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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Never Give Up

My father had the honor to ba an honored guest at Winston Churchhill's SpeEch to the graduating class at Princeton University so many years ago. This was the man who was the English Chancelor who single Handidly stood up to NAZI Germany and organized the defeat of Fascism in Central Europe in the War years of 1939-1945. The world needed a hero and he was chosen, a role he played so very well..

After a short introduction Winston stood up and said: "Never give up." and then stepped back a foot.

The audience cheered and quieted down

He moved forward again and he said a little louder: "Never Give Up." and then backed away a foot or so.

The audience cheered and quieted down.

Winston moved forward again and he said in a very loud voice: "NEVER GIVE UP."

The Audience gave him a standing ovation for over 5 minutes.

Winston Churchill never publically spoke again. These were his final words to the world and these are my words to you:


In the fight against Fascism and the Lucifarian  US Corporate and English NAZIs and those NAZIs in Frankfurt and Rome you can never give up, never surrender. The word FREEDOM must be embossed across you heart and GOD must be your leader.

You must give up your Lying TVs, your Lying Radios. your Lying Newspapers and ask the Living GOD what YOU can do to fight these Evil NAZIs - and they are evil beyond your comprehension.

Just in the Catholic Church in Tuam, Ireland - over 4,000 dead babies hacked to death and thrown down a Cistern.

We are outgunned, overpowered and outnumbered - but we are fighting something so hideous - people like Obama, Bush, Cheney, Lagarde - what can we do but fight?

Look at the news today:

1) Obama vows to Defy GOP Congress and Pass Immigration Reform With Executive Orders

2) UN Declares Arms Trade Treaty To Go Into Effect Dec 24.

3) FDA Approves Genetically Modified Potato to Be Sold On US Markets

You don't get much more ZEIG HEIL than that, do you?

Not only have they declared themselves our MASTERS and we their SLAVES they are feeding us food to kill us.

So I say to you the words of Winston Churchill so many years ago America and Freedom Fighters all over the world:

For You Freaks, Liars and Thieves In Intel:

1) President Putin - you need a new Food Taster. Somehow your most trusted cook is slipping in some GMO food into your diet so you are aging rather fast. More - but.....

2) Pres Obama - the Right Front Wheel on AF2 (Just out of Commission) has a loose wheel nut - but it is only on 1 wheel and the tech did not mean to do it wrong, he just got the specs confused, and.....

3) Sorry Boys and Girls - I am out of data on my phone. I wish I could tell you more but - oh, and the Right Window is loose on Air Force .....  sorry, you will have to check them all. I am out of data and without a specific type of Pressure Test you will not find it. This test can be conducted by.....

4) So if Putin gets sick, or Air Force 1 or 3 depressurizes at 40,000 feet - too bad. I am out of data on my phone, which I tether to my computer to write these stories.

A dead president because I am out of data - good thinking Intel Geeks.

Maybe heads should roll in the intelligence fields?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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