Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dear President Obama;

Dear President Obama (CIA Handlers);

This is a message to all the Obama Doubles and their CIA Handlers who sign the bills ad call the shots:

Your Protege' and Savior has now been in office for about 6 years and has done more harm to America than all the Presidents in the past, including the Bush's and Clinton's.

Today the US is running a Deficit of around $4 Trillion Dollars a year with another $4 Trillion being spent by this insane US Corporation - thus the real GNP is not $16 Trillion but around $8 Trillion.

While Gold is selling for around $1,200/ounce in America real gold is selling for around $2,400 an ounce in the rest of the world - if you can find it. In other words when the Dollar falls it will fall to about 50% of it's current value and the Bankstas who run the Western Banking System will be rounded up and arrested. The US, and it's allies, will then experience a great economic change - a huge fall.

In addition, your Gay Fascist Freaks who run the White House have started more wars in the last 6 years than all US Corporate President's since the Corporation took over the united states of America in 1871 and openly killed, or bribed, it's leaders, and for these ambitions you were given the Nobel Peace Prize.

Better the Nobel Prize had been given to a Rat than a Fascist Pig. 

You have also allowed the VA to sell military records around the world and compromised US Security beyond belief - with traitors every where in the Corporations like the CIA and FBI. Traitors.

You have openly killed a US Ambassador for taking Hillary Clinton's Arms Sales Commission of Arms sold to the Muhujadeen Al Kaleek (MEK). The seciond Ambassador Steven was dead the State department (Run By Hillary) took the MEK off the Terrorist Watch List and transported 400 tons of weapons to these murders - and Hillary got the commission on these Arms sales.

OK- So you are only following the Directives put out by the US State Department Office of Population (Control) and killing people to reduce populations as approved by the President (CIA Handlers). You Freaks are still murders.

For some reason GOD has allowed me to spare your life Mr President well over 6 dozen times - with NO thank you, just a hearty balling out by the Secret Service, FBI Freaks, and the US Marshals as these US FBI Freaks who stole my home and savings. For these crimes you will be stripped of your wealth and nation - so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come. 

Recently one of your Destroyers in the Black Sea was disabled by one tiny old rusty Russian Destroyer named the Vargus - all your High tech Gear from Aegis - shut down in a matter of seconds.It limped to a port in Romania.

Over the weekend you, Mr President and Handlers,  reached a new low as you launched three Nuclear SBML missiles from submarines at Saudi Arabia because the Saudis  no longer listen to your White House handlers in the CIA.

You see Mr Obama (and Handlers) - as you recall the Rockefellars and the like sold their Oil Stocks and then drove the price of oil down and you got angry - being the Stupid CIA handlers you are - you forgot about these actions taken only a few short weeks ago. The purpose  of selling their Oil stocks was to "Short Them" and force the price of oil down and make billions.

Unfortunately the White House Pukes and Handlers forgot to sell their stock because you have an entire staff made up of Liberal Idiots - Fascist Pigs.You and your handlers, Mr Obama, are loosing Billions of US Dollars and it spells the END of your Empire. 

Fascist Pigs and Liberals are never know for their intelligence, they are however know  for their Evil.

So over this weekend somebody in the White House ordered three Nuclear Launches on Saudi Arabi by US Submarines.

Stupid Move CIA (Mr Obama) - Stupid Move.

These Submarine Nuke Missiles were neutralized a few seconds after take off.

About 3 years ago a Pyramid sent off a signal near Bimini Florida - an SOS signal - we did that and they are here. Their technology dwarfs that of your your "Allies" and "Friends."

You can no longer launch a Nuclear Attack through the air and your pre-positioned 876 Nukes in large cities across the world are being identified and neutralized - along with your  ICBMs.

It will not take long to neutralize your freezers full of Atomic Hand Grenades and Bullets and your old Davy Crocketts and Nuclear Artillery Shells.

Remember CIA Handlers - you denied my US Supreme Court Case to plug the leak and now YOU are paying for it by being unable to start a Nuclear War - best you plug the leak and run my case though the courts "Voluntarily" before you are made to do it.

I am not sure you in the CIA are smart enough to take Pre-Emptive actions to prevent what is coming --- you may be that stupid and arrogant so maybe I will simply burn the copies of my Supreme Court Case and ensure your empire falls and you go away permanently.

Your underground "Hide Outs" are being Neutralized.

Your "Off World" bases are being neutralized.

Lockheed Martins Blue Origin (See You Tube) can no longer go off world - too bad, so sad, Touche'.

Your Lockheed Martin's Ships are also being severely restricted in their travels and your Space Junk "Shield" will not shield you from what is coming.

Now you will have to wait and see what is coming next - may I highly suggest you do as you have been asked to do by this messenger on all fronts since it costs you nothing and may save your lives - or face what is coming. You have little choice in this matter, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
Blue Origin Anti Gravity Craft using Magnetic Drive at a Vibrational Frequency of 10 to the 14 HTZ in their engines:

Joint US/Russian landing on Mars, 1962:

Three Nuke Launched on Saudi Arabia:

Joint Nuke Launch on Saudi Arabia:

Oil Prices driving the wars - created by the Rockefellars:

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Banksta Bites The Dust, Yeahh

In yet another surprising turn of events and other Banksta has bitten the proverbial Dust.

Matteo Cassani, age 41 (Looked 65)was found dead in front of his 4 story building yesterday morning.

Initial reports say he was foudn dead after "falling" form the top floor of his building.

Matteo (Italian) was the director of two of ENEL generators located in Romania and they were supplying power to Eastern Romania, Moldov (translvania) and into ----- the Ukraine.

The initial reports have him falling out of a sealed Bullet Proof window - and there is no connection to the Murder (I Mean Suicide) and the US Sponsored War in the Ukraine.

No connection what so ever - none, get that out of your mind.

He just fell though a Sealed Bullet Proof Window accident - and don't you forget it.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Doing Business in America, Think Again

Think of relocating a factory or business in America?

1) Consider Missouri:

Are you being smozhed by Governor Jay Nixon for special tax advantages in this state?

This governor Jay Nixon goes in the same category as Governor risk Snieder the Pervert of Michigan, who is still forcing Organic Pig Farmers to shoot their own Piglets and then "reviewing The films" in his mansion.

(Pray - ( Visualize) the scum involved in this incident are terminated immediately)

In the case of this Murdering Governor Jay Nixon he allowed his Missouri Police Officers to illegally seized property form Jeffery Weinhause's House, set up a rendezvous to return his property, and then gunned him down with several Back Up Patrol Officers nearby and a pack of FBI freaks in the parking lot to ensure he was killed.

Jay Nixon the Murderer for President?

Granted - Jefferey did threaten the President, he smoked Dope, and he did  carry a gun - but it was a set up and the Governor knew about it.

Jeffery did manage to live, so he was then sent to prison 25 years for getting shot by a Missouri Cop 4 times. They called that "Resisting Arrest."

His stolen property was never returned.

(My back door neighbor has 4 felony convictions of Child Rape, 1 of 1st Degree Murder, a rap sheet a mile long,  he was in prison for a couple of years, and now he is living with a 13 year old girl)

So if you plan to do business in Missouri, or Michigan, or California with Governor Moon Beam - think again. Your property can be seized for no reason other than the fact the cops wanted the property, your children raped with no prosecution, and your money stolen in transit to the bank with no record of the stop.

America is no place to do business any more.
2) Further - if you fly through America you had better not be carrying a Potato.

Yup - Homeland security has hired Affirmative Action Employees with dogs to patrol the airports to ensure no Non GMO potatoes are brought into America in a person's luggage. See yesterday's Wall Street Journal.

They are Homeland Securities Potato Police, paid for by Your, the tax payer.

Apparently Non-Genetically Modified Foods are no longer allowed into America.

It appears that these Fascist Pigs in the Obama Administration simply and plainly wants you dead.

So - why set up a corporation in America - the New Fourth Reich?
3) Further - the US Treasury just issued $1.04 trillion Dollars in New Treasury Bonds in the last 8 weeks and only took in 4$341 Billion.

That leaves an annual debt of around $4 trillion dollars - ,meaning that out of a 416 Trillion Dollar GNP 25% of it is created by debt ---- meaning a Long Term Inflation rate of 33% per year.

This means we are about to hit a period of Hyper Inflation, does it not?

Don't Worry - the US Treasury has issued the $1 trillion Dollar Coin, Despite their claims they have not. 

So - why do business in America
4) Finally - consider Obama care - where the Average Family of 4 will soon pay half their income into Medical care - or you as the Employer will have so subsidize this amount or have your property seized and perhaps be shot over and over again.

can we ZEIG HEIL yet?

So why take the risk?
There are good people ion America - it is just the WHITE HOUSE RAT PACK and their leaders like the Rockefellars are murders, rapists, and evil to the core.

Evil must be purged, you cannot negotiate with it.

Pray - Visualize - the Evil is purged form Planet Earth immediately.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ebola - Follow The Money

So - with the FBI confirming that 225 members of Congress are actively raping children and the FBI Leadership is so filled with Child Rapers (Pedophiles) and Cross Dressers I suppose the next set of  facts will not surprise you.

Just keep in mind that the FBI is actively arresting those with "Child Porn" on their computers but they will not arrest those in Congress raping little children.

(Please Visualize (Pray) that these scum are removed form Earth immediately)

The question arises - Why SARS, MERS,  Swine Flu, Ebola?

So what do we know:

1) We know that after 9/11 the US Corporation started wars and killing Americans to bolster Weapons Sales.

2) We also know that during the SARS, MERS, and Swine Flu outbreak companies that manufacture Vaccines were paid a whole bunch to create "New Vaccines" to combat these diseases - and they all contributed healthy amounts to the Congressmen who rape these little children.

Why do you suppose a man will spend $5 million dollars to get elected  into an office where he brings home less than $200,000/yr?

3) We also know that these diseases can be traced back to US Weapons Manufacturers and that no Biological  Weapon is released by the US Corporation without a vaccine already in stock for these Corporate Bosses - yet the Vaccination Manufacturers were paid Billions to create an already existing vaccine?

You paid for this.

4) We further know that at least 5 Presidents have told us that they get huge sums of money to "Look For The Cure for HIV" even though we have the cure for HIV and if they release the Cure they said they would be killed by US Forces - CIA/FBI/DOD/BATF/NOAH .........and any other US  ABCDEFG Department. 

5) We also know that NO filter stops a Biological Agent so the "Space Suit" they wear while treating EBOLA victims are absolutely useless.

6) We also know the EBOLA is spread by outfits like: Doctors Without Boarders, Red Cross, US Organizations, and the American Embassy Workers.

7) We know these facts because not only have we discussed each and every one of these on Pravda and APFN, I helped write the First NBC SOP in the DOD so my knowledge may be limited but basic concepts are pretty simple.

So who benefited form EBOLA?

The manufacturers of Protective Gear, like Dupont and others. In fact - these companies that make these Chemical and Biological Suits cannot keep up with the orders - despite the fact that they are absolutely useless.

So there you have it -Kill a few thousand people, pay off a few folks in Congress who rape little Children, and the money rolls in hand over fist.

Lust read yesterdays' Wall Street Journal, page A7.

For You Intel Geeks

1) Bad job with Furgeson Missouri - you only had about 100 Black Rioters, the rest knew the truth.

If you look on Yesterday's Wall Street Journal you will see a Black Man on the right side of the picture wearing a Rabbit Fur Mat and Glasses - this is the DOD Agent Saboteur - he was given piles of Hundred Dollar Bills to give out to make these riots happen and the local cops were told to let these 100 rioter burn whatever they wanted --- so all night you could follow the Furgeson Rioters through the Police Calls as they were ordered not to touch these DOD paid rioters.

These DOD agents come out of Pima Arizona - an acting school run by the DOD. Look for him in ohter Black Riots soon.

As for the thousands of New York City Rioters - you could look as the Live Times  Square Camera - no rioters, the TV lied again.

2) If you have a Bond you are so screwed. We have tried to cash several Old US Bonds, a Peruvian Bond and a Russan Bond - Forget it. NO ONE honors these bonds - not even the US Treasury.

If you buy a Mutual Fund featuring Bonds - OK.

If you buy a US Savings Bond or Russian or Brazilian or Chinese Bonds - they were issued without the intent to pay out. No one will honor them.

SO consider the US Debt - bonds issued with NO intent to pay out. We owe no one, they never intended to pay on these bonds. It is all a paper work scam. 

There are only two safe havens for your money - either Freeze Dried Food in your Pantry or directly form a Silver from a silver mine.  Current US Gold and Silver may be  fake.

Yesterday it came out in the press that  banks like Deutch Bank are trying to force the US Corporation to seize Gold and Silver from the American Public as "Unused Capitol" and a host of other names.

Evil cannot be negotiated with - it must be purged - killed. You cannot negotiate with people who rape children - like the current Prime Minister of England and Canada and 225 US Congressman. They must be terminated.

We were listening to a Radio Program - the same one you heard last night if you read my story - describing the Next Human Sacrifice in England by the Prime Minister and No One - No One - would arrest these Child Rapers and Murders even with pictures and films.

Evil must be purged - they must be killed or put in a FEMA camp forever - all of these Demon Possessed Freaks. There is no other way.

These "US/UK/Canadian Leading Politicians  Rape and then Murder tiny little children and refuse to honor even their own bonds.

Even holding Russian Passport aa-00023 and a Russian Knight of Malta and a Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in St Petersburg  I cannot get the Russian Central Bank to honor a simple little bond.

They must be purged.

3) Bet you wish more details on 17 December -  where the Nukes are going, who is to be assassinated - too bad, you trashed my bond. 

You want war US/UK/Canadian Leaders -

Please pray with me -Visualize - that  Langley, DC and New York City, and London are  the first 4 places that get hit with a huge Bunker Buster Bomb - dead center.

They want war - they can be the first to go, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to go.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - another threat to my life today.

See: Wall Street Journal; US Buys Up Ebola Gear: Little Left For Africa

See: Front Page Wall Street Journal 25 November 2014.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

42% Of congress Are Pedaphiles

The FBI determined that 20 years ago 39% of all of the 535 members of Congress were Pedophiles.

What this means is that they Rape and Torture children.

Today the FBI has concluded that this  number has risen to 42% of Congressional Members with a cross dressing Gay First Lady in the White House and a man who bends over for other men as the President.

An 89% disapproval rating and a 97% reelection rate?

To be blunt: Your Gay Congressmen (And Women)  is raping your children, bending them over and having sex with children as young as 6 months old.

The FBI feeds them the children and keeps records and tapes of the incidents and controls congress with these records. I was invited into 5 of these cults now and offered incredible positions - alas - I belong to GOD and would tear them up rather than do what they asked me to do.

This is why my $551 Million bond was denied  - I refused to join. Problem is the Russian Orthodox Church looses 218 Million Rubles a month forever based on their decision. We shall see what Putin and the Orthodox Church does about this one - maybe nothing, maybe every thing.

Evil cannot be negotiated with - it must be purged, either rounded up and put in a FEMA camp or killed.

Fascist Pig Pedophiles must be purged.

(((Pray that these Pigs are removed form Planet Earth immediately)))

Any questions Red Dragon Family?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS: I cannot confirm the Nuking of a city in Pennsylvania except that when the Nuclear exchange is supposed to occur most of the Cities in America will be nuked by Jesuits in America using old Soviet Nukes. This is what Evil does.

Hanz Kovlenback, Chief General of Jesuits: Apr 15, 2000: "You want your country back, you want your money back kill all the Jesuits. World leaders are afraid to do this, especially Wimpy Gimpy Putin."


Monday, November 24, 2014

Secretary of Defense Fired

After receiving  news of a dozen Nukes being transported to the Eastern Ukraine the Secretary of Defense waas fired by an Obama Double.

In Retaliation for stopping over a dozen nukes from being detonated in Russia and killing Million of Russians the Russian central Bank called Deutch Bank - which I am working with on a $551 Million Dollar Russian Bond - and told Deutch Bank to place a copy of the bond on line and sell copies out of Deutch Bank HQ as fake Bonds.

So in retaliation for saving over a million Russian Lives Russia retaliated and refuses to honor a bond that was headed for their own church - 80% of it.

Thus for stopping the nuking of Russians the Russian Orthodox Church in St Petersburg looses about $42,000,000 per year - or around 218,000,000 Rubles per month forever.

You loose.

218,000,000 rubles per month, forever.

The order either had to come from Putin or Medvedev for this kind of thing to happen.

They can reverse the order - it makes me physically ill.

Sorry Russian Orthodox church - you loose the proceeds form over $400,000,000.

You do the math - $551,000,000 times 80% at 9 1/2 percent/Yr  Russian Bond = ?

Either Putin or Medvedev - no one else would have the power to destroy this bond.

I am so sorry st Petersburg Church, so sorry.

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, November 23, 2014

US Corporation Has Gone Over The Top

The US Corporation has gone over the toop - again.

What you are about to read has made me sick - physically ill.

(((Please pray - Visualize Hard - these evil Minions in the US Corporation leave Planet Earth Immediately)))

As you read this the US corporation is sending two plane loads of weapons to the Ukraine.

The proposed rout is through Ireland and then into the Kiev Airport at Boryspol?

The money for these arms was routed through Saudi Arabia and into the US Arms Manufacturers. Many of the weapons were purchased overseas. PM Abe of Japan has his fingers in this - which is why he is calling for an immediate election in Japan because it was rigged in his favor by the Saudis to start this war.

If the two US Transports have a Very Cold Freezer on board then they are carrying the more Atomic Bullets (A few Nuke Hand Grenades and two working Brief Case Nukes from Laurence Livermore))) - many of which have degraded and do not work.

The Mercenaries that will be given these Special bullets - Red in color I Believe - will be dead within a month after using them - radiation leakage.  

The US Transports are carrying "Medical Supplies and Humanitarian Aid" from the UN and Red Cross.

Did we mention the Orange Bullets loaded with Sarin Gas also in this inventory.

It will be wholesale Slaughter - Genocide, the start of WW3.

It is like watching the start of WW1 in slow motion crying: "No, Stop, No, No" - and no one is listening.

When I found this out I became physically ill because I see what is coming.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russia And China Both Ban GMOs

Both Russia and China have now both banned GMO products.

(((Please pray that the Fascist Pigs are thrown off this planet immediately)))) 

I fact, most of Europe and India have also banned GMO foods from their grocery stores and farm fields. Attempts by the Fascists in DC to plant GMO crops in places like Hungary and France have been met with staunch resistance and the destruction of the Farm Fields where the crops were planted.

In the past when America got into economic trouble it relied heavily on it's food production to be sold overseas to help it's economy recover.

Thanks to the Obama Administration these Fascist Pigs have turned most of America into "GMO Land." Once made a GMO farm the DNA remains in the soil for many, many generations.

Thus American Agricultural Crops will be banned  forever by most of the world - so an economic recovery based on Food Production is now out the window.

With the recent announcement of the New GMO JR Simplot Potato, and open approval by the Obama Administration of this Poisoned Food,  much of Idaho and Eastern Washington will be filled with these Human Killing Crops. So if you go to a Fast Foods restaurant, especially McDonalds, you will now ingest these New And Improved Poisonous Potatoes.

In a recent statement by the Prime Minister of Russia Demitry Medvedev: "If America wants to eat GMO products then let them eat them.  We don't need to do that, we have enough space and opportunities to eat organic foods."

In a recent study it was shown that eating GMO foods kills Human Embyrios and makes men sterile.
Ior You Intel Folks

I wish the Russians were more interested in finding the last remaining Third Reich in Argentina but that does not appear to be the Case, does it?

You would think that if someone walked into a Brokerage House with a half a billion dollar bond purchased from Argentina then the Russians, who lost 20 Million People in WW2, would jump on it.

Nope. They do not care.

Well - these NAZIs got a bill signed in the White House two days ago officially giving Dumb Dumb John Kerry $120 Million to pay snipers to kill Russians in the Ukraine ---- and the Russian Leadership --- Medvedev and Putin --- do not want to know where the NAZIs are in Argentina?

The bill is actually an open ended funding of the War In The Ukraine.... and so it begins. Hitler (Obama) openly invades the Ukraine to start WW3.

The War he is creating is against Humanity, not Russia. The Third Reich - centered in Argentina and then to the Antarctica and Agartha - will rage for decades.  Much of Humanity is planned to be killed.

So here is what the Rockefellars are planning: 12/17/14  (the Next Kick Off Date): Either kill Obama or Putin. Another President or Vice President may be chosen since these men are so prominent.

With the number of US Supplied rifles in Central Asia now being over 100,000 the idea of killing a world Leader is pretty simple stuff, especially since many are "Sniper rifles." 

There are ideas currently floating around to kill the Japanese Prime Minister Abe or the Chinese leaders in a "Islamic Bomb Plot" but we shall see what shakes out. Be assured these Fascist Pigs are very busy right now.

Like we see today in Furgeson, Missouri - they do not even need to kill a real person - they can just make one up and create riots based on a man who never existed.

So these Fascist Pigs in the US Corporation plan to kill "Someone" on the 17th, enrage the public, and storm into Russia with a Ground War. Russia should last about 15 days as Moscow will then lay in ruins a few days after the "War" starts based on another "Islamic Plot" by the evil Mossad, ISIS, ISIL, Al Kada, Hamas ... take your choice.

Thus - a limited Nuclear War leaving only the US and Russia as Oil Producers - Perpetual War - a Fascist Dream. Then comes another MERS, SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, or some other new DOD created disease to be unleashed on us.

The date of 17 December date will give the NSA time enough to create an Internet Virus to shut down all but their Approved DOD sights - like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, etc. Thus you will get the news the DOD wants you to get.

Can we ZEIG HEIL yet?

OK - that is the big plan for December - Merry Christmas.
By the way - I got transferred to a Federal Reserve Bank yesterday and so I asked them about the New Treasury Dollar - it ain't happening. The Federal Reserve Banks are here to stay forever and remove 3% of your wealth every year forever.

We are so screwed.

So much for the return of the Republic - it is all smoke and mirrors by the CIA. General Hammond is a sell-out to Lucifer and the CIA and China and Russia will now experience economic downfalls for their leader's arrogance, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Go ahead - reset the economy without GOD - see shat happens -  you are trying Red Dragons, arn't you - except it is not working is it?

China - your Red Dragons ignore GOD and Russia your Mantle Feoo is not in Europe..

Too Much Info - TMI
The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Latest Internet Virus Created By NSA

 Latest Internet Virus Created and Circulated by tthe NSA to shut down YOUR internet for the coming war.




Feel this worth passing along. With the  holidays coming up, this could be a real problem.

The newest virus circulating is the UPS/Fed Ex/USPS Delivery  Failure.

You will receive an e-mail from UPS, Fed Ex, or  USPS along with a packet number.

It will say that they were  unable to deliver a package sent to you on such-and-such a date.

It  then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached.


Pass this warning on to all your PC  operators at work and home.

This virus has  caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few days.

Snopes confirms that it is real.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Atomic Bullet

We all know about atomic Bombs and Atomic (Nuclear) Cruise Missiles but what about hte Atomic (Nuclear) Bullet?

(((Pray that these are never used again - one was just used in Eastern Ukraine by US forces with very a destructive force. It was not an ICBM - it was an Old Atomic Bullet)))

Is it really possible to have a small hand held bullet go Nuclear?

The answer is yes. A New Element was recovered from our Nuclear Reactors and it was named Californium 252 - a highly reactive element.

Way back in the 1960s, when the United States was moving forward, the folks at our Nuclear Facilities began to play around with a fairly new element called Californium - created in nuclear reactors.

It turns out that at only 1.8 Grams (28 Grams - per ounce) you can create a Nuclear Explosion. The impact creates the energy to cause the explosion - something the Japanese could never master in 1945 during their Nuclear Tests.

(((Hitler actually torched off a Nuke in February 1945 that killed 6 POWs, one was an American. This is why the Allies bombed Germany into oblivion - to stop their atomic Bomb program but that is Ancient History except that the Third Reich is still in Argentina and the Antarctica and the leaders of Russia and the Red Dragon Families will allow them to remain - Perpetual War.)))

From these tests came the "Atomic Hand Grenade," Atomic Frisbee," "Briefcase nuke'" and a host of other very powerful weapons like the "Atomic Bullet."

Tests using larger caliber bullets with californium 252 clearly showed that 3-4 bullets from a 45 Caliber Pistol could bring down a sky scraper.

To put it in a political bases - three bullets from a rifle could make the White House, or Kremlin,  go away.

News quickly spread about this new element and it's potential - no longer would war be necessary if one man with a 45 Caliber pistol could destroy a tank with one shot - or take out a B-52 with a Sniper rifle.

Both the Soviets and Americans created this Bullet and actually armed their engineers with Machine Guns carrying these bullets.

While the Soviets stopped their production of such weapons the Americans moved forward with their development - adding Nuclear "Accelerants," such as Lithium 6 to enhance, their power.

There are 28.5 grams per ounce, 15 grains per gram. Thus a 230 Gram bullet can weigh around 16 Grams. These Rifle and Machine Gun Bullets made using Californium are currently made in a 30 Caliber Round  - a 30/30, a 30-06, 303 British..... - all capable of firing this weapon.

Ever wonder why a car can simply explode with no trace as the CIA of FBI drives away?

So you  make a Californium core using 5 Grams, line it with 5 grams of Lithium 6, coat it with copper and then lead and it looks like any other Bullet. You fire on a building from 1 mile away and it simply goes away - a blast unlike a conventional Nuke. It just vanishes. Temperatures in excess of 4 million degrees - Poof!

Today - in the 12 E Inventory - the American Military stores in very cold refrigerators Bullets that could take out a Sky Scraper - just one Bullet.

Is it possible these were used on 9/11 - absolutely Possible - and it is also possible that the Fascist Pigs in the white House will again RE-DEPOLY these weapons .

Hitler: The end Justifies he Mean.
The News You Need To Survive

Dr William B. Mount

Thank You Pravda for resurfacing this old weapon - it may be old but is still plenty powerful.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Does Putin Really Want Perpetual War

Does the President of Russia really want perpetual war?

Yesterday President Putin stated that the Ukrainian troops were wearing NAZI symbols - and this is true.

As Putin said - no civilized Nation on Earth wants NAZIs in their governments.

The purpose of a National Socialist government (NAZI) is to support the State Corporation - now keep in mind that the United States is a Corporation and by definition NAZI so the purpose of the United States is to support it's military Industrial Complex and create "Perpetual War."

John Shapiro, Assistant Sec of State of the United States1 June 2012: The Purpose of the US State Department is to sell weapons."

So what are the real goals of Russia - to work with the United States Corporation and support more war?

One must ask this question.

Yesterday I presented to Deutch Bank a Russian Bond worth well over half a Billion Dollars. The place I purchased it from is in Argentina. Now that Deutch has a copy of the Bond and they know I own it stealing it, or forging it, would be impossible because there is a Paper Trail on it's ownership.

It is a Bear Bond and is true and honest.

If President Putin approved the Bond I would go to the Nearest Deutch Bank and there a representative of his Government would take the address from whence the bond came and seize the assets of what is left of the Third Reich - right?

Hitler's dream woudl doe with the seizing of the assets - right?

No money, no Third Reich - right?

Would not any civilized government wish to seize these assets and put to bed the last of the NAZI party and their moneys?

Would it not take just two or three agents to shut down the last of the Hitlers Moneys?

Those of you reading this know that I have the eyes and ears of many Presidents around the world and since we once again saved President Putin's Life three days ago would he not have someone monitoring me?

So you must ask the question - why did no one from his office call the Russian Central Bank to approve the bond roll over and get the address of Hitler's Last Funding Source?

Why would any president of any civilized nation not want to terminate the Third Reich once and for all?

Is this all a ruse to make you think they care about you?

Are the current president's not really concerned and just actors on a stage?

One must ask these questions and then act accordingly.

In another couple of days I am sure those in Argentina will read this and pack up their bags and leave, looking for a better unknown outpost to work for - so why is Russian not acting immediately based on what President Putin said?

If these NAZIs are allowed to run and hide again then this World War that is now going on will continue in perpetuity. Perpetual War.

Since the Red Dragon Family now owns the IMF - and since over 50 Million Chinese were killed or displaced from 1933 through 1950 - would they not wish to terminate these NAZI rats in Argentina?

If this is the case why am I told that the White Dragon Family must consider paying on this bond first?

Did thy not loose enough in World War 2?

Do they really want more war, a perpetual state of war?

Is the real goal of this Red and White Dragon Families (And their Gods) then not Perpetual War as well?

Does not delay guarantee this scenario?

So perhaps there is another agenda than Peace and Harmony here on Earth by these political leaders?

Perhaps there Spirit Guides are more interested in War and strife than peace?

(Each Dragon Family has a different God and Putin spoke to a Great White Spirit at the Valaam Monastary north of St Petersburg, as you recall). See Wikipedia and Sorcha Faal.

These world leaders "Sound" sincere when they speak, do they not?

So - why the delays?

You must ask yourself this question.

Perhaps we need to look, listen and learn.

If there are a few more days of delay then these NAZIs in Argentina finding these wars will move and their funding source shall remain for a century.

Perpetual War - a Fascist's Dream.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

((Then we need to pray that these War Mongering Spirits are destroyed immediately.))

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Banksta Dead 19 Nov 2014

Yup another Western Banker was found dad in his bath tub in New York city with his Jugular Vein cut. No knife was recovered so the initial New York City Police report stated it was most likely not suicide - Duh.

The Banksta was working for the World Bank, not city Group as FOX news reports - unless a second Banksta was killed.

Apparently FOX news ran a story about some low level city Banksta named Shawn D Miller being killed at home and the apartment Doorman found him in his bath tub.

Now you have to ask yourself - why would the Apartment Doorman go upstairs into a Bankers Apartment  and into his bathroom --- yea --- FOX lied.

My sources tell me (Friend of the Red Dragon Ambassador) he was working with a group of Western Bankers that were trying to set up a bank to counter the Red Dragon Leadership now running the World Bank. Many more dead bankers will follow - but most will not be found. This Open Dead Body was a warning to other western Bankstas - stop cheating.

I have also been told that if President Obama and his staff do not surrender to the Red Dragons that La Palma will be detonated and cause much death on the US East Coast and US technology would be useless to counter this attack.

The US Corporate Fleet is useless, their ICBMs have been neutralized, their underground Command and Control Centers destroyed, and their Computer Systems infiltrated and compromised. 

Perhaps this is a great time for those Fascist Pigs in the White House to agree to work with the Red Dragon Family?

The bond I have now presented to Deutch Bank worth $551 Million will either be honored by the Russian Central Bank or denied.

If it is accepted then it is a sign that the Red Dragon Family has a firm hold on the Financial Centers of the world and this long Depression will be ended.

The address on the Envelope from whence this bond came is the center for Adolf Hitler's Financial Center. Honor the bond and they put the Funding of the Fourth Reich to bed and the NAZIs left over from WW2 go down. A final end to World War 2.

If the bond is denied then it is a signal that there will be many more dead in both the Rothchids Banking System and the Red Dragon Family.

If the bond is denied then the Fourth Reich Funding Head Quarters remains in tact and the War goes on - a Fascist dream - Perpetual War. Every body looses but the Western Bankstas.

Once the NAZIs find out their address will be exposed expect them to move post haste - so I urge the Russians to move quickly in rolling over this bond simply to get this address.

The War,  or Peace, scenario  is currently resting with the folks in the Russian Central Bank - will they honor a True and Honest bond and roll it over into current Russian Bonds or not?

If the Russians cooperate with the Red Dragon Family and begin to bank honestly then there will be a unified front to destroy this "Evil Cabal" that has led the west for so long.

The bond will be used to put people back to work in Russia and help feed them as they rebuild the Russian Orthodox Churches. An 8% yearly payout on about 20 Billion  rubles would put many, many Russians back to work.

About 10% of these bond funds  would go to rebuilding the infra-structure of central Montana - Jobs -  but let us not count the chickens before the eggs hatch.

Let us see if those in the Russian Central Bank will be honest and true or lie through their teeth.
The News You Need To Live

Dr William B. Mount

The New Dollar

Are you ready for the new Treasury debt Note to replace the US federal reserve Dollar?

The banks and internet are all Hush Hush about this but the recent take Over of the IMF by the red Dragon Family means that changes are coming very rapidly.

Scuttle Butt has it that these New Dollars will be hitting hte Major Banks in as little as 24 hours.

It will take some time for this o all filter down to us, the peons - but I have three promises that if not kept will cause these New financial leaders undo harm. These are:

First: Out Republic is returning.

Second: Those who receive Social Security retirement Pay and Physical disability as a result of a Work Place Injury will continue to receive checks.

Third: Those who are retired military and physically disabled military (VA Physical) will continue to receive a check.

Everything else is off the tables and up to the individual states and has no contractual obligation for payments.

We shall see what happens.
Just keep one thing in mind - they are doing this not in accordance to what the Living GOD wishes so --- we shall see what happens.

Since the entire US Fleet and all ICBMs are now ineffective it should be interesting.

If one of their leaders in the BRIC nations denies the bond I hold, or delays it's payments, their credit rating should tumble and the damage to the red Dragon Family would be incalculatable.

The Honor of the red Dragon family would forever be singed and burned into their foreheads, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

One last note: Hide your guns, your silver and gold. The US Corporate Forces cannot be trusted during this change are likely to try and raid homes for no other reason than to steal your property - much like the NAZIs did before WW2 to the Jews.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Message For Pres Putin And The Orthodox Church

Dear President Putin;

You know I do not lie and have no reason to mislead you or your staff. My job has been to prevent major leader assassinations and prevent this coming Nuclear War and have do so to the best of my ability.

You are aware of the Nukes found under Moscow ready for detonation I located for the sole purpose of stopping this coming war and are also aware of the many alerts I have published to save your life.

I come before the world now to once again help you, and Russia, in your struggles against the Fascist Pigs we now find populating the US Corporate Leadership. As an American I assure you I am more than disgusted with these traitors we now find leading America as a Corporation.

I have in my possession a valid Bond from Russia from 2 March 1902 at a face value of 181,959,000 Rubles with a valid interest rate of 4%.

Using the 4% interest rate promised in 1902 and a 3 cent Ruble this gives the Current value of the bond at somewhere around $551,391,000 - or half a Billion US Dollars.

Since it is now public knowledge that Russia still exists in Saint Petersburg, I would like to cash this bond in immediately. we all know that the money is simply generated on a computer so giving this to the church is merely a Computer Transfer.

I would also like to give this as a gift to the Russian Orthodox church in Saint Petersburgh for the purpose of rebuilding the church - something a Bishop of this church would do.

This would ensure enormous amounts of positive free publicity world wide for You (President Putin) if you made this happen and would more than make your next re-election a sure thing.

It would also silence the negativity you might receive as you could rightfully claim you made this happen for the good of Russia and it's people.

Further - the rebuilding of the church would absolutely ensure a greater loyalty to the Russian Federation all across your nation. and would make US efforts to split your nation up into 10 regions almost impossible.

If you hold these funds from your Holy Orthodox Church and keep them from receiving them not only will there be emnity between you and your church leaders but GOD will be forced to act in a way negative to hte current leadership of Russia, so HE has said it so it shall be.

I would not wait very long as other interests would love to get a hold of this document and use it to either Black Mail or help destroy you and Russia - entities like the US DOD, CIA, NSA, etc.

May the Living GOD lead you to your decision.

You have my number.

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, November 17, 2014

US Corp Believes Limited Nuclear War Woudl Save the Planet

There are large and powerful factions within the US Corporation (Owned by the IMF) that believe a limited Nuclear War would literally save planet Earth.

(Please pray that these Evil Entities are rounded up and contained immediately)

This is correct - many of these leaders here in America believe that the Earth's population need to be severely reduced and such a limited Nuclear War would stop this march to Global Warming and thus save the entire Earth from drying out.

Eight years ago I would have told you that you are nuts, no one in their right minds could believe this, no one was that stupid or evil, especially the Great United States!

Then the First Special Forces came forward and asked me to stop just this scenario - Presidential assassination, a Nuke in Salt Lake  and voila - 300-500 nukes go off in various per-planned cities like Moscow, Paris, New York City...where welfare rats are concentrated and we have a Pre-Planned Nuclear winter.

If you told me the Secret Service would cuss me out at a Star Bucks Coffee Shop in Vienna as an Ambassador of another nation, and that the   Secret service would even know my name, I would tell you that you were mad. I hate politicians, and how hte heck woud some off the cuff freaks Secret Service Employee half way around hte world even know my name?

Further - why would they cuss me out on camera for saving the President's life and stopping a Nuclear Weapon from going off 3 blocks south of the Salt Lake City Event's Center?

But it happened and it is all documented on video tape - every last cuss word by this Secret service agent, my reply, and my fear - yes, fear.

This limited Nuclear War would focus on resetting the Global Economy through destruction - something that is resolutely wrong.

Certain populations, such as African, Chinese Indian and Western Russian would simply be completely destroyed.

A few years after  the 300-500 NuclearWeapons Exchange the US Corporation would   emerge from the fires and destruction and lack of summers with a New World Order, with full employment, and an average life span of about 55-60 years old.   Cancer will be the primary killer.

The US would again be the leader of the free (Slave) world with a submissive population doing exactly what the Television tells them to do.

The Earth would be (permanently) a few degrees cooler and thus Global warming would be reversed.

When the population topped 4-5 Billion the process could be repeated again, and again, and again. In this way the world would serve their masters in Rome forever - a Paradise on Earth - if you were one of the elite.

All debts will be cancelled so that all nations and all people begin free of debts. A veritable Paradise.

The New world religion will be that of worshiping the Ascended Masters and Lucifer himself. It would be a Selfless religion where we lived in little huts or apartments and no one lived above their means. Excesses would be frowned upon - like more that 3 pairs of shoes.

We would serve the community (elites) as happy little workers (Slaves) who worked for the good of Humanity.

If you think this is mad consider this: A few years ago this idea was presented to the "American Association For The Advancement of Science" in a meeting in Washington DC  and  National Geographic presented it as a real alternative. Only .3% of the worlds Nuclear Arsenal would have to be sued to "Save The Planet."

 This idea of a limited Nuclear War has not only permeated the entire science community but many in the White House have openly spoke about this possibility - in parts.

Consider the last Nuke that headed to Halifax where the Rothchilds were to deliver it to London and blow up the financial Center, blame it on the evil Muslims, and viola - a limited Nuclear War. China contained  this nuke as you recall.

Please also consider the fact that for the last 8 years I have been involved in stopping these Nuclear Wars and rather than assisting me the world Leaders have taken all I have owned, let me live homeless for 6 months, and had me tailed, arrested, stabbed, poisoned, followed, and challenged at ecvery step tehy have destroyed my computer several times.

So rather than being placed on a Hero status they have tried to destroy me over and over again, The initial attempts were done here in the states, but the one most prominent was my Nuclear Poisoning in Kiev by the Russians. Fortunately I knew what I had just ingested and how to deal with it.

This does not make me any better than any one else -- but it does illustrate the fact that this kind of thinking does seem to permeate the entire world leadership thinking process.

Without this massive die-off the next best thing is to poison our water, poison our vaccines and medications, poison our air, poison our food and reduce the population by killing people this way.

So far - so good. About half a million American's alone die form medications and countless are now dropping dead from these vaccinations, heart disease, cancer, and limited outbreaks of diseases created by the Department of Homeland Security.

we have a friend who now takes medication to keep his heart beating that is destroying his Liver Lobes and Kidneys. rather than eating Kelp and Immusist he uses the Doctors crap. His has gone mad as the medications, especially Statins, cause him to be angry 24/7.  His wife's 87 year old mother is ready to strangle him. The meds have caused him to get so fat he cannot get off the couch or floor without help.

Remember  - the demons (Lucifer's finest) love to feed off of the anger.

The US corporation is still trying to create this Limited Nuclear War: The idea of a Power Grid shut down (Window 9-17 Nov 2014) however died when we published Janet Napalatono's Address, the former head of DHS. She planned this complete power grid take down several year ago.

Janet Napalatano currently live ion hte University of California Berkeley Campus  and is their Chancelor. If the grid goes down - she is responsible.   Like all Obama appointees this Flaming Liberal (Fascist Pig) is also a  Coward.

Further - placing your bank accounts in the hands of the Banks so that when the banks fail you have nothing - this is what the G-20 did this morning to your accounts - is not the way.See WhatReallyHappened this morning at 7:25 Am

Perhaps there is a better way to control the World's population, perhaps we do not need to kill off 5  Billion people in a matter of 5 years. Perhaps we can try a new road?

Perhaps Mass Murder of 5 Billion people by Fascist Pigs is not a good idea?

Perhaps the report from Iron Mountain is not a great plan for this planet?

Pray with me that GOD immobilizes, and removes, all world leaders who are planning this Massive Population Kill and places in their place those who would instead follow you.
Please also consider the 3 previous thousand year empires:

1) Israel - from Abraham to the end of Jerusalem was 1,000 years.
2) Roman Empire - Form about 600BC to 400AD.
3) Holy German/ Roman Empire - From 945 AD to 1945AD.
4) The Fourth Reich run out of Rome, who's financial center is in Frankfurt, military center was in the United States Corporation, and who's Official Financial center is currently London. It began  14 July 1944 with the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Either we Zeig Heil our masters and prepare to die or we ask the Living GOD for help

One last note - the Rothchilds and the Red Dragon Families have been shown what they must do --- but they do not care. The 12 June and 6 November deadlines were ignored. Now it is GOD's turn to deal with them.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
PS: Putin, White Male, Cook, Loyal to you, but is bringing in GMO food for you to eat. He is loyal, just stupid and it is poisoning you. You looked 80 climbing into the jest yesterday morning. The food make you do easy to control, like a marionette.

Yet Another Nuclear detonation planned in London and Moscow around .......14 a presidential assassination on a trip planned by Putin near this date. The idea of Medvedev as a substitute as Putin is given a minor stroke around 9 December on a trip East of Moscow.

If this fails then another attempt on an Obama Double a few days later at Camp David.

PS: Putin, White Male, Cook, Loyal to you, but is bringing in GMO food for you to eat. He is loyal, just stupid and it is poisoning you. You looked 80 climbing into the jest yesterday morning. The food make you do easy to control, like a marionette.

If these fail - htere are back up plans to hut Obama a few days later at Camp David and failing this go after the Premiers of China and Tajikistan.

The Roman Leaders are despite for a limited Nuclear War. Something is coming.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Message to US Secretary Of Defense

This message is intended for the US Secretary of Defense, of the one who is acting Secretary of Defense in this case since the current one is out of action - Chuck Hagel.

(Please pray that the Evil that pervades this US Corporation is terminated immediately)

The Secretary of Defense (SecDef) is the Chief Executive Officer - The CEO - of the United States Department of Defense Corporation, which according to USC 5, Sec 103 is no longer controlled by the White House but by the IMF.

The IMF is now controlled by the Red Dragoon Family as of 13 days ago. You have new masters.

The incident concerning the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea a few months back is not an isolated incident. This has happened several times but it has not been reported.

So here is why this happened: Way back under President Clinton the VA Corporation began selling Military records for grant moneys. This continues to this day - which is why we know you are currently out of action.

Many military members in US Intelligence Offices left the DOD and defected to China and Russia - bringing with them the Mathematical Algorythms to break into ALL US Corporate computers, to include CIA, NSA, DOD, FBI, along with most US and English Corporations.

Further - The  Idiots in contracting subcontracted the Top Secret Wiring Harnesses for our most sophisticated aircraft - X33 Auroras, x44s, Blue Origin, etc, to nations like China and they re-subcontracted to companies in places like Cambodia.

Do you think Mr Secretary that there might be an information leak in Chinese, Cambodian, or Vietnamese electrical Sub Contractors paying their people 42 a day in wages?

As a result there are now 14 computers around the world that store this top secret info and it can be accessed 24/7 from these locations. There is one in China just south and west of their capitol, one in Russia South and East of Moscow quite a ways, one in Finland, and 11 other places - but I will not bore you with.

Every time you develop a Top Secret diagram the entire contents are sent to these computers and since your operators are not smart enough to redesign the Auto Batch Files this will continue forever.

Now Mr Secretary - when a boat is sinking the first thing you do is plug the hole, right?

If this concept is foreign to you Mr Secretary read no more - you are also an idiot.

All the Bilge Pumps in the world will not work until you plug the hole.

So until you stop the Records leak and the Information leaks you are just treading water - the system will remain a mess - a Charlie Foxtrot created by a traitor - You.

May I suggest you take my Us Supreme Court Case back to the devils in D.C. and force this issue - or continue to be a traitor against the US Corporation. It is your choice.

I promise you this - the Red Dragon Family does not appreciate Traitors, if you catch my drift.

 The Entire US Fleet, and all their electronic munitions, are completely compromised.

May I also be bold enough to suggest you consider putting WW2 Era ships back into the water as our entire electronics system is compromised. Consider the destroyed Turner Joy, the Air Craft Carriers Enterprise and coral Sea.

The leaks are so bad, the electronics so integrated, and your staff is so Arrogant and Stupid, that at the flip of a switch there could be a Nuclear Melt down on any ship - a Carrier, a submarine, a destroyer......

The Super Duper top Secret 10Htz Communications System (Morse Code) for the US Submarines below 7,000 feet has been hacked and if desired the Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Indians... could sink all 100 Deep Water Subs based off of Katchikan, Alaska. 

The entire Off World Fleet could literally fall out of the sky with the flip of a switch.

Every thing has a Transponder - even our modern cars and they have ALL been compromised. 

You staff has been trying to fix this for 7 years ever since we  alerted them - and have apparently failed.

Either your entire staff is stupid or they have been sold out at the highest levels - and my gut says that both are happening.

How much Money - Chuck Hagel. How much money was your staff paid to sell out the American Military?

How Much?

Your Entire Naval fleet, Your ICBMs, your fighters, your bombers, your transport craft, your top secret fleet out of Norfolk, your precious NSA computer system, your entire Aegis Missile Defense System, your Off World Aircraft - all compromised.

Even your tactical nukes - compromised.

All you have left is your Ancient Artillery Nukes, your old Davey Crocket Nukes, your Nuclear Hand Grenades, some rifles and pistols and hand held rocket launchers.

So all you can do is send in men and rifles to places like Iraq to kill ans stir up more trouble.

Even your tanks and troop Carriers and trucks can be shut down by satellite.

Trillions of Dollars - now useless - - - a completely useless fleet of useless toys barely good enough for scrapping.

Your navy is even too scared to enter the Australian Sea at this time where a couple of small Russian destroyers are.

Just the Varyag alone, a 31 year old rusty 600 foot long Russian destroyer, 11,500 tons, which carries a twin 5 inch gun, scares the entire US fleet.

The entire US fleet - Carriers, Jets, Submarines - all scared of a very old Russian Ship which is consistent with the Private Communique I received a few days ago.

See Sorcha Faal, or my story yesterday.

It could be fixed - but again my gut tells me you are a traitor or you would have been here by now.

Thank GOD my security Clearance is higher than yours Mr Secretary.

Mr Secretary - Plug the hole you or face the Red Dragon Family representatives and the living GOD says it will not be pretty for any traitors.

Thank you for your time

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Cpt (Ret) USA

Our Brand New Carrier Fleet - afraid to approach a 31 year Rusty Old Russian Destroyer - uttely disgusting.

Look up Mr Secretary - and realize my help comes form above and your entire Mars Base System, and your Nevada Bases, are being terminated.  There is a better way.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gulf Of Tonkin Never Happened

In the following video you will see th actual dialogue at the Gulf of Tonkin Incident by Admiral Sharp and then by Robert MacNamara, Secretary of defense, clearly stating that the incident that started the Vietnam War never happened.

further - tehy knew it at the time.

Over 1,000,000 American's Dead, 300,000 injured, over 2,000,000 American's exposed to Agent liek Agent Orange (2-4-5-T) , Agent Purple, Agent White (Angel dust),  Agent Blue, and countless other chemicals for no reason other than to make money for the Bankstas.

Over 10,000,000 dead South East Asians and Chinese - all based on an incident that never happened.

At 7 Minutes and 18 seconds you will be able to watch the actual sonar room of the ship in hte gulf of Tonkin that was fired upon.

The film is called: Economic Collapse - american Riots Will Be The worst In The World

The Entire war created based on an incident that did not happen.

Get Mad and fight. Throw the TV out the window and join us.
 for You Navy Geeks:

Just got a communique - ALL Us ships have been hacked and the Chinese and Russians can shut them down 24/7.

So why do you not force my case in the US Corporate Supreme Court and force the VA to stop selling Military records around the world.

Are you lazy US Intel, Stupid or just plain do not care, or maybe your CIA and FBI and Naval Intel are all traitors?




See: N3K.Org, LMSAL, and SOHOWWW.

The coming Solar Blasts should be pretty bad so try and stay indoors - especially if you live near the Equator.

See: APFN The Cure For Cancer Update 4

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, November 14, 2014

Over $420 Million In Weapons go Missing In Afghanistan

Remember that story you read about 6 months ago we did about US troops being ordered to sell US Weapons to the highest bidder, and remember that story about a C-5 that crashed in India that was loaded with $100 bills?

(Please pray your mind is opened as to the truth and pray that those who did this are removed from Planet Earth Immediately and with Prejudice)

The US entered Afghanistan well over 20 years ago to sell Opium and sell weapons to the locals.

The story we did alerteed teh US Army Logistics Command and they began investigating why these reports from htis Ambassador.

The task was then given to the 401st army field Support Brigade and they investigates two bases in Bangram and Kandahar Afghanistan.  What they found was 174,000 missing pieces of equipment - enough weaponry to outfit 20 combat divisions. These missing weapons include; M-16s, Stinger rocket Launchers, 9mm Pistols, sniper rifles, enough ammo to conduct a prolonged war, etc.


1) Who has the US Made, and paid for by US Taxpayer, weapons?

2) Where did the money come from to buy these weapons - who in the US Air Force has been transporting these plane loads of $100?

3) Where did the money go once the weapons were purchased?

4) Why so many weapons?

5) Is General ED Dempsey, Commander and Chief Coward of the US Military, going to find out and prosecute those who are guilty and return the money to the US Treasury?

Consider this: No Leader in Asia is now safe, not the leaders of regions in Mongolia who refuse Nuclear Power, not the Premier of China, not the president of Kazakhstan, or the Prime Minister of any nation there.

Thanks to the likes of General ED Dempsey and Eric Holder Asia is now filled with US Made weapons.

So while they are taking away your rights to own weapons the US is still sending weapons into the hands of Drug Dealers and murders in: Central Asia, Mexico, Western Brazil, Peru, 35 nations in Africa, Dagastan Russia, Northern Sibera near Archangel through Finland, Kamchatka Peninsula Russia, Northern Canada, an island off of Fiji, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Northern Thailand.

Again, please visualize (pray) - that the US Corporate Leadership is immediately destroyed and that the Red Dragon Society (And their Masters) are shaken hard until they do as GOD has directed them to do.

For You Intel Geeks

There was a Fly By of USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea a while back where one little Russian Jet shut the entire destroyed down, remember?

The story you are telling is a lie - an entire group of Russian Jets flew by this destroyer and all Aegis Systems on the US ship shut down.

In fact - this has now happened several times - not just once - but again the Pentagon "Spokesman" lied. go figure?

How much has that cost the US Tax Payer and how many soldiers left after each and every incident?

We have been talking about the US Selling Military records around the world for money and as a result many US Military Members left and defected to China with our CIA. FBI, DOD Algorythms that allows Foreign Entities to break into our computers- do you recall?

Further - the Top Secret Wiring diagrams of our ships, planes, submarines and Off world Aircraft are sub contracted out to countries like China, Cambodia, Malaysia where security may be a problem?

Remember USC 18 - the Espionage Clause, Sec 793, 794, 796...?

All they have to do is fly over any US Ship and the ship ceases to function. In fact - this may be down by satellite.

Since the US Joint Chiefs of Cowards (Dempsey, etc) are cowards and traitors, Visualize, Pray, that the first set of Bombs that fall in this coming war hit the bases where these traitors live.

Now your US Air Force and Naval Planes  are experimenting with their own EMP devices in the mountains of Western Washington with EMP pulses strong enough to kill local folks in this area, not to mention the Birds, deer, bear, elk, etc?

Where else have you been testing these devices?

We know about Western China, Northern Russia, Hills of Kentucky, Northern Norway, Northern Canada, and under the waters of Southern California and in various places in the Middle East. where else US Joint chiefs of Staff Pigs?

Your Goal is to kill and test your EMP devices out on both Chinese and Russian Ships - a Tit For Tat game?

There will now be retribution against the US Corporation, and their leaders, for these murders they are now conducting in a large manner starting today, this very hours, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Ask yourself: General Dempsey has plenty of money, so whoy would he accept more money to sell out the military - one more Bon Bon?

Because he is Evil to the core.

Fascist Pigs like Dempsey, Obama, Holder, Pelosi, Reed, Biden, the Rothchilds, the Brazinskis and Rockefellars, etc and their staffs, are Evil and Evil cannot be negotiated with - it simply must be rounded up and contained or terminated.

There is no other way.
I hope  the US Air force checked out all of the "Porcelain wiring" on all 3 Jets and seriously looked at the Compass on the currently downed Air force One replacements. Until then - but your pilots a hand held compass and consider Declination - not kidding US Air Force Ones.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Over 100,000 weapons - missing form one main base in central Asia ----------

US Navy testing EMP and Radiation Emitting devices over Western Washington:

Navy Environmental Plan  (Environmental Impact Statement) to sterilize the Olympic Penninsula: Murder is OK as long as it is in an Environmental Impact Statement - not kidding. I learned this when I wrote my first EIS 25 years ago.

PS - Putin, Medvedev, you are still being slowly poisoned. Sorry. US Dollars Talk, BS Walks.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

US Debt Is Sustainable Forever

The US debt Level is sustainable forever, unlike many economists state.

(Please pray (Visualize) for those in charge to either fix the mess or die immediately.)

Unlike what most economists state, the US debt is fully sustainable for centuries to come.

There are three types of debts:

1) National debts. This is where a nation has a Trade deficit. The current US trade Deficit is around $400 Billion per year. This was designed by the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 to send US Dollars Worldwide to make the Federal reserve Dollar  the World wide Currency.

This means that about 2% of the economy goes away per year.

At the stroke of a pen the US could produce enough Cheap Oil to run the entire world for 2oo years - see Baken Oil reserves, Gull Island Oil reserves, Oil Reserves Thunderhorse. The US could under cut the Middle East by 50% and fuel the world.

Further - the US as the capacity to out produce the world in Iron, Chrome (I know where the deposits are), and a host of other metals in one year. This we could simply outsell every other nation on the planet.

Finally - if the leaders of Monsanto and other GMO producing corporations were killed, we could grow enough non-GMO foods to feed the world -but again, Monsanto, Dupont and a host of other Corporate Presidents would have to die first.

2) Budget deficits: The US corporation will have a budget Deficit of around 41.5 Trillion Dollars this year. This could be eliminate in one day of the US Corporation funded only what was Constitutional Needs - 1789 Constitution, not THE 1871 Organic Constitution.

So consider the fact that 2% on $300 trillion is about 46 Trillion Dollars a year. The US Treasury could sustain a $1.5 Trillion Dollar Yearly Loss yearly indefinitely, right?

3) Personal debts. These could be eliminated in one day. Since all debt eventually leads to the IMF, put a gun to their heads and make them cancel all of it. Voila - no debt.

Unfortunately - it is not about sustaining the deficits but about destroying America. 
We have no MEN at the top willing to fix the problems.

Envision with me - visualize - pray - that the current leadership of planet Earth is pushed off the planet and a new leadership comes that will do as GOD directs immediately.

For You Intel Geeks and freaks:

1) Again, USAF One - Main Compass - stop banging the Dash Board. Go out and buy a $5 compass and use this to fly the plane. Please adjust for the 15 Degree Offset. Oh - and good luck on finding the loose window and wheel nut. No data - you find it. You will have to pressure test and inspect each window on all 3 Air Force 1 jets.

Hey - it is not my but on the line. A Wheel falls off, a window falls out at 40,000 feet - Air Force One flies in circles - oh well. It is only a Presidential Staff.

2) If someone in Norfolk and Langley jointly order the downing of Putin's Plane GOD will allow the Russians to send a Nuke up your proboscus with NO consequences. Do I make myself perfectly clear you CIA/Naval freaks?

3) The cook who is now poisoning Putin's Staff with GMO foods is now openly doing this. He has a "Friend" who is form the NSA and. This is how the whereabouts of Putin is determined - Loose Lips Sink Ships and one of your cooks has really loose lips.

I am sorry Pres Putin and your Intel Staff that your Mantle Feoo is not in Russia - not my fault. If your plane goes down look in the mirror and say: "I did not do as Antonoio Valadiko told me to, I love ME more that Russia, And now I must pay for it"

GOD did state that if the Red Dragon Family did not do as GOD directed them to do by 6 November then it is Open Season on red Dragon Leaders, right?

Were you not told this Red Dragon Leaders: IE Leaders of Russia, China, and India?

Is not Shaballa being torn up until you do as GOD directed you to do by 6 Nov 2014?

So is it really surprising to you that someone from the US Navy conspiring with the CIA Murderers are planning to kill you as you fly to the G-20 Summit?

Could you not put the pieces together President Putin and staff?

Are you not next PM Medvedev!

I give up on you, let the Living GOD now speak in words you will never forget, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

Putin - DO NOT shake Obama 's Hand - it could be deadly. Not kidding.

One last note - the FBI finally admitted Sandy Hook was completely fake.

You FBI Freaks, Gay Boys, Cross Dressers, Human Sacrificing Creeps,  and Pedaphiles, and Cowards - you steal money, murder people, and now collect money to help Sandy Hook Victims. You are lying Thieves and Murders. GOD says your days are numbered.

Someday I will tell you haw I really feel about you.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The Cure for ADHD Update 1

What is ADHD, how do you get it, and how do you cure it?

(Please Visualize (Focus) on those Bankstas and World Leaders who refuse to do as GOD has directed and stabilize this planet and it's economy and ecosystem die immediately. Pres Putin may be next.)

AA) ADHD, ADD, and a host of other conditions is a condition is both children, and adults, where they are jittery and it is hard for them to concentrate.

BB) The causes are generally three fold:

1) Eating Bad Food: GMO Foods, Coloring, Sugar, etc. This really screws with such hings as Low Oxygen Levels, Blood Sugar Levels, Etc.

2) Many children find it comes on directly after a vaccination, sometimes within minutes, sometimes within days. I met a gal who was 17 and a day after a vaccination began developing Neuropathy. She was unable to connect the dots until we talked.

3) we hire teachers based on Affimative Action- so the IQs of most teaches is way below average. The New Teachers tend to be stupid and have a hard time keeping up with Bright Kids, so they send them away and want to Drug Them Up.

CC) Treatment: Rather than changing their eating regime and sending these Bright Over Achievers to better teachers we give them drugs. The ADHD children I know are taking LSD (Prozac) and Speed (Riddlin).

If course - we all know that Speed and LSD have no negative side effects, right?

Experiments with many children who have ADHD with the use of 3,000mg of Acetly L-Carnatine per day has found that in almost every case this "Cures" their ADHD. It raises their Usable Oxygen Levels in the blood and they can concentrate.

So we feed our kids crap, vaccinate them with garbage like Raw Monkey DNA, Mercury, etc and then send them to "Public" schools with stupid teachers and then pump them up on drugs and state they are Mentally retarded or "Off Base" and they become wards of the state and have no rights.

DD) Moms - Dads - There Is A Better Way

1) First -stop eating Crap - Genetically Modified Foods, Sugars, Food Colorings, chemical and anything that looks like an artificial chemical - like Aspertane, MSG, Propylene Glycol, Canola Oil, etc. This means NO Wheat, Corn, Soy Beans, Beet Sugars.

2) Eat Organic. Period.

3) Eat 1 teaspoon of Kelp per day from an unpolluted area.

4) Eat at least 5 drops of a surfactant per day - I prefer Immusist as it does not give you the runs for drives the nutrients into the cells.

You are the parent - YOU control what they eat and where they go to school.

Every school in America is a Private Corporation and you DO NOT have to send your child to ANY school. They are Private.

Tacoma School District, owned by the City of Tacoma, charges $3,000 a month to educate these kids and classify as many of them as "Off Base" as they can.

The Lutheran church around the corner charges $300/Month and produces better students.

So where does all the extra money go?

It goes to programs to classify your child as Mentally Incompetent so their rights may be takes away - $2,700 per month, or about $25,000 per child per year.

Liberals (Fascist Pigs) at their finest hour.

So in summary -

Do Not Eat Garbage

Eat good Food, Kelp and Immusist.

One last thing - we eat one tablespoon of Baking Soda per day to make out bodies Basic. It drives diseases away, drives cancer away, and helps with the teeth. We eat Bobs Red Mill Non-Aluminum Baking Soda. My cravings for chips no longer exists.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, November 10, 2014

Prepare For What Is Coming

Please prepare your family for what is coming.

Please pray - visualize - that you and your family are prepare for what is coming upon us in the near future. So here is what is going on right now Title 40 Raw Intel Data:

1) The sun is sending us strange energy - more on this later.

2) It was just announced through US Bank (I Believe) that there 100 times the number of Silver Certificates issued tan there is Physical Gold. The Gold Market may be even higher.

As you recall this is the signal for the US Stock Market to drop.

3) As of Monday the US Treasury Bonds will no longer be purchased by the Federal Reserve Banks or System and the US Corporation is now forbidden to purchase US Stocks. No more propping up the Markets.

4) I see huge waves of energy emanating from the Chicago. I believe with the introduction of GMO Potatoes and GMO Rice that kill you the foreign markets for US/Canadian produce will fall - destroying farms across America.

5) There is a huge amount of confusion out there in the ether - as if a war is going on. What this means is since most US/UK leaders are completely Demon Possessed there is confusion there as well.

6) This is an angry confusion and the Assassinations among the leaders will accelerate. This is why my lack of Data to warn Putin, Medvedev, Obama, etc is so very critical. A story like this is almost no data but to look at data and pictures to determine just exactly who is poisoning you - requires data. I do not work for any agency or government - nor do I get paid to do this. I do this to stop the destruction of people and Planet Earth.

7) As you read this many of Putin's Staff have stomach upsets due to the Poison now being fed at his home and headquarters but I am out of Data so your staff will have to be sick. Sorry Russian President and PM and PM Secretary. Chinese and Indian Leadership is next. A Russian consulate is 30 miles North of me, as is a Chinese Consulate. So why are they not helping this Ambassador?

8) The Bank Audits by the US will increase as they attempt to seize  Russian and Chinese assets to hold their Corporation together through Murder and Black mail and Bribery with Paper Dollars.

9) Do not think Eric Holder is done as of today. This Criminal ran over 10,000 AK47s, Machine Guns and Pistols to Mexico and countless arms to Western Brazil and most of South America to stir up as much trouble as he could. he is a very busy murderer.

10) If you listen to the Governor of Texas (Rick Perry) he recently stated that the Illegal Aliens murdered 3,000 Texans in the last 90 days, along with countless rapes. So while Obama is trying to steal your gun the FBI is currently Gun Running  pistols into the hands of the Illegal alines so they can run their precious illegal drugs. Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela are their current targets down there as well as a few in the Caribbean.

11) Expect people to go crazy on the freeway and expect crazy people to go insane - this is the energy now reaching this planet. we have ignored GOD too long and now he is turning our Self Righteousness back upon us. The weather is also going bonkers. It is currently about -6F degrees in White fish Montana in November - We just got a call from a friend!

12) As for the earthquakes in Nevada - Another swarm of US Corporate Bases are being destroyed - systematically and in sequence. It will continue all over the planet - especially in the US where huge numbers of bases are. The Rothchids missed the 12 June deadline and now they must be completely killed and their bases uttely destroyed.

13) As for the Red Dragon Family - their bases will also be destroyed soon since they missed the 6 November deadline. It is now Open Season on the Rothchilds and the Red Dragon Family members, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

14) This Open Season between the East and West family members will cease when they terminate their Octal Rectalitis with a Cranial Inversion So bad They Have to Polish Their Bellies Just to See."

In other words - get their heads out of their "Probocus" and do as GOD has directed. Unilt then the killing will continue. So GOD has stated, so it shall be.

It will be fun to watch form my perspective - to watch you fight over the Glamour of this material world.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Never Give Up

Expect allot of spelling errors - these Lucifarians never give up.

There is a way out - just walk away and devote your life to GOD. It is that easy. You do not have to hurt any one else.

Free On Veterans Day 2014

Here are 2 websites to go to where a Veteran can find free food on Veteran's Day.

The Military Wallet, Free on Veteran's Day:

Free On Veteran's day

Please keep in mind Dr Will P Wilson's (All Day Live TV Show, 9 years, Ch 77, Seattle) Experiences two veteran's days ago: Many restaurants have employees that know nothing about this and many require ID.

Have a Great Day!

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Never Give Up

My father had the honor to ba an honored guest at Winston Churchhill's SpeEch to the graduating class at Princeton University so many years ago. This was the man who was the English Chancelor who single Handidly stood up to NAZI Germany and organized the defeat of Fascism in Central Europe in the War years of 1939-1945. The world needed a hero and he was chosen, a role he played so very well..

After a short introduction Winston stood up and said: "Never give up." and then stepped back a foot.

The audience cheered and quieted down

He moved forward again and he said a little louder: "Never Give Up." and then backed away a foot or so.

The audience cheered and quieted down.

Winston moved forward again and he said in a very loud voice: "NEVER GIVE UP."

The Audience gave him a standing ovation for over 5 minutes.

Winston Churchill never publically spoke again. These were his final words to the world and these are my words to you:


In the fight against Fascism and the Lucifarian  US Corporate and English NAZIs and those NAZIs in Frankfurt and Rome you can never give up, never surrender. The word FREEDOM must be embossed across you heart and GOD must be your leader.

You must give up your Lying TVs, your Lying Radios. your Lying Newspapers and ask the Living GOD what YOU can do to fight these Evil NAZIs - and they are evil beyond your comprehension.

Just in the Catholic Church in Tuam, Ireland - over 4,000 dead babies hacked to death and thrown down a Cistern.

We are outgunned, overpowered and outnumbered - but we are fighting something so hideous - people like Obama, Bush, Cheney, Lagarde - what can we do but fight?

Look at the news today:

1) Obama vows to Defy GOP Congress and Pass Immigration Reform With Executive Orders

2) UN Declares Arms Trade Treaty To Go Into Effect Dec 24.

3) FDA Approves Genetically Modified Potato to Be Sold On US Markets

You don't get much more ZEIG HEIL than that, do you?

Not only have they declared themselves our MASTERS and we their SLAVES they are feeding us food to kill us.

So I say to you the words of Winston Churchill so many years ago America and Freedom Fighters all over the world:

For You Freaks, Liars and Thieves In Intel:

1) President Putin - you need a new Food Taster. Somehow your most trusted cook is slipping in some GMO food into your diet so you are aging rather fast. More - but.....

2) Pres Obama - the Right Front Wheel on AF2 (Just out of Commission) has a loose wheel nut - but it is only on 1 wheel and the tech did not mean to do it wrong, he just got the specs confused, and.....

3) Sorry Boys and Girls - I am out of data on my phone. I wish I could tell you more but - oh, and the Right Window is loose on Air Force .....  sorry, you will have to check them all. I am out of data and without a specific type of Pressure Test you will not find it. This test can be conducted by.....

4) So if Putin gets sick, or Air Force 1 or 3 depressurizes at 40,000 feet - too bad. I am out of data on my phone, which I tether to my computer to write these stories.

A dead president because I am out of data - good thinking Intel Geeks.

Maybe heads should roll in the intelligence fields?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, November 7, 2014

If Not You Then Who

If you are not willing to fight for our veterans and our freedom then who will?

(((Pray (Visualize) you get your intestinal fortitude back)))

Do not expect anyone to else to fight if you are unwilling to fight.

Got a family and a job?

Change your name an d write under a Pen Name.

No Time?

Yea, right. Throw the TV away and write.

I remember standing ion a bridge in St Petersburg Russia wondering if I should jump or fight - the pressure was on. The next day was a big meeting with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. Was I man enough for the job why me, what am I here for 8,000 miles form home, are the Russians not smart enough to know what I know?

All these questions ran through my mind.

I got truned around and found myself totally lost in this city on foot at 1Am in the morning - looking at the Hermatage. These men who build Russia were no cowards, but I am not a great man.

Your mind plays tricks on you at this time in the morning and things can run through it at Hyper Speed.

The next day I wrote my letter informing the Russians why I went there and covertly gave it to a person who protected Government Officials.

Then the Acolades came - the knighting, the Bishophood, etc.

A month later I found myself back in America and had recovered my house but every thing I owned was gone - every lamp, every tool, every rifle - all gone and the local Police laughed about it. 

So here I had stopped a Nuclear war twice and the US President from being assassinated twice and my reward was to be stripped of all my savings and every scrap orf material goods in the world - even my underpants were gone.

I sat in my truck for 4 days - ready to just leave and let the next presidential assassination occur.

I went to the bank to put $300 in a homeless gal's account at the Bank of America and that's when the FBI decided to hand cuff me for 45 minutes in public.All of those who handcuffed me are now dead.

These US Corporate Enforcement Agents are not only evil but suicidal. They want to die.

So - what do you do at this point---- crawl into a hole and die?

I sure felt like it but I am a fighter.

I stood up lie a man, broke, not even a bed to sleep in  bed, and decided that I would fight back. I would expose all I had seen and tell the world just how evil and suicidal the FBI is, just how awful and ungrateful the US Corporate Giants were, and show the world how evil they really are.

There are no Nobel Peace Prizes for those who stop wars or Cure Cancer, only for the evil.

I had no idea the leaders in the rest of the world were just as Evil and Stupid as those in the US. Powerful, but stupid.

For example: President Putin and his staff are facing US Investigations for Money Laundering --- which means the Federal Reserve System is about to seize Russian Accounts - like they did to me for stopping a Nuclear War.

President Putin -would it not have been easier, and cheaper, just to do as GOD had directed you to do: Pay the standard rewards and return the blessings to Russia?

Powerful - yes, but apparently not that smart.

So I fight.

President Obama, before he knew he was scheduled to go to China to an APEC meeting this week, I announced another assassination attempt against him in China on the day he was to arrive there.

Before President Obama took off on Air Force One on Tuesday I announced a problem that grounded Air Force One - the Flaps did not work. If the plane had crashed the Russians would have been blamed and Nuke would have been fired.

If I laid hands on the jet I would give you rmore information about what is wrog with it - 5 times in 3 years I have been respponsible for grounding Air Force One.

Does this make me part of the Air Force One Grounding Crew and do I get a free jacket because of it?

Probably not.

Not one thank you, not one hello from those who's lives were saved - but if I can save the lives of these leaders then we do not have a Nuclear War and we do not have to send more of MY soldiers over seas into a Nuclear Conflict.

I do not work for Obama, I do not work for Putin, nor any other leader. I work for the Living GOD.

I fight to stop these wars to prevent more of MY soldiers for coming home wounded or in a box.

I made a promise to a man I sent out and he came back in a box. I promised him I would "Make it better". He was only an E-7 and it was only a Forest Fire and he was only a driver --- but I sent him out. The world would not even know he was gone but I knew.

As for President Putin - you do not honor your debts so the Living GOD will allow the Federal Reserve System to strip you of your wealth and your supporters of their wealth and they will continue to strip you until you honor the debts GOD says you must pay. You apparently are a Skin Flint, a Chisler and YOU and your friend are about to pay for it.


I remember I was taken to the Hermitage in Russia on my last day there and shown what a Knight of Malta was all about, and that I was one. A real knight - wow. So what exactly does that mean?

I also was taken to the area where it showed Russian Royalty  - and I was one. I thought, great, I am some Long Lost Barron.

Then I was taken to get a picture so my bust and photo could go into some main Russian Church  -- all the busts and painting s of all Russian Orthodox Bishops go. I was not ready for any of this.

Since I refused to change my name to William Yuri and accept a position in their Dumas they got mad and had to change the awards and passports back to my real name. GOD does not hide or lie about names. I am who I was born as.

The fact that the current Russian Leadership is not willing to do as GOD has directed them to do is not my problem - it is there problem. They must face the consequences with the Living GOD.

So what would a knight do - would he curl up into a ball and run away at the smallest sense of trouble?

No he would fight. He would consider it his duty, honor, no privelidge to stand and fight for the right of the individuals and challenge the unchallengable.

To fight an unbeatable foe and watch them topple like a statue.

That is my quest - my mission in life. To stop these Unbeatable Foes from blowing this planet up and give Humanity time enough to unify and jointly push these evil ones off the planet.

Do not  be fooled by the media about Russia either - it was just announce that  rather than building 1 Million Tacheon Generators and cleaning up planet Earth Russia has just announced another Natural Gas Pipe Line to Southern Europe.

Do not be fooled by the Red Dragon Family - rather than paying the Debts GOD directed them to pay they are allowing the Evil to prosper and the economies to tumble. They could stop it - they were given the way out of this mess --- but they do not wish the economy to recover or they would do as GOD directed them to do.

If the Red Dragon Family is so high and mighty they need to prove it by doing as they said they woud do and now that they control the IMF fund the projests we liste here on APFN.

Yup - the Red Dragon Family Members are just as all the other leader, . as are their Ascended Masters - the Great White Brother Hood - and they hide in the shadows like little children afraid to show themselves . They are Cowards.

So I fight to expose all of this.

If Not You Then Who?

Who Will Do GOD's Work and fight these Evil Folks?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount