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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

UN Small Army Treay Effective 24 Dec 2014 - Merry Christmas

The UN Small Arms Treaty become effective 24 December - merry Christmas to your form the Obama White House.

(((Please pray that these scummy evil (really Visualize) become completely ineffective immediately - Neutralized. Good job APFN - it is raining in Southern California. keep visualizing rain in the American South West.)))

So what US corporate Fascist Pig signed the treaty, what is the treaty and what does it mean to me?

1) As you may imagine - only President's and Ambassadors with full Pleniopotentiary Powers may sign treaties on behalf of the American Public. Then the treaty must be ratified with a 2/3rd vote of the Senate to be enacted.

First of all - "SECRETARY' of state Hillary Clinton and John Kerry signed the Treaty.

Last time I checked they were neither ambassador's nor Presidents - making their signing illegal. they are only Secretaries and have NO diplomatic standing -- but they are part of a Fascist Pig Government and so they hold no candor to any thing like laws.

2) The Senate is not likely to ratify this ILLEGALLY SIGNED treaty since the republicans hold the majority - but that is no guarantee. As you recall the Fascist Senate and Congress just gave Harry Reid's Son access to the Bundy Ranch for oil by making the Bundy ranch a wilderness area with full Republican support.

That's why we call these Fascists:  Pigs.

So if the Senate does not ratify this Illegal Treaty then we are OK unless....

3) If a President Obama Double signs an Executive Order and once again declares himself Der Fuhrer (Zeig Heil) then all bets are off.

Since now of you read this treaty yet I suppose he could declare anything, couldn't he?
4) So what exactly is the Small Arms Treaty?

It is a series of resolutions declared by the director of the UN (Declared) that control how small arms are transferred between nations.

This treaty is an Open Ended Treaty that regulates Arms Trade between different Nations.

The problem is that  it may be changed at the Whim of the United Nations and the signature nations would then have to obey the NEW CHANGED treaty immediately.

New Declarations (Zeig Heil) may be made at amy moment to replace existing Declarations that may change everything we do and think.

So what seems like an insignificant treaty may change over night.
5) So How Exactly does It Effect Me:

Today the Treaty does nothing -- but --- with a little Elbow Grease ti will terminate your right to own Pistols, rifles, Shotguns, knives over 3 inches long... the list goes on and on and on.


Did I mention that one of my neighbors has 4 Child Rape convictions and a 1st degree Murder Charge and a Rap Sheet over 6 feet long and spent 6 months in jail for his last 11st degree murder charge.  He then got out of prison and the state pays him  for a place  to live, gives him money every month, and the FBI armed him with a Pistol so he can sell their drugs.

So the treaty is meant to disarm you while the FBI gives out Pistol and Ammo to those who do their bidding after raping children and killing people during Armed robbery.

So you really want to do business with the United States Corporation?

Better you eat a Live Rat. That will pass through your system in a few days.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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