week he went to his doctor and (without any Poisons his doctor prescribed)  his PSA numbers are normal and is Prostate is no longer enlarged. His Cancer was gone, no sign of it any where.

The owner of Immusist sent him another bottle.

Total Cost To Eliminate Prostate Cancer was about $200 start to finish.

He also tried Immusist on his plants and Crop Production soared. You will have to call Jim from Immusist so he can tell you what to do in year 2 and 3.

Our Egg production here at my little farm went from 0 eggs per day to 2 eggs per day here in the winter when we added 3 drops of Immusist per day Immusist to our flock of Ten Old Hens -  one bottle will last our 10 hens about 4 years - way past most of their life spans.

I make no money off of this, but arn't you tired of being sick - or seeing your herd or flock sick and having to administer more and more chemicals?

Me too - this is why I tried Immusist and it worked. Period.

Any Questions?

Dr William B. Mount

Goto or call them at: 1-888-702-3315

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Feeling Sick In The Pacific Northwest - You Were Sprayed Agian

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest lately?

Fevers, chills, achey all over - dizzy?

On the 7th of December 2014 the 60th Airwing decided to spray hte Entire Pacoific Northwest with a type of Chemical that simulates the Flu.

A 73rd year anniversary present for Pearl Harbor Day - this is when the United States Corporation officially declares war on the world. Let us see what the world does about it.

(((Please pray that those Cowards who gave the orders to spray are  completely, and permanently, immobolized for the rest of their lives)))

This spraying was done in honor of Pearl Harbor - so call it the US Corporate Pearl Harbor Flu and they are still spraying even as you read this. I can smell the chemical on my Dog and Cats when they come in.

Recently - to cover this up - Various Departments (Like the Department of Agriculture for Washington State) claim this is a New Strain of a Virus. H5N2, or maybe some other name they decide to give us in their various lies.

Well - New Virus Strains can be smelled on the coat of a Malamute dog nor can these chemicals be washed off in the Bath Tub.

Strains of Virus are supposed to be inside the body, not outside - right?

So how can I wash these New VIruses off my dog?

Yeah - maybe we are being lied to again and the Obama Administration is trying to Kill Us again, ya think?

So what can you do about the attempts to kill you by President Obama and his staff?

Stay clean and realize that whatever any Department states is a complete lie and the only way to shut them down is to cut off their funding.

Red Dragon Family: You Cannot Negotiate With Evil - these people must be contained or killed.
The New You Absolutely Need

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

ALERT! Bird Flu, H5N2, found in wild birds in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t worry says the Gov’t… But just a few hundred miles north, they are killing the birds…. | InvestmentWatch

The Big Lie and Big Liars:

Bird flu found in wild birds in Washington state: USDA - Yahoo News

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To Make Russia Very, Very Wealthy

What you are about to read is the method the Living GOD will be able to use to make Russia the wealthiest nation on Earth without destroying the wealth f other nations.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that those evil people in Russia blocking this from happening are immediately removed from power)))

Today Russia has decided to raise it's internal interest rates to 17% and keep pumping oil at a high rate in an attempt to make money flow into Mother Russia and cause the US Corporation and Euronations to come unglued at the seems financially and it may very well work.

We may see the US Dollar fall in value and the Euronation Corporation (Owned by the IMF) come apart at the seems - each nation going back to issuing it's own internal currency - Lira, Pound, Franc, Mark, etc.

As a result of  these actions another building burned in Chetzneya - another US Funded Group tried to create some more terror in South Western Russia - something this American Citizen finds utterly disgusting and unworthy of the leaders of the US Fascist Corporation - but this is what Fascist Pigs do, they kill.

There is a way condoned by the Living GOD that would not only guarantee Mother Russia huge wealth but not destroy other nation. Due to the Current World Situation may I highly recommend you conduct these actions immediately:

1) Return your Mantle Feoo not to Europe but to Russia. The Living GOD will begin to bless your hands at everything you do, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

2) Roll over the bond in Deutch Bank and give it full value - about 50 Billion Rubles. The church would receive 80% of it and they can once again take over the running of the Schools. 80% of 50 Billion times 17% return would be enough to run at least most of the schools in Russia, thus cutting local Russian Taxes and boosting local economies since the Church can run schools at 1/10 the cost of Government Funded Schools.

3) Let a joint Government/Church organization take over the Hospitals. We will implement the use of Sea Weed, Immusist and a few other herbs that would allow those with almost any disease (Cancer, High Blood Pressure, MS, Stroke, Macular Degeneration) to he "Healed." Consider: These Church Hospitals may be staffed by older children who will learn the truth about the Medical Lies and cut Russia's Cost at producing REAL DOCTORS in half.

a) Revenue from sick people from all over the world would flood into Mother Russia people form around hte world would fly to Russia for extended stay to get healthy.

b)The American and European Medical Industry (Hospitals, Drug Makers, Etc) would be strangled to death financially.  Millions of these  Fascist  Pig "Doctors" and "Nurses", and drug makers would no longer be needed.

c) Since we have the Red Dragon Formula for living over 300 years we could manufacture this, and sell this, through this Joint Corporation to those who would be willing to pay. We could use this joint Church/Government Corporation to make this and sell it ONLY form Mother Russia --- since I alone have the formula. The revenue would be beyond belief.

4) Originally I began research on how to grow crops without Fertilizers and Pesticides and production in Wheat Fields and Apple Orchards went up about 30% and marginal Lands became productive.  These products could be made in Mother Russia and sold around the world and Mother Russia would once again be able to produce 100% of it's food needs without the need of Western GMO Foods that are sterilizing Russians and leading to a decrease in your overall population.

5) There is the possibility that we can grow GOLD - if you would be willing to assist me in this adventure - and I know who has the Frequencies - so that the backing or the Ruble with Real Gold would be "do-able" - a 100% GOLD Backed Ruble not limited by the 55,000 tons of known Gold reserves. 

OK - Too Much Info.

Just as the Living GOD can showed me where a bomb is under Moscow in great detail HE can also show me how to make your economy prosper beyond your wildest dreams.

Russian Leaders - it is up to you.

You know how to contact me.
You have a choice Russia - Prosperity or War with another Fascist Pig (NAZI) nation with a $1 Trillion Dollar a year Military Budget.

The News You Need To Live By

Dr William B. Mount

Russia: Prosperity or this, what is your choice- I will never forget:

Look Your Grandchildren In The Eyes and Let Them Know Of YOUR Choice: and then watch this again:

I you?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Amazon Got Hacked Big Time

Today while most of us were working on Friday Evening many of the products on Amazon sold for only 1 Cent.

(((Please keep praying for rain in the American South West as it is working. Just Lake Shasta rose 10 feet yesterday due to these rains and more are on their way - enough to give the American South West a good shot in the arm. )))

Thousands of buyers took advantage of these prices and ordered almost everything Amazon had to offer.

The glitz was caused by "RepricerExpress" and the error was apparently fixed before many items shipped. Full retail price will be substituted for the 1 Cent Items.

Fortunately for Amazon this morning, before many items could be shipped, at 11Am a Mysterious "Bomb Scare" occurred that cleared the Amazon Head Quarters Building in Seattle.

At 3:46PPM  the Bomb Search was over and every one was able to go back to work.

I will let the Intel Community put two and two together on this one.

Paypal broke up with Ebay on 1 October and is looking for a New Home while companies like Alibaba (Recently went Public) and Apple Pay are looking for new homes.

Just look for the company that made Amazon" "An Offer They No Canna Refuse" and you will have your culprits.

Oh - I know exactly who did it - but it is your job to figure this one out.

I'll give you a hint - 7 Thieves?
Just a side note: I hate Paypal. You must give them your Bank Account Number to use them and this is then sent to the Bank D'Oro in the Philippines and then to 156 other banks around the world. The Federal Reserve System, the OCC' and the FTC did nothing about this illegal activity so I dropped PAYPAL like a Hot Potato and I am done with EBAY because of this. We did a story on this several years ago. They have lost about $100/month over that stupid move.


