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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Patch Adams Keeps Moving On

Remember the movie Patch Adams?

Well - he is not only real but he keeps moving forward with his dreams of Free Medical Care, No Wars, and teaching Doctors that patients are real live Humans with feelings and dreams and hopes too.

Patch: "If you treat a disease you may win, you may loose. If you treat a person you will never loose."

This has been Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams motto now for almost 40 years.

Patch just told me that in the last 6 weeks he has been to the 30th Annual Russian Clown Trip (2 Weeks) with 27 clowns - age 13-73.. then 2 cities in Argentina, a week in Australia.

Teaching how to be a Human around the world is taxing but he loves it.

His Blue Hair, clown nose, his size 100 underwear and his funny pants go a long way to mending political relations between nations.

While I am out identifying Nukes (See Sorcha yesterday) or stopping assassination he is out there talking ot Presidents and letting them know that it is not us, the American People who want constant war, but aonly a few US Political Leaders.

He has done more for World Peace than anyone I have every encountered.

I think he is off to Honduras and Guatemala soon for another exciting Clown Trip.

If you want to support a Non-Profit Hospital that will use Holistic Medicine then support Patch.

Kid got Cancer or Autism - bring them there.

You can learn a whole lot more at the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia.

Tired of reading about the Debris of a crashed plane, or how the US made up another School Shooting - then get involved in something positive like building a Free Hospital.

It is not what you say, but what you leave behind that makes a difference.

Get involved - feel good about yourself.

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Dr William B. Mount
(((By the way - the Pope had a pretty significant Stroke a few hours ago)))

(((Please continue to pray that all clones on Planet Earth are erased and all Tall Grays, Draconians and Archons get violently sichk when within 1 Million Miles of Planet Earth.)))

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