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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Monsanto GMO Crops Appearing all Over Europe

Despite the Ban on GMO crops by most of the world the Monsano/Bayer company has been planting these crops all over the world. In this case they have been busy destroying German Crops.

(((Please pray that a very bad completely disabling sickness breaks out immediately in all Draconian and Tall Grays, and Archons,  within a million miles of Planet Earth)))

This is correct.

Genetically Modified Plants were found growing along 4 rail lines from Switzerland to the middle of German.

Apparently Monsanto employees have been throwing seeds out of the window along the Rail Lines form Switzerland to the North Sea along the Rhine River. The intent here is to completely compromise all Non GMO corps.

Monsanto Employees working on MGMO crops have a goal: Make all crops worldwide completely GMO and make the entire Human Race dead.

These employees must be rounded up and either placed in FEMA camps permanently or killed - there is no other way to contain these murderers.


These Demon Possessed people working on GMO Crops have been trying to spray Russia and China form military jets with GMO Wheat to kill them for years.

Recent successes along the Rhine give credence that these crops are being spread purposely by Monsanto Employees and their contractors (Blackwater, etc)  for years.

These GMO corps, when eaten by Alien Species, destroys their DNA slowly, bit by bit. The "Black Out" - Intergalactic and Inter-Dimensional War - which broke out last year - was re-ignited by the US Corporation as you recall in a previous article on APFN we wrote.

Well - there are allot of species now flying around this planet in a higher Harmonics ready to blast us into the next century. They do not appreciate their DNA being destroyed by the likes of the Monsanto Employees so again - Focus (Pray) that those creating and distributing GMO crops are immediately contained or destroyed before they blast this planet into pebbles.

Whatever we called - they are here in mass.

Look up US Corporate DOD - may I highly suggest you do as you have been instructed in pervious articles or Face The Music Very SOon - so says the I Am That I Am, Who Was, And Is, And Is To Come.

DOD Commanders and CIA Command Freaks - your very existence is now on the line - so says the I AM That I AM, so HE has said it, so it shall be. When you are destroyed you will go down in Harmonics and think like a Lettuce Plant for all eternity if you do not do as you were asked. GOD s not kidding.

Please Lucifarians - Ignore Me - I wish to see you forever purged from the this harmonics and sent into the Lower Plant Realm Forever. Please ignore what GOD has told you to do - please. I can count your days on the tip of my thumb.

Russian President - you are not left out of this equation either. If you had listened all 15 Former Soviet Nations would already be in your Economic Union - but no - you had to do it without GOD.

When you listen to your Mantle Feeo your nation stays together as in the 1919 invasion of Russia where the Mantle Feeo double crossed the English and French and kept St Petersburg in the Soviet Union. Again in WW2 your Mantle Feeo would not abandon St Petersburg, which cost the Finish and NAZI troops to loose WW2.

Whne you do not use your Mantl Feo your nation breaks apart. After WW1 you did not allow this man to negotiate with the Ukrainian Church and the Ukraine fought you for at least a year - the White Russians, then Poland, then Siberia, the Czhec Armored Cars, Vladavastok and the Japanese and Americans - which you paid huge amounts to get rid of.

In 1990 you ignored the Mantle Feeo and your Soviet Union broke into a million pieces. It could have remained in tack - but no, you ignored the very Hammer of GOD and exchanged it for scraps.

Will you Russians never learn?

GOD gave you primacy over Rome for a reason - you only have to claim it., So HE has said it, so it shall be.

GODs allies are here waiting for you to Reclaim your superiority.  Do what you will, it is your people who will suffer while the US Corporation continues to rule the world.

Again - Focus with me that all US Clones - their Matrix Dissolves - their Programs are erased completely.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The Original Obama, who had a stroke in China, is dead I believe and your current one is breaking down. We could fix him but you do not believe me - or a to Cowardly to ask me.

Your third Clone is a total blithering idiot - good luck pawning him off on the public.

2) The Florida State Capitol Satanic Display. The GOvernors Office refused to answer the phone today so one must assume that the Governor Himself - Rich Scott - personally approved the display for his own pleasures.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

BREAKING: Monsanto/Bayer's GM Plants Contaminate Europe Despite Ban

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