The US will try another "Black Shooting" before Christmas just to stir the pot.

Further - even though the FBI admitted Sandy Hook was fake the Families of Sandy Hook are suing the 'Gun Manufacturer" for making the gun and the FBI is not stopping the Law Suit.

FBI Idiots - you need to stop this law suit against Bushnell. There was no shooting - You Lied, You Got Caught, Not Stop The Law Suit or I will and you will look like Baffons in court. I will send an Amicus  to the Law Suit and show how almost ALL school Shootings are fake.

I will contact Bushnell in any event and let them know the CIA "Sandy Hook Families" plan to sue them.

Oh - did we mention that Sandy Hook had been closed for a year before the shootings?

Or a hundred other facts I will attach to the Law Suit - like you need this in your portfolio of Bad Remarks in Federal Court?

This will all come out in Federal Court for the world to air your Dirty Laundry FBI/CIA.

Make this suit go away FBI you COWARDS.

Do the Honest Thing FBI. 

I have nothing good to say about you Feebies as long as you keep my stolen moneys and your outfit will continue to be destroyed, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

"Amicus Curiae" to the Legal Begals of the FBI - or maybe a "Notice The FBI Lied About Murders"  or  maybe: "Notice of FBI Murder Lies."

Or just: "Notice The FBI Lied About Sandy Hook Shootings, There Were None"

Do you really want this NOTICE in Posted in the Federal Records?

Back down the CIA Sandy Hook "Families" FBI.

You get the point - the Law Suit would hang you out to dry - maybe not in Federal Court but definitely in Civil Court FBI.

Oh - and get please the VA to fix my teeth or I may expose more FBI dirty Laundry the Red Dragon Family needs right now - like where your funds are hidden in association with some tiny island nations in the South Pacific and into Singapore?

The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

No One Killed At Sandy Hook By The FBI:

Amazon Bomb Threat:

Amazon Sells Stuff For 1 Cent:

PayPal and Ebay split:

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Russian Intel Please Listen Up

Please listen up those of you left in Russia who are still loyal to Mighty Mother Russia. There are forces around the world that wish to destroy Moscow and break up Mother Russia into a dozen little Mini Russia's and then pit you against each other and make you slaves of those in the DC Corporation.

The DC flag has three stars on it:

1) US corporate Military
2) London/Frankfurt Bankers - Merkel may very well be Hitler's Daughter
3) Lucifer Himself - the Lovable Pope in Rome.

The Third Reich Lives On In Washington, DC, London, Frankfurt, and Rome.

The Fact that no one in Russia jumped on the Address from where I purchased my Bond in Argentina tells me at this point in time no one much carers about Zeig Heiling in Moscow, but I will try this one more time.
 as you recall - about 4 years ago the US Embassies purchased local currencies from around the world for US Federal Reserve  notes - or should we say: London/US/German/Roman Federal Reserve Notes.

These forces think nothing of killing 30, 50, or even a thousand Russians in South Western Russia for fun - it is a game to them. Haa Haa, Funny, Funny. They are sick and perverted.

The game now os to destroy Russia and to this end they are spending Billions to discredit Russia both in your own press and around the world where Russia has a strong presence.

This increase in funding to destroy Mother Russia stems from a conversation you had with a man who threatened to turn Moscow into an Ashtray and now controls the US Corporation. He is completely insane and demon Possessed and without your Mantle Feoo in place you can be "duped" by his agents. You are like little children in a big puddle with people pulling on you every where.

Look what the press is doing to President Putin - they are being paid to turn against him by this man - massive amounts of cash now flowing into Moscow to make him look stupid, dumb, greedy, and even Anti-Russian. This man destroying Putin is again insane and wished a full scale Nuclear War and has, on You Tube, promised his chief Rabbis Nuclear War. He is Anti-Israelite and Anti-GOD.

On 28 February 2015 - 1 March 2015 there is an Anti-Nuclear War conference in New York City.

