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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

US Seizes More Assetts from Around the World

As you recall the US Corporation has been seizing assets heavily for the last few years.

Yes - there is all the Gold that the US Corporation stole in WW2 and refused to return.

Rather recently the US Corporate Justice System has been working with the Federal reserve System to seize assets from:

1) US Banks through fines - which is odd because every bank HQ has FBI (Feebies) working in their HQ and directing just how to Cook The Books - much like Hitler did in 1943-45.

2) Next:  Banks that do banking with the Federal Reserve System - to which both the FBI Gay Boys (Yes, the Highest are Men are gay) and CIA Agents work at the highest levels of these banks to show them just how to Cook The Books.

3) The the US NAZI Corporation seized Ukrainian Assets and then 33 tons of Gold belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church - no, the NAZIs have no honor. It must be returned to the Church or the Living GOD will make the thieves, and their bosses,  pay dearly and they will continue to pay until the Gold is returned - doe GOD make himself perfectly clear English Fake Royalty?

4) Now the US NAZIs  are currently seizing assets of Russians because they demand a Nuclear War.

5) A few days ago the  US NAZIs announced they are converting all of the Japanese Retirement Funds to US debt - just like they have done to US States, counties and cities.

5) Today the US NAZIs announced they were  seizing (Stealing) Venezualian funds of anyone they do not like.

No trials, not intercession - they just take and take and take.

Granted - the US Corporation is run by 300 key individuals and about 275 of them have made deals with the Red Dragon families to sell out the this NAZI regime.

Even the US Corporate's White House Staff is so depressed they are staying home and getting drunk.

So while the US White House Staff gets drunk, the US navy and Air Force Bombers, ships, Nuclear Missiles and other toys and being taken down, the BRICS nations are standing tall and are dumping the dollar like a Hot Potato.

So as the Mantle Feoo I will give a message from the Living GOD:  Your days are numbered US Corporation and your days are numbered you Workers of Evil you Jesuits. Until your Mantle Feoo is returned to his rightful place your world economy will tumble and all your efforts to  to stabilize it will fail. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

As a sign the Red Dragon Family, the Yakuzu, and the white Dragon Families you will be shaken to the core by news. That is all I will say on that matter.

Thank you folks like

Jim Willie - Golden Jackass Award
Benjamin Fulford - White Dragon Ambassador

Your heroism is noted by the Living GOD and HE says thank you. It is not easy to tell the truth in a world filled with lies.
The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

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