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Monday, November 24, 2014

Secretary of Defense Fired

After receiving  news of a dozen Nukes being transported to the Eastern Ukraine the Secretary of Defense waas fired by an Obama Double.

In Retaliation for stopping over a dozen nukes from being detonated in Russia and killing Million of Russians the Russian central Bank called Deutch Bank - which I am working with on a $551 Million Dollar Russian Bond - and told Deutch Bank to place a copy of the bond on line and sell copies out of Deutch Bank HQ as fake Bonds.

So in retaliation for saving over a million Russian Lives Russia retaliated and refuses to honor a bond that was headed for their own church - 80% of it.

Thus for stopping the nuking of Russians the Russian Orthodox Church in St Petersburg looses about $42,000,000 per year - or around 218,000,000 Rubles per month forever.

You loose.

218,000,000 rubles per month, forever.

The order either had to come from Putin or Medvedev for this kind of thing to happen.

They can reverse the order - it makes me physically ill.

Sorry Russian Orthodox church - you loose the proceeds form over $400,000,000.

You do the math - $551,000,000 times 80% at 9 1/2 percent/Yr  Russian Bond = ?

Either Putin or Medvedev - no one else would have the power to destroy this bond.

I am so sorry st Petersburg Church, so sorry.

Dr William B. Mount

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