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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To Make Russia Very, Very Wealthy

What you are about to read is the method the Living GOD will be able to use to make Russia the wealthiest nation on Earth without destroying the wealth f other nations.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that those evil people in Russia blocking this from happening are immediately removed from power)))

Today Russia has decided to raise it's internal interest rates to 17% and keep pumping oil at a high rate in an attempt to make money flow into Mother Russia and cause the US Corporation and Euronations to come unglued at the seems financially and it may very well work.

We may see the US Dollar fall in value and the Euronation Corporation (Owned by the IMF) come apart at the seems - each nation going back to issuing it's own internal currency - Lira, Pound, Franc, Mark, etc.

As a result of  these actions another building burned in Chetzneya - another US Funded Group tried to create some more terror in South Western Russia - something this American Citizen finds utterly disgusting and unworthy of the leaders of the US Fascist Corporation - but this is what Fascist Pigs do, they kill.

There is a way condoned by the Living GOD that would not only guarantee Mother Russia huge wealth but not destroy other nation. Due to the Current World Situation may I highly recommend you conduct these actions immediately:

1) Return your Mantle Feoo not to Europe but to Russia. The Living GOD will begin to bless your hands at everything you do, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

2) Roll over the bond in Deutch Bank and give it full value - about 50 Billion Rubles. The church would receive 80% of it and they can once again take over the running of the Schools. 80% of 50 Billion times 17% return would be enough to run at least most of the schools in Russia, thus cutting local Russian Taxes and boosting local economies since the Church can run schools at 1/10 the cost of Government Funded Schools.

3) Let a joint Government/Church organization take over the Hospitals. We will implement the use of Sea Weed, Immusist and a few other herbs that would allow those with almost any disease (Cancer, High Blood Pressure, MS, Stroke, Macular Degeneration) to he "Healed." Consider: These Church Hospitals may be staffed by older children who will learn the truth about the Medical Lies and cut Russia's Cost at producing REAL DOCTORS in half.

a) Revenue from sick people from all over the world would flood into Mother Russia people form around hte world would fly to Russia for extended stay to get healthy.

b)The American and European Medical Industry (Hospitals, Drug Makers, Etc) would be strangled to death financially.  Millions of these  Fascist  Pig "Doctors" and "Nurses", and drug makers would no longer be needed.

c) Since we have the Red Dragon Formula for living over 300 years we could manufacture this, and sell this, through this Joint Corporation to those who would be willing to pay. We could use this joint Church/Government Corporation to make this and sell it ONLY form Mother Russia --- since I alone have the formula. The revenue would be beyond belief.

4) Originally I began research on how to grow crops without Fertilizers and Pesticides and production in Wheat Fields and Apple Orchards went up about 30% and marginal Lands became productive.  These products could be made in Mother Russia and sold around the world and Mother Russia would once again be able to produce 100% of it's food needs without the need of Western GMO Foods that are sterilizing Russians and leading to a decrease in your overall population.

5) There is the possibility that we can grow GOLD - if you would be willing to assist me in this adventure - and I know who has the Frequencies - so that the backing or the Ruble with Real Gold would be "do-able" - a 100% GOLD Backed Ruble not limited by the 55,000 tons of known Gold reserves. 

OK - Too Much Info.

Just as the Living GOD can showed me where a bomb is under Moscow in great detail HE can also show me how to make your economy prosper beyond your wildest dreams.

Russian Leaders - it is up to you.

You know how to contact me.
You have a choice Russia - Prosperity or War with another Fascist Pig (NAZI) nation with a $1 Trillion Dollar a year Military Budget.

The News You Need To Live By

Dr William B. Mount

Russia: Prosperity or this, what is your choice- I will never forget:

Look Your Grandchildren In The Eyes and Let Them Know Of YOUR Choice: and then watch this again:

I you?

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