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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Farmer, Got Cancer?

Are you a farmer and do you now have cancer?

Wrestling with what to do about it - Doctor's Poisons, Sliced or Burned does not make you happy?

Are you forced to handle chemicals like "Glycosphate" or "Copper What Do I Know" and now your prostate is enlarged or you have some rare form of cancer you can't pronounce the doctors tell you is only treatable with their poisons?

A good friend of mine just got a call from a rather large farmer in the American Mid-West. No names will be given at this time. This Farmer had ordered a bottle of Immusist 6 months ago, and one three months ago,  and was apparently using only 16 drops per day - the Maintenance Amount.

So - 16 drops per day - 1440 drops per one ounce bottle.

The farmer called back 6 months later to order a third  bottle of Immusist and he told my friend tha twhen he started eating Immusist he had a very high PSA number and he had an enlarged Prostate ---- he had Prostate Cancer.

Last week he went to his doctor and (without any Poisons his doctor prescribed)  his PSA numbers are normal and is Prostate is no longer enlarged. His Cancer was gone, no sign of it any where.

The owner of Immusist sent him another bottle.

Total Cost To Eliminate Prostate Cancer was about $200 start to finish.

He also tried Immusist on his plants and Crop Production soared. You will have to call Jim from Immusist so he can tell you what to do in year 2 and 3.

Our Egg production here at my little farm went from 0 eggs per day to 2 eggs per day here in the winter when we added 3 drops of Immusist per day Immusist to our flock of Ten Old Hens -  one bottle will last our 10 hens about 4 years - way past most of their life spans.

I make no money off of this, but arn't you tired of being sick - or seeing your herd or flock sick and having to administer more and more chemicals?

Me too - this is why I tried Immusist and it worked. Period.

Any Questions?

Dr William B. Mount

Goto or call them at: 1-888-702-3315

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