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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Russia And China Both Ban GMOs

Both Russia and China have now both banned GMO products.

(((Please pray that the Fascist Pigs are thrown off this planet immediately)))) 

I fact, most of Europe and India have also banned GMO foods from their grocery stores and farm fields. Attempts by the Fascists in DC to plant GMO crops in places like Hungary and France have been met with staunch resistance and the destruction of the Farm Fields where the crops were planted.

In the past when America got into economic trouble it relied heavily on it's food production to be sold overseas to help it's economy recover.

Thanks to the Obama Administration these Fascist Pigs have turned most of America into "GMO Land." Once made a GMO farm the DNA remains in the soil for many, many generations.

Thus American Agricultural Crops will be banned  forever by most of the world - so an economic recovery based on Food Production is now out the window.

With the recent announcement of the New GMO JR Simplot Potato, and open approval by the Obama Administration of this Poisoned Food,  much of Idaho and Eastern Washington will be filled with these Human Killing Crops. So if you go to a Fast Foods restaurant, especially McDonalds, you will now ingest these New And Improved Poisonous Potatoes.

In a recent statement by the Prime Minister of Russia Demitry Medvedev: "If America wants to eat GMO products then let them eat them.  We don't need to do that, we have enough space and opportunities to eat organic foods."

In a recent study it was shown that eating GMO foods kills Human Embyrios and makes men sterile.
Ior You Intel Folks

I wish the Russians were more interested in finding the last remaining Third Reich in Argentina but that does not appear to be the Case, does it?

You would think that if someone walked into a Brokerage House with a half a billion dollar bond purchased from Argentina then the Russians, who lost 20 Million People in WW2, would jump on it.

Nope. They do not care.

Well - these NAZIs got a bill signed in the White House two days ago officially giving Dumb Dumb John Kerry $120 Million to pay snipers to kill Russians in the Ukraine ---- and the Russian Leadership --- Medvedev and Putin --- do not want to know where the NAZIs are in Argentina?

The bill is actually an open ended funding of the War In The Ukraine.... and so it begins. Hitler (Obama) openly invades the Ukraine to start WW3.

The War he is creating is against Humanity, not Russia. The Third Reich - centered in Argentina and then to the Antarctica and Agartha - will rage for decades.  Much of Humanity is planned to be killed.

So here is what the Rockefellars are planning: 12/17/14  (the Next Kick Off Date): Either kill Obama or Putin. Another President or Vice President may be chosen since these men are so prominent.

With the number of US Supplied rifles in Central Asia now being over 100,000 the idea of killing a world Leader is pretty simple stuff, especially since many are "Sniper rifles." 

There are ideas currently floating around to kill the Japanese Prime Minister Abe or the Chinese leaders in a "Islamic Bomb Plot" but we shall see what shakes out. Be assured these Fascist Pigs are very busy right now.

Like we see today in Furgeson, Missouri - they do not even need to kill a real person - they can just make one up and create riots based on a man who never existed.

So these Fascist Pigs in the US Corporation plan to kill "Someone" on the 17th, enrage the public, and storm into Russia with a Ground War. Russia should last about 15 days as Moscow will then lay in ruins a few days after the "War" starts based on another "Islamic Plot" by the evil Mossad, ISIS, ISIL, Al Kada, Hamas ... take your choice.

Thus - a limited Nuclear War leaving only the US and Russia as Oil Producers - Perpetual War - a Fascist Dream. Then comes another MERS, SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, or some other new DOD created disease to be unleashed on us.

The date of 17 December date will give the NSA time enough to create an Internet Virus to shut down all but their Approved DOD sights - like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, etc. Thus you will get the news the DOD wants you to get.

Can we ZEIG HEIL yet?

OK - that is the big plan for December - Merry Christmas.
By the way - I got transferred to a Federal Reserve Bank yesterday and so I asked them about the New Treasury Dollar - it ain't happening. The Federal Reserve Banks are here to stay forever and remove 3% of your wealth every year forever.

We are so screwed.

So much for the return of the Republic - it is all smoke and mirrors by the CIA. General Hammond is a sell-out to Lucifer and the CIA and China and Russia will now experience economic downfalls for their leader's arrogance, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

Go ahead - reset the economy without GOD - see shat happens -  you are trying Red Dragons, arn't you - except it is not working is it?

China - your Red Dragons ignore GOD and Russia your Mantle Feoo is not in Europe..

Too Much Info - TMI
The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

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