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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

UN Broadcast 5 November 2014

Following is a summary of the UN Broadcast 5 Nov 2014.

Just a note about last week's Lucis Trust Conferences in London and New York City - htey were excellent. The information received was absolutely incredible - cutting edge. The broadcasts are available on line and are well worth listening too.

Tonight's broadcast (Audio) was a part of the monthly get together both personally and by computer. we gather as a group to meditate together and to learn.

For three days before hte Full Moon there is meditation that directs your prayers towards a goal, whaterver you goal. You focus on bringing higher energies down into the planet form a higher harmonics through a city called Shamballa, physically located in the Himalayas and into the inner earth.

The Full moon will be at about 2:24PM tomorrow Seattle time.

Then for three after the full moon your energies are sent back up into the higher harmonics.

We are in the 3rd Dimension, 1st harmonics and vibrating between 10-100 Mhz, 10 to the 6th.

The three lower planes vibrate at 10 the the 6th, 8th, and 10th --- the Material realms, the Physical Planes, the Human Prisons, 6 representing matter thus the three lower planes (Harmonics, Band Widths) are represented by 666.

So as you travel up you will enter the Astral Plane, then go into the Galactic Plane - some call this the 4th Dimension.

Remember - 12 Dimensions, 12 Harmonics between each dimension. At the 3rd Dimension, 8th Harmonic Matter = Energy.

Your brain vibrates at 10 to the 12th and therefor has the ability to bring in higher energies and perhaps change your life style through Imagination.

(((((At 10 to the 14th Matter is grown, made so we cannot turn Gold into Silver yet.)))))

When we speak to each other it takes several hundreds milliseconds for our brain to process thoughts yet we respond instantly - indicating communications really occurs in a higher harmonics.

Tomorrow is the Full Moon of Scorpio. as we enter this phase of the year the energy from the 8th Harmonics begin to flow into this planet. This very high energy - vibrating at 10 to the 20th - is very hard for us to process. It is the energy of destruction, of burning.

This is an energy of Darkness, dramatic change, the news will get worse and worse, it is a sign of transformation and change.  The Red Dragon Family did not just simply take over the IMF this week for no reason - it is art of the Zodiac, the period of change. (Let us pray, Visualize, they do as GOD has directed)

Over the next 30 days things will get worse and worse and worse so that after these next 30 days we will be standing in the middle of a burning field. this will be a very tough month for many of us.

Then - as we leave this period we will begin to walk though a field and then climb a mountain and achieve great results through the efforts of the climb.

This time of the year is like a Scorpion - they are timid and will not strike unless threatened.

"Your Senses Are On High Alert his Month And You Are ready To Attack"

So relax, do not stark any major actions, and "Woosaw" your way thought November and things should be fine by December.

OK - This is exactly what the leaders of the World are thinking as you read this.

APFN - Thank You for allowing me to post.

Thank you all of the APFN Writers for a great website.

Thank You UN, Lucis Trust and Arcane School for allowing me to tune into your broadcasts.

Dr William B. Mount

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