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Monday, December 15, 2014

Amazon Got Hacked Big Time

Today while most of us were working on Friday Evening many of the products on Amazon sold for only 1 Cent.

(((Please keep praying for rain in the American South West as it is working. Just Lake Shasta rose 10 feet yesterday due to these rains and more are on their way - enough to give the American South West a good shot in the arm. )))

Thousands of buyers took advantage of these prices and ordered almost everything Amazon had to offer.

The glitz was caused by "RepricerExpress" and the error was apparently fixed before many items shipped. Full retail price will be substituted for the 1 Cent Items.

Fortunately for Amazon this morning, before many items could be shipped, at 11Am a Mysterious "Bomb Scare" occurred that cleared the Amazon Head Quarters Building in Seattle.

At 3:46PPM  the Bomb Search was over and every one was able to go back to work.

I will let the Intel Community put two and two together on this one.

Paypal broke up with Ebay on 1 October and is looking for a New Home while companies like Alibaba (Recently went Public) and Apple Pay are looking for new homes.

Just look for the company that made Amazon" "An Offer They No Canna Refuse" and you will have your culprits.

Oh - I know exactly who did it - but it is your job to figure this one out.

I'll give you a hint - 7 Thieves?
Just a side note: I hate Paypal. You must give them your Bank Account Number to use them and this is then sent to the Bank D'Oro in the Philippines and then to 156 other banks around the world. The Federal Reserve System, the OCC' and the FTC did nothing about this illegal activity so I dropped PAYPAL like a Hot Potato and I am done with EBAY because of this. We did a story on this several years ago. They have lost about $100/month over that stupid move.


The US will try another "Black Shooting" before Christmas just to stir the pot.

Further - even though the FBI admitted Sandy Hook was fake the Families of Sandy Hook are suing the 'Gun Manufacturer" for making the gun and the FBI is not stopping the Law Suit.

FBI Idiots - you need to stop this law suit against Bushnell. There was no shooting - You Lied, You Got Caught, Not Stop The Law Suit or I will and you will look like Baffons in court. I will send an Amicus  to the Law Suit and show how almost ALL school Shootings are fake.

I will contact Bushnell in any event and let them know the CIA "Sandy Hook Families" plan to sue them.

Oh - did we mention that Sandy Hook had been closed for a year before the shootings?

Or a hundred other facts I will attach to the Law Suit - like you need this in your portfolio of Bad Remarks in Federal Court?

This will all come out in Federal Court for the world to air your Dirty Laundry FBI/CIA.

Make this suit go away FBI you COWARDS.

Do the Honest Thing FBI. 

I have nothing good to say about you Feebies as long as you keep my stolen moneys and your outfit will continue to be destroyed, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

"Amicus Curiae" to the Legal Begals of the FBI - or maybe a "Notice The FBI Lied About Murders"  or  maybe: "Notice of FBI Murder Lies."

Or just: "Notice The FBI Lied About Sandy Hook Shootings, There Were None"

Do you really want this NOTICE in Posted in the Federal Records?

Back down the CIA Sandy Hook "Families" FBI.

You get the point - the Law Suit would hang you out to dry - maybe not in Federal Court but definitely in Civil Court FBI.

Oh - and get please the VA to fix my teeth or I may expose more FBI dirty Laundry the Red Dragon Family needs right now - like where your funds are hidden in association with some tiny island nations in the South Pacific and into Singapore?

The News You Need To Know

Dr William B. Mount

No One Killed At Sandy Hook By The FBI:

Amazon Bomb Threat:

Amazon Sells Stuff For 1 Cent:

PayPal and Ebay split:

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