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Friday, December 5, 2014

The Spirit Of Confusion Poured Out On America

Last night as we sat up late we felt GOD pouring the Spirit of confusion over America and Canada.

The Evil is here - people have chosen their course. Follow GOD or the follow Lucifer through the TV and Radio - the frequencies to make you dumb, fat, and slow are all there broadcasting through those devices 24/7. People have made their choice.

I call the Purple Glow Disease because that is how it looks when you walk by a house with the TV on.

(((Please Pray for Yo0u and Your Family)))

All night we felt the Spirit move across America and Canada as the spirit began it's work to create confusion, then anger as people all across the land were effected.

We now find:
1) Confusion In The Media:

I turned on KOMO (Largest Radio Station, Puget Sound) and the radio Announcer was stumbling all over himself as he played the Secretary of Defense (Chuck Hagel) and US Attorney General Eric Holder giving speeches - yet they had both been fired? Then he talked about the rioting outside the White House (All 50 Paid Schills)  as Nero (Obama) Partied.

The Radio announcer did what he was paid to do --- but to play a speech form the US Attorney General after he resigned ----- the CIA obviously released these stories and forgot to pull them after they were fired.
2) Confusion in the Military:

First of all - out High tech Navy is useless - grounded.

Secondly, our Nukes all have useless detonators - the Transponder Signals sent through these Nukes are countered by the BRIC nations and President Obama is upgrading every Nuke the US Corporation Owns so they will all be absolutely worthless.

Third: The US corporation, failing a Nuclear War, will now kill conventionally using rifles and rocket launchers.

ISIS Command HQ, for example,  is run out of the US embassy in Turkey. They actually have a large Command HQ in the US Embassy in Ankarra and bring in weapons through the surrounding nations to kill --- for that is their goal, to kill.

They are striking in every direction - Russia, Syria, etc.

This command HQ is currently working with the Afghanistan US embassy now to start killing all over Asia - China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, etc. Again - their goal is to kill.

The confusion is so great that Iran is now bombing Iraq cities - see the Wall Street Journal today - as teh US sits back and watches.
3) In Religion.

We now have the New Brand of Prosperity Teachers (Funded by the CIA) running around telling us to envision whatever we want, just leave your donation here.

Reminds us of Prosperity Preachers running around saying:  "In The Name Of Jesus" only now they claim "You Are You Own God." just leave your donation in the plate. Donations start at $300.

Just BELIEVE and it will be yours - put your money in the plate please.
4) Financially

As the Federal reserve Banks print up more cash, and as Obama spends more and more money on welfare, the Dollar climbs in value ass Gold and Silver fall in value and inflation is at 1%?

5) Medicine

We have never seen such confusion in our lives.

Rather than eating correctly and adding Kelp and Immusist we talk to thousands who take 10 to 15 different medications a day --- destroying their heart, liver lobes and kidneys.

We have a 5 foot 1 Female Friend  who tops 320 pounds and rather than changing her diet she has chosen to go to as many doctors as she can. It is hard for her to walk now as her Lymphatic System is so squashed it is shutting down. Of course - it is the doctors' Fault for not giving her the correct medications.

She now takes over 10 different medications a day as she begins to develop cancer in her lower intestines.

She drinks the Cool Aid, eats the GMO  foods and has become one of hte Fat, Dumb and Lazy Americans who's medical bill YOU pay "Willingly."

(Ever seen a 5 foot 2 woman who weighs 320 pounds drive in a small car - frightening. She has a good heart - she just believes what the TV and TV Trained doctors say to her so she is very, very ill in mind and spirit and refuses to change so she is getting slower, dumber and fatter.)

The real stats state that over 1 million people are killed by modern medicine every year, yet rather than banning GMO foods we ban hunting rifles?
5) Americans have become Fat, Dumb and Lazy.

We went to Victorian Christmas yesterday and  it was like walking amongst Morons. Fat People walked around and would just stop in the middle of the isle and freeze - like a Moron ---- unfortunately Fat People take up the whole isle. They do not mean to be rude, America has just gotten fat and Dumb.

With all the chemicals in the water, chemicals in the air, vaccinations, medications - it is a wonder we can function at all.

The CDC just announced that this years Flu Vaccination does not work - but take it any way. They are forcing millions of people to take a Vaccination loaded with Mercury, Monkey DNA, and all sorts of half dead viruses even though it does not work.

Americans (and Canadians) have reached a point where their own evil has reached the Thrown of God.

Just today one of Obama's Top Advisers, (Terry Bean) who was found in the act of raping a child, was found innocent of Child Molestation because the videos were "In-admissible."  This Child Molester is one of Obama's Top Gay Promoters using YOUR money to promote this disgusting life style and yet Americans do not care.

This Perverted Homo Freak Terry Bean  was charged with two charges of Third Degree of Sodomy and sexual Abuse in Lane County Oregon - and the Videos were thrown out in court and no one cares.

Consider the fact that this county is filled with Gays so for these charges to be brought forward in a Gay county - this is very serious , but do Americans really care?

"Just Give Me My TV and My Beer and I am OK."
6) So what happens as GOD pours HIS Spirit of Confusion onto America this very hour, and will itt really effect us here in America?

Confusion in manufacturing, confusion in Food Packing, confusion in every aspect of your life?

Do you think that your prices and availability of products will remain hte same?

What will you do when this confusion causes shortages on the shelves of Safeway of Walmart - or your car insurance rates sky rocket because of this confusion?

We shall see won't we, but GOD says: "It will not be pretty America."
Turn to GOD by following HIS laws.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


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