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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Mark Of The Beast Is Here

That is correct - the Mark of the Beast his here in America and you will line up to get one.

(((Please pray (Visialize) that the US/UK Clones programming are erased - that their programming is destroyed immediately. This will terminate their ability to start a Nuclear War. )))

You, and your children, will line up to get this New Computer Chip.

The New Chip - mandatory on all Babies born into the European Union since 1 May - is being touted by the American Supported Media as a "Medical Chip." You have it installed on hte inside of you arm and it monitors all sorts of Medical Things - but the manufacturer will not tell you exactly what it is that it monitors.

This device is the Core Product of a COmpany called MC10.

So we are told it tracks your where abouts in Europe when it is installed in all New Borns there, but in America we are told nothing about on US Sponsored Programs like PBS, NOBA, Etc.

So when you are told to get one please keep in mind that if it can send out data it can also receive data and control what you see and think.

Pray - visualize - that the computer programs that run these devices completely crashes forever.

As a side note - Sony Pictures Sales are way down the the "Hacking" was an internal job to boost their sale.

Further - they are a Japanese Based COmpany - so why would the US Respond to an attack on a Japanese Company so why would the US Respond unless they had an alterior motive?

False Flag tot boost their sales.

The movie "Interview" is a really stupid movie with horrible acting, a horrible plot line, and a horrible director and the movie is one in which only a moron would like it --- but they have to boost their sales some how.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

In Ten Years, You Won’t Even Know You’re Wearing Them — NOVA Next | PBS

MC10: Making the Mark of the Beast Possible through miniturization:

Interventional Catheters | MC10


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