Just as every time the Ukraine has a Pipe Line Security Conference in Kiev there is a "Mysterious" pipeline Explosion, so to there must be a Nuclear Explosion a week or so before this conference. It is being put on by a "Foundation." well - ALL foundations lead to the Rockefellars, which leads to Us Corporate Funding, which leads to London, Frankfurt and Master Lucifer in the Vatican.

We have already discussed 17 December but look towards Boston for 17 January - look for a Lone Briefcase near Boston Commons - easily spotted on Horse Back.  It will be small and black in color and up high. I believe it will just be a dirty Bomb - again, red gas - weird early US Briefcase Nuke. Serial Number BK289143.....dirty and worn out after that.

The next one will be a bomb under Moscow.

I am sure by now you have fond the three Nukes under Moscow - but this one is not a Nuke but a Screw - Type compressed titanium (Silver Color) rod that has a bubble in it. I see it at the end of an access tunnel that is partially blocked off ---- a one light security light at the end of the tunnel. The power has long since been turned off --- but --- somebody reconnected the power. It is now running at 72Volts DC (?) and you can find it be looking ever so closely at each and every old security light - some of the screws have been recently turned to the area around the screw is free of rust.

Do not remove it as there are booby traps in it and it is set to go off 17 January. You must find a 72 volt Dc power source (Germany) and hook it up to the two lead wires and then disconnect it from the original power source.The Emergency Light Box is Dark White/Gray and covered with dust - except were they recently worked on it. They did a good job - they are both Master electricians and both Hate Russians - yet they have been imbedded in Russia for at least 20 years. They both have ID cards identifying them as contractors but get paid through an Embassy in - outside Russia, a Satellite nation I believe. It is a "Foreign" contractor.

find out who has been sending frequencies through my phone to make me deathly ill and you will be able to trace back who is planning this mess - start by examining who intercepts my signals ---- Goto Network May Be Monitored" and start with Deutch Bank, GTE and Wells Fargo.

Somebody has tried really hard to prevent you from getting this message.

There is a Maintenance worker that if you treat very well (torture will make him forget) and bring him into your confidence will show you where every thing is. He ofter times can be seen at night bringing in food for the homeless who lives in these tunnels. He is a good man, loyal to Russia and will believe in your cause.

About 6 months ago he was asked for a key and given several hundred rubles to give another US CIA "Russian Maintenance Man" another key and these two men are slowly bringing in debris and rocks to seal off this tunnel.

A sealed Tunnel - big explosion - but they world buy night and go one rock at a time.

If this thing detonates - it may go poof, or Moscow may disappear. The X-37B can always follow up with dropped titanium rods and Directed Lasers --- there are now two of them in orbit with 4 more planned in the next 6 months. Thgey really want a Nuclear war here in DC, London, Frankfurt and the Vatican.

If the Internal UN broadcasts are correct the Harmonics of the 2nd Harmonics should begin to filter in to our Harmonics and it is all over for these rats in DC - Fascist Pigs will be destroyed. These NAZIs feel this may be their last chance to destroy Humanity.

An Ashtray - Moscow.

More like a big hole in the ground.

A little more about the Maintenance worker - he is not that bright and if you work with him you will learn all sorts of information. Become his friend and protect him well because he knows much you need to know about what exactly is under your city, where all the extra tunnels lead to, and just how to protect your coty.

This is a guess - but there is a huge palace in Moscow - is there an access tunnel for the OLD subways running under this Palace - it is huge. Your palaces make those in Europe look tiny.

A note for the Neanderthals in the FBI/CIA - the Patriot Act says if I know of a threat to a US City or a Politician I am required to Sing Out Like A Bird. Since you refuse to work with me I have chosen to tell the world. So sorry it makes you look like living fools. After what - 100 Nuclear False flags - maybe you Cave Men should reconsider?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, December 12, 2014

UN Broadcasts 4-6 Dec 2014

Following are a remarkable set of broadcasts on 4th - 6th of  December 2014.
Perhaps a little explanation: The Theosophical Society was created in 1875, an offshoot was the Lucifer Trust which then formed the League of Nations. Within a year it was renamed the Lucis Trust.

