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Monday, November 17, 2014

US Corp Believes Limited Nuclear War Woudl Save the Planet

There are large and powerful factions within the US Corporation (Owned by the IMF) that believe a limited Nuclear War would literally save planet Earth.

(Please pray that these Evil Entities are rounded up and contained immediately)

This is correct - many of these leaders here in America believe that the Earth's population need to be severely reduced and such a limited Nuclear War would stop this march to Global Warming and thus save the entire Earth from drying out.

Eight years ago I would have told you that you are nuts, no one in their right minds could believe this, no one was that stupid or evil, especially the Great United States!

Then the First Special Forces came forward and asked me to stop just this scenario - Presidential assassination, a Nuke in Salt Lake  and voila - 300-500 nukes go off in various per-planned cities like Moscow, Paris, New York City...where welfare rats are concentrated and we have a Pre-Planned Nuclear winter.

If you told me the Secret Service would cuss me out at a Star Bucks Coffee Shop in Vienna as an Ambassador of another nation, and that the   Secret service would even know my name, I would tell you that you were mad. I hate politicians, and how hte heck woud some off the cuff freaks Secret Service Employee half way around hte world even know my name?

Further - why would they cuss me out on camera for saving the President's life and stopping a Nuclear Weapon from going off 3 blocks south of the Salt Lake City Event's Center?

But it happened and it is all documented on video tape - every last cuss word by this Secret service agent, my reply, and my fear - yes, fear.

This limited Nuclear War would focus on resetting the Global Economy through destruction - something that is resolutely wrong.

Certain populations, such as African, Chinese Indian and Western Russian would simply be completely destroyed.

A few years after  the 300-500 NuclearWeapons Exchange the US Corporation would   emerge from the fires and destruction and lack of summers with a New World Order, with full employment, and an average life span of about 55-60 years old.   Cancer will be the primary killer.

The US would again be the leader of the free (Slave) world with a submissive population doing exactly what the Television tells them to do.

The Earth would be (permanently) a few degrees cooler and thus Global warming would be reversed.

When the population topped 4-5 Billion the process could be repeated again, and again, and again. In this way the world would serve their masters in Rome forever - a Paradise on Earth - if you were one of the elite.

All debts will be cancelled so that all nations and all people begin free of debts. A veritable Paradise.

The New world religion will be that of worshiping the Ascended Masters and Lucifer himself. It would be a Selfless religion where we lived in little huts or apartments and no one lived above their means. Excesses would be frowned upon - like more that 3 pairs of shoes.

We would serve the community (elites) as happy little workers (Slaves) who worked for the good of Humanity.

If you think this is mad consider this: A few years ago this idea was presented to the "American Association For The Advancement of Science" in a meeting in Washington DC  and  National Geographic presented it as a real alternative. Only .3% of the worlds Nuclear Arsenal would have to be sued to "Save The Planet."

 This idea of a limited Nuclear War has not only permeated the entire science community but many in the White House have openly spoke about this possibility - in parts.

Consider the last Nuke that headed to Halifax where the Rothchilds were to deliver it to London and blow up the financial Center, blame it on the evil Muslims, and viola - a limited Nuclear War. China contained  this nuke as you recall.

Please also consider the fact that for the last 8 years I have been involved in stopping these Nuclear Wars and rather than assisting me the world Leaders have taken all I have owned, let me live homeless for 6 months, and had me tailed, arrested, stabbed, poisoned, followed, and challenged at ecvery step tehy have destroyed my computer several times.

So rather than being placed on a Hero status they have tried to destroy me over and over again, The initial attempts were done here in the states, but the one most prominent was my Nuclear Poisoning in Kiev by the Russians. Fortunately I knew what I had just ingested and how to deal with it.

This does not make me any better than any one else -- but it does illustrate the fact that this kind of thinking does seem to permeate the entire world leadership thinking process.

Without this massive die-off the next best thing is to poison our water, poison our vaccines and medications, poison our air, poison our food and reduce the population by killing people this way.

So far - so good. About half a million American's alone die form medications and countless are now dropping dead from these vaccinations, heart disease, cancer, and limited outbreaks of diseases created by the Department of Homeland Security.

we have a friend who now takes medication to keep his heart beating that is destroying his Liver Lobes and Kidneys. rather than eating Kelp and Immusist he uses the Doctors crap. His has gone mad as the medications, especially Statins, cause him to be angry 24/7.  His wife's 87 year old mother is ready to strangle him. The meds have caused him to get so fat he cannot get off the couch or floor without help.

Remember  - the demons (Lucifer's finest) love to feed off of the anger.

The US corporation is still trying to create this Limited Nuclear War: The idea of a Power Grid shut down (Window 9-17 Nov 2014) however died when we published Janet Napalatono's Address, the former head of DHS. She planned this complete power grid take down several year ago.

Janet Napalatano currently live ion hte University of California Berkeley Campus  and is their Chancelor. If the grid goes down - she is responsible.   Like all Obama appointees this Flaming Liberal (Fascist Pig) is also a  Coward.

Further - placing your bank accounts in the hands of the Banks so that when the banks fail you have nothing - this is what the G-20 did this morning to your accounts - is not the way.See WhatReallyHappened this morning at 7:25 Am

Perhaps there is a better way to control the World's population, perhaps we do not need to kill off 5  Billion people in a matter of 5 years. Perhaps we can try a new road?

Perhaps Mass Murder of 5 Billion people by Fascist Pigs is not a good idea?

Perhaps the report from Iron Mountain is not a great plan for this planet?

Pray with me that GOD immobilizes, and removes, all world leaders who are planning this Massive Population Kill and places in their place those who would instead follow you.
Please also consider the 3 previous thousand year empires:

1) Israel - from Abraham to the end of Jerusalem was 1,000 years.
2) Roman Empire - Form about 600BC to 400AD.
3) Holy German/ Roman Empire - From 945 AD to 1945AD.
4) The Fourth Reich run out of Rome, who's financial center is in Frankfurt, military center was in the United States Corporation, and who's Official Financial center is currently London. It began  14 July 1944 with the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Either we Zeig Heil our masters and prepare to die or we ask the Living GOD for help

One last note - the Rothchilds and the Red Dragon Families have been shown what they must do --- but they do not care. The 12 June and 6 November deadlines were ignored. Now it is GOD's turn to deal with them.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
PS: Putin, White Male, Cook, Loyal to you, but is bringing in GMO food for you to eat. He is loyal, just stupid and it is poisoning you. You looked 80 climbing into the jest yesterday morning. The food make you do easy to control, like a marionette.

Yet Another Nuclear detonation planned in London and Moscow around .......14 a presidential assassination on a trip planned by Putin near this date. The idea of Medvedev as a substitute as Putin is given a minor stroke around 9 December on a trip East of Moscow.

If this fails then another attempt on an Obama Double a few days later at Camp David.

PS: Putin, White Male, Cook, Loyal to you, but is bringing in GMO food for you to eat. He is loyal, just stupid and it is poisoning you. You looked 80 climbing into the jest yesterday morning. The food make you do easy to control, like a marionette.

If these fail - htere are back up plans to hut Obama a few days later at Camp David and failing this go after the Premiers of China and Tajikistan.

The Roman Leaders are despite for a limited Nuclear War. Something is coming.

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