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Friday, November 7, 2014

If Not You Then Who

If you are not willing to fight for our veterans and our freedom then who will?

(((Pray (Visualize) you get your intestinal fortitude back)))

Do not expect anyone to else to fight if you are unwilling to fight.

Got a family and a job?

Change your name an d write under a Pen Name.

No Time?

Yea, right. Throw the TV away and write.

I remember standing ion a bridge in St Petersburg Russia wondering if I should jump or fight - the pressure was on. The next day was a big meeting with some of the most incredible people I have ever met. Was I man enough for the job why me, what am I here for 8,000 miles form home, are the Russians not smart enough to know what I know?

All these questions ran through my mind.

I got truned around and found myself totally lost in this city on foot at 1Am in the morning - looking at the Hermatage. These men who build Russia were no cowards, but I am not a great man.

Your mind plays tricks on you at this time in the morning and things can run through it at Hyper Speed.

The next day I wrote my letter informing the Russians why I went there and covertly gave it to a person who protected Government Officials.

Then the Acolades came - the knighting, the Bishophood, etc.

A month later I found myself back in America and had recovered my house but every thing I owned was gone - every lamp, every tool, every rifle - all gone and the local Police laughed about it. 

So here I had stopped a Nuclear war twice and the US President from being assassinated twice and my reward was to be stripped of all my savings and every scrap orf material goods in the world - even my underpants were gone.

I sat in my truck for 4 days - ready to just leave and let the next presidential assassination occur.

I went to the bank to put $300 in a homeless gal's account at the Bank of America and that's when the FBI decided to hand cuff me for 45 minutes in public.All of those who handcuffed me are now dead.

These US Corporate Enforcement Agents are not only evil but suicidal. They want to die.

So - what do you do at this point---- crawl into a hole and die?

I sure felt like it but I am a fighter.

I stood up lie a man, broke, not even a bed to sleep in  bed, and decided that I would fight back. I would expose all I had seen and tell the world just how evil and suicidal the FBI is, just how awful and ungrateful the US Corporate Giants were, and show the world how evil they really are.

There are no Nobel Peace Prizes for those who stop wars or Cure Cancer, only for the evil.

I had no idea the leaders in the rest of the world were just as Evil and Stupid as those in the US. Powerful, but stupid.

For example: President Putin and his staff are facing US Investigations for Money Laundering --- which means the Federal Reserve System is about to seize Russian Accounts - like they did to me for stopping a Nuclear War.

President Putin -would it not have been easier, and cheaper, just to do as GOD had directed you to do: Pay the standard rewards and return the blessings to Russia?

Powerful - yes, but apparently not that smart.

So I fight.

President Obama, before he knew he was scheduled to go to China to an APEC meeting this week, I announced another assassination attempt against him in China on the day he was to arrive there.

Before President Obama took off on Air Force One on Tuesday I announced a problem that grounded Air Force One - the Flaps did not work. If the plane had crashed the Russians would have been blamed and Nuke would have been fired.

If I laid hands on the jet I would give you rmore information about what is wrog with it - 5 times in 3 years I have been respponsible for grounding Air Force One.

Does this make me part of the Air Force One Grounding Crew and do I get a free jacket because of it?

Probably not.

Not one thank you, not one hello from those who's lives were saved - but if I can save the lives of these leaders then we do not have a Nuclear War and we do not have to send more of MY soldiers over seas into a Nuclear Conflict.

I do not work for Obama, I do not work for Putin, nor any other leader. I work for the Living GOD.

I fight to stop these wars to prevent more of MY soldiers for coming home wounded or in a box.

I made a promise to a man I sent out and he came back in a box. I promised him I would "Make it better". He was only an E-7 and it was only a Forest Fire and he was only a driver --- but I sent him out. The world would not even know he was gone but I knew.

As for President Putin - you do not honor your debts so the Living GOD will allow the Federal Reserve System to strip you of your wealth and your supporters of their wealth and they will continue to strip you until you honor the debts GOD says you must pay. You apparently are a Skin Flint, a Chisler and YOU and your friend are about to pay for it.


I remember I was taken to the Hermitage in Russia on my last day there and shown what a Knight of Malta was all about, and that I was one. A real knight - wow. So what exactly does that mean?

I also was taken to the area where it showed Russian Royalty  - and I was one. I thought, great, I am some Long Lost Barron.

Then I was taken to get a picture so my bust and photo could go into some main Russian Church  -- all the busts and painting s of all Russian Orthodox Bishops go. I was not ready for any of this.

Since I refused to change my name to William Yuri and accept a position in their Dumas they got mad and had to change the awards and passports back to my real name. GOD does not hide or lie about names. I am who I was born as.

The fact that the current Russian Leadership is not willing to do as GOD has directed them to do is not my problem - it is there problem. They must face the consequences with the Living GOD.

So what would a knight do - would he curl up into a ball and run away at the smallest sense of trouble?

No he would fight. He would consider it his duty, honor, no privelidge to stand and fight for the right of the individuals and challenge the unchallengable.

To fight an unbeatable foe and watch them topple like a statue.

That is my quest - my mission in life. To stop these Unbeatable Foes from blowing this planet up and give Humanity time enough to unify and jointly push these evil ones off the planet.

Do not  be fooled by the media about Russia either - it was just announce that  rather than building 1 Million Tacheon Generators and cleaning up planet Earth Russia has just announced another Natural Gas Pipe Line to Southern Europe.

Do not be fooled by the Red Dragon Family - rather than paying the Debts GOD directed them to pay they are allowing the Evil to prosper and the economies to tumble. They could stop it - they were given the way out of this mess --- but they do not wish the economy to recover or they would do as GOD directed them to do.

If the Red Dragon Family is so high and mighty they need to prove it by doing as they said they woud do and now that they control the IMF fund the projests we liste here on APFN.

Yup - the Red Dragon Family Members are just as all the other leader, . as are their Ascended Masters - the Great White Brother Hood - and they hide in the shadows like little children afraid to show themselves . They are Cowards.

So I fight to expose all of this.

If Not You Then Who?

Who Will Do GOD's Work and fight these Evil Folks?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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