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Sunday, December 21, 2014

US To Spend Over $100 Billion On War In Next 9 Months

Yes - this is correct. The United States Corporation has just authorized a massive spending bill, including over $100 Billion for war over the next 9 months. That is about $11 Billion Dollars Per Month, or about $40 Million Dollars a day to kill people outside the United States.

By the way - of you are on Social Security or a retired soldier or Disable Soldier you got what - less than a 2% increase this year?

(((Please pray that This Evil is completely immobilized immediately)))

In a massive Defense Spending Bill teh US Corporation just authorized the spending of:

1) $521 Billion For Defense

2) $63 Billion For Wars in Iraq and Afghaniztan

3) $5 Billion Additional to train Syrian Terrorists

4) Yet another $5 Billion to kill Ukrainians

5) In another bill another $2 Billion for the war in Northern Thailand

6) The State Department is authorized to spend another $20 Billion Covert Wars

This does not include the Billions spent on Subcontractors like Blackwater and the CIA, nor does this include COST OVER RUNS or the Department of Commerce - who's sole job now is to test military equipment.

An interesting fact is that the Department of Veteran's Affairs is now officially having it's budget tapped to prosecute these wars - so more Veterans can come home wounded or in a box.

Please keep in mind that under USC2, Sec 286 (Bretton Woods Agreement) the United States Corporation is under redevelopment by the IMF.

As you recall - a month ago the IMF was taken over by the Red Dragon Family and they state they want these wars to wind down - yet President Obama just basically gave the US War Chest unlimited Funds.

It appears that as of today those who control the IMF are either not willing, or unable, to stop the US Corporation from thriving on death and destruction.

Time will tell.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wars’ Cost to U.S. Since the Sept. 11 Attacks: $1.6 Trillion - Bloomberg

Obama signs massive defense spending bill - Columbia Daily Tribune | Columbia Missouri: News

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