In 1944 the Lucis Trust was moved to San Francisco to run the newly formed: United Nations and then moved to New York City to run the UN.

Their philosophy is that Lucifer and the other Ascended Masters (Like Christ, St Germain) are Human Like beings from the 3rd or 4th Harmonics from Venus that have come back to cause us pain so we can grow through these experiences.

In their eyes there is no god and we, as a combined Human race, are the true god - we are our own gods. How we think is what actually occurs here on this planet.
Broadcast 4 Dec: Who were the Essenes:

The Essense were a group of people that decided to follow GOD.  The lived communally, ate simply, dressed simply, generally worked at fairly minor jobs, and shared everything, and were extremely loyal.

The Essences as a group began around 200 BC and continued until around 200 AD.

Their numbers in Jerusalem never exceeded 10,000 so as a religions sect they remains small.

These "Profits" would make predictions that - for the most part - came true. Because they predicted that King Herod would lead Israel, they were given 3 seats on the Sanhedran (Israeli Congress) out of 70 seats.

The Essenes were also represented very heavily in the courts of Jerusalem and, after assisting the roman Emperors, in the courts of Rome.

The one remarkable thing about these people is that their age often times exceeded 100 years and this is a remarkable fact for those in the Theosophical and Arcane and Lucis trust societies.

Maybe they should read more of what I write?

Broadcasts 5/6 December: These broadcasts were remarkable in that they brought people together to learn.

The purpose of these broadcasts is to create a "Unified Field" - a "Morphic Field," and "Energetic Matrix," that can be manipulated to create an outcome.

Our thoughts actually "Crystallize" in the Astral Plain and then form a type of life and this life then runs around trying to help you achieve your goals.

So during the Full Moon of Sagittarius, when the Energy is vibrating at it's highest, they teach us to come together and Crystallize out thoughts to create certain goals to be achieved here on Earth.

So we fire an arrow into the air and it returns with the wisdom to accomplish this goal.

For Example; No matter how much I visualize my Apple Trees being trimmed this year I must visualize how I am going to trim the trees and then go do it.
Visualize with me - please pray - that US Corporate Funding of the killings in Western China stops immediately.
The News You Absolutely Need

Dr William B. Mount

Message To President Erdogen of Turkey

Dear Mr President Erdogan;

You have a difficult job trying to balance Old Traditional Religious Values with teh ideas forced upon you by the western Elite Lucifarians.

Recently you spoke to a group of women and  tried to instill in them the differences between men and women and the virtues of their roll as women. The Western Agitators in the crowd heckled you as a "Woman Hater."

You further have failed to introduce into your educational system such Lucifarian Teachings as Homosexuality is good and sex at 12 for girls so they can get on welfare is also good.

You have, however, allowed the US Consulate building in Istanbul to become the Command and Control Center for ISIS - with a Sub-Command center in Ankara. The little "Spat" that we just saw in South western Russia was paid for by these American Embassy Workers in Ankara - killing over 30 Russians.

The US Corporation is supposed to be dead - according to NASARA Prince William Mount flew into Reno to sign a Treaty that killed the US Corporation and General Ham (3 Stars) is supposed to be running this New republic - we shall see.

Either way - your nation is in for a Big Surprise - can we say "Coup" by the US Corporation in Ankara?

Look at what these evil Cowards ordered in Libya, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Thailand, Lebanon.....shall we go on?

They were all warned by the Living GOD --- get rid of the US Diplomatic Mission in Turkey per the  Vienna Convention of Diplomatic Relations or face a Coup - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Venezuela is about to face on - the Federal reserve System is currently seizing all assets of every "Rich" person in this nation and the 166 tons of gold that has just arrived in this nation will soon be seized again by the US Corporation. All Venezuelan retirement Finds will soon be exchanged for US Federal reserve Debt Notes and anyone in this nation that tries to stop this will be killed by orders of those in teh American Embassy there.

Mr President: You allowed the US to set up a center to kill Russians and Syrians and Iraq's and Bulgaria in Turkey - this is very dangerous.

Mr President Erdogan - you need to stand up like a man or face the music.

You know how to get a hold of me.
The News You Need To Hear

Ambassador Mount

You discuss the Biblical and Koran Views of the roll of women, something Lucifer hates:

 Unwind this: American representatives admit ISIS (And Al Kada) is American Made and funded, born and bred in the USA: Israel now runs America and they ware creating War all over the middle East to kill Muslims.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

US Seizes More Assetts from Around the World

As you recall the US Corporation has been seizing assets heavily for the last few years.

Yes - there is all the Gold that the US Corporation stole in WW2 and refused to return.

Rather recently the US Corporate Justice System has been working with the Federal reserve System to seize assets from:

1) US Banks through fines - which is odd because every bank HQ has FBI (Feebies) working in their HQ and directing just how to Cook The Books - much like Hitler did in 1943-45.

2) Next:  Banks that do banking with the Federal Reserve System - to which both the FBI Gay Boys (Yes, the Highest are Men are gay) and CIA Agents work at the highest levels of these banks to show them just how to Cook The Books.

3) The the US NAZI Corporation seized Ukrainian Assets and then 33 tons of Gold belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church - no, the NAZIs have no honor. It must be returned to the Church or the Living GOD will make the thieves, and their bosses,  pay dearly and they will continue to pay until the Gold is returned - doe GOD make himself perfectly clear English Fake Royalty?

4) Now the US NAZIs  are currently seizing assets of Russians because they demand a Nuclear War.

5) A few days ago the  US NAZIs announced they are converting all of the Japanese Retirement Funds to US debt - just like they have done to US States, counties and cities.

5) Today the US NAZIs announced they were  seizing (Stealing) Venezualian funds of anyone they do not like.

No trials, not intercession - they just take and take and take.

Granted - the US Corporation is run by 300 key individuals and about 275 of them have made deals with the Red Dragon families to sell out the this NAZI regime.

Even the US Corporate's White House Staff is so depressed they are staying home and getting drunk.

So while the US White House Staff gets drunk, the US navy and Air Force Bombers, ships, Nuclear Missiles and other toys and being taken down, the BRICS nations are standing tall and are dumping the dollar like a Hot Potato.

So as the Mantle Feoo I will give a message from the Living GOD:  Your days are numbered US Corporation and your days are numbered you Workers of Evil you Jesuits. Until your Mantle Feoo is returned to his rightful place your world economy will tumble and all your efforts to  to stabilize it will fail. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

As a sign the Red Dragon Family, the Yakuzu, and the white Dragon Families you will be shaken to the core by news. That is all I will say on that matter.

Thank you folks like

Jim Willie - Golden Jackass Award
Benjamin Fulford - White Dragon Ambassador

Your heroism is noted by the Living GOD and HE says thank you. It is not easy to tell the truth in a world filled with lies.
The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Protesters Give Seattle Cops Great Christmas Present

The protesters around the nation gave back to their local police departments by providing them with Great Christmas Presents.

Let us take Seattle for example:

Over the last few nights a few hundred protesters - mostly young kids with no jobs or homeless people - led by a few paid Agitators to march down the street and yell and scream and block traffic all over a man named Mike Brown from Furgeson Missouri who never even existed.

We played the original 911 tapes - there was no shooting. The picture og Mike Brown was of a dead man who died 6 months earlier. 

As you recall - the FBI just announced that Sandi Hook was a False Flag - FAKE.

So while these protesters were being led to make trouble the Seattle Police were working on overtime getting paid time and a half.

Here is their pay schedule without raises:

Year 1: $50,000/YR - $24.25/Hr.

Year 5 : $90,000/YR - $43.43/Hr

So suppose you are a Seattle Cop who has been around 10 years bringing in about  $70/Hr and you volunteer to take on these misfits and protestors - you only work 150 days of the year any way -  so you get to work for 6 nights overtime.

You go out and do your thing for 6 nights and you get a GREAT Christmas present - an extra $70 at time and a half for 60 hours - or a take home of around $5,000 after taxes.

"Yes Sureee Boberoonie"... the very people you are protesting against you just gave a huge bonus to.

Your Protesting Brains have gone Caddywompus, over the top, you are three bricks shy of a full load, your elevator does not go all the way up, you have Octal Rectalitis With A Cranial Inversion, you are following a DOD Agent Saboture, an Army Agitator paid out of the CIA acting school in Pima Arizona - wake up.

So - there were what - 5 protests this year - so you brought your local Police Officers an extra $25,000 per Cop as take home pay - enough to buy a new car.

Good job protesters.

So keep protesting - and if you are a Police Officer who is actually attacked by these misfits please beat the daylights out of your aggressor and this will ensure lots of paper work and over time and will greatly discourage anyone form ever assaulting you again. The public is behind you if they are stupid enough to attack you.

Ron and Don from KIRO Radio in Seattle - thank you for the Heads Up on this story - it is now going viral. You have done more for Police welfare than any other Talk Show Host in this nation. The Seattle PD needs to thank you and do more to work with you guys.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that these protesters have their minds opened to the truth and the DOD Agitators  sent out of Pima Arizona are Neutralized. Fascist Pigs need to be exterminated)))
The News You Absolutely Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

US Corporate Congress Has Gone Mad

The entire US Corporate Congress has gone utterly mad and needs to have it's entire staff arrested and put in a rubber room for all eternity.

These are strong words - but consider their recent actions - these are the actions of those who are absolutely and completely suicidal.

(((If you think one party is different from another - think again. Let me know and I will take you to a Congressional Human Sacrifice where the Congressman kills children and drinks their blood. so please pray that these Scum Bag Lucifarian Congressman are tagged and bagged and hung out to dry immediately)))

So here is what Congress has been up to while you played video games and watched TV:

1) Harry Reid had Congress pass a bill, and got the  President to sign it, making the Bundy ranch in Nevada a Wilderness area and then allowing Oil wells on this land his son will manage.

2) Congress just passed House resolution 758 condemning Russia for a war the US DOD started and is still finding. In fact - it was the SU who has actually used Nuclear Bullets and atomic Hand Grenades there.

All this stuff about the Galactic Empire preventing the use of Nuclear Weapons - Crap. The US has so many Nukes it is impossible to stop it's use.

This House Bill 758 condemns the People of the Eastern Ukraine from exercising their Treaty Rights to break away form the Ukraine and condemns Russia for exercising their right to allow the people of the Ukraine to vote.

This is the same bill, almost word for word, that forced the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

If Congress wants a war let the first Nuke be in DC.

we have stopped over a dozen nukes form going off there through prior notification - like the ones NCIS found 21 September 2013 a few blocks from the White House. next time - 7 March 2015 - do not defuse the Nuke, just let it go off 6 blocks south of the White House. Just leave town and let them all dissolve.  They want war - give them war.

3) Feinstein's 4,000 page report about Torture - "Its All George Bush's Fault."

What a pack of Home Spun Lies. Her political agenda is to release the prisoners the CIA has around the world so they will kill more American's. Somebody please leave her overnight in one of those prison camps with those "Muslim" murders - one night and take her 380 Auto out of her purse she carries around - she is white and demon Possessed - they would tare her apart limb from limb.

Let me give you two examples of torture I know about that did give us credible intelligence:

a) I have a friend who walked in on a CIA interrogation, They had a man nailed to a wall and the CIA skinned him alive. He lived for 2 days with no skin but he did talk.

b) five men were taken up in a helicopter with Prison Uniforms on. Four were privates,m one was a colonel. After they threw 2 out of the chopper the Colonel sung like a canary. He would not stop talking.

There is no Morality in Congress and somebody needs to contain this little Congresswoman before she does any more harm to America. Her report is a pack of lies.

I am not defending the Perverted Illuminati and their Demon Possessed CIA and FBI Freaks -  but she horrible.

It will be interesting to see how the CIA handles the obvious leaks Feinstein has now exposed.

By the way - if you wish to see how the Perverts in the FBI and CIA train their people the videos are included.
CIA - trained through torture as children. Lucifer is alive and well and hates humanity.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount