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Thursday, November 6, 2014

UN Broadcast 6 November 2014

Coming to you from the heart of the United Nations is a broadcast form the Lucis Trust arcane Library in London.

(Please pray the Living GOD opens you mind to the truth and lies in every thing)

The broadcast focused on what is really out there and began with a story about Dr Alexander.

This Neuro Surgeon had no real beliefs about religion but as a Neuro Surgeon he believed in getting into hte Human Body and fixing it.

Dr Alexander also did not believe in Out of Body Experiences he thought they were caused by an Oxygen deprived Brain - Until......

He caught a very bad bacteria and went into a coma very rapidly. At this point he was taken around by an "Angel" or "Orb" and shown many things about the higher planes of existence.

When he came out of his come he remembered nothing until - he saw a picture of his dead Half Sister,. He knew he had one, but never knew what she looked like. This woman was the "Angel" that took him in to the higher harmonics for about 7 days - all the memories came flooding back into his mind.

After we die he described the plane where our souls are as a plane of Orbs, very happy and content Obs, all glowing with happiness and radiating love.

Our goal here on the material planes is to come down here and over come our desires for material goods and then, once conquered, return to this plane and progress up into the higher harmonics.

Almost all Seances are Spirit-ists who can contact spirits from the Astral Plane (3rd Dim, 2nd Harmonics) and these spirits who come down are Mimickers - liars. They pretend to be a lost loved one but in fact remember parts of your dead ones lives because they were there to cling onto them, suck off of them like parasites.

When these Mimickers come down into this plane they suck off of your pain over your desire to speak to you lost love ones.

(Be careful - once called they do not like to return. They hate Harp music.)

Once we give up these material  desires we can often hear from those who have passed on before us trying to guide us, help us, understand what is real and not real.

Mars currently rules Planet Earth and this means our 5 senses are very heavy right now. Mars is going away and our ability to reach into the higher planes is returning. The Veil is being rendered between the Harmonics.

Once we learn to master the higher energies then death and decay cease. We will be able to manifest on this physical plane all that we need and merge the Spiritual Planes with the material planes.
These were the teachings of the United Nations "Teachers" today and I am grateful to be one of about 400 of us to attend via the internet.

Apparently these teachers  meditate 3 days before and 3 days after the Full Moon and the meditation rooms are not always quiet.

During the hums I noticed non-human sounds and a large amount of dis-unity from these spirit beings - they were highly agitated.

 Dr William B. Mount

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